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Maha Kalabhairava, the Lord of Time and Space

“Kala” means black or time. “Bhairava” means the terrifying one. Kalabhairava is depicted in the scriptures to be having a dark complexion and to be terrific towards all the evils and negative forces. Kalabhairava is the Lord of Time. He takes care of the maintenance of the Dharma – the honesty and authenticity. Kalabhairava is the deity of esoteric powers. Kalabhairava rules the nervous system in the human body. So He heals all the nervous disorders. The power and compassion of Kalabhairava is such that the feet dust of Kalabhairava itself can liberate people and bestow Enlightenment itself.


Abhishekam to Kalabhairava

If you see the Kalabhairava in Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam Bengaluru Adheenam, you will see that he will be standing on the time shaft. This means that he is the Lord of the Time shaft. He is beyond the Time shaft. He will be having his left leg in the front and right leg in the back. The right leg represents the future, and the left leg represents the past. Through this, he illustrates that past comes before the future.

The past you project into the future is ghost. When you hit the solution, when you kill that past, that is the skull which Kalabhairava is having in his hand. The un-lived life. The skull which Kalabhairava is having in his hand. The skull will swallow anything you put in his hand. Kalabhairava is hungry, Shiva never got anything.

This is why when Devi Annapoorani comes, Shiva approaches her and says,

Bhiksham gnanavairagya siddytvam bhiksham dehi bhiksham parvati

Oh Devi, give me the food for jnana (knowledge) and vairagya. This means not to project my past into the future and destroy my life by quickly aging. Devi then gives the grain of the great truth, the knowledge of not projecting your past into the future. When the grains are offered into that skull, the skull was enjoying so much. So she purposely drops a little bit of grain outside the skull on the ground. The skull felt the taste of the food so much that it just jumped out to eat that food and Shiva was free of the skull. He was liberated.

The greatness about time is just the understanding is enough. Nothing much needs to be practiced. With this understanding, scan all your problems, the skull will just disappear. That ghost will just disappear. That is what is meant when Devi put the food in the skull.

The trishul which Kalabhairava carries is honesty of killing that ghost, the brahma kapala. As per Vedic history, Sadashiva took the form of Kalabhairava in order to decapitate the ego of Brahma. When Brahma created this world, it was a fun. For a moment, he made it as a game, that moment is the 5th head of Brahma. Kalabhairava cut that. “Play should be play. Why are you making it as a game?’Just like when a temple priest sits on a golden throne like a play, then he suddenly thinks he is also equal to Swamiji. Then comes the 5th head. The play has become game. Kalabhairava’s form invokes terror in inauthentic souls yet he is glorious to those who are willing to drop their hypocrisies at his gaze.


The Kalabhairavashtakam written by the great incarnation Sri Shankaracharya describes Kalabhairava to be the bestower of fame and all the worldly pleasures and the Supreme bliss. In Shiva temples Kalabhairava is installed near the entrance of the temple, as He is the Kshetra Palaka – the protector of the energy field. In Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam Bengaluru Aadheenam, Swamiji has installed Kalabhairava near the main entrance of the Adheenam.

Ashtami is the day when the eight phase of moon is there. Kalabhairavashtami is the day when Lord Shiva took the form of Kalabhairava. Kalabhairavastami is the day of advent of Lord Kalabhairava. On this day, Lord Kalabhairava makes His presence intense wherever He is worshipped. Kalabhairavashtami is one of the best days to worship Lord Kalabhairava and receive His blessings. On this day, Kalabhairava removes all the sufferings of the devotees and grants whatever boons they ask. On that day night at 7 pm we perform a puja to Kalabhairava and perform an archana to receive His grace, blessings and protection. Archana is a brief puja done to a deity wherein the deity is worshipped with different names each name describing a specific quality of the deity. At the end of each name the sacred word “Namaha “ will be chanted. “Namaha” in Sanskrit means not me, not mine and salutations. The scriptures mention that the devotee receives all the qualities of the deity who is worshipped and whenever the mantra namaha is chanted in the puja, we surrender all our wishes and prayers at the feet of the deity thereby allowing the deity to work on us and make the wishes/prayers that are offered at the feet of the Lord as a reality in our life.

Akashic Records

Kalabhairava Darshan

Maha Kalabhairava is the Lord of time in Hinduism. As the Lord of time and integrity, he is the keeper of the cosmic archives. He knows the past, present and future and he is often sought by those who are brave enough to inquire for this reason.

Kalabhairava is a living deity. He can be summoned by Sadashiva to express through him in order to deliver the cosmic truths to those who ask. Since 2012, Paramahamsa Nithyananda has been giving darshan in the form of Kalabhairava. During darshan, he describes the state as being incredibly powerful and energetic. “When Kalabhairava lands (on this body), I don’t feel that somebody else has entered into me, but I feel as if ten thousand Nithyanandas have entered into me! The same me, but ten thousandfold.

The whole body language, verbal language, the way he laughs, looks, everything - I can see it is different! But I don’t feel there is somebody else operating through me at that time. I just feel that I myself have become manifold. Other than that, everything - the body language, the verbal language, the way he looks, the way he talks, the words he utters - everything is completely different! Even I don’t know what he is going to do!

When Kalabhairava lands, I can see the amount of joy he brings- not only in me, but in the whole breathing space, the whole hall. Even if your question is not answered, the amount of joy he adds to the whole being!”

(Paramahamsa Nithyananda speaks to participants just before a Kalabhairava darshan during the May 2014 Inner Awakening retreat in Varanasi, India)

Any answer given by Kalabhairava is not just an answer, but a karmic breakthrough for the receiver of the answer. Paramahamsa Nithyananda has answered many a question of a yearning seeker to give them answers, solutions, breakthroughs and liberation itself, as Kalabhairava.

Video - Akashic Readings

Akashic Records by the Nithyananda Gurukul


Paramahamsa Nithyananda proudly names his Balasanths, the kids at Nithyananda Gurukul, the holistic school at Nithyananda Adheenam, as the sparks from Sadashiva’s third eye. They are the first of a new species, who manifest various powers of Third Eye Awakening.

Some of the powers the Balasanths express include blindfold reading, body scanning, remote viewing, etc. Among the Shaktis, or spiritual powers, is Akashic Reading. The Nithyananda Balasanths have the access to decode the language of the cosmos and read the Akashic records with the initiation of Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Hundreds of people gather daily at Bengaluru Aadheenam, and worldwide, to waiting to meet with the Balasanths During the Akashic Readings, they sit on thrones as the divine occupies their inner space. Akashic Readings happen daily If you would like to get your Akashic Readings done, you can fill the Akashic reading registration form: http://tiny.cc/Akashikrecords


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