January 22 2013

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Don't Work for Death - Talks from the Kathopanishad


In today’s morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda addresses the teachings of Katopanishad. The child Nachiketa, who asks Yama, the God of Death, to give him the understanding of dying, is offered great wealth as a substitute. Nachiketa wisely replies that nothing can substitute for the treasure of knowledge. Wealth, no matter how great, can neither prevent death nor can it be taken along after life ends. Once one has true wisdom, everything else needed for this life is easily obtained.

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Sadhashiva samharambha Shankaracharya madhyamaa

Asmadhaacharya Paryantaam Vande Guru paramparaam

I welcome you all with my love and respects.

It’s the life, it’s the life. It’s like Evolving, Evolving….. It’s the life..only when I started living with them, I realized it takes some more time drilling these Satyas.. you see Tattvas becoming Satya it take little time.

Bramhanyam Bahuputrataam!!! So, I am updating the official English translation. I am the favorite inheritor. That is the right translation, the complete translation. I am the favourite one is little small. I am the favourite inheritor of the cosmos. I am the favourite inheritor of the cosmos. Please FB everywhere change again. Priyanka, please change the FB title Ma.

I am the favourite inheritor of the cosmos!!! That is the complete translation of Bramhanyam Bahuputrataam. Okay!

With engrave nicely carve it. Bramhanyam Bahuputrataam. So ever lives in that consciousness. If they have initiation, they will have that ring.Bramhanyam Bahuputrataam. I am the favorite inheritor of the cosmos.

You should have done atleast 5 miracle, only then you can be considered as the I am the favourite inheritor of the cosmos. Yes areah you can do, it is not a big thing. Authentically see and of course, when the course is progressing you will realize just remember in your anandha gandha – Nithyanandoham!!! I am Nithyananda! Then miracle starts happening. That’s all , with the completion, when the Ananda Gandha takes you over, takes over you. See till you are working on clearance, it is you working with the mind, once anandha gandha takes over you and you have that feeling that experience, Nithyanandoham, simply you will create miracles. Take a rose plant and drop the thorns, that will be one miracle, heal somebody, that will be one miracle and stop the rain, that will be one miracle, bring the rain, that will be a miracle. Authentically, when you have done the 5 miracle, then you know these powers are in your disposal. It is not for pride you wear the ring and go around. When yo u feel it, come and stretch the hand. I will never deny any hand stretching.. I commit. I have decided I will never deny. So stretching your hand is your responsibility, when you feel it, experience it when you know, you are not going to fall from it. Stretch the hand. Same way, when anyone stretches the body, I am not going to deny Kavi. When you stretch the body, take the responsibility for authenticity. take the responsibility for authenticity.

It is not that you will spend your whole life just worshipping me. No. I am introducing a new word Yesterday I gave this word in the program. Workshipping me! Not just worshipping me. Workshipping ME. Any worship should lead to Workship or it is worst ship. It is worst ship. Understand! The worship should lead to Workship or it is worst ship else it is worshipping or worst shipping. Breathe only the AIRE, A.I.R.E – Authenticity, Integrity, Responsibility, and Enriching. AIRE! Breather only AIRE. Let you breathe AIRE and AIRE breathe you. – Authenticity, Integrity, Responsibility, and Enriching


So he is very clear whatever you give me I am only the trustee I will multiply and give it back to you when you come and take away so more life you give me more I am going to be working to handover the whole thing back to you. Don't work for death. Anything you are creating it is like a slave I have seen in Indian villages the owner of the company matchbox company ‘beedi’ village cigarette company they will give that fund to the guy to the worker he will make make make and come handover the product to the owner and this fellow the owner of the company gives some money once in a while for this guy’s alcohol, womanizing and everything. So by that time that guy is about to die the worker he would have built enough debt so whatever he has created the whole thing comes back to owner that is exactly what you are doing, death gives you something and you think mine! mine! Mine! And jump around. You work work work work build tall towers finally when death comes you handover everything to death and go away. Somebody else who has the life comes and starts ruling. SO learn the science of life that is the first priority. Iam so happy for gurukul kids they are learning the science of life they are learning right thing in right time. Many of you are learning right thing but may not be in right time ok time. Gurukul kids are learning right thinkg in right time I am seeing now 90% have become stable only the remaining 10% are moving in 2 days you will see I will make them stable. Brahmanyam bahuputratam these Gurukul kids are really becoming bahuputras. The tatvas the way it is entering into them and becoming satya. Man cannot be satisfied by wealth I am not saying don’t have wealth don’t plan you will have satisfaction because of wealth change the context of wealth creation. Enriching is your life so you need certain infrastructure to enrich more and more people let the money be there for support for enriching more and more people and to receive the services you need in your life like medical care and little food and few clothes that’s it. So the context understanding towards money let it be right than any amount of money you will go on creating, the problem is either you start believing you will be satisfied by the wealth or it is thought at hating wealth because of the responsibilities you need to take for the wealth. Both are wrong patterns. The fellows who think they can be satisfied by the wealth become materialistic, the corporate people, the capitalist, corporatist, but the fellow who thinks hates money because of the responsibilities becomes poor lives in poverty both are wrong. Understand having the right understanding about money take the responsibility for having money don’t hate it because of the responsibility it brings take the responsibility be very clear money alone money itself has no satisfying component in it.

Navithenna tharpaniyona Manushyaha

What a beautiful word he is using. Nachiketha has a clear understanding. Man cannot be satisfied by wealth. Shall we posses wealth when we see you. Can we have our wealth when you come. No you cannot. When he comes he takes away the whole thing he does not say you pay 30% tax 70% I will give it to you or you pay 70% tax I will give you 30% or you pay 99% tax I will give you 1% nothing bahhh! You just open your mouth he pulls the tongue and takes away that’s all. Shall we continue to live as long as you rule till we don’t know your secret how can we continue to live everything else is bogus. f you are too physically creating wealth without knowing secret of death please be clear you are continuously working for death who is going to take everything from you. Its like you accumulate accumulate accumulate accumulate accumulate and keep it for the fellow who is going to take the whole thing, the robber including you he is going to take away just for his sake you rob and keep everything. The whole life is nothing but small robber robs and keeps little big robber robs and keeps and the bigger robber robs everything and comes and the biggg burgular biggest robber keep everything and yama comes and robs away from him and takes away everything this is life . So Nachiketha say because of this therfore the boon alone is to be chosen by me. I choose only knowledge of enlightenment secret of death. See the inspiration amazing authenticity Nachiketha is really worthy of that word Brahmanyam Bahuputratam.

Navithenna tharpaniyona Manushyaha

Man cannot be satisfied by wealth. Can we posses if you see you death. Just see your life when the death comes will you be able to possess wealth so for the right understanding of wealth you should know death. Shall we continue to live as long as you rule. Uhhhum. Therefore that boon alone should be chosen by me. Nachiketha stands strong. Next sutra

Ajiiratham Amrithaanamupedhya jeeryanmardhyakvathastha

prajanan avithyayanvarnapramotham adhivike jeevithegoramedha

Translation is What man dwelling on the decaying mortal plane having approach the undecaying immortal one and having reflected upon the nature of enjoyment through beauty and sense pleasures would delight in long life.

Nachiketha says What man dwelling on the decaying mortal plane having approach the undecaying immortal one and having reflected upon the nature of enjoyment through beauty and sense pleasures would delight in long life.

Haarey you are the immortal decaying one. I am the mortal plane after I approached you and when I know the when I reflected on the nature of the enjoyments beauty and sense pleasure how will I be delighted in long life. What do you mean by the long life. I tell you this is the most authentic way of approaching Guru. When somebody is this authentic Yama cannot deny and yama is not able to deny That is why i am saying from now after you can choose when you can take Kaavi You can choose the date you can choose your birthday or whatever i am commitment when you ask I will not say no but you should be very clear you can play around with Kaavi shawl not with full kaavi. Once you take the full kaavi till you live that is life. You have to be authentic about that You have to be authentic about that. And I have decided iam going to play the role of yama, Yama cant deny when a person like Nachiketha comes. So I assume that word that is coming from you is authenticity of Nachiketha. WHether you have the strength of authenticity of Nachiketha or not it is your responsibility. It is your responsibility when you stretch your hand and saying I am authentically feeling i am brahmanyam bahuputratam I have no right to deny the ring I will just put the ring when you authentically express my hands will heal i am a healer. I will just put the bracelet and will give the healing stick so from now by coming to energy darshan you declare your capability authentically. Everything is in your shoulder only then you use your energy to make the tattvas reality otherwise you use all your energy make the tattvas as a life I am not going to say anymore anybody is my favorite if you experience you are my favorite I will give you the ring because if I say then you will say no sometimes you don’t treat as favorite I will become responsible for it. So I have decided I will shower me whoever feels you are my favorite experientially you claim and stretch your hand i will give the ring .


Then I become responsible. So I decided I will shower me, whoever feels you are my favorite experientially you claim and you stretch your hand and I’ll give the ring. So each tattva should become sathya in you. Tattva means set of words awaken certain capability which are in you already to become reality. When it become reality it is sathya. The words given to you by the Master from the Master to awaken certain realities in you is Tattva. When you use that word and awaken those realities it become sathya. Clear? Nachiketha is the biggest, most authentic disciple. Hats off to his authenticity. I can say in our own way turban off to his authenticity. So nice, so nice.

"Ajeeryatham Amirthanam Upethya Jeeryan Marthiak Vajas Thathprajnana Avithyayan Varnarathir Pramothan Athirtheke Jeevithe Gora Methaha"

What man dwelling on the decaying mortal plane having approached the undecaying immortal one and having reflected upon the nature of enjoyment through beauty and sense pleasure, would delight in long life

"Ajeeryatham Amirthanam Upethya Jeeryan Marthiak Vajas Thathprajnanan Avithyayan Varnarathir Pramothan Athithirke Jeevithe Gora Methaha"

A man who is dwelling in the mortal plane decaying mortal plane, means which is getting decayed. It is decaying,decaying, decaying. Having approached the undecaying immortal one and having reflected upon the nature of enjoyment through beauty and sense pleasure would delight in long life. What kind of a eh eh eh eh. It is like a Nachiketha is making fun. I can see really, I can see the body language of Nachiketha just like a Gurukul kid. He must have been standing like this eh eh eh haha hahaha. And Yama is sitting with folded hands, why are you torturing me. And I don’t even know what you are asking is inside me jurisdiction, suddenly tomorrow Brahma may appear, Shiva may appear and curse me, How dare you teach this secret to some man which was given to you only to handle life and death. I don’t even know I have given a word. And I know a teacher like Yama would have been already fallen in love with Nachiketha. The authenticity of Nachiketha. So in the deep heart he is in love with Nachiketha. Otherwise he could have told no I cannot do anything it is in the jurisdiction of Shiva, Please go to him. He is not telling that. He just want to do a paperwork to justify himself in the higher court. If Shiva calls and asks tomorrow how dare you give this knowledge to Nachiketha so he will tell no see what all I did I tried to tempt him this way that way that way that way. I tried everything. Finally I could not do anything that’s why I gave. Create enough paperwork to justify the decision you took. So beautiful, so sweet. The whole scene I can understand Nachiketha making fun. He says here come on. I have seen that side it is decaying immortal plane and after seeing you it is a decaying mortal plane the other side where I am standing and you are the immortal one after seeing you and knowing how the pleasures are just decaying and the beauty and sense pleasure how they are impermanent. How will I delight in long life. Heh heh. Making fun, what do you mean by saying you will give a long life. Whom are you cheating. With whom are you playing. That’s it. When a student comes with authenticity you cannot, a teacher cannot deny. And same way from today I commit. See till now we were having different systems. From today I commit, anybody comes to the campus who has learnt the lessons of this 4 tattva, authenticity, integrity, responsibility and enriching, comes to the campus and asks, I wanted to practice the tattva and enriching others stay here, we will not be charging them any money from them. We will be giving free food, shelter and all the basic needs which we have and we will share with them. When somebody comes who is initiated into this tattva, he is a brahmana. We will not ask money from them. Earlier we used to have a system first they will have to prove their authenticity till then they have to be paying like a guest and be a volunteer. Trust you and open our doors to you. Only if there is a danger for the sangha or the property, for anybody’s life, the person will be asked to leave the campus with respect. Otherwise I am opening the door and committing to Kalabhairava. If you are initiated into these tattvas and you are making them as the sathya in your life, when I say initiated you have done the inner awakening formerly, learnt the tattvas from the inner awakening and had initiation into the tattvas. Living it authentically. So now the responsibility falls on the, on whom, the person who comes. Tattva becoming sathya only in this body is not enough. If I feel that is enough I should not start the sangha. I should just sit in one corner enjoying in the caves of Himalaya or somewhere under the banyan tree. Whoever comes I may share that joy and some consolation few words but I have committed to enrich the world and me continuously. Then not only I am responsible for making the tattva into sathya in this body, I am responsible for making the tattva into sathya in all the bodies and the organizational principles and the dhamma and the sangha

Great what is the next step or sutra in Katopanishad we will see in next satsangs. Now I will move to the next segment of the morning satsang, Dial the Avatar.

And I have one more beautiful announcement today. Today we will be crossing 100 million minutes in that minuteforpeace.org. Major milestone and today is an important thing, major peace day in USA, birthday of Martin Luther King and public holiday and right now we are in 99 million 86 800 869 124. So we will cross it today. Blessings I bless you all. This has estimatedly reduced 15 thousand crimes. This has reduced crime by an estimated 15 thousand. I bless you all. Let you all achieve experience live express radiate share explode and enrich with eternal bliss Nithyananda. Thank you.

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