July 13 2013

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In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda expands on how completion helps us to reclaim our lives. Completion aids in spiritual growth, creates beautiful relationships, makes us efficient, allows us to excel in our careers, and helps us make everything into a reality in our lives because completion is life; it is God! Do you know that the only difference between us and the great masters is incompletion? Once we are in a space of completion, each one of us has the potential to experience the whole, realize that we are the whole, and know that we are enlightened.

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I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

Today, Mahadeva is gracing us in a unique leela, “VANNIYUM, KINARUM, LINGAVUM SAAKSHI SONNA PADALAM”. It means, calling the “Vanni tree, and the Shiva Linga, and Well, to give a witness in the court. He (Mahadeva) comes even as a witness in the court, to remove the legal cases on the devotees! “Saakshi Sonna Padalam”!

The story is, its a very beautiful story, a very sweet story:

There was a merchant in the Kaveri delta in the Chola Kingdom who told that his daughter has to be given in marriage to a merchant whom he named ….. Actually, he said his daughter has to be married to another one guy who is his close relative living in Madurai.

The merchant died. They brought that Madurai guy to the Kaveri delta and gave this girl to him, saying, ‘Please take her to Madurai and marry her.’

So, both of them started travelling towards Madurai. On the way, in a place called Thiru Purambiam, they had darshan of Thirupurambianaathar (Shiva). They have nowhere stay.

They asked the local priest, ‘Where we can stay?’

The priest said, ‘Don’t worry. Stay in the temple itself, there is a Vanni tree (Prosopis cineraria) under which you can stay. The temple kitchen will give you food.’

Both of them were sleeping under the Vanni tree. Unfortunately, a snake bit the man and the man died.

This girl is literally orphaned, because her father is no more, and the would-be-husband is also no more. She is orphaned!

She cries to Mahadeva, Thirupurambia Mahadeva Shiva.

At that time, Thiru Jnana Sambandhar was in the monastery just near the temple. It is a monastery complex. Even now that temple and monastery complex belongs to Madurai Adheenam.

He (Thiru Jnana Sambandhar) heard the story and rushed to the spot and sang a song about Mahadeva. Immediately, the man came back to life! The man came back to life! And the poison could not do anything to him! He came back to life!

So, Jnana Sambandhar blesses both of them and says, ‘Get married here itself in front of the Thirupurambiam Shiva.’

They also felt that ‘Jnana Sambandhar’s presence is here. Let’s get married here itself.’

And they both got married in Jnana Sambandhar’s presence and in the presence of the Shiva Linga, the Thirupurambiam Mahadeva.

And then both of them went to Madurai and settled in Madurai.

After a long time, the merchant who married her, he also died. Now, it is the time for sharing the property. The problem came between the two wives.

This guy was already married. Even though he was already married, because of the girl’s father’s will, the girl was also given to him in second marriage. I think all of you follow the story, I missed this point. The merchant who was supposed to marry this girl was already married! So, this was a second marriage. Now, this guy also has died.

Now, both wives, the property issue started. Both wives’ sons have started the property problem.

They go to the Pandya court. Suddenly, the first wife accused the second wife is not a legal wife. Legitimate wife. There was no witness for her marriage.

Actually, there is no witness, living witness, because Jnana Sambandhar left the body by that time, and Shiva Linga is the only witness.

Finally, the second wife cried and prayed in front of Sundareshwara, ‘Mahadeva, you are the witness!’

Because she cried, Mahadeva appeared in human form in the Pandya court and said, ‘I am the witness.’

And these fellows, the Pandya King and the court fellows, because Mahadeva appears every once in a while, they did not even bother about Mahadeva’s witness.

They said, ‘You come and tell whatever you want when your devotees cry and call you. Now come on, Give us some more witnesses who are witness that you are a witness!’

Then Mahadeva laughs and says, ‘The Well, The Vanni tree, the Shiva Linga of Thirupurambiam, all three are the witnesses!’

Then all the fellows in the court laugh and say, ‘Will the three come here and register as witnesses?’

Then Mahadeva orderes, ‘Let it happen!’

And all the three appear, materialize themselves in the Pandya’s court which was Madurai Temple also. Which is Madurai Temple, which was Pandya’s court also, all the three appeared there and gave the witness!

And still, all the three are there in the Madurai temple – the Linga, and the Vanni tree, and the well.

And I did my best to get information about that well.

Even the people who are in this field of construction and archaeology, they say, ‘This well does not seem to have been dug, Swamiji!’

Suddenly it materialized! Because nowhere the construction or digging evidence is there! As if the whole thing appeared at a time! So, very miraculous happening! Still the evidence is there.

Then, naturally, the second wife also got the “legitimate wife” title and the property.

So, from that moment, Thirupurambiam Shiva is called as “Saakshinaatha Swami”, because he came and gave witness.

And Thirupurambiam Mahadeva is very powerful, especially to solve the litigations and give victory. He gives victory in litigations as he is Saakshinatha.

So, Mahadeva is today gracing us all in this leela – “Lingavum, Kinarum Vanniyum Saakshi Sonna Padalam” – where the tree, linga and the well, all the three, gave witness.

Today’s subject Nithya Satsang, I will continue to expand on “COMPLETION, THE POWER OF COMPLETION TO REMOVE THE ROOT-PATTERN”.

Listen! Completion is literally giving your life back to you! Completion is literally you reclaiming you into your life. I can go on and on and on. I tell you, the only gap between you and Vedic tradition…. we tell hundreds of stories like this where Mahadeva came himself and gave witness, he himself came and taught lessons. In Vedic tradition, we tell so many stories. Surely our Masters are not liars! And they are not the people with superstitions. Surely our Masters are the people, very logical, scientific, never spreading superstition, superstitious things. But, in the modern day, all these things are thought to be superstitiousness. Why there is so much gap?

See, in the Vedic tradition, if somebody curses, it happens. An ordinary housewife, Savithri, is able to stop the Sun! Why the gap? What is the gap between the life during Vedic times and now? Why all that which happened at that time is not happening now? Jnana Sambandhar gave life to the dead just like that! Why it is literally impossible now? I tell you, the only gap, why it was happening at that time and why it is not happening now, the answer is: Incompletions! It is incompletions!

When you complete, complete, complete, everything, everything what you read in the Vedic tradition becomes reality, Can be reality. I tell you, completion is the bridge to reach Vedic tradition, to reach the extraordinary powers, to experience extraordinary happenings in your life.

Completion, Completion is Life in every level. I can give you the whole list. The only difference between you and Ramanujam – I am talking about the mathematician, Srinivasan Ramanujam – the only difference between you and him is the level of completion. The only difference between you and Adi Shankara is the level of completion. The only difference between you and Jnana Sambandhar is the level of completion. I tell you, with completion you start living with God directly!

See, even today’s story, the girl cries, ‘My would-be-husband is dead!’ Immediately, Jnana Sambandhar appears and gives life to him! And she cries in the Pandya’s court, ‘I am the legitimate wife, they are saying I am not a legitimate wife. Mahadeva, you are the witness!’ And immediately Mahadeva appears and gives the witness statement! Surely, it is not all superstition. Be very clear, it is possible in the modern day! Still it is happening! Still he is appearing, giving life to many! It is not superstition. What is the gap? Then why we feel it is not exactly happening in our life? Many times, the gap is just incompletions.

I tell you, completion is Sannyas. Completion is spiritual growth. With the completion, everything, everything becomes reality. With completion, the whole life will be different. How many days I sing the glory of completion, I think I will not be able to complete the glory of completion!


If you want peace, do completion. If you want efficiency in your life, do completion. If you want effectiveness in your profession, do completion. If you want to excel in your career, do completion. If you want beautiful relationships, do completion. I tell you, when you complete, not only the outer effects like excellence in your profession, career, relationships, but inside you so much of your inner space is regained, your consciousness is back to you. The more your inner space is back to you, the more your consciousness is back to you, the more miracles you can cause in your life, more mysteries you can handle in your life, more bliss can be experienced in your life.

If Hitler would have done completion, millions of Jews would have been saved. If we can create complete beings who are stable, Planet Earth will be less violent, Planet Earth will be a more livable place.


The first mantra of the first Upanishad is “Poornamadha Poornamidham Poornaath Poornamudhachyathey, Poornasya Poornamaadhaya Poornameva Vasishyathey”. Means, “Out of the Whole, the Whole came out. Even if the Whole is removed from the Whole, the Whole remains as Whole”. Means, out of completion, experiencing the Whole, out of completion, realizing you are the Whole, is Enlightenment. When you feel you are the Whole, you experience the Wholeness of the Cosmos. If you experience the Wholeness, you will radiate Holiness!


I tell you, when you do completion, you realize many of the immature, inadequate cognitions you had, with that, the sufferings you created for yourself, and you will also realize now many cognitions you have, you will realize they are immature, inadequate cognitions in near future. So, now itself start developing adequate cognition.


Completion takes away the agitated confusion and alternative compensating image you create, alternative compensating cognition you create in our life, because we have a very disempowering cognition about ourselves, we go on creating an alternative compensating cognition to compensate with your inadequate cognition. It is like you first declare you are a beggar, forgetting the billions of dollars you have in your bank balance, and then you yourself try to project the rich image to cover your belief that you are a beggar, but unfortunately, the final thing is you will project that your whole life you were a rich man, but lived as a poor man, but in reality you were the richest man. Understand, you project, you tried so hard to prove to the world that you are a rich man, but you always believed yourself and lived as a poor man; but in reality you are the richest man, never knew about the richness you had in your bank balance. It is like you kept in some Swiss Bank all your money, and you forgot the number, and you even forgot how much you kept there, like some of the Indian politicians! To compensate the inadequate cognition which got created unconsciously inside you at an incomplete moment of your life, which is your inner image, you create an alternative compensating cognition which is your Ahankara.


First of all, you create a very disempowering inadequate cognition about you, and then you feel shy about it, and then you create an alternative compensating cognition, and you spend your whole life defending the alternative compensating cognition which is your outer image. Till the end you never feel satisfied, because you feel the guilt you showed which is not true, without realizing your true identity is much, much, much more than what you can imagine and show, so whole life ends in deep incompletion and your trial and error methods you do with the incompletions.

Understand, this example. You are actually rich, but suddenly, for some reason, you fell into a coma and forgot your bank account number and password and the amount of money you had in Swiss Bank. You forgot all the details. And you wake up and feel you are poor, but you wanted to project yourself as rich to the world. So you go on trying hard, struggling with your whole life just to project as an alternative compensating cognition outer image, ‘I am rich! I am rich! I am rich!’ Your whole life goes in proving that. Suddenly, before death, again you fall into coma and remember that you had so many million dollars in this bank, in this country, this is the account number and password. But now nothing can be done. You are dying. This is exactly is your life!

If you complete now, first thing you will realize the alternative compensating cognition is a lie and it will melt down. Second thing, your disempowering cognition about yourself, that will melt down. Third, you will realize your original self is much more than what you projected as your outer image, alternative compensating cognition. And you will have complete easiness between what you feel as you, what you show as you, and what you are as you.

Completion, completion, completion, completion, completion melts down all the obstructions. The obstructions for your realizations are like mountains, heap of mountains. But completions can, Completion… the process of completion and completing can melt down even the mountains of incompletions. So complete, complete, complete! Complete with everything, especially with this right context, the context of Enlightenment. Understand, this completion is used in many traditions by many teachers, gurus, psychiatrists, but the context in which I am using is totally different. Here I am giving completion to completion. This completion will give, completion to your completion.

With completion, you will really feel like enriching. Teaching completion to others is the greatest enriching. That is why, in those days, kings always supported enlightened beings, creating the infrastructure needed for enlightened beings to teach this science. It is unfortunate, in the modern day , the so-called Government not only does not create the infrastructure to teach the science of completion, it hinders the people who are teaching this completion.

All those who received Enriching Initiation, enrich everyone with the science of completion, with the science of completion. Enrich people with the science of completion. That is why I am introducing this four-day program only to introduce completion, to share the science of completion. The four-day program will be called as “Introduction to Inner Awakening”. You will be initiated into the four tattvas and the science of completion. August 16th to 19th, we will be having this program. And with every Inner Awakening, the first four days we will have this introduction to Inner Awakening, and next six days, means the first ten days will be Level-1, and the next eleven days will be Level-2. Because I feel if this science of completion is taught to the world, so much can be done, so much can be done!


Completion, completion, completion! Completion is God. Completion is Life. Completion leads you to Cosmos. Literally, completion gives you everything. Completion releases you from all karmas, whether it is Naga Dosha, Shani Dosha, Rahu Dosha, or any astrological doshas, Vaastu Doshas, you will be relieved from all doshas just by completion, just through completion. Sit and practice completion.

I am getting the message, Malaysia Nithyananda Hindu Sangha is declaring they will enrich thousand lives for Introduction to Inner Awakening program for August 16th to 19th. My blessings to Nithyananda Hindu Sangha in Malaysia.


With this I will move to Nirahara Samyama.

All the Nirahara Samyama participants, I wanted to remind you all once more, if you are tired, feeling hungry, dehydrated, you should not continue the Samyama. You should complete it, end it. You should try next time.

Let you all Achieve, Experience, Live, Express, Radiate, Share and explode in eternal bliss, Nithyanandam!


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