June 17 2013

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The Master can Destroy your Negative Patterns.


In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda stressed how life will only begin for you when you have completed with your patterns. Like how a parasite sucks the life out of a tree, patterns suck the life out of you, you create hell for yourself and others. He urges us to continuously dig out our root patterns, complete with them, let others own our lives, and reside in a space of consciousness. Completion brings us new life and we become the most happy, blissful, complete beings!

On this Day Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism HDH Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam Also Delivered a Satsang Discourse on Lotus TV

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Video Audio


Nithyanandeswhara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||

00:35- hin


Please come to the space of listening.

As long as your patterns are alive, wherever you are, you are in hell and you will create hell for others. Only when your patterns are completed, life starts for you, life begins for you.

Please listen! Please come to the space of listening!

As long as your patterns living through you, as long as your patterns living through you, listen, you will never know life. It is like when a parasite is sucking all the energy from a tree, the parasite grows, the tree dies. Same way, when the patterns, your patterns suck all your energy, they live, you die!

Why these patterns? Because, you wanted to possess your life, not own your life. If you decide to own your life and let everyone own your life, you won’t have patterns. Because you want to possess your life, you constantly think you are the body and mind. Please listen! You can possess only your body and mind, but you cannot possess your consciousness. That is why you never live as consciousness. You never want to reside in the space of consciousness.

3:15- Hindi

You need to know

3:35-m Hindi

Understand, a man who does not understand English language, what he misses in life I cannot explain. He misses the possibility of travelling to different countries where English is spoken. Even if he travels, he needs some guide, translator. An English-speaking person only can understand what a person who cannot understand and speak English misses. The person who cannot understand English, you can list hundreds of things which he misses. He will not be able to travel freely in the country where English is spoken. He will not be able to read great ideas available in English. Tons and tons of ideas is available in English.Whether you like it or not, English is the modern-day “Knowledge language”. In ancient time, the language of Knowledge is Sanskrit. All knowledge is stored in that language. Same way, now all knowledge is stored in English. So, tons and tons of knowledge available in English is not available to you when you don’t know the language. I wanted all of you to know, still there are tons and tons not translated, because Knowledge is so alive and current thanks to the IT revolution. Every day it is getting updated.

There is a proverb, modern proverb: Any IT product, the more you delay, you get better product for cheap price. The more you delay buying any IT product, whether it is a cable or iPad or iPhone, the more you delay, it gets better and better versions and the cost is dropping. I tell you, I don’t see this too far, I can see next few years, communication anywhere to anywhere at the rate of the speed of thought, free of cost, is going to be the lifestyle! You will see, communication from anywhere to anywhere at the speed of thought, the speed will be at the speed of thought! If you think, it is there! And at zero cost! Thanks to the IT revolution! Because of IT revolution, Knowledge is continuously getting current, current, current. Whether it is in the field of Medicine, the field of Communication, or travelling, transportation, in every field, Knowledge is getting continuously updated. I tell you, even in the field of Spirituality! Even in the field of Spirituality, it is getting continuously updated. The way the spiritual knowledge is transmitted, spiritual experience is transmitted, the way the knowledge is transferred, the way people experience the knowledge, it is getting updated. Really, you can never imagine if you just switch on the TV in your bedroom, you can see an incarnation live! And if you fix a web camera, he can see you live! So, the way spiritual knowledge is getting transmitted also is getting updated.

Listen! A person who does not know English can never understand what he is missing. Same way, the person who has not experienced completion can never understand what he is missing. What he is missing! Listen! A person who does not know completion will never realize what he is missing! Completion starts new life! It brings new energy! I just don’t know how to tell you about the importance of completion.


Understand, continuously do completion. Completion with your root-patterns awakens your energy. It just awakens your energy. Completion with root-patterns is a basic need. When some people carry the root-patterns and enter into the life, life is so boring, torturous.


Root-patterns you carry take away all the best things.  How much ever you plan and develop courage, it is swallowed destroyed in 2 mins.when your root-patterns appears all your courage is gone.

If your lust is rooted in root pattern, Please understand! You have a good news!!! Lust is never a root pattern. Lust can never be a root pattern. It’s a good news for you. It is always rooted on some other root pattern. Where you want to show yourself as hero, where you want to establish some superiority. Where you want to establish you are somebody special or you should be loved for (what) you are, who you are. There will be some other root pattern on which lust grows.

If lust is root pattern, it can never be transformed. It can only be completed. That is why it can transform. You don’t need to complete it. Osho is wrong when he says it can only be completed. Understand, I am telling you directly Osho is wrong when he says lust can only be completed. I yell you, you don’t need to complete it by going into it, or going through it.

It can be transformed, because it is not a root-pattern. It sits on different root-patterns. It is good news! At least four-five root-patterns create a knot on which Lust sits. If you analyze each root-pattern and complete with it, suddenly you will see you forget Lust! Not that you will be struggling with it; you forget Lust! See, there are five threads knotted. If the five threads disappear, the knots will disappear automatically. Lust is like a knot of different root-patterns. Fear can be root-pattern. Lust is not a root-pattern. When the different root-patterns disappear, Lust simply disappears. You need to look in, look in, complete with every root-pattern you are carrying. Complete with every root-pattern you are carrying! Only when you complete, complete, complete, you will start the life. Life starts in you, life starts in you when you complete with your root-patterns.

15:59- hindi

Only when you remove the root-patterns, you will start trusting you. Understand, just understand, you take a strong decision with all your will: ‘I will cross Lust! I will cross Fear!’ In ten days, either you see a horror movie or pornography; all your decisions are lost! It is all in the air! You are down, down with your patterns of Fear, or Lust! What do you think will happen? When you fall a few times, you will lose respect for you. That is why I tell you, before you complete with your root-patterns, any effort you do for joy, liberation, contentment, bliss, enlightenment, everything is waste! I tell you, the first step not only in the spiritual life, but in life itself, is finding your root-pattern and completing it. No Master’s teaching will work for you! No spiritual teaching will work for you till you find your root-pattern and complete with it!

I have seen people coming and telling me, ‘Swamiji, I practiced thirty years Ramana Maharshi’s atma vichara, self-enquiry; I practiced twenty-five years mantra japa as prescribed by Ramakrishna and Ramakrishna Mission; I have practiced pranayamas, kriyas, this kriya, that kriya taught by this sampradhaya, that Guru! I only got depression, Swamiji!’

I tell you, till you find your root-patterns and complete with it, any spiritual practice will not only will not give you the desired result, it is dangerous, because you will be strengthening the broken parts! It is like in a bridge there is a crack. If you strengthen both sides, what will happen? That crack will become big and the bridge will give way! That is why, in all my programs, first thing I tell people, ‘Find your root-pattern and complete it!’ Only then I start initiating people into unclutching and enlightenment. Before helping them to find the root-pattern and complete with it, even unclutching will not work!

Inner Awakening Level-1 program is specifically designed to help you with identifying your root-pattern and complete with it. From July 1st, we have a program. And I also wanted to tell one more thing, earlier I told all my followers to help others find their root-pattern. Now I wanted to make it very clear, you should help others find their root-pattern only after you completing with your root-patterns.

21 min to end

When you yourself are not complete, you cannot find/ help others to find their root-pattern. Not only that, you can find others’ conflicting pattern which is like the branches of root-pattern. But the real root-pattern can be discovered and destroyed only in the physical presence of an enlightened being! You can help them to find the conflicting patterns, but the root-pattern itself can be discovered and completed and destroyed only in the presence of an enlightened being!


Conflicting patterns can be found by asking them to identify the three statements - Mamakaara, Ahankaara, Swa-Anyakaara – that a person has during a conflicting situation. So, all of you can help people find these three statements and explain to them how they can do the Swapoornathwa Kriya. For removing the root-pattern itself, you have to guide them to the Master. To remove the root-pattern itself, they have to come here.

Understand, sometimes people ask me, ‘What is the difference between I trying on my own to find the root-pattern, and you helping?’

The difference is very simple: Abhimanyu directly breaking the Chakravyuha and going inside, and Krishna going inside, Krishna taking Arjuna inside! I warn you, if you do it on your own, it can have undesirable consequences for you, for the person you are working on! Do not do it! Abhimanyu got stuck inside the Chakravyuha and could never come out of the Chakravyuha, and he died eventually! Abhimanyu breaking the Chakravyuha and going inside, and Arjuna is taken by Krishna inside, both there is a difference! Simply that is all is the difference!


When you don’t find your root-pattern and complete, your whole life is wasted in that root-pattern, one. Second, you don’t find the purpose of your existence. Third, you will find your whole life is just going, you are not heading anywhere. I have seen many people, their whole day they are doing something, but they are not heading anywhere! I tell you, when you find your root-pattern and complete, first thing that will happen is you will find your purpose. Second, you will just see so much of time and life is in front of you. If you find the purpose of your life, in the same one day, you will find you are having more than seventy-two hours! If you don’t find the purpose of your life, in the same one day you will have only less than two hours! Finding the purpose!


Human life starts only after you find, discover your root-patterns and complete it, only after you find your root-pattern and complete it! You will be able to identify and complete with your root-pattern in the presence of the Master, only in the presence of the Master! Listen, I am not trying to keep the final control in my hands! No! I am just making it very clear. You can find conflicting patterns wherever you are. But to find the root-pattern, you need to go deeper and deeper in your being. If you find your root-pattern and complete, you will not be wasting your time in the same pattern of wasting life. I have seen people, they worry about the same thing and never do anything to break from that, Never take responsibility to break from that pattern, from that mentality, from that lifestyle!

I tell you, in every school this should be the first lesson taught to kids: Find your root-pattern and complete with it. Find your root pattern and go beyond it. Finding your root-pattern should be your basic need. That is why I opened the possibilities in all ways. My trained sannyasis will help you identify your conflicting patterns first. You can call the number appearing in the screen. They will help you find the conflicting patterns you carry, the root patterns with which you are suffering.


Whether you want to experience bhakthi, knowledge, enlightenment jnana, energy, Atman, God, anything higher, first thing you need to do, find your root-pattern and complete with it. That is why I opened all the doors. Either you can call now, the number appearing on your screen (+91 80 2727 9999). My sannyasis will help you to discover your conflicting patterns, and that is the reason also I opened, for the first time, the Inner Awakening Level-1 program through 2 way video-conferencing. You can attend the program from your city through two-way video-conferencing, from wherever you are. You will be able to discover your root-pattern and complete with it.


I have seen people having cunningness as their root-pattern. They can never get out of it. They will be constantly struggling with it. They will be constantly suffering with it, but never they themselves will be never be able to get out of it. They themselves will never be able to achieve the next level in their life. Sometimes they will be spending twenty years in the same job. They will be stuck. They would not see any progress. They will not even remember, even know that progress is possible! They won’t even know something called “progress” is possible in their life. That is why I always insist first on finding the root-pattern and completing with it.


Only when you discover your root-pattern and complete with it, unclutching can help you, self-enquiry can help you, any kriyas can help you, even your life, living happily is possible! Till then you may build a house, but you will not have a home! Having a house is different, having a home is different. Houses you have to construct. Home you have to build! Forget about spiritual, even your life will not start till you find your root-pattern and complete with it. When you have complete with your root-pattern, your whole being will be filled with so much, so much will be happening, you will be the most happening being! Happening beings are the happiest beings. Complete beings are the blissful beings. Incompletion leads to complication. I have seen, people’s incompletion leads to deeper and deeper complications.


In Sanathana Dharma, the first thing you need to do. find your root-patterns and complete.


Everything in the life becomes reality only when you find your root-pattern and complete it.

I bless you all! Let you all achieve, experience, Live, Express, radiate, Share, and explore in eternal bilss, Nithyanandam

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