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Paramashivoham is an immersive 16-day AWAKENING event to teach you the science of manifesting the ultimate consciousness in you. The science begins with discovering the Paramashiva in you, and then getting established in this true identity by manifesting powers of Paramashiva.

It is not just a meditation program, it is pushing humanity to next level of consciousness, to the consciousness of Paramashiva, the Ultimate Superconsciousness as per Hinduism. The Avatar- The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism Jagat Guru Mahasannidhanam His Divine Holiness Bhagawan Nithyananda Paramashivam who has realized the state of Superconsciousness is transmitting His experience of Paramashivoham via Initiation. This program will change who you know as yourself, your very being – to make you radiate Superconsciousness.

Paramashivoham – I AM Paramashiva. This is the truth. Paramashiva is the ultimate consciousness. The source of all creation. The Karana, Karya, Mula – cause, effect and source of all that we perceive and all that is unmanifest in our life.

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