March 20 2013

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In today's satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) expands on the subject of Enriching - one of the major principles of life and how it expands your relationships. In the relationship with others, if you are feeling powerless, you will have the same powerlessness in the relationship with you. Enriching is - you taking responsibility with integrity and authenticity that you will commit to continuously enrich, which is expanding yourself and life in and around you. When you are complete with you, world will be complete with you. When you are incomplete with you, world will be incomplete with you. Only when you have healed the relationship with you, only when you trust, you can raise yourself, you can save yourself by yourself, you can relax even!


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   Do you really love yourself?


I welcome you all with my love and respects.

Sadhana tv ke sabhi darshakon aur bhaktonko me evam prem evam ashirvad sahit swagat karta hun. Aaj me jeevan ka chowta tatva jo labhanvit karna he usko upyog karke aap swayam ke saath evam doosron ke saath kaise apne sambandhon ko vistarit karsakte hain. Iske baare baath karunga.

Today, I’ll expand on how the principles of life, enriching can be used to expand your relationship, with yourself and with others.

Listen: these four principles are not my teachings, these four are THE teachings. If at all anything human beings need to learn on the planet earth as a first, middle and last, that is these four principles. Listen, these four principles are not my teachings, they are THE teachings. These four are the essence of all religions, spiritual groups, philosophies, sects, cultures, the essence of psychology, these four principles are THE teachings: Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching.

Today, I’ll expand how the fourth principle, ‘Enriching’ can empower you in the zone of relationships. If you are feeling powerless in your relationships, be very clear you will be powerless with the relationship with yourself. Relationship with yourself and relationship with others, both happen from the same space. In the relationship with others if you are feeling powerless, you will have the same powerlessness in the relationship with you. Relationship with you, if you are feeling powerful, complete, relationship with others, you will feel same powerful, completeness.

Dhyan se suniye, ye char tatva jo hai, ve keval mere sikshan nahin hain, ye char tatva poore shastra evam dharma ka saransha hain.

They are not just my teaching, these four principles are THE teachings. Any human being has to listen, learn these four, the moment he’s born, the moment he starts living, during living and before death.

Ye char tatva sabhi dharmo, aadhyatmic samoohon, darshan, sampradayon, mano vignyaan, sabhi ka saar hai.

Today I’ll expand on the fourth principle: « ENRICHING » how this principle is going to heal your relationship with you and your relationship with others, make you feel powerful with regards to relationship with others and relationship with you. Enriching, the principle of enriching, how it can be used to make yourself powerful in the zone of relationship with you and relationship with others.

Dhyan se suniye, listen to the definition of enriching once again. Enriching is, you taking responsibility with Integrity and Authenticity that you are committed to continuously enriching, which is expanding yourself, and life in and around you.

Labhanvit karne ki paribhasha, punah suniye, aapyayanam ya labhanvit karne ka arth hai, aap

Sampoorti evam Shraddha ke saat zamedari uthaye ki aap lagatar aapyayanam ya

swayam ko aur aapke andar aur bahar ko jeevan ke lagatar labhanvit karnekeliye pratibadh ho.

First I’ll expand what is your relationship with yourself. Please understand, just look in, the ideas you carry about you, how many of you suffer a deep distrust over you, you cannot raise yourself to the higher level, very deeply inside you, cognize and raise your hands. Why, relax, why? Understand, because, you are not consistently, continuously enriching yourself and raising yourself to the next level. You gave up on you, you gave up on yourself. The relationship with you, by you lacks enriching. I tell you, if you don’t teach yourself continuously these four principles of Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, not only you will give up on you, you will give up on others also. People who give up on themselves are very dangerous, because when you feel, ‘anyhow you are going to be doomed, then what is there? after all I’m going to be doomed, if I do this also what is the wrong? if I do that also what is the wrong?’ There is no limit for your falling, you will see consciously you are having a freefall, like Indian stock market. Just freefall. No, a few months before, the way the rupee was falling, you can’t use that paper for anything. That is the speed with which the freefall was happening. I tell you, listen, the moment you give up on yourslf you give up on others, and you are dangerous to you and to the society.

Aap lagatar apne aapko labhanvit nahin karte hain, apne aap ko lagatar samrudh nahin karte hai, kyon ki apne aap par se vishwaas khochuke hai. Suniye, Aap par se vishwas kochuke hai.

Lord Sri Krishna again and again says, « Uddhared aatmana aatmanam na aatmaanam avasadayet » « Raise yourself by yourself » If you are continuously raising yourself by yourself, you are your friend, if not, you are your enemy.

Listen, Dhyan se suniye: aaj mein vistar se bataonga ki samruddhi ab aapne aap evam doosronke saath, apne rishton ko bar deti hai, aapke aap evam doosron ke saath apne rishton ko shaktishali banaati hai. Suniye, shakti shaali banaati hai.

You need to feel empowered, powerful with the relationship with you and relationship with others. Tirelessly, facing your inauthenticity and aligning yourself to the responsibility is the only way you can build relationship with you. Listen: tirelessly facing your inauthenticity, if you are not ready to face, who you think in the world is going to face your inauthenticity? That is why everybody turns their face away from you. You continuously cry, ‘everybody is turning their face away from me, nobody loves me, nobody relates with me’. Are, there is so much of inauthenticity even you don’t want to look at it, why will anybody else look at it ? Only when I was able to be completely comfortable with me, the world was comfortable with me. I tell you from my experience, when I was completely comfortable with me, even cobra which was lying next to me, a poisonous cobra was so comfortable with me. I tell you from my experience, ‘bina takavat ke apne aapko ooper uthayiye. Ye zaroori hai, aap apne saath evam doosron ke saath apne rishton ko sashakt banayiye.

I was staying in South India, in the deep forests of Tamil Nadu, where the stone quarrying is done for the dieties, the place is called KARADIMALAI, near PERUKKARANAI. Once it really happened, I was so comfortable with myself, I have completely completed with myself and completed with the whole Cosmos. In that completion, listen : completion with you is SATORI, completion with the cosmos is SAMADHI. So, I was sitting in samadhi with open eyes, in front of me, not even 2 feet distance, one big cobra, poisonous cobra, it was lying, resting, almost on my lap, more than two hours, neither I had the thought ‘this is cobra’, nor cobra had the thought ‘this is man’. When I had the first thought, ‘oh, this is cobra, it is poisonous, it can be dangerous’, when these thoughts have started slipping, oozing out of my inner space, means when I came down from samadhi. When these thoughts started oozing out of my inner space, I could see the cobra had the thought, ‘this is man, he can be dangerous, he can kill me’, and it just looked up, looked at me and moved away.

When you are complete with you, world will be complete with you. When you are incomplete with you, world will be incomplete with you.

Jab mein pooritaraf se meri sath sahajta toh zeherila cobra jo mere bagal me tha, woh bhi mere saath sahajtha. Swayam ke saath jab aap poornatva stithi me rakhte hain, tab aap satori ki sthithi anubhav karte hai. Poori brahmand ke saath jab aap poornatva sthithi me rehte hai, tab aap samadhi ki sthithi anubhav karte hai.

Completion with you is Satori; completion with the world is Samadhi; completion with you is Prathyagaatma Chaitanya Jaagrata; completion with the Cosmos is the feeling experience of Brahmanyam Bahuputrataam. Completion with you is Inner Awakening, completion with the whole universe is Sannyas. Sannyas means, completion with the whole. You are clear with your accounts, there is no incompletion,

Swayam ke saath, poornatva sthithi me rehna antar jaagrithi hai. Poori brahmaand ke saath poornatva sthithi me rehna Sannyas hai. Dhyan se suniye, swayam ke saath poornatva sthithi me rehna antar jaagriti hai, pratyagaatma chaitanya jaagriti hai. Poori brahmaand ke saath poornatva sthithi me rehna, sannyas hai. Only in that sthithi you can say, ‘Abhayam sarva bhootebhyo’. I give refuge to the whole world.

Swayam ke saath poornatva hi pratyagaatma chaitanya jaagrat hona hai, sampoorna brahmaand ke saath poornatva hi ‘Brahmanyam bahuputratam’ hai.

When you complete with you, relationship with you starts. Please listen, only when the relationship with you starts, you can have vacation in your life. Till then, you may be able to book your flight tickets, pick the place of vacation, book your hotel, spa, food, girlfriend, everything, but, you will never experience real vacation because you are carrying you with whom you don’t have good relationship. How can you carry somebody along with you with whom your relationship is not good and have any vacation? It is like, before divorce you try to have a honeymoon. Any moment divorce may happen. You say, ‘c’mon let’s just have one honeymoon before the divorce’. Before marriage you can have bachelor party, before sannyas you cannot have bachelor party, because the mood of the sannyas, the space of the sannyas will not be asking for bachelor party. If it is asking for bachelor party, the sannyas cannot happen. Same way, before divorce you cannot have honeymoon. If you are asking for honeymoon, the space is not there for divorce. If you are asking for divorce, the space is not there for honeymoon.

Listen: the relationship with you, if it is not complete, if it is not healed, if it is not settled, you can never have vacation in your life. You may go to various places to have vacation, but, you can never have vacation. You can book your golf course, golf club, you can do everything possible, but you will be just suffering with you, you will be just struggling with yourself.

Dhyan se suniye: keval poornatva sthithi me rehekar aap ghoshna karsakte hei, ‘mein poori brahmaand ka rakshak hoon’. Jab aap swayam ke saath poornatva sthithi me hai aap ka swayam ke saath sambandh shuru hota hai. Keval jab aap swayam ke saath apna sachcha sambandh prarambh karte hai tabhi aap apne jeevan me vaastavik chutti lesakte hai.

Only when you have healed relationship with you, only when you can trust, you can raise yourself by yourself, you can save yourself by yourself, you can relax in your life.

When Buddha says, ‘atma deepo bhava’, ‘appa deepo bhava’, that is His last word, he means, « raise yourself by yourself », build relationship with yourself by yourself. Don’t give up on yourself. Unfortunately, you start the struggle with you with the clear plan of losing, that is why you start the difficult, the losing war. When you start the war with you, you plan it in such a way, you play the losing game, so that you will never again ever try to raise yourself by yourself, you just give up on you. You pick up the deep rooted patterns and start struggling with it. First, complete the patterns which has not yet become deep rooted in you. Patterns like irritation, agitation, but you start with patterns like lust, deep rooted fears, addictions, naturally in few weeks you can declare yourself as failure and just coil yourself into the cozy comfortable zone where you do not need to do anything to raise yourself by yourself, am I right? First start completing with the deep rooted, root patterns of suffering.

Dhyan se suniye: the root patterns of suffering, you will have confidence over you. You will feel responsible for you. Bring deep integrity in your thinking. Start the fight in the area where you are going to win. Use all your energy to realize these principles in your life, not to disprove these principles. You can prove anything or disprove anything in your life. You are the judge, you have the power. As far your life is concerned, you are the legislature, you are the executive, you are the judiciary, you are the media. You can either make something work for you or prove it cannot work for you. You can make or break anything you want. Use all your powers; legislature, executive, judiciary, media to prove these principles works for you. You can have relationship with you only when you can raise yourself by yourself.

As I said, you are your own judiciary, you are your own legislature, you are your own media, you are your own executive, am I right? You decide for you, you execute for you, you criticize you.

Listen: I’ll give you the example, when you are debating about some decision, you are your législature; when you decide, you are your judiciary, when you execute that in your life, you are your executive body. When you criticize yourself, whether it goes happily or failure, when you criticize yourself constantly, you are your own media.

Apka swayam ke saath sambandh tabhi hosakta hai, jab aap swayam ko swayam se bacha sakte hai. Swayam ko swayam se nirmaan kare. Keval jab aap swayam pe vishwas karsakte hai ki, aap swayam ki samrakshan swayam karsakte hai, tabhi aap apne uchhatam shamta ko anubhav karsakte hai. Jab aap apne aapse yudh aarambh karte hai, aap haar ne ke khel ki yojana banaate hai, aap apne jahri jadovali sancho ko uthakar unse sangharsh aarambh karte hai. Swayam ke saath apna sambandh banaayiye. Aapna atma vishwas na khoye. Dhyan se suniye: when you start the war with you, you plan to play losing game. Day one you’ll say, ‘I’ll break my drinking habit which is there for 25 years’. You can break your drinking habit even if it is 25 years old, but when, after having enough of tools, weapons to fight with your mental pattern, to complete with your mental pattern? If you have Krishna with you, you can win any amount of warriors. All the warriors of the Kaurava’s side are the mental patterns. Krishna alone is enough, He will finish it off. But, when you don’t have Krishna in your side, any struggle you try to do, any plan you try to do will be failure.

Don’t start fighting with the bigger patterns when you begin relationship with you. First, start completing the patterns yet to be rooted in your bio-memory. You will have courage, you will have confidence. The relationship with you will start getting built first, you will have the space to listen to you. I tell you, if you have the space to listen to you, your thoughts per second (TPS) will drop drastically and you will be in such peace. There are only two possibilities, either you are in peace or piece, piece. Either you are in peace or piece, piece.

Aap swayam ko majbooth karsakte hai ya kamzor karsakte hai, dono aap hi ke haath me hai.

You can bring peace to you, or piece, piece to you. If you have master like Krishna with you, you can conquer even Duryodhana’s sena.

Agar aapke saath Krishna hai to aap kisi bhi rashi ke yuddhaon ko jeet sakte hai. Yuddhaon ko jeet sakte hai. Aapke paas keval do hi vikalp hai, aap swayam ko jod sakte hai ya aap swayam ko thod sakte hai. Aap swayam ko jod sakte hai, ya aap swayam ko thod sakte hai.

You have only 2 possibilities. First, heal, enrich your relationship with you. Do swapoornatva, self completion by bringing Integrity with you, Authenticiy with you, Responsibility about you, Enriching yourself.

Listen: I ask you to bring these three qualities in you as a first priority. That does not mean I’m asking you to do only this. You have to be doing this simultaneously with you and others also. Only then it happens in you.

Pehle aap swayam ko labhanvit keejiye, apne aapko poornatva sthithi me laayiye.

When you bring completion to you, relationship with you starts. Enriching yourself starts. If you don’t have confidence, you can look at you, you can be with you, you are comfortable with you, you can raise yourself by yourself, who can be with you? Who else can look at you? Who else will be comfortable with you? I tell you, in the Cosmic constitution, the first amendment is, you should be taught to be comfortable with you. That is your first amendment right! Man should be comfortable with himself. You should be able to be comfortable with you. That is the first amendment in Cosmic Constitution. Freedom of Speech comes second. You have freedom to speak with others only if you have freedom to speak with you!

First start completing the patterns yet to be rooted in your bio-memory.

Pehle aap ne un sanchon ko poorn kare, jo apme gehri nahin huye hai, tab apne atma vishwas utpan ho ga, swayam ke saath aapka sambandh prarambh hoga. Aap swayam ko sune ki antarakaash ka anubhav karenge. Antarakaash ka anubhav karenge. Jab aap swayam ke saath poornatva ko laate hain, swayam se aap ka sambandh aarambh hota hai, tabhi swayam ko labhaanvit karna aarambh hota hai.

Aaj ki satsang ka saraansh hai, ‘swayam ke saath poornatva sthithi ko laayiye, aur swayam ko laabhanvit keejiye, jab aap swayam ko laabhanvit karne lagte hai, tab aap vishwa ko laabhanvit karna aarambh karne lagte hai’.

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