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Vegetarianism as a Lifestyle

The human body is naturally designed for vegetarian food. The inner mechanisms like feeling, thinking, words, everything is designed to function with vegetarian food.

It is like having a generator which can handle only 220 Volt current, or a UPS which can handle only 220 Volt current, but it is given 20,000 Volts current. What will happen? It will get fused.

Same way, if the system is designed by the nature for vegetarian food and non-vegetarian food is constantly dumped into it due to ignorance, the results will need to be faced.

Ancient Humans were Vegetarians

Many people present unwarranted arguments like, “No, in the ancient times, human-beings were non- vegetarians.”

No, they were fruit-eaters. They were vegetarians, leaf eaters, fruit eaters.

From the Akashic Records I am revealing this truth: The Vedic Civilization was PURE VEGETARIAN! They were not non-vegetarian civilization. They were not non-vegetarian civilization. There were a few animal sacrifices in a few rituals, but that is like in a whole, one year, may be some hundred animals will be sacrificed. Now, every year, billions of animals are killed for food! Billions! - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Only when they started killing animals to save themselves, to protect themselves, they started thinking that disposing of the dead animals is a very difficult job; eating them might be a better way of disposal. That is the way rest human beings started making their stomach a graveyard for animals. Originally, humans were not designed for meat eating. Basically, the human body is designed for vegetarianism.

Energy of the Food Matters!

The food without anxiety, fear, depression bio-memories, if they are consumed by a person, the energy with which they think, the energy with which they utter words, the energy with which they act, the energy with which they feel, everything will be aligned to the natural source of energy; it will be aligned to nature which is the inner potential energy.

Unfortunately, the food with fear, depression, anxiety bio-memory, because of its popularity and availability became a mainstream lifestyle. This was one of the greatest calamities that happened to humanity.

Consume Pure Food

In Sanskrit we have three words: Jaati Dosha, Nimitta Dosha and Ashreya Dosha. They mean: food getting impure “by its nature”, “by its muscle memory”, and “by the persons handling it”.

Jaati Dosha

By its nature

If it is obtained by stealing or killing, or depriving somebody, it is impure food because if it is stolen food, even while you eat, you will have the anxiety to quickly grab it, finish it before it gets snatched away. By its nature if it is stolen, robbed, after killing, it is impure. In the first level itself, non vegetarian food is impure because the flesh of an animal is stolen after killing it.

Nimitta Dosha

By its muscle memory

The way the food comes to someone. When it comes to someone, the non-vegetarian food comes with so much of anger, fear, depression bio-memories lled in it. It can never be anywhere near to pure food. Aashreya Dosha – By the people who handle it, touch it: Non vegetarian food is touched by people who kill the animal! Anything which is touched by a murderer is going to carry that energy in it. So, the person adds a little more poison as his contribution.

This explains the amount of impurity the non vegetarian food carries.

Vegetarian food, on the contrary, is a natural part of the whole bio-energy. With the vegetarian diet, the thinking becomes more subtle and settled. The agitation, aggression disappears.

“I have seen in my life, in my travels all over the world - meeting different cultures, civilization, people and I can tell you from my experience, people who live as vegetarians, their bio- energy is very high, their bio-memory is very high. I can give you various deeper understandings about it.

Constantly, the emotions that are cherished become the source of bio-energy . Whatever is the source of someone’s bio-ener impacts their thinking. It is like a vicious circle. Just the right food, the pure food, which is pure by its nature, by right persons handling it, and right way it is brought to you, this pure food alone is enough to kindle, awaken the natural ener you are carrying, what I call ‘Kundalini Shakti’ or ‘inner potential energy ’ or your ‘bio-energy .’

If you are Spiritual, Be Vegetarian

All human beings who are seeking the spiritual life should live a vegetarian lifestyle. If one understands this truth – ‘You become what you eat, what you eat becomes you’ – one can see very clearly how the non vegetarian food adversely impacts the bio-memory and muscle-memory, and how vegetarian food comes to you with higher intelligences like producing energy directly from ether, air and space, and going to become part of you.”

Non vegetarian food destroys all possibilities of manifesting powers and awakening the Third Eye. All powers manifest from Oneness with Sadashiva. Non vegetarianism is completely opposite to the principle of Oneness. When operating from Oneness with the Whole, one cannot even think of killing another being for a snack! The depressed bio-memory of the killed animals, when ingested, does not allow the body and mind to settle with higher experiences and elevated states of consciousness. It continues to keep the body and mind in binding, depressing thought currents.

Vegetarianism is the biggest pre-requisite for manifesting the powers of Sadashiva. It not only supports Third Eye AwakeningSM, but also tunes the body and mind to receive and retain the highest experiences and initiations when showered by The AvatarTM. Vegetarianism is the lifestyle of enlightenment.

You Become What You Eat

One of the shocking truth I found is the kids fed with the toxic food, animal based or this chemical based, please understand, pesticide and fertilizers, these chemical based food is equivalent to animal based food. Both harm your possibility for enlightenment, equally!

..Few days before, I was telling, I can lift even if you are 500kg weight, just by a look, by awakening your Kundalini, but I cannot lift even 5 grams of toxins, if they are sitting in your body; even 5 gram toxins, because they are dead weight. - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Violence based food, (derived from killing animals), and life negative, chemical based toxic food - both harm the system equally.

Organic vegetarian food is not just for health. It gives you an inner space, physical system and physiological flow, to develop highest psychology. To develop highest psychology, not only your physical system, even your physiological flow needs to cooperate. Various components of you, need to be integrated to experience state of Sadāshiva.

What you eat contributes to what you think - what you think contributes to what you cognize - what you cognize contributes to who you are. So what you eat directly affects who you are and that is why I am making the statement - You become what you eat. What is in your plate matters because that is going to become you.

What is in your plate matters because that is going to be you. What is in your toilet, flush, does not matter because it is out of you. What is in your plate matters because it is going to become you.

Understand. But all of you treat almost both one and the same. This doesn’t matter and that doesn’t matter. No! That may not matter, this matters! What is out of you may not matter, what is going to go into you matters! For the state of Sadāshiva, what is going to go inside matters. - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Your brain is constructed for all these higher things… when you don’t explore the higher things, you are bound to feed the lower things and keep your brain engaged for survival. If you don’t explore the higher dimensions of Consciousness, you will force yourself, into the drugs and try to explore the hallucination, imaginary, illusory, dimensions of the Universe.

Your brain is constructed for multiple possibilities and you can’t keep quiet without using them.

Exploring is your basic instinct, better explore the Universe, Reality, not delusion. Aadheenavasi means a person who decides to align what he eats, how he sleeps, when he wakes up, when he goes to bed, everything to Sadāshivatva. Aligning everything to Sadāshivatva.

Vegetarian Diet for Manifesting Extraordinary Powers

Plants are also life, no doubt. But they have not developed the bio memory where the pain is stored. Therefore, if you consume them, there is no pain going inside your system along with it.

But with the animal, the muscles have the capacity to store muscle memory and bio memory. When the animals gets killed, they leave a tremendous pain and suffering, which gets recorded in the muscle memory and bio memory. When you eat that, you can fall into depression for small reasons. Your husband being late from the office for 5 minutes is enough, to make him as a late husband. For very small reasons you can fall into depression because your bio-memory is prone to depression. When you are eating the dead animals’ flesh, you are also eating the muscle memory, bio memory recorded in it. That becomes part of you, you become prone to that pain. Vegetarian lifestyle gives you the luxury of keeping your inner space pure, less prone to pain and suffering, and more prone to higher states of consciousness. Vegetarian food allows more sensitivity and ecstasy in the energy flow that happens in your system. We feel light and ecstatic with this diet.

“Even if you are a seeker, without vegetarian lifestyle you will not achieve anything. Vegetarian lifestyle is a basic need. Not only vegetarian lifestyle, not eating anything grown out of chemicals, pesticides, fertilisers. Try to become more and more organic because, chemicals create a toxic mental setup in your system. I am giving you the straight conclusions - try to become more and more natural, organic consumer. It is good for your seeking, good for your mental balance, good for you, over all it is good for your enlightenment and manifesting all these powers.” -Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Vegetarianism – The healthier choice

The first twenty minutes immediately after we wake up in the morning, plays a vital role in shaping our entire day. The mood we are in, the thoughts that arise and the way we react to these thoughts during the first twenty minutes, sets the trend for our entire day. One way to wake up refreshed, without depression every morning, is to eat vegetarian food.

To many Western people it might come as a surprise to know that there is a finer aspect to vegetarian food. This refinement helps the energy flow in our body. This pure food is called sattvic food. When we adhere to a satvic vegetarian diet, we do not consume garlic, onions, or green chilies (jalapeno peppers) in any form. It keeps us light and active throughout the day.

Why should we avoid these foods?

Garlic, onion, and green chilies contain natural steroids in them. They are ideal medicines. We can inject them as medicines, but not as a regular part of our meals. Daily intake of these as food will bring down our energy flow. Similarly, tea and coffee are not good for our system as they actually over-stimulate our body and leave us tired. Now you know why people run for a caffeine fix! Meat, alcohol, and cigarettes are considered lethargy inducing items. These foods or habits induce laziness in us. Using these substances make us dull and disturb the energy flow in our body. These foods create a feeling of depression in the morning.

Vegetarianism – The Green choice

Just if non-vegetarian lifestyle is given up, that is enough; the whole world will have food! Because, the amount of land required for a vegetarian person and a non-vegetarian person.....a non-vegetarian person requires thirty times more land for his food! Because, thirty pounds rice or agricultural products which we can directly consume needs to be spent to get one pound flesh! I am talking from the statistics. Thirty pound food, vegetarian food, which we can directly consume, needs to be spent to get one pound of flesh! And still I am not able to understand, how will you kill a life for your snack?!!!! How will you kill a life for your snack?!!!!

About Vegetarianism in Akashic Readings

The first question today, saying, ‘Nithyanandam Lord Kalabhairava, it appears that anyone responsible for somebody else’s untimely death is treated as a murderer. In that context please comment on the following three cases – one, people who eat meat; two, animal…

Stop! Other than Kalabhairava nobody has a right to take any life. People who eat the meat or kill to supply the meat, both are treated as murderers from the cosmic law. Lifes which can feel the pain to the frequency of the human life, are all considered to be equivalent to human life. So anybody kills even those lives will be considered as murderers. Agricultural products can be consumed as plants - trees do not have the life frequency and the pain impact of human frequency. They do have pain, they do have life, but not in the frequency level of human beings. Their pain is much, much, much low and highly negligible. As they do not have the individual consciousness also to reciprocate and respond to the pain, it can’t even be called or considered as pain. So eating meat or killing an animal for meat is directly treated as murder in cosmic law.

Also, animals who eat both meat and vegetarian food or only meat…

Again the same law applies. Animals who eat meat will be treated for murder. Animals who eat only vegetarian food will not incur the karma of murder. Animals which eats only vegetarian food will easily get higher births, higher level of conscious bodies. They are in the cycle of raising themself.


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