March 28 2013

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Go Beyond Boredom and Tiredness!


In today's satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) continues to expand on how the fourth principle of life - 'enriching' expands your wealth. Enriching takes away your tiredness and boredom. With enriching, the important principle of not giving upon on you and not giving upon others becomes life style in you. When you decide to enrich others, life just pours showers itself on you. Enthusiasm is such - anything seen is grasped. Anything seen through the eyes should be grasped. Anything heard through the ears should be repeated. Anything shown with the hands, you should be able to recreate it. That is creativity.


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Sadāshiva samārambhām Shankarāchārya madhyamām | asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||


Is samay hamare sath upasthith sabhi darshakon aur bhaktho ka mey prem evam ashirvadh sahith svagaath karta hoon. Aaj hum jeevan ke chouthey tattva labhanvith karna iske saath kaise Dhan evam sampatthi ko paa sakthe hai, iske baare mein baat karenga.


Today I will expand, continue to expand on fourth principle of life: Enriching, how it expands your wealth. First statement I wanted to make, listen, enriching takes away your tiredness and boredom. With enriching, the important principle of not giving up on on you and not giving up on others becomes lifestyle in you. Listen, not giving up on you and not giving up on others becomes lifestyle in you when you decide to enrich. Labanvith karna aapke aalasipan evam thakavat ko door kar deti hai. dhyaan se suniye labhanvith karna aapke aalasipan evam thakavat ko door kar deti hai. You need to know, please listen, you need to know when decide to enrich you and others first thing the fatigue and tiredness with which you given upon yourself and others disappears from your being. This is the important vow for a sanyasi. The danda sanyasi carries represents not giving up on oneself and others. Authenticity is the rudraksha ornament, not giving up on yourself and others is the danda - staff you carry. Don’t give up on yourself and others. Constantly again and again and again enriching yourself inspiring yourself everyday the possibility for transformations is open.


Listen. Jeevan ka chowtha tattva labhanvith karne ki paribasha punah suniye. labhanvith karne ka arth hai, aap sampoorthi evam shraddha ke saath uttardayitva utthaye ki aap lagathar svayam ko aur aapke andar evam bahar ki jeevan ko lagathar labhanvith karne ke liye pratibadh ho. I tell you, when you decide to enrich others life just pours, showers itself on you. I have seen in My life. The moment you decide your life is for others, there is a big shift in the way you think, the way you act, the way you live. Even if you are continuing the same business the way you work is different, your response is different, above all your profits are higher. Enriching is you taking responsibility with integrity and authenticity that you are committed to continuously enriching which is expanding yourself and life in and around you. Enriching takes away your tiredness and boredom. Jab aap labhanvith karne lagte hai, aap apne aap par vishwas na kho dena aur dusro par vishwas na kho dena yeh aapki jeevan shaili ban jaati hai,yeh aapki jeevan shaili ban jaati hai.


When live these four principles, in your very cognition where the instruction for expansion or contraction is given, that very cognition expands. Listen, these four principles directly works on your very software, inner software. Your inner software is your mind. These four principles expands the very possibility of your inner software. It is literally writing new software when you bring these four principles into your life, I tell you, you create the reality of your choice. You create the reality of your choice. Dhyaan se suniye, jab aap svayam evam doosron ka ko labhanvith karte hai tab aap rasaheen evam dhakavat bhare jeevan se ubarkar aap sarvoccha kshamtha me jeevan jeeney lagthe hai.


I tell you when you decide to enrich yourself and others, even in your own business you will feel life is fresh, new. It will not be boring, it will not be tiring. Please listen, when you are bored, whatever you do to cover the boredom, hide the tiredness, makes others tired and bored of you. Few days before Pranaananda came and reported to Me; My sanyasi. He got a call from one devotee. She was crying. My sanyasi was shocked and he asked, “Why are you crying”? She started telling “No, another one devotee came to my house and whatever he was speaking I am not able to tolerate. And he was telling all sorts of nonsense about himself, bragging about himself and the way he was declaring about himself was so boring and tiring.” When Pranananda reported to Me I really started laughing. I could not control, because I know this devotee who called Pranananda and the devotee who went to the house. I know both of them. Please listen. Listen, when you are tired of you, bored of you, anything you try to do to cover your boredom about you bores others, brings boredom to others.


Listen, if you see in your life people are bored of spending time with you, nobody wants to spend time with you, people are bored of you… How many of you feel people are bored of you? Nobody wants to spend time with you. Immediately after sometime people want to move out of your space, raise your hand. How many of you cognize people are bored of you? Then you must be bored of you. You must be bored of you; because you are bored of you, anything you do to cover that people are bored of you. Many time people are bored of you then don’t tell you directly because you will start screaming. So, they just move out very gracefully using some other reason. If you do not have 90% of the people who interact with you as friends and people who love you, I can tell you, you are bored of you people are also bored of you. They don’t just tell you because you will scream. The 90% of the people with whom you interact, if they love you, if they are your friends, if they just love to spend time around you, then I can say you are not bored of you. I tell you joy means others not getting bored of you, bliss means you not getting bored of you. When others don’t get bored of you it is joy, When you don’t get bored of you it is bliss, When others get bored of you, you are masochist, When you are bored of you, you are sadist.


It is not easy to sit with somebody, I tell you, it must be much worse than prison. Even in prison they are not able to depress Me because I am not bored of Me. But if you are bored of you or you are with somebody who is, with whom you are bored, your life must be worse than prison. It’s almost like a Kalabhairava torturing you by not moving, time torturing you by not moving. Boliye kitne Logon Ko lagta hai ki Anya log aapse thak gaye hain? Jab aap rasaheen Hote Hain tab Aap Jo Bhi Karya Karte Hain Us Karya se Anya log bhi rasaheentha ka Anubhuti hoti hai. yadi aapko lagta hai ki Anya log aapse thak gaye hain, Vastav mein mein aap apne aap se thak gaye hain. Jab Anya log aapse thak Nahin Jaate Hain vah Santosh ka sthiti hai, Jab aap Swayam se nahin thak Jaate Hain vah Anand ki sthiti hai. mai aapko Kahta hun, mai aapko Kahta hun Jab aap apne aapko Aur dusron Ko Laabhanvith karte hain Yahan tak ki Apne vyavasay mein aap mahsus Karenge Ek Naya taaja Jeevan, vah uhav Nahin Hoga vah thaka dene wala Nahin hoga. Aap boriyat ko dhakne ke liye Jo Kuchh bhi Karte Hain vah Anya vyakti ko thaka aur ubha deta hai.


Only with the principle of enriching, marriage can be successful more than one week. No, in one week the boredom starts. If it is arranged marriage one week boredom starts. If it is love affair only after boredom starts you decide to get married. Please listen. If it is arranged marriage, by first week boredom starts. If it is love marriage, only after you feel bored, you decide of ….. decide to get married not before. Otherwise why will you get married? No, only when you feel bored of the other person, you are afraid he may also be feeling bored of you. You need now security knot. As long as you have not experienced boredom of the other person, you will not feel insecured the other person is experiencing bored of you. Only after the boredom starts, means when he is not opening the purse as much as he used to, when she is not opening the mouth as much as she used to, to smile, the fear the other maybe feeling bored settles in you. Only when you feel insecured other may be feeling bored of you, now you decide to tie the knot of marriage. Listen, most of the time, marriage is just the confirmation, lifelong insurance, guarantee you give it each other, you will love each other.


Please understand. I am not against marriage but I am against the marriage out of incompletions. I really wanted to create a matrimonial website where these basic principles about marriage will be taught to people. After they learn these principles they will decide to marry. After learning the principles, after learning the principles when you decide, when you want to marry, it will bring stable family. When you don’t know the principles, marriage itself may be out of boredom, feeling insecured. Many time in your love when you are feeling bored, when you are afraid other person may start feeling bored, you decide to get married for the sake of security. Keval labhanvith karne ka iss tatva se hi vivaah ka bandhan sampan ho saktha hai.


Each time when I ask you to sit in unclutching or nirvikalpa samadhi, you need to be in completion with you and you need to conquer the boredom about you, feeling tired of you. Only when you conquer the boredom and tiredness, you can sit in nirvikalpa samadhi. Otherwise, the moment you sit and close your eyes, either you are off somewhere or sleep. Either you are off somewhere or switched off. Either you slip away or sleep away. Slipping away is out of boredom, sleeping away is out of tiredness. These two are enemies of life. Kayi bar Vivah Keval Ek Jivan Bhar ka Bima hai jisse aap ek dusre ko Praman Dete Hain Ki Jeevan Bhar aap ek dusre dwara Prem Ka Anubhav Karenge. keval jab aap doosre vyakthi se thak jaathey hain tab hi aapko yeh dar lagtha hai ki doosra vyakthi bhi shayaad aap se thak gaya hoga. tab hi aapko lagtha hai ki vivah ka bandhan aapki suraksha ke liye avashyak hein. Only when you are bored of the other person you are afraid the other is also bored of you and you propose: Will you marry me?


Kripaya suniye, mein vivaah ka virudh nahin hoon, mein vivaah ka virudh nahin hoo, kinthu mein us vivaah bandhan ka virudh hu jo apoornata par adhaarith hotha hai Jab aapme anya vyakthi ke oob jaane ke bhay ki bhaavna bas jaathi hai keval tabhi aap asurakshith mehsoos karte hein. ab aap shadi ke saath bandhane ka nirnay lethe hey. Boredom and tiredness can be life imprisonment. It can just stay inside you and stop you doing anything new in your life. The highest level of boredom happens to people who are constantly working with mind without these four principles. That is why so much of suicide in the field of psychology and psychiatry. All My followers, youth I tell them either to become a MBBS doctor or psychologist. I tell them to do between these two any one. If they are My sannysis, usually I tell them, take up psychology, because I wanted to revive that field. With these four principles, that field can enlighten the whole world. Without these four principles, I tell you, in these four field only there will be largest number of suicide, percentage of suicide, not now, forever because this is the field where people are working constantly with mind.


Listen. Person who makes pots, who works with mud, naturally how much ever he cleans his hand there will be little mud settling inside the nails. If somebody is working in the charcoal godown, how much every he takes bath, there will be a little charcoal sitting in your.. in his hair. Same way, people who work with the mind without these four principles as a basis for their cognition, how much ever they might try, they will have the tiredness and boredom inside them, which is their own inherited, and second which they accumulated from others. I am really telling you, because of these four principles, I saved Myself otherwise My disciples would have made Me mad long before. I cannot imagine, that kind of species come around Me. No I tell you; no I cannot imagine how you will so much work to destroy yourself. And why will you? See, just to disprove Me, you are ready to destroy you. I have seen people, just they want to disprove that what I am teaching is not right. They wanted to prove what I am teaching is wrong. For that sake they are ready to put themselves in tiredness, boredom, depression, anything and destroy themselves. Sometime I will ask people, “Hey, such a simple solution is there for solving the problem. Why don’t you solve?” “No, I am not interested in all these principles.”


Because their, the anger they carry towards everything around them. They wanted to.. their first priority is they have to prove everybody is wrong. They are not interested in solution. They are interested in proving everybody is wrong. oob jaana evam thakavat mehsoos karna jeevan bar ka kaidh hai. sabse adhik ubjaa ka anubhav un logon ko hothi hai jo mann ke saath kaam karte hein kinthu in chaar tattvo ke aadhaar ke bina. suniye in chaar tattvo ke bina agar aap psychiatry ke kshetra mein hai jaha aap lagatar mann ke saath kaam karte hai, aap apne andar thakawat ka anubhav karte hai aur yahi karan hai ki bahut saari psychiatric doctors atmahatya say apne jeevan ka anth karte hai. Why do you think psychiatrists continuously kill themselves? Psychiatrists kill themselves because continuously working with mind they do not know how to remove tiredness and boredom from themselves and tiredness and boredom from others. I tell you lawyers can easily get enlightened because they know how the logic can be used, misused, abused.


Successful lawyer means he knows how to convince the court or confuse the court. Convince the court; if you can’t, just confuse the court. You win the game. How to use the logic to use, misuse and abuse. Understand, when you catch the truth, easily you will understand how to go beyond logic; you can become enlightened. You can become enlightened. Psychi… I just wanted you to know the truth. Psychiatric doctors kyun lagaataar aatmahatya karte hein? ve isiliye karte hain kyun ki ve lagaataar mann ke saath kaam karte hein aur unko patha nahi hai ki thakawat evam ubjaa sthiti se bahar kaise aaye. If I can revive, revolutionize the spiritual psychology which was practiced by the Rajagurus, Brahmins of the Vedic age, I’ll feel I fulfilled the mission for which I assumed the body. Listen, dhyaan se suniye. If I revive the spiritual psychology practiced by Rishis, Brahmanas, Rajagurus, I will feel I have achieved My life’s mission. That’s the reason I am telling all My kids to study psychology. All the krama brahmacharis, understand, you are going to be doing psychology only, get ready. I think gurukul, you should get the syllabus, psychology syllabus and start teaching for all the krama brahmacharis from now.


Instead of wasting the time, who won the Panipat war. No, the information which are no way useful. What is he going to do, who won the Panipat war? Does any of you remember now? But everyone of us studied, do you know? Who is going to win the war happens in your house, if you learn that at least useful for your future. Our education has become completely outdated, unnecessary information. This happened in My life. I studied very little, I was studying Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. One day the machine shop, they call workshop; machine shop engineering was the subject I was supposed to study. I went there and they showed Me a very costly machine; it’s called MNC, multi numerical computerized machine or something. They showed Me MNC, and then I asked the professor, “Sir, if I learn to work in this machine, when I get a job, I’ll have this same kind of machine, sir?” He said, “No, no, no, this is outdated thirty years before. Now many modern machines have come. You will not be able to see any of these machines in any workshop. This is outdated thirty years before.” Then I asked him, “Then why are we keeping this still as a syllabus”? “No, usually in Polytechnics and Engineering college, our syllabus is thirty years before machineries and syllabus, subjects.”


So, what happened in last thirty years is, we have not updated or upgraded our syllabus. I said, “Oh God, then even if I study this, when I go out, it is not going to be anyway useful for the job or life” He said, “No”. From that day I stopped going to the machine shop. No, I said, “Why should I go? Anyhow, what I am learning here is not going to be useful.” They said, “No, it is like a base, you put a foundation. After you go out, you go to a industry, they will give you the training what you should do.” I said, “better I will take the training directly there.” That is why our Indian education system is a complete failure in every line. Listen, every line maximum we produce clerks. Indian mind is a genius mind. You don’t know 34% of NASA scientists are Indians. In US, in the field of psychology, psychiatry and medicine, Indians are ruling. Hospital and hospitality both industry in US is completely under hands of the Indians. Hotel, motel, Patel. Hotels and motels are only in the hands of Patels. Medicine is in the hands of Telugu doctors. American Association of Physicians of Indian origin is one of the powerful body.


Please listen, unfortunately one of the most untapped resource of India is power of youth. The youth power. Youngsters are never allowed to think by their colleges and universities, and the syllabus taught to them is embodiment of boredom and tiredness. No really. If you don’t have sleep, if you are suffering with insomnia, I tell you, take the mechanical engineering book and study. Three pages are enough. You will fall asleep. Because I am mechanical engineer, I am telling you this. If you are suffering with insomnia… I know now, why US is suffering with insomnia. They don’t have education education syllabus like India. Why we Indians never suffer with insomnia, because we have books and we have a habit of reading. We have books which are filled with tiredness and boredom and we have the habit of reading it. I tell you, export all these books, US will be free from insomnia and sleep disorders. When a child happens, he is so enthusiastic about everything. He wants to learn everything.


The other day, My Gurukul Principal was reporting to Me, “Swamiji, the kids are learning anything and everything.” Somebody is learning piano, somebody is learning flute, somebody is learning tabla. They are learning anything and everything. Somebody is learning veena. That is what is life, I tell you. Enthusiasm is such anything seen is grasped. Eye means, anything seen should be grasped. Ears means, anything heard should be repeated. Hand means, anything seen, you should be able to recreate it. I tell you from My experience. My life steeped in temples dressing the deities, worship in the religious dressings and the religious jewelries. I tell you, it has given Me the ability of anything I can see, I can create it. I don’t need to learn to stitch this hanging cloth. I don’t need to learn to weld this bar. I don’t need to learn to operate this TV. I don’t need to learn to carve this lion. Fortunately in the young age, I was brought up in the ambience of temple where I have seen all these so much. By seeing, seeing, seeing, now anything I can see, can be created by My hand. That is creativity.


Please listen, anything you see you should grasp it, anything you listen you should be able to repeat it. Kids are born with so much of enthusiasm, but unfortunately the so-called education books makes them completely tired and bored of life. Anything which bring tiredness and boredom in your life is poison. Aaj ki satsang ki saaransh hai, lagaataar swayam evam dusron ko laabhanvit karte rahiye, tabhi aap apne andar evam baahar hone wale thakavat evam ubjaon ko dur kar sakte hei. Tabhi aapke andar aapka srujan shakti vikasit hoga. jo aapko dhan evam sampatti for srujan karma aur uska anand lena, donon ka marg dikhayega. Let your principles of reviving you be enriching you and enriching others; not just ‘zeroes’ in your bank balance. Every day the ‘zeroes’ in your bank balance or the jealousy with your competitors is making you run. You will be tired and sick. Or if the principle of enriching you and enriching others makes you run, I tell you it is eternal fuel. You are like a solar-equipped vehicle. If the jealousy and greed is the reason, fuel for your vehicle, you’re running on petrol; any day you may dry out, your car cannot move. You are working on non-renewable energy source. If you are functioning on, if the principle of enriching yourself and enriching others is the fuel for you, I tell you, you are working on renewable life sources, renewable energy sources. You are like car which runs in solar power. You will never stop, you will run forever. Make yourself run with renewable energy sources. That’s good for you and to the world.


Kal ke satsang mein hum in char tattvon ke abhyaas se kaise apne ichcha anusaar aap aapke jeevan ka vaastavikta ko parivartit kar sakte hei, iske baare mein baat karenge. Kal pehle hum jeevan ka pehle tattva sampurti ke saath kaise apni ichcha anusaar aap apne jeevan ka vastavikta ko parivartit kar sakte hai, iske baare mein baat karenge.


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