January 18 2019

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Will Persistence-major challenge || Obstacle in Ashtanga and Sashtanga Yoga || Invitation to join Paramashivatva ||


The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam, His Divine Holiness, Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam, expounded on the Cosmic Principles of Will Persistence, during the everyday live public talk - Nithyananda Satsang. In this talk entitled Will Persistence Of The Greatest Siddha Purusha, His Divine Holiness revisited the concepts of natural selection, artificial selection, and conscious-conscious selection expounded upon the day before. In the artificial selection process, when someone is breeding you for the workforce, you are very integrated into that system by working your way up the career ladder. But when it comes to Conscious-Conscious selection for Living Enlightenment, the integrity kept to that system is very much less. HDH expounded that the worst problem any aadheenavasi, Kailaasavasi, full time devotee, disciple, or follower can create for themself is an unintegrated life. Tiredness, laziness and boredom is described as one of the worst obstacles in Ashtanga yoga and Sashtanga yoga.

HDH shared that when you don’t structure yourself and push yourself consciously and do the conscious-conscious choices every day; when the Yama and Niyama are taken very lightly, practices like Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi are taken very lightly - not only you collapse, you collapse lower than the natural selection process itself. Worse than that your visionary appears like an enemy to you. The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism then concluded Satsang with the invitation to all to join one of the upcoming batches of Paramashivatva.

Video and Audio - Will Persistence of the Greatest Siddha Purusha

Video Audio


(0:12) I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis, everyone sitting with us all over the world with my love and respects.

(0:39) I will continue to expand on Kailaasa, the enlightened civilization. Listen. One of the biggest problem a human being faces when he takes up full time Living Enlightenment as a lifestyle - like becoming aadheenavasi, Kailaasavasi, full time devotee, disciple, follower - worst problem they create for themself, worst destruction they cause for themself is laziness and unintegrated life, understand.

In your regular career, job, profession, you have to be integrated, only then you can raise in that career ladder. The peer pressure, the ecosystem constantly pressurizes you to be integrated to that system and so you can raise in the ladder; your pay cheque will become more and more heavy, your career, your title, all that will become more and more, your power will become more… more people will be working under you. Because of that, fundamentally you maintain integrity when it comes to the external world - your career. When you are bred by somebody, when somebody is breeding you - you are highly integrated. But unfortunately, in Living Enlightenment you need to make the conscious-conscious selection, where you do not keep even ten percent of that integrity level which you are forced to keep when you are, when somebody is breeding you. Paramashivattva.

Understand, this is one of the worst problem why we have such less number of enlightened beings! Even though so many wanted to be full time dedicated for Living Enlightenment, the number of Enlightened Beings is so less, because, in conscious-conscious selection process, you do not maintain the highest integrity level. You fall prey to laziness, tiredness, boredom. Paramashiva in His Sashtanga yoga, and descendants of Paramashiva like Patanjali in their Ashtanga yoga - tiredness, laziness, boredom and uninspired living, is describing, they are all describing tiredness, laziness, uninspired life as one of the worst obstacle.Tiredness, laziness, boredom is described as one of the worst obstacle in Ashtanga yoga and Sashtanga yoga, understand. Intensely you need to internalize this. You free yourself from all the responsibilities in the name of “Full time, I am going to become Kailaasavasi,” “I am going to be Living Enlightenment,” and all that. But, you don’t free yourself from your patterns of tiredness, laziness, boredom, non-involved lifestyle. Then what happens?

(4:46) When you don’t structure yourself and push yourself consciously and do the conscious-conscious choice every day, when the yama and niyama taken very lightly, practices like asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, samadhi is taken very lightly - not only you collapse, you collapse lower than the natural selection process itself. Even the natural selection process what you do, you stop doing even that. That is what I call falling into delusion, trobhava. Understand then, when you fall prey to tiredness, laziness, boredom - the person who tries to inspire you looks like a enemy for you. The worst curse you can have is your visionary appears like enemy for you. Once upon a time he was your visionary, now he looks like enemy for you, that is the worst curse. Then understand, your life is destroyed.

I have seen these full-time so-called seekers, who dedicate their life for sannyas or brahmacharya or Kailaasavasi, full time - the biggest crime they do is dedicating their life to laziness, tiredness, boredom, instead of conscious-conscious selection process. I give you one solution, most powerful solution - decide and take a vow in front of Kalabhairava, “from today, I will do my morning yoga, then pancha kriya, then satsang, sorry, then puja - Guru Puja and Shiva Puja, then satsang, only then enter into my other activities.” Make this as a vow, whatever time you get up, you have to do this. Whatever time you get up, you start your day with yoga, then pancha kriya, then puja - Guru Puja, Shiva Puja, then satsang, then your any other routine.What will happen? Naturally, you will get up in Brahma Muhurta and align with other seekers because at least you will have company. Try! Even if you missed morning going on time to yoga, to the Raja Sabha in Kailaasa, don’t bother, whenever you wake up, start doing it.Within few days, you know, you are not going to be stopped doing, then naturally you will align to timing.

(8:08) Understand, here there is two-layer problem - aligning to timing, breaking laziness. If you decide, “I will do whatever time I wake up, I don’t bother. I am not going to give up this spiritual practice.” When you decide, start doing it, in few days you will see “Oh, God!” You have to do all alone. You have to do yoga alone, if you wake up late time. If you don’t maintain the time integrity, then you have to do yoga all alone. You have to do pancha kriya all alone. You have to do puja all alone. You have to do satsang all alone - sit and watch satsang all alone. Then naturally what you will decide, “No, no, better to be aligned, integrated to time also.” Now what happens - if you missed the timing you think you don’t need to do. Then body starts enjoying, mind starts enjoying that laziness, cherishing that laziness.

So, from today, all Kailaasavasis and who are preparing themself to Kailaasavasis, for everyone - whatever time you get up, you have to do all these five. Yoga as per Prathama Vinyasa Krama, Nithyananda Yoga - all the twelve components; which is start every day in Nithyananda TV. Second - pancha kriya. Third - Guru Puja. Fourth - Shiva Puja. Fifth - satsang. All five, whatever time you may wake up from the bed, you do all these five, only then come to any other routine, come to any other activity. If you are alive and you are out of bed, you have to do all these five.

(10:08) And I want to tell you guys… extreme ecstasy and joy I had when I saw Sri Sri Siddaganga Mutt Swamiji of Tumkur Siddaganga Mahasamsthana. In hospital bed, almost there is no gap in his body, fully tied, every hole they have inserted tube - in the nose, in the mouth, everywhere. He is sitting and doing morning Shiva Puja. He is not even able to move his hand, but the will persistence! First thing I felt “Oh God! We need to create a ecosystem which will produce this kind of Siddha Purushas.” It is absolutely clear he is master of his body and mind. At this position, if he can chant the mantra and the way he was applying the vibuthi, I saw the video, I have shared it in the Facebook. All of you should see that. The way he was… typically when his Guru first time taught him how to apply the vibhuti, how he would have done, exactly he is doing that! And applying it. And his body is not even fully functional. But, his will persistence! I wanted all of you to watch this video. A ideal Siddha Purusha!

I want to tell you, he personally came and inaugurated the Adi Kailaasa in Bidadi. The Kailash in Bidadi, Bengaluru was inaugurated by Swamiji personally on 2001, sorry, 2003 January 1st. That time we were not a big organization, we were beginning. He said, “I know what you are beginning, I wanted to personally come.” I went and requested him. Actually I went to request only for his blessings, I never expected he will come. He said, “I am coming.” I was shocked because if he is coming, such a great personality, I have to make all the arrangements. Like a pandal, simhasan, everything. But, it’s a great fortune. Once he said, “I am coming,” how can I not run around. I ran around and did all the arrangements including invitation and everything. He came personally and blessed, inaugurated. One of the greatest Siddha Purusha living amongst us. I pray to Paramashiva, let Swamiji live long, inspiring all of us and showing the ideal way of existing. One of the greatest Shaivite saint of modern day. What a will persistence and personality. Oh God!

(13:50) We need to create a ecosystem to produce this kind of beings. Kailash should be the ecosystem producing this kind of Siddha Purushas, beings. And I tell you, the most inspiring video I have ever seen in my life is this few minute video. No other video has ever inspired me in my life than this video. I have seen enough of videos in my life. I have seen enough. But nothing has created such inspiration in me than this few seconds, few minute video clip. A sadhu, a saint, a Siddha Purusha, more than hundred and eleven, in the hospital bed, where he is not even able to move his hands, literally his whole body is tied, but, such strong will persistence, applying vibhuti and doing his puja. What a life. What a life. I wanted the whole Kailaasa to learn this will persistence and inspiration.

(15:58) Whenever you wake up, if you are alive that day, you will finish all these 5 activity, only then you will come to any other activity. Let this be your life. If you have left the body, in Kailaasa, you will be doing all these five; that’s all. If you are in the body, you will be doing whichever Kailaasa you are. If you left the body you will be doing in whichever Kailaasa you are. Let’s come to this intensity and integrity of spiritual practice. Understand, this intense spiritual practice creates the enlightenment ecosystem.

(16:56) Arey! Paramashiva comes down as Sundareshwara to Madurai ruling the greatest Sarvajnapeetha of Kailaasa Parampara. One of the, see, Kailaasa’s greatest Sarvajnapeetha - Madurai, Paramashiva comes as Sundareshwara and sits with Meenakshi and rules. He himself builds a Shiva temple and does puja to demonstrate to the world - whether you are a citizen or a king Shiva puja is compulsory. That temple is only is Inmaiyil Nanmai Tharuvar Temple in Madurai. Inmaiyil NanmaiT haruvar Temple is made by Sundareshwara personally for his anmartha puja.

(18:00) Let’s see the video of Sri Sri Tumkur Maha Swamiji doing his morning puja in hospital bed. (Video of Sri Sri Siddaganga Mutt Swamiji of Tumkur Siddaganga Mahasamsthana being screened)

(19:33) No video has inspired me in my life than this few seconds video. What a will persistence. I wanted all, whole sangha, Kailaasavasis to share this video today as the essence of today’s satsang - will persistence of the greatest Siddha Purusha.

Essence of today’s satsang - will persistence of the greatest Siddha Purusha. With this statement, share this video.

With this I bless you all. Once more I welcome all of you, invite all of you - come to Paramashivattva: February 1st, March 1st, April 1st, any one batch, and become Kailaasavasi to achieve the Paramashivattva. Register yourself immediately - kailaasavasi.kailaasa.org.

With this I bless you all. Let’s all radiate with integrity, authenticity, responsibility, enriching, causing, living Shuddhaadvaita Saivam, Paramashivoham, the eternal bliss, Nithyananda. Thank You. Be Blissful. (21:15)