April 04 2020

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If You Understand How I Exist For Me , You Will Experience Me Absolutely Now || Paramashivoham S1 ||Second Great Pause || Paramashiva Bhava Darshan || Power Of Third Eye || Nithyananda Yoga ||


"The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam, His Divine Holiness, Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam, after the second Great Pause, started radiating through His physical body, the very Being of Paramashiva, for whole of humanity to manifest. During this period after the Great Pause, Paramashiva delivered extraordinarily powerful messages and initiations every day. Today, during the everyday live public talk - Nithyananda Satsang, Paramashiva revealed the groundbreaking best kept secrets about Himself thus: “If you understand how i exist for Me, you will experience Me absolutely now...”

Delegates offered Pratyaksha Pada Puja and Shiva Puja. HDH worked further on raising the Consciousness of the delegates by bestowing them with the Paramashiva Bhava Darshan for the day.

Contributing to over 108 Humanitarian Causes of SHRIKAILASA Uniting Nations, KAILASA's Nithyananda Hindu University marks today as Season 1, Day 16 of Paramashivoham. One of the major highlights of KAILASA’s contributions through this convention is Power Manifestation, today being the Power of Third Eye.

Sanyasis of the Nithyananda Order of Monks and initiated Acharyas worldwide, affiliated with the Department of Education of KAILASA conducted a series of seminars focusing on Nithyananda Yoga, Tyaga, Ferociousness, Compassion, Motherliness, Patience, Hard Work and other divine attributes of HDH, inspiring millions towards the Science of Hinduism."


Glimpses from Day 16 of Paramashivoham Level 2 with The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism HDH Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam

4 April 2020

Swamiji conducting Paramashivoham Level 2 Season I

Session - 2020-04-04-5983_paramashivoham-level2-day-16-session.jpg Session - 2020-04-04-5985_paramashivoham-level2-day-16-session.jpg Session - 2020-04-04-5988_paramashivoham-level2-day-16-session.jpg Session - 2020-04-04-5991_paramashivoham-level2-day-16-session.jpg Session - 2020-04-04-5995_paramashivoham-level2-day-16-session.jpg Session - 2020-04-04-5996_paramashivoham-level2-day-16-session.jpg Session - 2020-04-04-6025_paramashivoham-level2-day-16-session.jpg Session - 2020-04-04-7718_paramashivoham-level2-day-16-session.jpg Session - 2020-04-04-7727_paramashivoham-level2-day-16-session.jpg Session - 2020-04-04-7730_paramashivoham-level2-day-16-session.jpg Session - 2020-04-04-7750_paramashivoham-level2-day-16-session.jpg Session - 2020-04-04-7751_paramashivoham-level2-day-16-session.jpg Session - 2020-04-04-7767_paramashivoham-level2-day-16-session.jpg Session - 2020-04-04-7770_paramashivoham-level2-day-16-session.jpg Session - 2020-04-04-7772_paramashivoham-level2-day-16-session.jpg Session - 2020-04-04-7774_paramashivoham-level2-day-16-session.jpg Session - 2020-04-04-7783_paramashivoham-level2-day-16-session.jpg Session - 2020-04-04-7796_paramashivoham-level2-day-16-session.jpg Session - 2020-04-04-7819_paramashivoham-level2-day-16-session.jpg Session - 2020-04-04-7821_paramashivoham-level2-day-16-session.jpg Session - 2020-04-04-7832_paramashivoham-level2-day-16-session.jpg Session - 2020-04-04-7927_paramashivoham-level2-day-16-session.jpg Session - 2020-04-04-7932_paramashivoham-level2-day-16-session.jpg Session - 2020-04-04-IMG_5979_paramashivoham-level2-day-16-session.jpg Session - 2020-04-04-IMG_5982_paramashivoham-level2-day-16-session.jpg

Number of Lives Enreached and Enriched


Sakshi Pramana

Participant sharing testimonial about Paramashivoham Level 2

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