March 27 2020

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Powerful Q&A Session Paramashivoham || Paramshivoham-S1 || Devi Bhava Darshan || Power of Dura Drishti & Dura Shruti ||


The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam, His Divine Holiness, Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam, after the second Great Pause, started radiating through His physical body, the very Being of Paramashiva, for whole of humanity to manifest. During this period after the Great Pause, Paramashiva delivered extraordinarily powerful messages and initiations every day. Today, during the everyday live public talk - Nithyananda Satsang, Paramashiva delivered the message entitled Powerful Q&A Session Paramashivoham. Paramashiva, through the body of His Divine Holiness (HDH), addressed many questions of delegates covering topics including Kailasian Visa, Akashic Readings, what happens to the soul after death, and the ups and downs of discipleship. HDH worked further on raising the Consciousness of the delegates by bestowing them with theDevi Bhava Darshan for the day.

Contributing to over 108 Humanitarian Causes of SHRIKAILASA Uniting Nations, KAILASA's Nithyananda Hindu University marks today as Season 1, Day 8 of Paramashivoham. One of the major highlights of KAILASA’s contributions through this convention is Initiation into Mantra Deeksha and Vishesha Deeksha along with Power Manifestation, today being the Power of Dura Drishti & Dura Shruti.

Sanyasis of the Nithyananda Order of Monks and initiated Acharyas worldwide, affiliated with the Department of Education of KAILASA conducted a series of seminars focusing on the Truths of Mothering The Paramashivatva, Hindu Holocaust, Only Hindu Nation, KAILASA Digital Nation, Nithyananda Yoga, Guru Dakshina and Sarvapari Tyaga, as revealed by the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism inspiring millions towards the Science of Hinduism.

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Powerful Q&A Session Paramashivoham L2 (27 Mar 2020)

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27 MARCH 2020

(0:21) Q: The first question is from Ashley Monsen from the United States: “Swamiji, Paramashiva, Nithyanandam. Thank you so much for your blessings, I am eternally grateful. When you decide to show someone your true form, is there anything in the person’s inner space that can prevent them from seeing what you want to show. Thank you Swamiji, bless me to always be in oneness with you and with the tyaga to always be at your Lotus feet.” SWAMIJI: Out of My compassion I have given you the free will. Any being given the free will has freedom to choose to be in delusion or move towards liberation. Even I do not interfere in your freedom to be in delusion. So in a way, your delusion, your decision to be in delusion, the freedom you have to be in delusion is the only thing which can stop Me showing what I want to show you. Your freedom to be in delusion only can stop you from seeing My true form, My existence as I am. So understand, I do not interfere in your freedom to be in delusion, but the moment you decide to be out of delusion I don’t give up on you or I will not give up on you. I do not forsake you...Next.

(2:41) Q: The next question, question number 2 from Sanjay Verma from the United States: “Nithyanandam, beloved Paramashiva. Is there any significance of geographical location on planet earth in terms of experience and availability of vertical time zones. Afterall earth is spherical in physical reality, so what is down in Bharat would be up in Americas from the higher spatial view. Deep gratitude. Love and pranams at your Divine Lotus feet. Your child, Sanjay Verma.”

(3:17) SWAMIJI: Sanjay, vertical time zone is not vertical. Vertical time zone is not vertical, understand that. The word vertical and horizontal is used because binary language has only that two words. Actually, existentially if you want to go into the vertical time zones, you have to go inside. From inside, the openings open up. Vertical time zone is not vertical. It is more like layers and layers and layers. So whether you start travelling from America or start travelling from India, it doesn’t matter. The physical location does not matter; vertical time zone is not vertical as you think.

(5:55) Next Q: The next question, question no.3 from Vijayan, India: “Nithyanandam Swamiji, the Paramashiva is the sound in us. When there is no sound created by us and Dakshinamurthy is the no visualization state of us and so how Mahadevi can be interpreted and on what we have to concentrate to achieve the oneness.” SWAMIJI: Vijayan all the ideas you presume here are wrong and false. So your whole question and the ideas, concepts on which you are building the whole question is wrong. Paramashiva is sound and silence. Dakshinamurthy is visualization and absence and no-visualization and all your visualization disappearing into the great light. Visual silence does not mean absence of visuals. All visuals dissolved into the greatest visual, supernal effulgence of Me. So all your binary logic ideas have no base and every word you uttered here is delusion. Next

(7:32) Q: The next question, question no.4 from Constance Chapin from Guadalupe: “Nithyandam Swamiji, what is my mission at Kailaasa?” SWAMIJI: None of you have any work or mission in Kailaasa. I have decided Kailaasa is going to be run directly by Gods and Goddesses. All human beings can come only for Darshan and program to Kailaasa. No human beings are allowed to stay in Srikailaasa. The Gods and Goddesses are going to run the Kailaasa directly including administration. Annapurini is here physically to run the annalaya of Kailaasa. If she decides, she is interested in manifesting through you and if you decide to do tyaga and surrender you being at her feet and if she decides to manifest through you, then as long as she decides to manifests through you, you decide to allow her to manifest through you, you will have visa in Kailaasa. You can be volunteering in annalaya department. Either one of you decide not to allow the other to manifest, if you decide you don’t want to allow Annapurini to manifest through you or the Annapurini decides she doesn’t want to manifest through you, you go back to Bhuloka, you go back to planet Earth. So no human beings in Kailaasa, it’s very clear. Any human being is ready to do tyaga of his being, Sarvaparityaga and ready to manifest the Gods and Goddesses of Kailaasa are welcome to apply. Once you apply those Gods and Goddesses will directly interview you and then they decide whether you will have mission in Kailaasa or not. All permanent residency in Kailaasa is only for Gods and Goddesses. The bodies chosen by the Gods and Goddesses for them to manifest. All human beings are welcome to come and have Darshan, initiation, attend programs, receive boons and go back. Human beings will get only visa. Only Gods and the bodies through which Gods have decided to manifest are going to get permanent residency or mission. So be very clear, Venkateshwara and Maha Lakshmi is directly going to run the Treasury and Finance Ministry. Kaalabhairava is directly going to run the security. Each department, those Gods and Goddesses from Kailaasa are directly going to run and administer. The home ministry will be directly run by ParaShakti, annalaya directly by Annapurini. Each department will be run directly by My own manifestations, Gods and Goddesses of Kailaasa. Anybody who is ready to do Sarvaparityaga, including their being for those Gods to manifest in you, you are welcome to apply. Then they decide whether you receive visa or permanent residency or citizenship. Next...

(12:12) Q: Question no.5 from Tuli Emulgen USA: “Beloved Swamiji, I can intellectually cognize that everything is composed of light and sound but I can’t help wondering what the divine sense of smell is actually - light, sound or mixture of both. Please Enlighten me Swamiji, Thank you.” SWAMIJI: Listen, your intellectual cognition, everything is composed of light and sound is based on your binary logic. In multi-dimensional logic, in the cosmic reality, the sound and light is not limited to the perception of eyes and ears. You think light can be perceived by only the eyes, sound can be perceived only by the ears, that is why you are asking about the Divine smell. The Divine light can be perceived by all your six senses, five senses and sixth - perception, experience. In Divine sense, touch can be seen, heard, smelt, tasted, perceived. Seeing can be heard, tasted, touched, perceived and smelled and seen. So in reality, cosmic sense, sound, light, all these are not restricted to each or one sense. When you experience cosmic sound, you can see the cosmic sound. That is why when I manifest the power of Akashic reading, you will always see the letters in visual. The sound appears as a scene to be seen. All the six are simultaneous, spontaneous. alive and manifesting; that is the cosmic reality. Next

(15:30) Q: The next question, question no.6 from Harini, India: “Swamiji why do we need a Hindu nation? Why should I decide to do tyaga for Hindu nation?” SWAMIJI: Paramashiva, to manifest and gift everything to planet earth needs not just religious freedom, political freedom too because the whole earth is suffocated by unconscious politicians, can never grasp the ultimate truth; can never cooperate for the Paramashiva’s mission. That is the reason Paramashiva needs Hindu nation. And the next part, why should I decide to do tyaga for Hindu nation is up to you. If you want the gifts from Kailaasa directly from Paramashiva in your personal life or for the world, do tyaga or up to you. Next.

(16:44) Q: Question no.7 from Meghali from Germany, “How to help a person who cannot forget about a traumatic event that is triggering stress any time. She sees something that reminds of that event or people who hurt her and live in the same neighbourhood” SWAMIJI: Sit for Paramashivoham...I’ll heal it, Meghali, get the person I’ll heal it. Next.

(17:17) Q: Question no.8 from Dr.Murli, India: “Dear Swamiji, how to use our Paramashivatva in our day to day living without getting distracted by mind voices. See for example in the equity markets etc. Nithyanandam Swamiji.’ SWAMIJI: Murali listen, Paramashivatva is not something you will possess, that will possess you. I will possess you not that you can possess Me. This fear about your mind voices is the old fear before I decided to manifest through you. Now I am giving you the boon, I am kicking out all your mind voices away from you. I am there in you now, from now only I will be manifesting, all your mind voices is Me. No more mind voices, whatever is happening in you is directly Me. Just be relaxed, comfortable, settled with it, I will take care. Next.

(18:38) Q: Question no.9 from Ma Ishapriya, Mauritius: “Parmashiva manifest himself in manifold to enjoy himself, his leela. In this aspect what is the ultimate purpose for the creation of this universe?” SWAMIJI: Ishapriya understand your purpose is to enjoy My manifold expressions of all dimensions and all aspects and all expressions. You can understand only your purpose, you can never understand My purpose till I manifest completely in you. Now understand your purpose, allow Me to manifest in you, let Me manifest in you then I will show you My purpose. Next.

(19:41) Q: Question no.10 from Rajarajeshwari, Australia. “Nithyanandam Swamiji, what is the speciality of Devi Mookambika in Melbourne, Australia?” SWAMIJI: I Myself birthed Myself as the deity Mukambhika ParaShakti in Australia, that is why I Myself brought the Swayambhu also through My devotees to the Australia. The Swayambhu brought to the temple is My original manifestation of My cosmic feminine Divine energy Parashakti. Let that Swayambhu be installed in front of Me, the whole kailaasa in Australia will happen…

(27:30) Let the questions start Q: Question no. 11 from Geeta Arunachalam, India: “Pranams Ammaiappane, how does knowing multiple Gods and Goddesses help us to make mature decisions?” SWAMIJI: Multiple Gods and Goddesses will be continuously supporting you guiding you in every field, they have a large intelligence, energies, powers, wealth under their disposal. So naturally they make your life more easy, better, happy, blissful, fulfilling, even Enlightening. Next.

(28:25) Q: Question no.12 from Latisha Panjwani from the United States: “Pranam Swamiji, when we leave the body where does our soul goes to? Does it go to Kailaasa or do we have to come back to the world again? Thanks Swamiji.” SWAMIJI: Understand, default all souls are taken to Yamaloka, where you are given a option and choice based on your attitude and aptitudes. From Yamaloka you decide if Kailaasa is the space you want, then you go and be there. If you have too many karmas, desires, greed, fears associate to bhuloka, you come back. It is dependent on the kind of mass you make your core, your get levitated or gravitated. So what you make as your core cognition matters for your journey after you leave the body. Your core cognitions are going to be travelling, based on your core cognitions, whether you get levitated to Kailaasa or gravitated to human beings' place or any other loka is decided. So its absolutely dependent on the core cognitions you develop. Next.

(30:13) Q: Question no.13 from Rajiv, India: “Swamiji, offering the last bit we have, why is there still some resistance when we know you are Paramashiva. Where does that resistance come from? What is the way to handle it?” SWAMIJI: The resistance is the last dying delusion. Because you entertained delusion for quite a long time you have given so much power to your delusion for quite a long time, the delusion tries its last attempt whether it can still possess you, it can still hold you. Delusion knows if you decide to take a jump you are going to be blessed, showered with trillions and zillions of times what you renounced or what you even imagined about your life. Understand, tyaga makes you a different level being, that is too much for your delusion. So it’s a crying farewell the delusion giving for you when you decide for tyaga. The best way to handle your delusion when it still tries to hold is ferociousness. Raise your hand and slap the delusion, if not your own face. Ferociousness is the only way to deal your delusion. Never through negotiation, bargain, strategy your delusion is going to let you get convinced that your tyaga is going to bring higher life to you, higher possibilities to you. Your delusion will never allow you to be convinced, no negotiation with your delusion will work, no strategy with you delusion will work; no convincing your delusion is possible. You just have to be ferocious, ferocious, ruthless with your delusion. Be Kali to your delusion. Sometimes being Kali with your delusion is the only way you will achieve Paramashiva. Let the questions start

Q: Question no.15 from Ma Nithya Sarvesam, Guadalupe: “What can Kailaasa bring to earth? When will earth become a pure place like Kailaasa.?” SWAMIJI: Kailaasa nation on planet earth is going to bring all the best things from Kailaasa. The science of state of Paramashiva, space of Paramashiva, powers of Paramashiva, being of Paramashiva, super consciousness of Paramashiva. In every field from biology, chemistry, physics, alchemistry, machines, in every field. The kailaasa nation is going to gift to the whole world all the best things, super conscious sciences of Maha Kailaasa and within next one generation planet earth will be purified and pure space like Kailaasa. To start the Satya yuga I have come, it is time to start Satya yuga. The corona is going to teach the world, world is got in to too much delusion. It has given importance to wrong things. The corona is going to educate the whole world. Corona is not shastra weapon I am using on planet earth, it is shaastra knowledge, education, powerful cognition, I am using it on planet earth. That is why I am saying, I am not going to kill people using corona. I have decided to save the humanity from corona but corona is going to teach great lessons and help humanity to get out of delusion. It is not shastra, corona is not shastra, corona is shaastra. Next.

Q: Questin no. 16 from Nasra from UAE: “Beloved Swamiji, first thanks and gratitude for continuously upgrading us to next level. Would like to enrich people in my country. Please guide me, how can I be a medium to tell about you as the religious concern her is restricted and muslim people hard to convey your powerful message”, Nithyanandam. SWAMIJI: Nasra understand, all the jnana and vijnana, pure science and applied science I revealed to the world is preserved in Vedas and Agamas in Hinduism but I am beyond religions. I am available for all human beings. Your question is more with your reactionary assumptions, just decide to do tyaga of all your reactionary assumptions and reach out to people with tremendous compassion, decide to initiate, work sincerely with tyaga. All your reactionary assumptions will be cleared, it will be too easy to reach out especially in the country you are living and the people who are living in that country. Just understand that jnana and vijnana I revealed it is preserved in Vedas and Agamas inside Hinduism. I am rooted in Hinduism but I am available for the whole universe, all human beings and all beings ultimately. I am available for all, if you decide to do tyaga of your reactionary assumptions and maintain your will persistence and work; you will be easily be able to reach out. If you decide to empower your reactionary assumptions, you can go on feeling as victim, if you decide to empower your will persistence you can enjoy victory. Empower will persistence, enjoy victory. Don’t empower reactionary assumption, suffer victimhood. Next Q: Question no.17 from Joanna, Poland: “Swamiji, what happens when I do Sarvaparityaga?” SWAMIJI: I manifest in you completely as Paramashiva and ParaShakti. When I manifest I live the very life I am radiating in Mahakailaasa in you. You became a boon, blessing for planet earth. You became my vehicle, you became my vahana, you became my body; you embody me Paramashiva. You became a great blessing for yourself and for the whole universe. Next Q: Question no.18 from Aravind, India. “How to do tyaga of delusion and binary logic mentality?” SWAMIJI: Aravind listen, ferociousness is the only way to do tyaga of delusion and binary logic mentality; there is no other systematic convincing way. It is just ferocious, ferocious, ferocious decision. That’s it. Next. Q: Question no.19 from Latha Hadley, USA: “Pranam Bhagvan, I bow down to your lotus feet. My question is on Pachai pattini vrattam. I am doing this vratam, can you explain how will each individual doing this vrattam be able to contribute to people’s health around the planet earth.” Thank you. SWAMIJI: When you manifest my cognition you are me, when you manifest my will you are me. So your pachai pattini vrattam is my pachai pattini vrattam. Anyone is doing it because I said it, you are me. What will happen when I myself do pachai pattini vrattam, the same will happen when you do it because of my instruction, inspiration, initiation, intention. Next.

Q: Question no.20 from Andaleshwari, Malaysia: “Dear Swamiji, in Akashic reading Lord Kalabhairava asked me to choose Sanyas life but still why I am confused to choose sanyas life. What is the purpose? What is my purpose for the Hindu nation? SWAMIJI: Andaleshwari you should decide why you are confused. Either you listen to Kalabhairava or you listen to your delusion. Even if you listen to your delusion at one birth you have to come back and fulfill kalabhairava’s words only then you will be liberated. So the earlier you choose to fulfill Kalabhairava’s words better for you or you can just get diverted in delusion and when the suffering reaches beyond your ability to handle, you will come back to Kalabhairava’s words, that’s it. And before even you decide to obey, listen to Kalabhairava’s words, you trying to ask what is your purpose for the Hindu nation is more like a power centry game. You are trying to ask some assurance, power position from Paramashiva so you can leave that and come to Kailaasa. You will never be able to enter into Kailaasa with this attitude. Ferociously renounce your being, allow Kalabhairava to manifest, Paramashiva to manifest, you will find the right purpose in your life and you will find your place in Kailaasa nation, both. Next.

Q: Question no. 21 from Chennai: “Perumane, thank you so much for everything you shower me. If Sanyas is the ultimate lifestyle, why our ideals are in married form, like Shiva Parvathi, Krishna Radha, Rama Sita. Thank you Perumane.” SWAMIJI: The whole question is absolute delusion based. If Paramashiva says Sanyas is the ultimate life, look at Paramashiva as a Sanyasi, Dakhsinamurthy. There are billions of sanyas ideal, Kapila, Adi Shankara, incarnations of Paramashiva as Sanyasis. Look at all of them, if Paramashiva says married life is your life, then look at the married people, married incarnations as ideal. One, be very clear, neither Paramashiva and Parvathi, Radha and Krishna, Rama and Sita are married like you. You are never going to have their kind of marriage, if you think you are going to have that, try. Your delusion tries to bring all the false justifications. Maybe suffering will teach you your delusion and false justification, false ideas attributed to the ideals, all this are delusion based questions not the real seeking. Learn to have real seeking, stop using the great incarnations to justify your lust. Your inability to do tyaga of lust should be directly dealt as your failure. Understand it is just your failure, stop with that at least in some birth, in some janma you will raise and decide to do tyaga. Do not use Radha and Krishna, Rama and Sita, Shiva and Parvathi to hide your dirty failure. Learn to see the life as it is; do not use any of them to justify your failure and your decision not to do tyaga. Your decision to live in delusion should not be justified, decorated with the great beings like Radha and Krishna, Rama and Sita, Shiva and Parvathi. If you get a person like Sita who will come with you to the forest even though when you are married, you are a king but suddenly you lost your kingdom, you are going to the forest she is also ready to come with you to live with you in the forest for 14 years and even after being kidnapped by the great king Ravana, she decides to wait for you not to go behind him, if you get a woman like Sita, please marry. Next.

Q: Question no.22 from Suryakumar Devraj, India: “Sometime I deeply able to connect with you, sometime not able to. Why such ups and downs, how to make it that making connection permanent in my being?” SWAMIJI: Suryakumar you need tyaga. You need absolute tyaga, I know what is happening in you. Tyaga is the only solution. Next

Q: Question no.23 from Mayawhitmayer, Slovenia: “Nithyanandam, Swamiji I got confused with first answer. How come this is compassion, free will, if and when we humans so suffer because of it.” Thank you Swamiji SWAMIJI: Given free will because you want to explore the universe. If you are suffering because of it surrender it back. Till you realize you are suffering because of it, you will be deluded by it. So when you surrender the free will and renounce your delusion, I start manifesting in you as will persistence, pure enlightenment. So still you have not completely realized your free will is making you choose your delusion, keeps you in delusion. When you realize that you will surrender and be liberated. Now pick up your atma linga, keep it on your anahata chakra, heart centre. Paramashiva, myself will manifest as Paramashiva and Parashakti in all of us.


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