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Q & A: Logic, 3 Dimensions, Time and Space

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Q - And - A-on - Logic - And - Conditioning - The - First - 3-Dimensions

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In this video (15 December 2016), Paramahamsa Nithyananda gives insights on the limiting logic of the length dimension and how it relates to the collective societal conditioning. He also answers questions about the length, breadth & depth dimensions and differentiates between the english terms 'Space' & 'Time' vs the Sanskrit 'Akasha' and 'Kaala'. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe.


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Participant - Just going deep into where is this limitation of length coming from, it seems that public consensus reinforces and therefore I see it as absolute reality.


Swamiji - And there is a word ‘social conditioning’.


Participant - So in other words, how to differentiate what is my Consciousness imagining and my freedom...Consciousness freedom, where I can have lot of creativity from what is absolute outside fixed and something I can’t change. I think we evolve from childhood with certain things being reinforced, so everybody agrees that this is fixed. Since everybody agrees, it becomes more and more fixed in my mind. So can we say that length is not absolutely fixed but because everybody agreed therefore I imagined…..


Swamiji - I can….I are right. For practical utility value, we agreed some comparative reality and started believing that as a existential reality, which is not true.


Participant - That’s how we ...the length became. (Became...I should say... You are right.) So then, another similar idea - is it language a problem, because even if I am not speaking to other people, the... even if I am talking to myself, I…..(Swamiji - I tell you, language is a problem.) the categories, even if I am thinking in language, I am using categories….a particular category requires differentiating, what this fan is from everything else which is not the fan. So therefore...therefore what is possible and not what is not possible is defined as part of the language….


Swamiji - Rajivji, from My experience I tell you, all the people whose mother tongue is the language with multiple option words, for example, just for this one (gestures towards the stick in His hand) - Sanskrit may have 300 words. The multiple option word mother tongue people, have a very high developed brain grooves. From My experience I saw. So in a way I’ll say, for example, if you utter a word ‘cow’ and the time it takes for the English person to grasp the visualization and the ‘cow’ and a Sanskrit person ‘Gau’ and the time it takes, at least 1/100th means the person who knows the Sanskrit, catches it - less than 1/100th time, with the more precision because the words there is wide option, so brain by its nature requires to be in high alert, when you handle that language.


Participant - So it seems that one of ways to explain why human beings went down in this capability, is because of the language and the public consensus. And the Rishis probably being alone, meditating, less public consensus and using the right...


Swamiji - Actually, unfortunately in the modern day, public consensus are becoming the University syllabus. In our Rishi’s culture, University syllabus used to be made as a public consensus. Rishis sit and developed University syllabus; that is made as public consensus.


Participant - And this is getting worse because advertising is telling me - what is good looking, what is bad looking, what I should buy and so we are getting worse into that ... they are making length more and more length…


Swamiji - Yes….You are absolutely right.


Participant - Swamiji, whenever...when you gave me the Agni Samyama initiation in Kumbh Mela, you said, “You’ll be able to see inside.” I was able to see inside, but now in this last process, I was seeing things like the core of some planets and everything and it’s completely opposite to what we have all been led to believe in the modern thing. For example - for like Jupiter and all and what I saw….


Swamiji - Actually, actually what I am saying… Guru - if you can see your brain, you can see the reflection of Guru. If you can see your throat, you can see the reflection of Rahu. (That’s exactly, how I saw…) If you can see your liver, you can see the reflection of Shani. So each of the Grahas are reflected on your organs and they instigate, guide - that is the way they influence and impact your life.


Participant - My question is related to the… question is related to the length aspect, as it pertains to Artist. So traditional Indian artist can visualize an image and created exactly in the form of a sculpture or painting and even if they make 10000 paintings, it will be exactly the same, not like every time they make, it will be different each time and use a word like...creative expression or something. They can reproduce it exactly the same. So are they able to do it because they remove the length aspect and when they ….


Swamiji - I should say, from the young age they grow, so the length aspect is not pumped much...given much energy. Creativity and the...doing this repetitively same thing, is a unique to Hindu Arts; creativity and repetitively producing that. All our temple deities are handmade. You will see so much of similarity, even though it is handmade; not machine made, handmade... but so much similarity you will see, almost 90% will be same.


Participant - There is a question on third eye. If the third eye can see that, which it can and if it can see this also, then it can perceive this and that the same way, Swamiji, and is that the space of Oneness Swamiji?


Swamiji - I should say, visual Oneness. Actually, in the seeing you experience Oneness. Actual Oneness is whatever you see you will feel One with it, that is actual Oneness. Now you are...see, if you can this - see that, it is called 3D Oneness. Actual Oneness is 11D Oneness, where you will feel - everything is you, not just seeing, feeling everything is you.


Participant - Is it like a quantum shift to that space...


Swamiji - I should say, quantum shift in your visual Oneness.


Participant - Yesterday and today, we’ve been learning about length, depth and….length, breadth and depth. My question is...I have 2 parts of the question. 1st part is - we have made lot of business decisions, family decisions or life decisions - all these days, which we might have made it in length, depth or breadth, which are right, wrong, be it certain decisions which just come from the gut of the feeling, again some have gone right - some have gone wrong. Now when we have this knowledge what you have shared with us, how do we handle those situations when we come across them? Those mistakes, those wrong decisions...


Swamiji - Means….what I am saying...even the impact of the past mistakes when it is repeating, it’s only a new problem. So deal it and cut it across.


Participant – Deal it with the new knowledge what we are getting…


Swamiji - That’s all. Understand. Your whole future is nothing but dealing with the past mistakes. No, is there any future other than dealing with the past mistake? Come on! No we all have this big mental blockage. Understand. Future is nothing but dealing with past mistakes. If you remove all the past mistakes caused problems, there is no future! How many of you… just see! See with open eyes! For how many of you - clicks? At any given time, when you wake up to certain truths, your future is continuation of the past mistakes presenting itself.


Participant - The concepts you explained about being able to excel in multiple subjects. You mentioned that actually what...what limits us is our length and if we only….


Swamiji - I should say - the denial dimension of length.


Participant - Yes, so….let’s say one doesn’t deny anything, imagining he can excel in everything, but still the…..and you mentioned that….


Swamiji - The moment you say ‘imagine he can excel in everything, but still….’ - you have not imagined completely. Next…


Participant - You said that ‘in order to excel in something, you don’t really need a lot of time, it only takes….’


Swamiji - Understand. See, he is telling, “Let me imagine I am rich fellow, but how will I get my next meal?” That’s what he is trying to ask. It means, you have not imagined you are rich guy. Next….


Participant - Okay, I had a point but….if you want I can state it ….okay, so doesn’t in excelling something, even though we invest all of our….100% of our Being into every moment...moment of within excelling it doesn’t...I mean some subjects are complex and takes time, doesn’t it?


Swamiji - No. Efficiency is nothing but engaging with life. Efficiency has no independent qualitative, quantitative say over your life. You might be working on the same MNC machine for 50 years. The last product you might have produced, might be a mess. First time you are picking up, you can be producing something extraordinary. Efficiency has no role; only involvement with life. Even if you are efficient doing the same object 20 years, if you do not attend to this cutting and moving, you will be a mess.


Participant - Another question please. You said that I understanding of the length is that it might be redundant for us and if we only be able to…. (Means?) move it from….(My understanding of….?) of...of length, if we would be able only to remove length from the….


Swamiji - Actually, when you...when you get into the depth, length is redundant, useless. Because you are not getting into depth... length is the homeless man’s poor version of depth.


Participant - You mentioned also that when you saw….when you saw the blueprint of the building, you were able to...immediately get the number of everything in the measurements and all that. But still you said that in order to convince others, you had to spend another 10 days…


Swamiji - No, no, no, I have to speak it out so that the Stapadhi will start working na. The person who carves, for him I have to explain... because he is the space of length.


Participant - But isn’t depth is subjective in the matter that one…(Yes, it is subjective.) So don’t you need a common...common language, common logic, in order to….


Swamiji - No, no, depth was a common language in those…. at once upon a time.


Participant - So length can be redundant?


Swamiji - So, if that kind of a Beings when I get, I can convince…..I can convey what I am saying within may be 2-3 hours. Here also, whoever has a depth, they immediately catch Me, without much wastage of time of Me, explanation. You see, I told you na, that I can sit and convince you, why you should be vegetarian for 20 days - but that is a lengthy process - ‘length process’. The moment I establish My Adhikaratva, means authority to teach you, by demonstrating what I am committing, then if you immediately pick it up, it’s called depth teaching - the depth process. You see, let’s not make ‘length process’; let’s do depth process.


Participant - First of all, thank you so much for the whole’s been amazing and...Oh, sorry I said that, thank you so much for the whole experience in Sadāshivoham. It’s amazing and specifically the Yoga sessions...I mean, I have been practicing for several years and I never experience such things, thank you so much….


Swamiji - Thank you. I have...whatever you all practice yoga is in length. I have taken the yoga to the depth and brought it to you. That is what is that entanglement process. I have taken the yoga to its depth and brought it to you.

No, if you….if you experience this dimension, then you will understand the utility value of the other dimensions. You see, I need to convince you, to live without length. More blissfully you will start living. Today morning also in the yoga, actually today morning yoga is 300% more effective than yesterday morning’s session, yoga session. How many of you felt that all that gas got released and your body became flexible? See, actually that see, when you eat and the food undigested becomes gas in you, same way when you breathe, the prana undigested becomes Apana in the….all the joints. Apana makes joints rigid. Apana is responsible for arthritis. All the teachers, the shouting lifestyle guys will not have arthritis. Lawyers, who job is screaming, they will not have arthritis. No, I am telling you. If you start screaming, you will not have arthritis ☺ But if you start screaming at others, your bones will be broken, that is different ☺ No today, so much of sound is released, especially when the kundalini hits your stomach and the sound gets released, the whole Apana caught in the joints gets released. You will be surprised, such a simple thing can release the...make the body so flexible. I saw in the Facebook, so many people posting - “My body became so flexible, it is doing so many things, which I can never imagine I can do.” How many of you feel - body became so flexible? Wow! Thanks to Raghupati Yogi, giving Me all these tips.


Participant - When Satori happens to an individual, what state of consciousness…


Swamiji - I should say, space opens up and enters into time, length, breadth, depth, everything for certain amount of time and then closes it again.


Participant - But why not able to hold the…


Swamiji - Because the…the body is feeling too new, uncomfortable. Anything you are too new, you feel uncomfortable. So you need to be told about it, you need to be supported to settle down. Then when it comes, repeats again, it doesn’t leave; it settles down.


Participant - Okay, Swamiji one more question. Can it be created or is it something…..


Swamiji - It can be just rebuilt again. It can be consciously rebuilt. (By the individual.) By the individual, even when I am doing process, if you remember that experience, it will suddenly click and repeat.


Participant - Jayaji, (Yes.) When people die, that time only the length and breadth switches off…


Swamiji - No, no, no, actually, when people die, length and breadth is left here, only depth is carried to the next body.


Participant - Swamiji, I am trying to understand - what is belief, in terms of…. what does….what is belief? terms of dimensions...


Swamiji - Belief… Belief is a too poor word. I should say, I will not...promote belief in any line. Whatever I am promoting, nowhere I require I ask you to have belief. I established My Adhikaratva, I established My authority by the Sakshi Pramana and only as an extension of Sakshi Pramana, I give you the commitments about life. It’s only as the extension of Sakshi Pramanas. See, even this Sadāshivoham whole process, starts with Sakshi Pramana. As an extension of Sakshi Pramana only the whole thing. So I should say, belief….


Participant - Swamiji, about the possibilities - impossibilities, many of the things look like they are possible, but can’t be experienced. Example - my eye can see 200 meters from here. Since it can see 200 meters, it is capable of seeing any distance, but….


Swamiji - It is not possible as on now. Listen. The moment you decide it is possible, but not yet become experience, your whole attitude towards life becomes a large ‘Yes’. If you don’t even understand it is possible and you say, “Now it is not experience and it is not possible” - you are a atheist. “Now it is not experience but it is possible” - you are theist. But it’s not belief. Belief...this is not belief; this is from Sakshi Pramana moving further – because you can see 20 feet, you can see 200 feet. Sakshi Pramana moving further is not belief. That is the theist.


Participant - So what is the thing we can make it in the power to….


Swamiji - See, how to make it, for each of the making it, there is a clear system. Now for your eyes, as you asked - third eye, awakening it is the best. But each ‘how’ we have answer, but this basically looking into possibility, makes you say ‘yes’ for life. I tell you, now you decide, “I can see 20 meter, then I should be able to see 200 meter.” Even if you don’t make that as a reality now, in the further janmas you will be manifesting it. You see, listen. Every possibility you keep in you, is a empty vessel you keep and during death you are showered with Ganga... you will hold energy in all those empty vessels and come back. That is why I say, “A man who keeps lot of possibilities in his inner space, even when he dies, he takes an amazing birth”, because when you leave the body, such large amount of energy is available before you take birth. You go through the Cosmic treasury. But if all your vessels are kept upside down, you go and come back as empty as you went. So even having understanding about your possibility, makes a vast difference.

And I tell you, every night when you fall asleep, especially with this spiritual alchemy products, you go through a very powerful zone. Keep this possibility vessel and get there and come back, you will come back with filled vessel. Really! I am not overpromising you. I am telling you exact truth.


Participant - Yes Swami, Swamiji one more question Swamiji. Few years back, just before physically meeting you, I just went through one experience, where all of a sudden it just...the whole sound became muted for me, it stayed for the whole day….


Swamiji - Was it….was it peaceful? (Completely peaceful Swamiji, enjoyment….) Actually, that is the space of Shanti. It is possible, where the length gets switched off. In... during the process, sit and remember that, it can be repeated. I can bring it back.


Participant - Swamiji, in which dimension do thoughts exist Swamiji, is it length, breadth and depth or….?


Swamiji – Length, only length. Breadth carries only visualization. Depth does not carry thought at all. Depth carries only cognition.


Participant - When Swamiji had said that, “Time is created only when thought moves on space”, so…


Swamiji - Listen. At least little bit of length is required for time to be generated. If there is no length, time cannot be generated. You’ll be in a just unclutched space.


Participant - So Swamiji, my question is - suppose a person doesn’t have that much of denial and has multiple capabilities, still won’t that person have conflict “What I should be doing in this moment?”


Swamiji - No! The con...first thing, you are asking imaginary question. If somebody has a multiple intelligence, he will not have conflict about the day to day life. He just knows how to flow, he knows his priorities. Conflict is when you don’t know your priorities. If you know your priorities, there is no question of conflict. Conflict is itself, is con-man’s flict. Part of you has become con-man... that is why conflict.


Participant - So to continue that with a personal experience - from childhood I have been brought up get up at the Brahmi Muhurta and study, not do yoga, but like study and I enjoyed that. Now like if I want to switch and ….I am conflicted, I know yoga is a priority…


Swamiji - No, no, no, what I am saying, you should… means, you are not clear about your priorities. Child….from childhood days, they told you means, at that time they may not know about the value of yoga. Now, you should know your health is in your hands. See, in 20s if you do yoga - in 30s you’ll be healthy, in 30s if you do - in 40s you’ll be healthy, in 40s if you do - in 50s you’ll be healthy. If you missed 40s - 50s will become disease. If you miss 50s - 60s you may not be even there. ☺ So understand. And it’s up to you.

I tell you, health should be your first priority, because anything else you build and you are not there then what is the use? For whose sake are you working? For whose sake are you working? Health should be your first priority. Make this as a point, the moment you wake up, attend to the health related needs - like do yoga, walking, jogging, running, whatever, whatever, whatever. Health should be your first priority. Otherwise whatever you are building for whose sake? For the people who are waiting for you to die?!


Participant - Energy seems to exist independent of length, breadth, time and space time, would that also qualify as a dimension?


Swamiji - No, no, no, energy is a... I should say, if you equate the word ‘energy’ to the electricity and all, it is like a space vibrating. If you equate the word ‘energy’ to AdiShakti, it’s a Kārani. Kārani of all these 11 dimensions. Now that Kārani energy only I invoked in all of you, during the last few minutes process - Kāli. Kāli is the Kārana Sharira of the Cosmos. Kārani of the Cosmos. She is responsible for making you cognize whether something is possible or impossible. She decides, to make you Sura or Asura.


Participant - So energy you are saying is the basis for all the 11 dimensions.


Swamiji - Aah... yes... if you look at...if you give the meaning of the energy to the higher meaning. If you say energy is this power and all, then I should say its vibrating space that’s all.


Participant - So matter also falls under vibrating space?


Swamiji - Matter should fall under vibrating space. Even this is vibrating space. All these are vibrating space.


Participant - Earlier you said, “Brahma painted all our life in a big screen, and the...if you have to manifesting power, how we can manipulate what’s going to happen and can we postpone the dancing...


Swamiji - Listen. There is certain amount of freedom you have, like a if a cow is tied with a 4 meter rope left, he cannot do anything beyond that 4 meter, but within that 4 meter he can stand, sit, lie down, all that is his freedom. Within that 4 meter how he behaves, if he behaves properly, the rope may be extended to 7. If he behaves completely nice, the rope may be even removed once for all. So all Beings do have a certain limited freedom, in the initial level. How we play with our freedom, decides whether to... it should be extended or it will not extended.


Participant - How does it compare with astrology, whose predicting the future?


Swamiji - That is what I am saying. There are some things which are said, for…. You see, it’s like a … if you switch on...if you put a CD and switch on the tape recorder - MP3 player, if you don’t interfere, it will be going on with that programming. Same way, with this present mental setup, if you proceed how your life will be, there is a...that is called Parabdha. But you do have a freedom to interfere, switch off - on, rewind, fast forward, pause. Educating you about your freedom is Initiation. Letting you live your life is Parabdha. People come to Me, ask, “How is my life going to be?” I ask them, “Do you want prediction, go to My Balasanths.” “If you want Me to change, come here.” If you want to know what is written, go to Balasanths. If you want to rewrite - come I’ll do. Understand. There is 2 different level.


Participant - So, what is the ??? Shani which is right now for Vrischika Rashi, ??? Shani is running. Is it janma shani?


Swamiji - If somebody...if somebody does not know how to interfere with the effects generated by the liver, means Shani’s impact, what he will go through, you can read in the Panchika, you can read in the all the news channels. That is a parabdha. But if you are suffering and if you want to change, ask in energy darshan, I’ll intervene. What Brahma writes by hand - Guru wipes by leg.


Participant - I just want you to shed some light on Cosmic Will and free will, from yesterday I have been trying to request this question to you. So I am being doing some prayatna to come in front and ask this question. So is it Cosmic will that I have to ask you this question or is it my free will that allowed me to ask…


Swamiji - The question – ‘Ask the question’ is free will. Answer is from Cosmic Will.


Participant - As you said the Cosmic Will, where does it fall, is it in all the LBD - the length, breadth and depth?


Swamiji - Yes. Cosmic Will permeates everything.


Participant - So then the free will when it plays, where does that fall?


Swamiji - Free will….You see, free will is one small bit of the Cosmic will. See, it’s like a whole railway track - 100 kilometer - and the spot where the train is moving, the spot where the train is moving is free will, the whole 100 kilometer railway track is Cosmic Will.


Participant - This LBD on that, these planets...what are moving around, these planets are having definitely LBD all. Will you suggest when we think about planets and the astrology, they are having LBD or they are having only space and…..


Swamiji - No, no, no, please understand. No, no, no, please understand. All the planets come within the space of length, breadth, depth, time, space - in that 5. (All 5 are there.) Aah, yes, yes, yes, all 5 are there in all these planets. In Swarga and all - length is missing, but all the other 4 is there. In Naraka - all the other 4 are missing - only length is there. So in Patala - depth exists, but so much of length is also available, the depth is not actively performing. So, I’ll..I’ll do one thing. When I finish explaining all the 11, I’ll tell you all the 14 planes where they fit into these 11 - Atala, Sutala, Talatal, Vitala, Patala, Bhur, Bhuva, Swaha, Tapa, Satya….all these Lokas, where they fit in, in this 11 dimension I’ll tell you.


Participant - The usual concept in the Western way is that, there is space and there is some object called planet, which is having LBD and just moving around. So they see the planet...I mean a….different than space because it’s an object. So, I mean...your revelations are totally different and it is absolutely…..


Swamiji - See, I should say, the space is kārani, kārana. Length, breadth, depth, when it moves in the kārana, the friction generated is time. That is why the mass decides the time. How many of you are able to catch - the mass decides the time.


Participant - Next one Swamiji, you said that Akasha and Kāla, they are the words for space and time. Now…


Swamiji - Rough equivalent. There see, I’ll tell you one thing. Akāsha - 100 qualities are there. Space when it is translated, may be some 50 qualities only are attributed to the word ‘space’. I’ll tell you, in Akasha...when I utter the word ‘Akasha’ in Sanskrit, even the space where cloud gets converted into water, that whole weather temperature change, for that space supports. But in the English word ‘space’, this quality is not attributed to space. Kāla also, I’ll give you one example - the English word ‘time’ is not given certain glories and qualities which is attributed to Sanskrit word ‘Kāla’ in Sanskrit language. That is the difference between these two.

For example - English concept of time, is not carrier of your depth from one body to another body, but Sanskrit concept of Kāla, is a flight in which your...the reflecting mechanism, that space, is shifted from one body to another body. Listen. See, I’ll tell you. There is a mirror inside you, on which all the information goes and hits and the response comes back. That mirror is Akasha. Understand. Whenever this body stops working, kāla is used as a flight to carry this mirror and keep it in the other body. Understand? I don’t know….whether you are able to catch what I am saying? But time is not given this qualification in English language. (I am able to catch somewhere but not directly, logically.)

I’ll….I’ll tell you. This mirror which reflects. You have like this one mirror in you, which is a space, where all the information reaches and answers come back, commands come back. That is the Akasha...Chidakasha, it is called. That Chidakasha is moved from your this body to the next body...when you leave this body - on the train called Kāla. Kāla becomes the shoulder on which you ride and enter into another body. But the time is not given this glory and definition in English. So that is why I am saying few of the….when I use the word ‘Kāla’ the depth with which I can explain, I am not able to when I use the word ‘time’.

See, it is like a one blind man, one person with... who has no both the legs...who does not have both the legs, one person who does not have both the eyes - become friends and the guy who does not have legs, was carried by the guy who does not have eyes. So the...with this eyes he will guide, with this leg he will walk. The time and space relationship is like that only. One fellow cannot do something and another fellow cannot do something. Within the body, time does not have a big role than the space is bolted in the body, but when the body is not there, space cannot respond, so time only has to carry him. Blind guy and the guy without legs; Blind guy has legs, he can walk. Guy without legs has eyes, he can guide. (Both are complimentary to each other.) Yes. When you say, “Both are complimentary to each other, you are Sura.” when you say, “Both are incomplete”, you are Asura.” Understand. When you say, “Both are complimenting each other”, you are Sura, Deva. When you say, “Both are incomplete, how can they exist, how can they live, it’s impossible” you are Asura.


Participant - Swamiji, kindly reveal the Sanskrit word or the Agama, what are the words mentioned for LBD - length, breadth and depth, as you mentioned about Akasha and Kāla?


Swamiji - The depth is called Ghana.Ghana.


Participant - Okay. (Ghana.) But in English that’s sort of density.


Swamiji - I should say, all cognition, all cognition is intense undividable length, breadths’ manifestation. Let Me put it in this way. If it is a cheese, it is Ghana. If it is a milk, it is length. It it’s a ghee, it is breadth. Got it? Trying to find which is the right word to convey this... the length and breadth; because Sadāshiva uses when it comes to the measuring the Yāgashāla, He uses one word ‘Neela’ not NeeLa, Neela and when it comes to building the aircrafts, He use a different word. Unit itself is different. So I just wanted to...I’ll get the right word and give you; what will fit more when I explain about dimensions. Please understand. The length concept used, during construction - length concept used during ship building - is different in Agama. I don’t know why? The unit itself is different and the formulas are different. In the construction, the length is dealt in a normal way, how you deal in the Western way, like a unit and all that. But in the space building or ship building, length is not dealt like that; it is dealt more always associated with Ghana. Length does not get involved in any independent calculation in ship building without Ghana. Without ….you see, it is...that He describes, in ship building, in any moveable, like a ship or airspace in all that, length becomes feminine who does not have a independent existence without the Ghana, but in all the immovable, like building the house or a palace or a temple or a Yāgashāla, length becomes a male, independently it can stand. So the word used is masculine length word in the...for immovable, for movable - a feminine length word. I am yet to discover - why the difference? All these dimensions are given genders by Sadāshiva. He also gives genders.


Participant - The usage of the words - length and breadth in English this is the….I mean, if you call this part as length, then this part is width. And there vice versa you can change. So the length and breadth words are interchangeable, but the concept You were saying it is not….


Swamiji – But in Agama it is not interchangeable. It is not interchangeable. Not only that and it is also...the gender identity is given for all three of them. May be the formulas used in immoveable and formulas used in moveable, have a different purpose, so they are given a different gender identity. Still, I am yet to discover the context - why here different there different. I only know two different. I am yet to stumble upon the context.