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Newgen - A New Breed Of Youth


http://www.nithyananda.org/ http://entv.nithyananda.org/live-streaming/ for more videos. 28th March 2012 Morning. In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) gave guidelines for how to live enlightenment, especially for the next generation. We become completely clear within ourselves about what we wish to be to ourselves and to others, what we wish to accomplish and how we intend to achieve our visions. This model allows us to act out of blissful confidence and to draw upon a limitless reservoir of stamina, since we are conflict-free. The assurance of our inner knowing radiates joy to all around us. We soak our environment in the highest frequency of positive energy.

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Swamiji can you please talk about NewGen.

How I want new generation to be. Rather I can say, what kind of new generation I am going to create because I don’t stop with want to be, I just create what I want. I never stop with idea, I want this, I want that. And expect somebody else to take the responsibility. No, I want new gen to be completely stable and established about their identity with themselves, experientially, about their identity, with the people with whom you are living, about the identity, you’re with the human society and the universe. New generation should be very clear about themselves, what they want to do, what they are feeling like doing. The problem is many time, what they are feeling like doing they know. What they want to do they don’t know. Or how they are going to do, they don’t know. What you are feeling like doing. What you want to do, how you are going to do. The whole thing should be in aligned.

New generation should be very responsible about what they are creating around themselves. Not just constantly fighting with others, or fighting with themself. Not just constantly gribbing about the world. See modern youth means constantly complaining. Deeply dissatisfied. Feeling miserable, unfortunate about the whole world. That is what has become modern day youth. See the common picture of modern youth. Depressed, drunk, dying.

Youth was never, in this mess, ever, earlier in the planet earth. Because all the mechanisms, which gives little bit of training, for the youth, from the young age, is completely broken. One unfortunate thing, because of that, you guys stand as policy orphans, Identity orphans, Cultural orphans. One fortunate thing is, because of this, you can become enlightened.

One unfortunate thing, because of this, all the mechanisms which trains people are broken, you become identity orphans, Cultural orphans, policy orphans. You walk in front of huge temples. Which the whole country has built, but you do not even know why it is standing, what it means. What it means for your society.

The other day one devotee came to me. Not devotee, a youngster, came to me. And he was telling about some problem. I asked him you are from where and all that. He said in the Madurai. South our side, the temple south our side. I asked him where you are, he gave a internet café’s name and he said next to that house. I could not understand the internet café, I asked are you saying in the street where the south street board is there and the huge temple tower. There is a board, south tower. And after 10 min of conversation I realise the place where he is saying is the same thing. Where that big board is there on the tower. He has never seen that board, but he knows the internet café. The internet café is a small one room with one small board. He has seen that but he has never even looked up with awareness towards the tower where the huge board is there, south tower.

Does this fellow know, for 500 years the whole paandiya kingdom was building that building? If the whole kingdom is planning and building certain building then whole kingdom is obsessed with that concept. Of course, I should not be using the word obsessed maybe I should use the word devoted. Yes you guys can see this photograph. Exactly this is what I was telling. This huge board he has never seen. Same tower same board, there is a huge board you see, saying south tower. The fellow has seen the internet café just below this tower, so many times. But he has never seem this board. South tower and he has been living there for at least last 5 years.

The new generation has become identity-less. Cultural orphans. One side it is unfortunate you become cultural orphans. Other side in a way it is fortunate you can be easily led to enlightenment. You can move towards enlightenment. Basically, en living is newgen living. Enlightened living is new gen living. All over the country I want akhadaas to happen. Means the place where people practise the techniques for yogic body and vedic mind. Understanding the relationship issues. Not just relationships with people, relationships with the whole. New gen is my only hope. Next generation should be new generation or it is going to be degeneration. If next gen is not new gen, humanity is not going to have anymore generations. Because we have reached the possibility of destruction, the peak of destruction. If two mad people, not necessary 2, even 1 mad person becomes the head of one atomic power country that is enough, humanity will disappear, planet earth won’t be there. Ball is missing from the court. If you want to keep this beautiful planet for the next generation, next generation has to become new gen. We have to become yogis, naadha yogis. naadha yogis means having yogic body and vedic mind. Human civilisation has to understand its responsibility. Towards your happiness. Please understand, your happiness is not just a choice. You can have it or you may not have. No. Your happiness you being productive is an important thing necessary for humanity now. Because your depression cost too much for the country and the humanity.

Your depression, your un understanding, you being misguided costs country too much. Misguided 2, 3 youths can cause so much chaos to society. You can see. How many young boys from some of the fundamental religions, organisations are being used as suicide bombers. It creates so much chaos. I really can’t understand. If 5 youngsters travel from, all the way from Pakistan in the boat. Come to Mumbai, just to die.

That is such a big task, going and teaching meditation. When it comes to positive work, how disorganised we are, lacking we are, yawning, lazy. But when it comes to destroying, others, I don’t know, from where these youngsters, get power. You know, I really think, these same 5 fellows, I’m telling about the Mumbai terror attack, instead of dedicating all their life to killing people if they had this same dedication and devotion, serving the society, they would have created a huge social service organisation. Where they are ready to sacrifice their life. When you have the courage to sacrifice your life, you will do so much of positive work. I was really shocked, how so much of sacrifice, is misused, abused, by the fundamentalist, organisations.

Question is: Dear Swamiji, in yesterday’s satsang you spoke about live-in relationship as compulsory before marriage. Suppose after 1 year if I don’t feel compatible with my bf, should I dump him? How many men will I ‘try out’ like this before finding the right life partner? What is the solution?

Devaangi, the moment you are not ready to take the responsibility, I think mano is right for you. Don’t even look at the fellow you are going to get married before he ties a knot on your neck. Have a covering, let him cover himself. Tie the knot, after the knot, in the first night, in dim darkness, see him first. That is the solution for you. Come on! One side you want freedom, and the possibilities of life. The other side you are asking me to take the responsibility. Come, go on trying out till you’re forty, or take the responsibility, of getting settled with one person after one year. Within a year. See, see, use this one year not to decide, should I dump him or live with him. But to make yourself, settled with him, and make the other person accept you. That is why yesterday I used the word, tapas. Do this more like a tapas, than this trying out mode. I am not asking you to have this mental set up of trying out. I’ll try out this, then dump. Next I’ll try out, then dump. Next try out, no! I am asking you to do this as a tapas, where you are constantly working on it, yourself. If you are working on yourself, naturally the first one itself will click. At the most, second. You don’t need to be constantly trying out. Even for sanyaas I tell people, no, no, one year try out, see how it goes, how it flows, let’s see later on. Even for sanyaas I tell people. After all sanyaas any moment you can give up. It’s nothing wrong. After 5 years it is not that you have to live. You try, it did not work out, say bye, no problem! Nobody is going to be offended! If you drop your sanyaas, nobody is going to be offended because, it is between you and you. Even if you drop the sanyaas which I gave you, I’ll never be offended because, I don’t give, I’ll ask only you to take it. In sanyaas, nobody is going to be offended. It is just you! Even in that, I am asking you, at least one year try out. Because in the modern day, you became, you guys have become so “uak”. Mood swingy. That’s the right word. Vivekananda very nicely describes a monkey which has drank arach and which has been bitten by a scorpion and caught by the possessed by a ghost. How it’ll be? Your mind is like that only.

Devaangi either you take the responsibility, or give up your freedom. Don’t go on asking me, solution for every small point so that later on you can blame me. No. I can give only the options. You will have to make now, decisions.

Question is: I love my boy friend a lot, but sometimes he becomes, verbally and emotionally abusive. How do I respond to him, I don’t want to give him up.

Diana, first thing. When you love him, easily you will be able to inspire him, to look in. Inspire him to understand abusing, verbally and emotionally, is a wrong pattern. It is neither mental disorder, nor complete health. Wrong pattern. Don’t make it as a mental disorder. Then he will be in a bigger guilt. Wrong pattern. Make him understand. It is the wrong pattern, once he understands, it’s the wrong patterns, naturally, he will give it up. Or he will at least find a method to give it up. That’s all, but I tell you, just for this wrong pattern, giving him up, also is not right thing. As you said rightly, you yourself say you don’t want to give him up make him understand it’s a wrong pattern. Maybe, you tell him, provoking him is the wrong pattern you have. Being provoked is the wrong pattern he has. Both of you decide to give up the patterns. I think when you love somebody, You will be able to sit with that person, and make him understand. Surely he’s not enlightened guy, he’s not going to say no, I am completely as I am, if you want you surrender. OR you do what you want. He’s not going to tell that. He also wants to work with you. He must be ready to come down. To your level. So, Diana, make him understand. It is just a wrong pattern. Nothing more than a pattern. You also look deep, you will understand, exactly how, provoking pattern is inside you. You must be provoking him, unknowingly. Or sometime knowingly also. Make him understand, being provoked, is the wrong pattern. You also understand, provoking him is the wrong pattern you are carrying. When both of you decide, to drop the patterns, life becomes, spontaneous living.

I recently got married and had a good relationship with my in-laws. As time passed, things slowly changed and I can see changes in my mother-in-law’s attitude towards me. How can I ensure that the relationship stays on good terms? – Sita Venkat

First thing, Sita, the most difficult thing in the planet earth is to maintain relationship with mother-in-law. Indian mother-in-law. It’s almost like this, black magicians maintaining this relationships with ghosts, boothas and prethaas. Neither you can give up, nor you can completely maintain. You need to maintain, but can’t maintain. Anyhow, I’ll give you some practical suggestions, try whether these suggestions work with you or not, with your mother-in-law or not. First thing, decide very clearly, before the relationship gets sore, not to stay in the same house. If you stay in the same house, over-exposure. Familiarity breeds contempt. That’s the first lesson. Second, try to spend time. Please understand, when I say try to spend time, only meet and depart. Don’t stay together. If you stay together, the constant bickering, of our thinking and constantly being tortured by your thinking, for her, will become too much. See in her thinking, naturally a mother-in-law thinks, of holding whatever you have, and retiring. But the daughter-in-law is supposed to think, of high achievement. Your life is flowing towards high achieving, creativity. Her life is already retired, settled.

Naturally that clash will be too much. So only meet and try to spend time. Talk, talk, talk, try to make her understand, you are only going to add to her security. You are not going to add insecurity to her. Understand, you are not going to add insecurity to her. You are only going to add security to her. Look in, you also may be feeling, your honeymoon is over with your in-laws. Understand, honeymoon does not happen just with your husband or wife. The feeling goes away even with your in-laws, as time passes. Look where you are losing the newness of relationship, where the other person is losing the newness of relationship. When the newness of relationship is getting lost, you always feel the other person is a threat. This is the basic secret in relationship. When you are afraid of somebody, be very clear, that person is also afraid of you. Give that person the feeling, don’t be afraid of me. I won’t do anything. Then naturally you will see, you are free from your fear. Abhayam sarvabudepyo. When you make her understand, you are only going to add security to her life, you will not create any insecurity to her, naturally, your insecurity will be cleared.

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