June 24 2020

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How your Conciousness can be used as a Catalyst for manifesting the reality you want . ll Paramashioham S-7 ll Paramashiva Bhava Darshan ll


KAILASA's Department of Information Broadcasting, in collaboration with SHRIKAILASA Uniting Nations for Peacekeeping, aimed at eradicating violence and promoting peace, telecasted the Nithyananda Satsang on How The Ecosystem Was Critical For HDH's 3rd Eye Awakening (And Why We Need KAILASA Nation) revealed by The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam, His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam. In this Satsang, His Divine Holiness (HDH) shared His powerful Enlightenment Day experience that happened May 1989. Also, during a separate, live talk KAILASA Courtyard Session, HDH expounded on the comic principle, Atmatattva explaining how your Consciousness can be used as a catalyst for manifesting the reality you want. After welcoming all the delegates on the first day of Paramashivoham, HDH formally announced the start of the Guru Mudi process for Guru Purnima for everyone from around the world and welcomed them to join the celebrations for the upcoming Guru Purnima. HDH shared that Initiation happened and that everyone could begin manifesting the Power of Consciousness Over Matter, Ashta Maha Shaktis.

Contributing to over 108 humanitarian causes of SHRIKAILASA Uniting Nations, KAILASA's Nithyananda Hindu University marks today as Season 7, Day 1 of Paramashivoham. One of the major highlights of KAILASA’s contributions through this convention is Power Manifestation, today being the Power of Consciousness Over Matter. Today delegates experienced the Darshan of Paramashiva Bhava Darshan

Sanyasis of the Nithyananda Order of Monks and initiated teachers Acharyas worldwide, affiliated with the Department of Education of KAILASA conducted a series of seminars focusing on the Truths of Shaktinipada, Avatara Shastra, SHRIKAILAASA, Power of Deeksha and Mirror Neuron, as revealed by the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism inspiring millions towards the Science of Hinduism.

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24 June 2020

Blessings to all of you. I welcome all of you. Listen. Blessings to everyone who is part of the Paramashivoham Season 7. I welcome all of you for Paramashivoham Season 7.

Today I wanted to explain about … Atmatattva - how your consciousness can be used as a catalyst for manifesting the reality you want to manifest. Listen. Listen intensely. Your consciousness, your Atma, your soul is so powerful. I’ll just give you few simple principles. Wherever you are aware of your existence, your decisive identity - what you decide as your identity; whenever you are aware of your decisive identity, it radiates the power to manifest that identity - first. Second, for example, the decisive identity about yourself is seeker, sometimes rich man, sometimes Paramashiva; whatever you consciously decide as your identity. The good news is you can always upgrade and change and raise yourself. That’s one. Second, whenever you remember your decisive conscious identity, it starts manifesting.

Third, whenever you are in dull, deluded or confused, forgotten mood, like apasmara - don’t worry. Forgotten moods don’t have much power over you. Apasmara has no power over you. Cloud does not have power over sun. It can hide sun for few minutes or few hours. But the cloud does not have say over the sun. Same way, your apasmara, forgetfulness does not have a say over your consciousness, your Atma, your soul. It can make you forget your identity and put you in a kind of a low mood or wrong thought current or few little confused moments. That’s all. But, apasmara does not have confusion, delusion. Forgetfulness does not have power over you.

For example, now you sit and declare to Paramashiva, “Oh, Paramashiva, I consciously declare let you manifest in me. All my forgetfulness, apasmara, delusion, confusion, everything be wiped out. Let all of them lose power over me. Let only you manifest in me.” Even once if you consciously declare, that has million times more powerful than any unconscious delusion, forgetfulness or the dullness in which you lived. Listen carefully. Listen intensely. Whenever you remember your decisive conscious identity, you start manifesting it more and more intensely. Your unconscious identities, delusions, … forgetfulness, fears, don’t have power over you. You can declare you are Paramashiva now. And, you can manifest Paramashiva now.

Sit, I’ll help you with your Atmatattva … to manifest the reality you want to manifest using your Atmatattva, soul as a catalyst. Last few days my body is in intense samadhi. That’s why I am wearing so much rudraksha today, to charge all these rudrakshas and they are also very auspicious, umm. I have too much love for rudraksha. I’ll now help you.

Swamiji starts the initiation process

Now listen. Initiation has happened. Now start practicing … the powers related to manifesting consciousness over matter, whether rolling the coconut or cracking the coconut or moving the deities or moving any other matter. Consciousness over matter - you can manifest any powers.

And today formally the Guru Mudi process is starting for Guru Purnima all over the world. So I welcome all of you to join the whole celebrations of Guru Purnima.

With this, blessings to all of you. Be blissful.

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