March 28 2020

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Paramashiva manifested as Bhairava & Yogini || ParamShivoham-S1|| Gender Identification - The Primal Detoxification || Initiation of Paramashiva and Parashakti | Bestowed By Paramshivam HImdself ||


The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam, His Divine Holiness, Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam, after the second Great Pause, started radiating through His physical body, the very Being of Paramashiva, for whole of humanity to manifest. During this period after the Great Pause, Paramashiva delivered extraordinarily powerful messages and initiations every day. Today, during the everyday live public talk - Nithyananda Satsang, Paramashiva manifested as Bhairava and Yogini in the delegates and expounded the Truth: Gender Identification - The Primal Detoxification, breaking one of the fundamental delusions of humanity which is “a strong gender based identity”. In a second session, Paramashiva bestowed a powerful initiation of Himself manifesting as Paramashiva and Parashakti in each one, to break the gender based identity. Through a third session, He answered direct questions from delegates through a session entitled Powerful Q&A Session - Paramashivoham L2, covering topics including how to be liberated from anger, portals to other Lokas, the experience of KAILASA in animals, and pitfalls of disciple-to-disciple relationships. HDH worked further on raising the Consciousness of the delegates by bestowing them with theDevi Bhava Darshan, the Divine Cosmic Mother, for the day.

Contributing to over 108 Humanitarian Causes of SHRIKAILASA Uniting Nations, KAILASA's Nithyananda Hindu University marks today as Season 1, Day 9 of Paramashivoham. One of the major highlights of KAILASA’s contributions through this convention is Initiation into Ashta Bhairavas and Ashta Matas, Asitanga Bhairava, Ruru Bhairava, Chanda Bhairava, Krodha Bhairava, Unmatta Bhairava, Kapala Bhairava, Bheeshana Bhairava, Samhara Bhirava along with Power Manifestation, today being the Power of Bestowing Blessings of Ashta/Bhairavas/Ashta Matas.

Sanyasis of the Nithyananda Order of Monks and initiated Acharyas worldwide, affiliated with the Department of Education of KAILASA conducted a series of seminars focusing on The Truths of the KAILASA Digital Nation, Nithyananda Yoga, 11 Genders, Vishesha Deeksha and Nithya Puja, as revealed by the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism inspiring millions towards the Science of Hinduism.

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Powerful Q&A session Paramashivoham L2 (28 Mar 2020

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28 MARCH 2020

(00:16 ) Nithyanandam. The first question is from Aditya Sanghavi ,United Kingdom. Adityaji is asking - What's the fastest and the best way to get rid of my anger? Also, I have received blessings from you to bring Nithyananda yoga to my company and recently over the ‘Dial the Avatar call’, You also blessed me to manifest a new role in my company within 42 days. I do not know what effort from my side is needed. Besides how unclutched I need to be able to attract this? This always confuses me. Can you help me understand the steps needed from my side? Thank you. Lots of love.

(01:21) Bring intense tyāga and renounce all the confusion. Do tyāga of confusion. I will give you more than you expected, planned or even asked Me. I will shower you with more than your expectation. I will make sure you receive more than your expectation. Just renounce your confusion. Due to your confusion, every minute you change your decisions, even major decisions in your life. Renounce confusion. Bring stability. That will make you manifest. I will shower you more than you ever asked or you ever imagined. I tell you, this answer is for all. Bring Nithya Puja in your life. Even if you spend only 5 to 10 minutes. Connect with Me, worship Me every day. Nitya Puja will directly connect you with My own consciousness, My very being.That will bring tremendous stability in you, towards your life.You will be focused on your goals. Nithya Puja is the most powerful way to manifest whatever you want and more than that. If you do Nithya Puja not only you will manifest whatever you want, you will manifest whatever even I want you to manifest.Do Nithya Puja everyday. I will make you manifest whatever you want and I will make you manifest whatever I want you to manifest. Next.

(3:47) The next question, the second question, Ma Nithya Muktikananda from Los Angeles is asking - Pranam Swami ji. We have heard that there are portals to other spaces, lokhas at the Los Angeles Temple.Is this true? Could you tell us more about it? Do the vertical time zones exist here as the punyakshetra destined to bring liberation to millions? What is the significance of the portals if they do exist here?

(04:30) Muktika, Listen. Los Angeles Kailasa is one of the most important Kailasa till now I have manifested.The deities are literally birthed by Paramashiva, Myself directly. The archavataras residing in Los Angeles can connect you directly to Kailasa and other vertical time zones. Sit, pray to Venkateshwara in Los Angeles Kailasa. You will experience Vaikunta directly .Connect, worship Ganapati in Los Angeles Kailasa. You will experience Kailasa directly. You will see Ganapati in Kailasa directly. Every deity, same way Rajeshwari in Kailasa Los Angeles, connect with Her, you will directly see Sreepuram Parasakthi Parameshwari Rajeshwari. Every God in Los Angeles is directly birthed by Me, Paramashiva, Myself. The deities there directly will connect you to other portals, other lokas and bring all the best things from that loka. Not only the boons you ask, darshans of Gods, and Liberation itself. Los Angeles Kailasa will be one of the most important mukti Kshetra. This temple will be there forever till sun and the moon is there.The temple cannot be shifted. The deities cannot be shifted. It will be there forever, liberating millions and millions and millions. I tell you, whatever way temple can be expanded-renovated, but the deities have to be there permanently forever. They cannot be moved and they will directly connect anyone who comes there, prays there, to Kailasa immediately. It is literally I brought the Kailasas’ Tejas, supernal effulgence of Kailasa and made this Los Angeles Kailasa. There will be a huge ecosystem, enlightenment ecosystem in Los Angeles. Like Tirumala Tirupati, Varanasi, Madurai, thousands and thousands will stand in queue for hours and have darshan of Los Angeles Kailasa. Paramashiva, Myself will be ever present, eternally manifesting with all the Gods and Goddesses of Kailasa in Los Angeles Kailasa forever, gracing every devotee, disciple, even visitors and viewers.

Los Angeles Kailasa is one of the connection point with MahaKailasa and Bhooloka and all other lokas, spaces. Los Angeles Kailasa, literally place where Paramashiva’s being exists. He is not only in the form of energy, super consciousness, state ,space ,powers, He is in the very form of that being, accepting, receiving our worship, prayers and responding with grace and compassion and love and blessing.

(11:01) Question number 3 from Sri Nithya Pavananandha from USA Nithyanandam Swamiji. If SriKailasa is 100% consciousness, then how come matter exists in Kailasa? Just wondering. Thank you Swamiji.

(11:21) Pavananandha listen. The intensity is not replacement for continuity. Continuity is not substitute for intensity. You thinking if 100% consciousness exists matter cannot exist is delusion. Hundred percent consciousness hundred percent matter can exist together, not in binary logic but in existential logic. Power manifestation and the highest ultimate Samadhi can be permanent. It is not necessary that ultimate Paramashiva has to be manifested only for time being, then you have to become your own human being. No I can manifest in you forever if you are ready to do tyāga of what you know as you. If you decide to do tyāga of you I can manifest in you forever. I test. I test the strength of the people. If they prove they are ready for continuity, I raise the frequency of intensity and keep it in the space of continuity. When they are not ready to do tyāga then they miss, obviously you missed. Even if you come back to Kailasa, the intensity and continuity which you lost is a very big miss. Repair it at least in the future. Come back to Kailasa earliest. I do test the strength and ability of the people to do tyāga. Then I give the boon of intensity to be continuity. Intensity to be continuous tyāga is the source. Thyagis never lose intensity. Intensity will be continuity when you decide for tyāga.

(22:48) The next question. Question Number 4 from Nithya Bhavyananda, Los Angeles Do Brahma lok, Vaikuntha and Kailasa exist at different time zones? What is the sequence? Does it mean out of Trinity Gods, they are at different...

(23:23) Brahma loka-Vaikuntha-Kailasa exist in Oneness, same time zone and all the trinity Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra are all in Oneness with Me Paramashiva.

(24:24) Question number 5 from Sri Nithya Brahma Yogananda, New York. Nithyanandam Swamiji, I have one question.Can animals such as birds,mammals, reptiles etc. also experience the vertical time zone? Thank you.

(24:42 ) Yes. They can even come to Kailasa, experience Kailasa.

(31:40) The next question. Question number 6 from Mukund Chandrahasan from Los Angeles Swamiji, what is the daily lifestyle of Paramashiva, like do you brush with Haritaki and do yoga like everyone or...

(32:08 ) Paramashiva is above all these. Do what I am saying. What I do you can’t do. So Paramashiva is above all this. You just do what I am saying. You can never do what I am doing. You will never be even be able to know what I am doing or My lifestyle. My lifestyle is beyond your imagination or understanding.

(39:32) You can continue.

(39:34) Question number 7 from Ma Lalao Picard, UK. Dear Swamiji, immense gratitude for having you in my life and for all the amazing gifts you are showering us everyday. Swamiji, how to enrich husband and kids who are not ready to open up to see how awesome Swamiji is and how they should not miss this opportunity to connect with him in this lifetime.

(40:07 ) Understand you just need more intense tyāga. If your family, friends, whom you really love, who you really want that they should connect with Paramashiva Myself, the lifestyle I am manifesting. But if they are not getting connected, the message I am sending for you is, you just need little more tyāga. Your tyāga sacrifice need to become more intense. Bring more tyāga towards Paramashiva, learn to sacrifice, do tyāga more and more for Paramasiva. Your tyāga will inspire them, make them understand the higher existence. With your tyāga, I will manifest My powers .That will inspire them, make them understand the higher way of existing. They will automatically be connected to Me. Lalao, I give you also this boon - They will be connected to Me.

(1:02:58 ) Questions can continue.

(1:03:04) Before I move on to the next question. We are being flooded with messages from devotees all over the world. That they are just thoroughly enjoying just sitting and having this beautiful time with Swamiji. Many of them are messaging - ""Please don't ask the next question. Just want to enjoy this space with Swamiji. All of them are in so much gratitude having this space and feeling this intimate moment with Swamiji. I will move onto the next question.

Question number 8, Mareli Bogal from Canada is asking: Pranams at your divine lotus feet Swamiji thank you for the blessing of Paramashivoham Level 2. My question is - "" I have the cognition that, until now, that in order to move beyond lower vibrational motions like fear anger shame guilt etc. a person should not suppress those emotions because suppressed negative emotions can result in disease instead to move beyond those negative emotions a person has to move through them. When you say to do tyāga on emotions like fear for example, how can I be sure that I do tyāga and not just suppressing the emotion. Can you help me understand what it means to do tyāga on emotions? Thank you Swamiji.

(1:04:58) Merily Bogal listen. Many principles, cognitions you carry from the modern day psychology-psychiatr- psychosomatic, so called Sciences are disastrous, dangerous, destructive, demonic.Those cognitions came from sick mind to keep the humanity sick forever.This is the largest psychological terrorism done on humanity. Modern day psychology is root cause of all the psychological sickness of humanity. The false wrong principal they taught are the reason for all the sufferings of the modern day humanity. Tyāga is not suppression. That's the first truth you need to know. Second truth - you can never go through them and come out of them.Third truth - renounce everything you know about you from the modern psychology. It is sickening. You are consciousness. Learn from Me, the creator of you. I am giving you the owner's manual. Vedas and Agamas. Learn from Me.You are consciousness and tyāga is the way to kindle, explore the pure consciousness. Sacrifice even the idea 'if you suppress your fears it will come out as disease"".Because the whole thing is faltu, the whole thing is false. Neither your fear is truth nor the principles if you suppress your fears, it will come out as disease is true. Both are false. Renounce both. Modern day psychology is the greatest psychological terrorism done on human beings. Modern day psychological principles are the reason for all the psychological disease and sufferings of humanity. Learn about you, your body, your mind, everything from Me, the creator. I have given the owners manual in Vedas and Agamas. Learn only from them that source, not from blackmailers. Don't learn about you from blackmailers. Learn about you from Creator, Liberator. I am your Creator. and I am your Liberator. Learn from me: Vedagamas. Not from blackmailers and deluders. Psychiatric doctor and patient relationship is equivalent to disciple - disciple relationship. Deluded trying to guide another one deluded. Blind tries to lead the blind, both destroy themselves.

(1:27:07) Questions can continue.

The next question, question number 9 from Mythrik Patel from Colorado city, USA Swamiji, as you have said, having Guru in one’s life is the ultimate luxury. How can we stop taking you for granted?

(1:27:33 ) Understand 5 things. First - stop all disciple-disciple relationship which gives you either perverted or lower understandings about Guru and His actions and His existence. Second - stop allowing people to poison you who claim they know more about Guru than you because they lived around Him or they were closer to Him or closer to His body near to the place where He was living, all that. Stop any form of relationship with any abuser, accuser or who looks at Guru lower than the way you connect with him. Third - Guru disciple relationship is just between you and Him. There cannot be comparison, comparing others' relationship with him. There cannot be silly emotions like attention need or any comparison, jealousy between you and your guru’s relationship. Do not allow third person to enter between you and your Guru’s relationship. Fourth - Operate from the Reality, Truth. What you sacrifice, do tyāga for him, he showers billions and trillion times more on you. Whether you share your time, treasure, talent, emotion, love, anything with Guru, whatever you sacrifice he showers billions of times on you. There is no comparison. Oh he gave only that much and he got that much attention, name and fame, glory. Should I give this much? Stop all comparison. Stop dealing me strategically. Start dealing me with simple integrity. Simple integrity and simple straight forward tyāga. What you can give, that last thing, sacrifice that. Kannappa, whose eyes, still I am having, Illayankudi Maranar whose food still I am eating. Understand, all these people gave the last push and gave what they can give, sacrifice. Kannappa’s first eye I am not having. Second eye I am having. His first eye is tyāga, second eye is ultimate tyāga. When Illayankudi Maranar and his wife cooked food for Me, they tied cloth on their nose.Because they did not eat for 3 days. If the smell of the food their mouth may give saliva, so food will be dirtied, because mentally they wanted to eat - Ucchishta. They tied the cloth and cooked for Me. That tyāga still I am enjoying. understand. The relationship between you and Me is absolute tyāga based. You give your ultimate. I give My ultimate. It is not strategic. It is tyāga, undeniable tyāga. I don't care who gives what. Is it the last thing he has he is giving, that is what I care. Millions of people give food. I don't eat. Illayangudi Maranar, the last seed rice he had, he cooked and gave. That is the last he has. That decision, that Will Persistence, that tyāga is what I am enjoying and I showered Myself for him, on him forever. Tyāga is the bridge between Guru and disciple, not any other strategy. Fifth - Simple one liner. Simple attachment, simple obedience. That’s it. Next.

(1:33:58) Next question, question number 10 from Girija Kailasam from India Swamiji can you explain more about Visual Silence?

( 1:34:26) Experiencing the supernal effulgence of Me and all your visualization dissolving into that is called visual silence. Sacrificing your visualization ability, possibility into My supernal effulgence is visual silence. Sacrificing your ability to hear, think, the verbal capabilities and possibilities into my Thiru Kailaya Vadyam, the sound of Kailasa is verbal silence. Sacrificing your visualization ability and possibility into My supernal effulgence is visual silence. I am manifesting my supernal effulgence in all of you now as My space. Drop all your visualization possibilities, capabilities. You will experience visual silence. Me Paramashiva and My space. (1:36:04)


Glimpses from Paramashivoham Level 2 with The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism HDH Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam

28 March 2020




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Paramashivoham Level 2 Paramashivoham Level 2 - Season 1 Pacchaipattini Vratham

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