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Scriptural References

From Shiva Agamas

Mahadeva Himself, Shiva Himself gives this technique to Parvati in Shiva Agama. Shiva Agama is a large literature - Techniques Mahadeva himself taught to Devi Parvati.

From Shiva Agama, the portion called ShivaJnana Upanishad, Vijnana Bhairava Tantra – 94th verse, 22nd technique. Mahadeva is beautifully describing.

cittadyanta kitir nasti mamantar-bhavayediti | vikalpanam abhavena vikalpairujjhito bhavet || 94 || ShivaJnana Upanishad, Vijnana Bhairava Tantra – 94th verse, 22nd technique.

It is direct Mahadeva’s words.

Just consciously feel within, that the mind-stuff (citta) of past memories of incompletion, with its activities as mind, intellect, and ego are not existing in me.

Translation: By contemplating this way in your inner-space, dis-identify from the past impressions and the memories of incompletion. Put your active attention at the space of the past happening, relive these imagined impressions and memories of incompletion. Then the mind-stuff, having fully ceased from its present characteristics of forming thought-patterns and cognitions, is complete. Thus, you become complete and achieve the original space of complete completion.

From the Upanishads

Completion, or ‘Purnatva’ in Sanskrit is the ultimate eternal truth of the Existence.

The Śānti Mantra, peace chant of the very first Upaniṣad, Īśāvāsya Upaniṣad declares: auṁ pūrṇamadah pūrṇamidaṃ pūrṇāt pūrṇamudacyate । pūrṇasya pūrṇamādāya pūrṇamevāvaśiṣyate ॥

Aum. This is Completion (Purna), that is Completion (Purna). If this is removed from that, both remain, continue as Completion. When the Completion merges into Completion, Completion alone remains. If the Completion is removed or perceived to be removed from Completion, again Completion alone remains as Completion. Let there be peace in my inner space, peace in the outer space, peace in the Cosmos.

It can take anyone from where they are, beyond their thoughts, worries and agitations, to the space of Oneness with the Whole. It is the method by which someone can restore their original space of Oneness with everything.

The Science of Completion is nothing but knowing and experiencing that anything that stands in the way of Oneness is an illusion, no matter how real or believable it may appear.

Completion alone remains as Completion. Let there be peace in my inner space, peace in the outer space, peace in the Cosmos.

Introduction to Completion

Explanation of Incompletion

I will give you an example of incompletion. For example…actually this is one of the main example I use because I directly saw one person suffering with this problem. One person when he was a kid, seven or eight year old, was walking on the beach with the father. He saw few fishermen fighting with each other. The fight ended in murder; one fisherman got killed. One person was killed. Naturally the kid ran away from the scene. When he met me, he was at least 40. He says, “Even now I can’t go to beach. Even if I cross beach in the car, I will have that same palpitation, fear, same engrams coming up.”

The situation, the incident which happened; the child is walking and he is seeing three-four fishermen, few of them fighting with each other, one got murdered; that situation, that is the root incident. When he saw that, the powerlessness he experienced, that fear he experienced, the child was not able to handle that situation. So naturally he suppresses and runs away. Whatever was happening in him, the fear or powerlessness, even that feeling maybe this will be done to me also, all that feeling he just suppressed and ran away from the situation.

Powerlessness Leads to Incompletion Pattern

Understand, whenever powerlessness is suppressed, along with that suppression is all the emotions associated in that situation; powerlessness means pain, suffering, fear, guilt connected to it, that I am not able to do anything in this situation. All that also gets suppressed and as long as that suppression exists this pattern will continue. Whenever he goes to beach he will go through the same moments, experience which he suppressed first time.

For example, the suppressed powerlessness acts like a ground and the pattern is a tree. The suppressed emotions – powerlessness, fear, anger, inability to help, guilt, resentment, whatever that child would have gone through at that situation at the age of seven when the incident happened; all that suppression forms like a solid ground for this incompletion pattern, tree to stand, And this tree is the incompletion pattern; every time, it repeats itself. Whenever you go to the beach the experience repeating itself, the fear repeating itself, that panic attack happening, that is the incompletion patterns.

Completion is Not Remembering, it is Re-living

Listen, because of this ground, this tree is standing. If you re-live that incident, not remember; there’s a big difference between remembering and re-living. Remembering means – now that man when I met him, he was 40; being a 40-year old person and thinking what happened at the age of seven is remembering. But, forgetting you are 40, becoming that seven year old – that same intelligence, same space, same mood, same identity, even the idea about me, ‘I’ which you had at that same time; that person, to re-live has to become that seven year old identity; and if he re-lives, if you re-live this suppressed emotion, powerlessness will break, it will open up, it will leave your system. Automatically this incompletion pattern tree will not have place for its roots, it will fall off.

Listen, this is the science of completion. All suppressed emotions, powerlessness, difficulties, guilt, resentment during the root incident, keeps the incompletion pattern alive. If you re-live that root incident, not remember; I am not asking you to remember. Remembering is superficial. Re-living – means forgetting your present age, everything; dump it, go back to that age when that incident happened – same mind, same energy, same consciousness, same intelligence, same identity, become that; decide to become that, and start re-living the incident.

Suddenly you will see all that pain, suffocation you go through, everything once more, but this time completely you will allow that to leave your nervous system. You will allow that to melt down through your nervous system. You will allow that to cleanse your nervous system. With this cleansing, with this releasing, the panic attacks regularly you go through, incompletion pattern attack which you go through regularly, will not be there; it will just collapse. The incompletion tree, incompletion patterns tree will just collapse because the ground is gone. The tree is not able to have the right ground. When the ground is taken away, naturally the tree collapses. This is the science of re-living.

Please understand, whenever I ask you to re-live, don’t judge that incident with your present knowledge. No. I am not asking you to reconcile, no. Completion is not reconciliation, it is not remembering, it is re-living. How many ever times you try to reconcile you will never be able to forgive yourself, some people in your life for what has happened. So reconciling is not what I am asking you to do.

Forgive and Forget through Completion

Re-live; not only you will forgive, you will forget them. I don’t even ask you to forgive, don’t forgive. You will simply forget them. You will simply forget them. I tell you, when you are able to forget them they will have their karma back. Understand, when you are able to forget them they will have their karma back. I never forgave anybody, and I never cursed anybody. I just know how to forget. They are having their karma back.

Understand, so be very clear, incompletions create emotional knots. I tell you if you are holding onto that hatred, grudge, fear, unable to forgive yourself and others, you are only going to suffer; it’s like you drink poison you expect your enemy to die. No, that’s foolishness. I never get agitated; I just make them get agitated. I just agitate them and leave it. Forget; you will be living in your space, they will only be getting agitated, whoever has attacked you or tortured you. So listen, completion is not reconciliation. Completion is not remembering. Completion is re-living.

Steps in the Completion Technique

Now you have written so many of your fears and the incidents when the fears started. Pick up one by one the incident. Re-live – means forget your present age, identity, personality, drop everything. Go back to that same age and that same identity, that same metal setup. As much as you can remember that, become that. And try to re-live that incident how it happened step-by-step; slow motion flashback, flashback in slow motion. Re-live at least five times. You will see so much of suffocation, pain, resentment, guilt, anger, feeling tortured, everything will open up, everything will leave your system. The more and more this powerlessness leaves your system, more you will be blissful, more you will be complete. One by one pick up each incident, each incompletion, re-live five times and move to the next.

Re-live, re-live and relieve. Even if doesn’t click, catch in the first session, don’t worry. In the next, next, deeper process you will catch it. It is one of the alpha to omega technique. From a beginner to the professional seeker, this is the best technique. If you are new to spirituality or you are in spirituality for last 35 years, 50 years, this is the technique.

Completion Needs Listening

The fundamental way of enriching life with enlightenment is by being complete with all the patterns carried within.

Any action that remains unfulfilled as per our fantasy, either due to hindrance from the outside world or from within can be termed as an incompletion.

This can be either with ourselves or with another person.

If we want a friend to live up to certain expectations that he or she cannot honour, then it leads to incompletion.

The first step to healing such an incompletion is to render the relationship complete. The only way to do this is by facing the other person and healing the hurt caused in the relationship. This can also be done by invoking their presence if they are no longer physically present.

This process of completion and subsequent healing is absolutely necessary. Unless we are complete in all dimensions, life does not begin – living does not happen in us.

Similarly, incompletion also happens internally. Any unfulfilled desire or fantasy carried by us, relating to ourselves, remains as an incompletion. The ideas which we have about us, we should either fulfill them or drop them. If we cannot afford to fulfill them with our adopted lifestyle then dropping those will bring about completion with ourselves. For completion to happen, authentic listening needs to happen first.

We need to authentically listen to the cries of our heart. This does not mean we will do everything that our heart wants. Just listening to our heart can give tremendous self satisfaction. Completion with ourselves involves giving ourselves the much needed self-attention. It even cures physical pain, as pain is a simple manifestation of being unable to sit comfortably with oneself. When there is a disturbance, the source is invariably from within us. Be it any kind of hindrance, this technique of completion within the self will be the path to enriching one’s life and cleansing the body of all negativity in its varied forms.

Completion Expresses as Powers

Since completion restores the space of Shuddhadvaita, it directly leads to expressing the powers of Sadashiva. Any pattern, idea or thought trend when completed, expresses as powers. In the same way, to know the secrets of any aspect of nature, only completion with that force or energy is needed. Completion with the wind can reveal the ways of the wind, and how to manifest powers with it – how to invoke it, how to redirect it, how to stop it and so on.

Every completion restores the space of Oneness and manifests as powers of Sadashiva.

Sva-Poornatva Kriya

Identify your source inauthenticity – What is it that has been a repetitive pattern that you are have within you which makes you experience low energy again and again and which keeps on repeating itself in your life? Also identify other additional conflicts that you are carrying within you which make you experience low energy in your life. b. If you do not remember repetitive experiences in your life where the same conflcit has happened again and again, identify the experiences in your life where there are different kinds of inauthenticities you carry within, which make you experience low energy in your life. Make a conscious resolution with integrity, authenticity and responsibility and make this declaration – ‘Now, I am only being complete in life.’ Declare to yourself – ‘I am now in poornatva. I am committing to being complete and causing completion for myself and for life. I am enriching myself and life with completion.’ Then go to a place where you have a mirror. Please understand that the person in the mirror is the incomplete half of you. Often that incomplete half of you is a small child – only a few days/months/years old. So when you complete with the “little you” in the mirror, you restore completion to the person in the mirror and inside you as well. This is what you should do:

  • 1. Sit in a comfortable position facing the mirror
  • 2. Connect with the person in the mirror
  • 3. Look directly into the eyes of the person in the mirror
  • 4. See the 1 year old or 2 year old or the 3 year old or the 4 year old or the 10 year old in the mirror which is the incomplete half of you

Go back to earliest memories of your life and contemplate on incidents/situations in your life where you have experienced low level energy emotions such as anger, guilt, frustration and agitation with yourself (incompletion in some form) from those incidents/situations

  • 5.Now take responsibility for liberating yourself from this inauthenticity you are carrying within you and the incompletion that you have kept alive for yourself
  • 6. Re-live those incidents/situations completely. Then, talk aloud with the person in the mirror till you experience completion happening both for you and for the person in the mirror. Note:
  • 7. Repeat re-living the incidents/situations and continue talking again and again till you experience being free of the low level emotions inside you Once you have experienced completion with incomplete part of u in the mirror

You will feel light

You will feel absence of something, being relieved of some big burden

Until this happens, continue digging out.

Keep finishing it off. Getting it out of you, expose it totally.

Once you feel that there is an absence of heaviness, to a certain extent svapoornatva is done. Continue doing this till you experience completely being out of its grip, till you are completely out of pain or any other heaviness that exists within.

Poornatva Kriya

Make a conscious resolution with integrity, authenticity and responsibility and make this declaration – ‘I am only being complete in life.’ Declare to yourself – ‘I am now in poornatva. I am committing to being complete and causing completion for myself and for life. I am enriching myself to completion.’ Poornatva Kriya is restoring completion to the different incomplete parts of you which are sitting in others.

While doing Poornatva Kriya with others there may be two possibilities – You may have a very strong resistance to some person.

#1 The resistance or fear or hatred is so strong that you cannot even think of facing that person and talking to him or her.

  • 1. If that is the case, first sit in front of the mirror and invoke that person’s presence in the mirror.
  • 2. See that person sitting in the mirror.
  • 3. Connect with that person making eye to eye contact with him/ her in the mirror.
  • 4. Re-live incidents that happened between you and that person and then talk to the person in the mirror till you experience completion.

#2 You may be in talking terms with the person or you are comfortable with that person and have no major resistance in communicating with that person. If that is the case, talk to that person directly either in person or, if you do not have access to talking in person, talk over the phone.

  • 1. If there is no access to even a phone, then communicate through email.
  • 2. If there is no access to email also, then sit with the mirror and connect with that person in the mirror and do the completion process.
  • 3. First do Poornatva Kriya with your mother. Before you begin to talk to her, remind yourself – ‘With integrity, authenticity and responsibility, I am declaring that I am enriching myself and life with completion.’
  • 4. Then you talk to your mother, share the incidents where you experienced incompletion with her.
  • 5. Share with her the inauthenticity that was there inside you in each situation which left you incomplete with her.
  • 6. Take responsibility for that inauthenticity now and LISTEN and talk to your mother and restore completion.
  • 7. When you are complete, you will experience a shift in the way you now experience your mother – that is, you will see the heaviness reducing, you will feel free.
  • 8. After you complete with your mother, do this process with your father & all other relationships in your life such as – your brothers, sisters, spouse, children, friends, etc. Most important thing to note is – Do not entertain spontaneous lying. When you are talking to yourself and others during this kriya, be aware of not getting into spontaneous lying.
  • 9. Listen to others and take responsibility for their inauthenticities also. Also do completion with Swamiji by sitting face to face with his photograph.

Catharisis - Meditation technique to clear stress

This is a simple and yet a powerful technique to clear stress & for unblocking the manipuraka chakra* or navel energy center, which is the seat of stress. All your worries are nothing but words! They are nothing but the sum total of all the languages you know. All your life, you have put your worries into words, spoken about them in some language which you know. Now, you are going to speak in a language which you don’t know!

It is a cathartic technique that bypasses mental processes and roots out worries in their most elemental form – which is just negative energy. It is a powerful technique to cleanse and the manipuraka chakra or navel energy center, (Subtle energy center located near the navel region and associated with worry) which is locked by stress, worry and other deeply engraved negative mental patterns. You are holding all your worries, negativity and suppressions like a weight in your navel area. Can you see how heavy that area feels? Now you are going to act out all those suppressions – in noises and actions. Remember, no words! When you start using words, your inner chatter begins to come up. During this meditation, don’t allow your inner chatter. Simply get to the core of your deepest suppressions and pluck them out of your system! Just vomit them out in sounds. This technique is a powerful meditation. It unblocks your unconscious and allows all the negativities stored inside to dissolve. Typical psychoanalytic sessions, when patients talk to their analysts or even throw things around for catharsis, are still conscious processes. Only ten percent of your stored memories will be released. Processes such as hypnosis are through the unconscious and you have no control. This technique is a superconscious process in which you retain awareness while cleansing yourself. This technique should always be practised before a meal, when the stomach is empty and a few hours before sleep.


Step 1 (20 minutes):

Stand apart with your eyes closed. For a minute, concentrate on the manipuraka area.

All your worries and suppressed negativity will start rising up into your conscious mind. Just experience all the tension and stress up inside.

Now, imagine yourself in some situation of conflict. Imagine that you are fighting hard with someone.

Talk to him – in a language that you don’t know! Just use nonsense sounds. If anyone is listening, it should not make any sense to them. Try to convey your problem, your pain, to the other person. But the other person simply doesn’t agree with you! How do you feel? Angry? Throw out your anger on him! While standing, shout, scream, rave and rant in a language that you do not know. If anyone is listening, it should also not make any sense to them. Be aggressive in letting out all your emotions and feelings that will start pouring out of you once you start. Cry if you so wish. Roll on the floor if your emotions drive you. Anything that happens in you, any word that happens in you, express it as a sound. Do not use words. If you use words, only familiar and recent emotions will surface. Also, words will give rise to only more words without actually working on the emotions beneath them. Shout absolute gibberish; only this will open up your unconscious; only this will bring up the deeply hidden emotions.

Recall all the painful incidents of your life. Visualize the persons involved and feel the emotions involved in those incidents. Bring out all the emotions. Become completely immersed in them. Be aware of nothing else. If tears come, let them! Don’t stop yourself. Scream, wail, cry, throw your limbs about, roll on the ground if you feel like. Create as much violence as possible! Once you start, you will find that you really won’t be able to stop – so much will be coming out. You may feel like vomiting, so keep your sick bag ready! Nothing to worry, it is a sign that your system is getting cleansed and balanced, that’s all. Do the technique sincerely – this is your chance to get rid of a lifetime’s suppressions.

Enter completely into the meditation.

Step 2 (10 minutes):

Stop! Now, simply sit in silence and bring your awareness to your manipuraka chakra.

You will feel a tremendous lightness in that area. During this silence, just be a witness to your thoughts. Do not suppress them or chase them. Just let them flow before the deep silence of your being.

Repeat this meditation every day for 21 days minimum, or until you feel as if you have nothing left inside to throw out during the meditation. Right from the very first day onwards, you will find a change, a great peace blossoming in your Being.

Enjoy the peace! This technique is a powerful meditation. It unblocks your unconscious and allows all the negativities stored inside to dissolve. Typical psychoanalytical sessions when patients talk to their analysts or even throw things around for catharsis, are still conscious processes. Only ten percent of your stored memories will be released. Processes such as hypnosis are through the unconscious and you have no control. This technique is a super-conscious process in which you retain awareness while cleansing yourself.



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