June 29 2013

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Technique to detox your body & mind


In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains the details of why we should take up the Nirahara Samyama. He describes how all root patterns are directly or indirectly related to food! Unfortunately, we can’t just perform nano-surgery to remove the patterns because they are intertwined and interrelated. In order to remove the patterns, we need to directly blast the root pattern in which all the major patterns connect to. The Nirahara Samyama is the blast that we need to dislodge the root pattern, freeing up the connecting patterns. Then we can bring completion to our inner space and the powerlessness we feel about food will be dissolved.

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I welcome everyone who are sitting with us all over the world at this moment through Sadhna TV, Lotus

News Channel, Ishwar and two-way video-conferencing.

Today I will continue to expand on: “NIRAHARA SAMYAMA – HOW IT HELPS YOU TO LIVE THE FOUR

PRINCIPLES”. Listen! Nirahaara Samyama is directly blasting all the root-patterns you have created; all the root patterns you have created and you are cherishing. Listen! All the root-patterns you have created and you are cherishing directly or indirectly rooted somewhere on your food patterns. Listen! All root patterns, all root-patterns you carry are directly or indirectly related to food. So, when you start the Nirahaara Samyama and shattering, blasting the root-patterns you carry, suddenly you will see there is so much of relief, so much of inner space.

See, the food and love, food and sex, food and fear, food and worry, somehow all these major possible root-patterns are deeply rooted. Listen! Food and love, food and sex, food and worry, food and fear, somehow all these major root-patterns are directly connected to food. These major root-patterns are directly related to food.

Understand, the way you relate with the patterns…..listen, the way you relate with the patterns, you think patterns are like a cancer tumor, you can just do a nano surgery and remove them. No! They are inter-related, inter-connected, inter-twined. Inter-related, inter-connected, inter-twined! The most important thing you should become aware of is, if you blast one root in which all the major root patterns are connected, listen, if you blast one root in which all the major root-patterns are connected, it is easy to release yourself from all the root-patterns!

Let me give you an example:

All your fear patterns will be somehow related to food, because society threatens you first with food.

All your love patterns will be somehow connected to food, because, listen, because food and love both you receive from mother. So, you always associate food with the love. All your worry is associated with food, because, as a child you had a lot of worries related to food – will you get in time? Because all your early crying is for food. Food is a much more strong root-pattern than lust. See, lust becomes a difficult pattern when it becomes perverted. But lust itself can never be a root-pattern, because lust starts only after physical maturity. Listen! Lust starts only after physical maturity, but the root-pattern starts before the age of seven. Physical maturity can never happen before the age of seven. Even you fantasizing before the physical maturity, starts happening only after seven. After seven, your inner space starts fantasizing, planning for physical maturity. In those days, physical maturity used to be around fourteen, nowadays it is around ten or twelve. But, please listen, sex can never be a root-pattern. It is only the complication of some more patterns. Food can be the root-pattern, or it is the root of all root patterns. Food is the root of all root-patterns.

Understand, Nirahaara Samyama, the right meaning of the word Nirahaara Samyama is “blasting all the patterns you created related to food, going beyond all the patterns you created related to food”. It is not even going beyond food. Listen, I am not interested in making you all starve. No! Nirahaara Samyama participants never starve. They just go beyond food!

One of the important rule in the Nirahaara Samyama is, the moment you feel hungry or tired, you have to start eating. You can’t use your will power. Understand, for completion, only the patterns related to food, for completion, to complete with all the patterns related to food, you can use your will, not for denying food to your body. Listen! You can use your will power to reach completion: ‘All patterns related to food I will complete from this moment.’ For that you can use your will power. But you can’t use your will power to deny the food for the body. That is why I don’t allow the kids to do Nirahaara Samyama. Kids will not know, they need little more time to have clarity. There are millions of things which I opened for kids, but did not open for adults. But only Nirahaara Samyama I opened for adults and not for kids. Because, kids may start using their will power not to give food to their body out of enthusiasm. No, you should not use your will power to deny food to your body. You should only use your will power to complete all the patterns related to food.

Actually, when you stop giving food you will see so much the patterns are coming up – denial, anger,irritation, agitation – powerlessness without feeling tired. Listen! Tiredness is different, powerlessness is different. Powerlessness without feeling tired. You may not even feel tired, but you will feel powerless.

Understand, look into the major patterns with which you make your life powerless. Look into the major patterns of your life which makes you powerless. I am not interested in making you all starve.

Understand, no, that was not my purpose. That is not my purpose. My interest is liberating you from the patterns of food with which you are suffering. All the patterns you created because of food – irritation, agitation, dependency, pride, love, lust. You have created even lust on food! It is one of the worst perversions! When sex is denied, you start filling yourself with food!

First, Nirahaara Samyama, so that all the food related patterns are burnt; then take up the vow of celibacy, so that when you deprive your body of sex, it does not become food perversion. When you deprive your body of sex, the first thing that will happen is perversion of love, you will yearn for attention. Second, you will start becoming homosexual or getting attracted to same gender. Third, you will start getting attracted to any body, whether it is animal or tree. Fourth, the perversion of food. All the other things society will not allow, like attention need, or the perversion towards the same gender. Please understand, I am not making any comment or statement against homosexuality or lesbianism, but I am making a comment, having homosexuality as a perversion. And the third, having sex with animals also will not be allowed by the society. When society will not allow any of these, naturally the allowed perversion is what? Food! Allowed perversion is Food! That is why, all over the world, all celibate traditions, all celibate traditions in all religions suffer with 90% obesity!

In my life, first, I was initiated into Nirahaara Samyama. My gurus, my teachers, my mentors first initiated me into Nirahaara Samyama, and trained me into Nirahaara Samyama. That is why, nine years of my pilgrimage, spiritual Yatra time, spiritual pilgrimage time, I was able to live without even the idea of food. Not even once I stretched my hand for food. Not even once I begged for food. If it comes, I’ll eat. If it doesn’t, I don’t even remember I have not eaten! Understand! That is why I insist before giving sannyas to any of my brahmacharis or sannyasis, I insist that they practice Nirahaara Samyama first. After the Nirahaara Samyama, the possibility of perversion dissolves, the possibility of perversion disappears.

I have seen, people who don’t do Nirahaara Samyama, who have not mastered Nirahaara Samyama, get

somehow depressed, somehow fall into depression with celibacy or any other spiritual practices. Even my Vidyalaya kids, even my Gurukul kids, once they cross eighteen, the first thing they have to do is Nirahaara Samyama. Only then they can plan for their future, whether to get married or take sannyas, whatever!

Nirahaara Samyama is the first powerful spiritual process, first powerful spiritual process! When you go through the Nirahaara Samyama, your body is awakened to a new kind of intelligence, where it will know what is the original feeling and what is the perversion; original feeling and perversion.

So, understand, with Nirahaara Samyama, you understand the powerlessness, how powerless you are in front of your patterns; if you complete, how powerful you become; you learn that science, you learn that science of how to be powerful always. You need to handle the food related pattern before you handle other root-patterns. I sincerely feel and I also recommend, even people who come for Inner Awakening, if you finish Nirahaara Samyama and come, first three levels, or during the Inner Awakening, practice three levels of Nirahaara Samyama, the Inner Awakening will work very deep in you; finding the root-patterns and completing it will be very easy for you. I sincerely recommend.

You need to understand, when you actually attack the food pattern, all your incomplete love patterns will come out, all your incomplete fear patterns will come out, all your incomplete attention need patterns will come out, all your incomplete worry patterns will come out. It is almost like smoking out all your patterns. If you want to kill a snake or rat which is hiding in its nest under the ground, burrow under the ground, you put the smoke into that burrow and the animal will come out. You can kill. Same way, food is the burrow all your patterns will be hiding in. If you put the Nirahaara Samyama smoke, all your hiding patterns, all the patterns hiding in your burrow will just come out. It is easy for you to clear, complete those patterns. It is easy for you to clear those patterns.

Every individual, listen, every individual has to do Nirahaara Samyama before marriage. I’ll sincerely recommend, even before you plan for your kids, do one Nirahaara Samyama; then plan for the kids. Kids will happen out of pure bio-memory!

Nirahaara Samyama is the first and foremost practical method of completing with all the root-patterns. If you start with the Nirahaara Samyama, all the root-patterns you find, start completing with all of them, all the incompletions you feel, start completing with all of them. During the three levels of Nirahaara Samyama, the one and only thing you need to do is completion, completion, completion! If you have not done Nirahaara Samyama, you will only be struggling with your lust patterns, having some perversions.

I have seen people, knowing that they are not in their control, they will not be in their control, going behind their will. God! That is the most dangerous journey! You know you’re getting onto a mud horse which will melt down in the water in a few minutes! I tell you, the greatest blessing in life is able to identify your Master and be slave to him forever! Best thing that can happen is, I tell you, being a slave to the right leader is the greatest thing that can happen to a human-being! Otherwise, he will be a slave to his perverted will, logic, which constantly makes him powerless, constantly which makes you powerless. See, when you go behind somebody who constantly makes you powerless, what will happen to your life?

The essence of today’s satsang:

Before beginning anything in your life, before taking any major decision in your life, do Nirahaara Samyama; whether it is marriage or sannyas or starting a new business; any confusion, because during the Nirahaara Samyama, all your powerlessness will be smoked out. Do the completion with all those powerless moments. Then decide. Your life will be right!

I bless you all! Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching with eternal bliss, Nithyananda! Thank you!


Sri Nithyanandeswara and Nithyanandeswari http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/Nithyananda_Swami-29-6-13-7.JPG http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/Nithyananda_Swami-29-6-13-5.JPG http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/Nithyananda_Swami-29-6-13-4.JPG Muneeshwara Under the Banyan Tree Dakshinamurthy http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/Nithyananda_Swami-29-6-13-3.JPG Swamiji's Utsava murthy Morning PadukaPuja http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/IMG_8480-29-6-13-13.JPG Swamiji released Spanish Book For Nithyananda Vidyalaya National Conference - in Malaysia Mornining Satsang on Nirahara Samyama http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/Nithyananda_Swami-29-6-13-15.JPG http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/Nithyananda_Swami-29-6-13-16.JPG Blessings Nithyasatsang - _MG_8487.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8486.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8539.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8550.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8538.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8554.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8553.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8548.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8540.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8535.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8537.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8524.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8525.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8519.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8534.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8495.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8523.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8518.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8511.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8510.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8494.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8504.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8499.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8496.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8508.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8507.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8503.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8502.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8493.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8492.JPG Nithyasatsang - _MG_8491.JPG Satsang Bookrelease 2-Way - IMG_8495.JPG Satsang Bookrelease 2-Way - IMG_8493.JPG Satsang Bookrelease 2-Way - IMG_8492.JPG Satsang Bookrelease 2-Way - IMG_8491.JPG


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