June 25 2020

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The whole world is resetting itself . ll Paramashivoham-S7 ll Nithyananda Paramashiva Bhava Samadhi Dharshan. ll


KAILASA's Department of Information Broadcasting, in collaboration with SHRIKAILASA Uniting Nations for Peacekeeping, aimed at eradicating violence and promoting peace, telecasted the Nithyananda Satsang on Convert Your Obsessive Compulsive Disorders To Ishta Devata Inspired Decisions!, revealed by The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam, His Divine Holiness, Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam. In the talk, His Divine Holiness (HDH), shared that Hinduism is a Science of invoking Cosmic Beings in you and when this is done, extraordinary energy and a higher life is manifested. When this happens, your Ishta Devata becomes your core existence. Also, during a separate, live talk KAILASA Courtyard Session, HDH shared how the whole world is resetting itself and is going toward Enlightenment. HDH said during this time do more body related tapas like Yoga, Unclutching, Power Manifestation and Inner Healing. Spend less time in worldly activities and more time doing everything for Enlightenment.

Contributing to over 108 humanitarian causes of SHRIKAILASA Uniting Nations, KAILASA's Nithyananda Hindu University marks today as Season 7, Day 2 of Paramashivoham. Today delegates experienced the darshan of HDH Nithyananda Paramashiva Bhava Samadhi Darshan.

Sanyasis of the Nithyananda Order of Monks and initiated teachers Acharyas worldwide, affiliated with the Department of Education of KAILASA conducted a series of seminars focusing on the Truths of focusing on JIVA, Listening, Four Powers, Genesis of Identity and Listening is life, as revealed by the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism inspiring millions towards the Science of Hinduism.

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25 June 2020

Yes, listen. One of the most beautiful Cosmic positive flow of life energy is happening. I tell you, after this … Kala Sarpa Yogam started that, after the solar eclipse when the Kala Sarpa Yoga started, the intensity energy, joy, ecstasy I am feeling, I am seeing literally the Great Pause happening in my system. So I want to tell you, all your efforts towards enlightenment will bring thousand times more result, intensity. And, Cosmically your body will not be able to digest food, because all the energy will be used, all the heat in the body will be used for raising your Kundalini to the higher level. So reduce food, more juicing. Add more ghee in your life, in your eating. Not only in food, even apply ghee on the body and take bath. Add more ghee in your … lifestyle. Like apply ghee before falling asleep, on your stomach, on your face. Morning before taking bath, apply ghee on the body. It’ll intensely raise the samana energy in you.

Do puja to Kalabhairava and Navagrahas. All Navagrahas and Kalabhairava. You’ll have so much of good, because they will help you to achieve enlightenment. Don’t do any worldly related things like a, don’t buy property, sell property. Don’t travel anywhere. Don’t invest in anything. Till December, don’t do anything worldly. Keep all the money with you, just freeze everything. After December, you will have such wonderful best openings. Don’t sell, don’t buy, don’t invest, don’t travel. Avoid all major business decision. Avoid all major life decision till December. Spend maximum time and energy intensely towards enlightenment. And I am telling you, whole world is not going to be productive, so you don’t worry. Even if you have not doing anything till December, you are not going to be losing out, because the whole rat race has come down! See only there is a rat race, you will feel insecure, “Oh, I am not running. I am not done the race. I am losing. Am I losing?” Whole rat race … one whistle - stop! Pussst … Understand, all over the world, all, whole rat race has stopped. So nothing to run now. Just enjoy coolly.

Use your body maximum, … like walking, jogging, working out. If you are in a city like Tiruvannamalai, Tiruchengode, Thiruparankundram, Palani - go round the hill everyday. Of course, you should also follow your local laws. I do not know which cities are allowing. So follow your local laws. Without crossing your local laws, follow all the … spiritual instructions. In your country if the fire walking is allowed, do all of that. More and more if you use your body, and do enlightenment related processes, you will have so much of blessing and health. This in Hindu tradition, we have lot of things like boiling turmeric milk. They will beat it with the err … neem leaf and sprinkle on themself. Nothing will happen to the skin. Walking, just like fire walking and body piercing, this is one of the tapas using physical body. If you are in a country where all these physical tapas is allowed, do everything possible. And, visit the place where all these are done. You will have so much benefit, I tell you.

The whole world, whole Cosmic energy is going towards enlightenment. Worship Kalabhairava. Worship Jagannatha. Worship Mariamma, Navagrahas. Do more intense physical activity. Through physical activity worshipping, doing tapas towards enlightenment; do all those things. It’ll be amazing. You will see amazing results. Don’t travel on the water or on the air. Because both are going to be intensely agitated. See, when the ocean is happy and fully awake, what it does you don’t know. Same way the, the, this … vayu is so intense and happy. You do not know that flow of the air. And the same way, flow of the water. I am not saying water and air are negatively agitated. No! They are intensely positively excited, exalted. But, the human machines cannot handle it. Ships will not be able to handle the ocean’s energy now. The aircrafts will not be able to handle the air’s unpredictable energy. Even on the road, stop travelling, don’t travel. Don’t go for long drives. Because the whole Cosmos is intense. You can see the Sahara sandstorm - five thousand miles the sand from Sahara is travelling. All of you can google and see. The air energy is so intense, five thousand miles … the sandstorm. Usually every year whatever happens, three times more is happening. And, ocean will be three times more salty now. Till December 14th, it’ll be three times more intense.

Do lot of physical activity, body related activity and tapas and puja. You can master many arts. Like sitting on the … nail bed and meditating. Mallakambha Yoga, Mallakambha, you can master Mallakambha. Simple, even if you put little bit of effort, you will master it. Shiva Stambha Yoga, do Shiva Stambha Yoga, Kundalini Rajju; all these, it’ll bring extraordinary results. Till December 14th, the whole Cosmos is celebrating. That Kala Sarpa Yogam is happening. Do everything for enlightenment. In Hindu tradition, we have a lot of things like a, in boiling oil with bare hand they will make vadai to offer it to the deities. If you are not having mentors to help you to do this, don’t do it without mentor; you need a mentor who has already mastered it. If some temple these rituals are happening, go and visit. Of course, if it is in your local and if it is allowed. So don’t cross any local laws, local rules. I request all of you to follow your local country laws, rules, regulations. But within the local laws, whatever is allowed, whatever I am saying, please do it.

Kalabhairava is in full form. Worship even Navagrahas. All our temples, do Kalabhairava Puja, Navagraha Puja. Akasha Bhairava means Sarabeshwara Puja. All these will do so much good. Practice unclutching, it’ll help a lot. So much inner healing will happen towards enlightenment. Spend as much time as possible towards enlightenment and conscious spiritual activities - yoga, meditation, unclutching, puja. Reduce everything related to the world, ordinary world. Whole world is melting down, I am telling you. See the … the whole Cosmic energy is happening in such a way, … it is withdrawing from people. I am telling you, if you are intense in enlightenment, you will grow more and more intensely in enlightenment. You will manifest powers. If you are intense in the outer world, suddenly people will collapse and die. Because the other world … see, if you are too much involved with the outer world and desires and greed, there is a automatic withdrawal happening. So people who are too much into the world, are suddenly collapsing and dying. Sometime suicide, sometime Corono, sometime Corono without symptom - just collapsing and dying.

So the whole thing, the whole energy, is focused, zoomed towards enlightenment. Whole thing is positive for enlightenment, and not conducive for any of the worldly activities. Either put your whole energy into spiritual enlightenment activities, or spend time in a relaxed way, resting. Don’t do anything related to this world. As less as possible … anything related to this world. Keep survival things, only do survival things like a, if you have to do your job for your survival - that much do it. If you have to … do your business for survival, do only that much. Don’t do major decisions, major transactions, major investments; don’t do anything till December 14th. Hold everything. After December 14th, there will be so much of positive opening. So all decisions related to outer world, postpone it. Even if you are, if you are planning for pregnancy, postpone it after December. If you are already pregnant - okay, no problem. If you are planning for pregnancy, push it after December. Whether marriage, ... even marriage push it after December.

If you listen to me, I will tell push it to the next birth. But at least if you don’t want to push it till the next birth, then at least do it … after December. All the outer activity, push it after December. And all the enlightenment activity, intensify it maximum. It is time to create enlightenment. I am seeing, this Kala Sarpa Yoga intensely happening all over the world. All over the world there is going to be huge earthquakes. You can see already, many places the earthquakes happening … which is not the usual limits. Tsunamis, earthquakes, sandstorms, … not in the usual scale or level. So spend more and more time and energy on power manifestation, Kundalini awakening, enlightenment, spirituality. And also I am telling you, all of you will have so much of inner healing. Tsk! See, because so many things which you thought … is too important for your life for security - all of that will melt down. So your fear of not having all of them will disappear. It’s like literally you will see in front of your eyes world disappearing.

The conscious rewiring is happening. The new world order is going to be built. If you are below twenty, you are the most blessed, because you are going to have the best world. In next few years, that new world order will evolve. Everything will be consciousness based. In few years, the non-veg will not be a regular food or a, like a normal food. The new normal is going to become vegetarian food. Not just this one. Like this, tons of things are going to change. So if you are below twenty, you have a great future. Almost you are going to see beautiful new world. Celebrate your life, if you are below twenty. Feel blessed that you have a, great future. Because the whole world is going to shift to conscious way of living, enlightenment based lifestyle.

Whatever I am giving as a Cosmic law now, is all going to become country law in many countries. I am telling you, … whatever I am giving … as a Cosmic law, is going to become a country law. Many countries, in many countries, yoga is going to become a country law. Ayurveda is going to become a mainstream medicine. Astrology is going to become a, like a regular accepted life science like psychology, psychoanalysis and psychiatry and all of that. Just like all of them are accepted therapy, healing methods; astrology is going to become a mainstream counseling, life guiding system. Usually I used to tell people to study allopathy medicine - MBBS, I always tell people. Now I am telling you, … do Ayurveda, Siddha, homeopathy, astrology. Spend time in all these things. Even earlier when I used to tell people to study allopathy, I’ll always tell, “Aye, side by side study Siddha, Ayurveda, allopathy. I am telling you, Jyotisha is going to be used for diagnosis. Jyotisha has a very large beautiful methodology of … physical diagnosis. People's physical disease, mental disease, psychological disease, emotional disease can be diagnosed using astrology.

I’ll initiate all the balasanths, all of you, to study astrology through the jnananjana and Krista Shila. Aplpy jnananjana in Krista Shila, worship Navagrahas, you will manifest. With the grace of Navagrahas, Chitragupta … and Kalabhairava, you will manifest knowledge of astrology. Today all the balasanths, gurukul start studying and manifesting the powers of astrology. With the grace of Mahaganapati, worshipping Mahaganapati, Paramashiva, Mahakalabhairava and Navagrahas, Rahu and Ketu, … I bless you all and initiate all of you into the science of astrology. All the balasanths start manifesting the powers, knowledge of astrology - able to see, diagnose the problems and give solutions. You will all be able to do it. I’ll give the detailed procedures in further sessions. Today, first start with apply the jnananjana and Krista Shila, have a larger slab like a Krista Shila, apply jnananjana. Worship Navagrahas and start seeing the Grahas. If you, you can see very clearly the Grahas. And see how they are functioning. They themself will reveal the truths about themself and teach you and bless you. Ambananda can come and sit with male balasanths. And … can start guiding the balasanths.

Initiation starts with devotional songs being played in the background

Literally, the world is resetting itself like a … cleaning up of the whole past and new beginning of consciousness, so literally the souls are pulled out of their delusion and raised towards enlightenment. So if you are flowing with this flow, you will get all the auspiciousness. The beings who don’t want enlightenment, who are forcing themself forcibly to be attached to the world are literally collapsing. So understand, the whole flow of life now is towards enlightenment. Move towards that, you will celebrate life. You will have all the best things and auspiciousness … now. Because the whole flow is towards enlightenment now, especially till December 14th.

So, blessings. Be blissful.

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