February 21 2014

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Master Loves you but not your pattern by HDH Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam on 21 feb 2014


In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains that the best way to internalize the Master’s words is from a space of Completion. When the Master hits our patterns, he does it out of love for us, not our patterns. But if we do not complete that pattern, the incompletion turns into doubt and confusion, where even the truths in the Master’s words cannot penetrate us. Let us continuously practice Completion, disassociating with our patterns to deliver us to the space of consciousness.

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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmadaachaarya Paryanthaam

Vande Guru Paramparaam ||

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I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

Today I have something to share with you all about the Possibility of the Space.

Listen! There are some ultimate truths. Directly, or after a lot of suffering, beaten by ignorance, you have to come to this truth. It is a law of life.

Before entering into the satsangh, let us bow down to Mahadeva.

Today “Maamanukku Vazhakkuraitha Leelai”! Mahadeva is gracing us in the form of an uncle; coming as an uncle and settling the property litigation in favour of his nephew. Mahadeva is in the dress of a typical Madurai uncle!

There are some basic laws of life. If you are intelligent enough, you directly understand and grasp it. Or you get beaten by life. Actually, it is not even that life beats you. If you go and hit yourself against a wall, wall has not beaten you; you have hit yourself against the wall! So, life does not beat you; you go and hit at the life and get beaten.

Understand, anything in your life is possible by creation of the right space inside. Whether you are caught in the delusion of “hard work” or in the illusion of “some luck will happen”, understand, delusion or illusion.....

I wanted everyone of you to come to the space of listening. It is such an important subtle truth. Even if you miss a few words you may miss the whole thing! So, listen!

Sometimes we believe that to get anything is very difficult. Our first priority of belief is: “Impossible”. The second priority is: “Very hard”. The third priority is: “It is very difficult”. These are the priorities we have. Any work, first, our belief of “Impossible! Forget about it!” Or, “Very difficult!” Or, “Very hard!” This is one set of beliefs with which we work. Actually, how we develop this belief you know? We want to tell others we are great people! Arrey, tell others you are great by your great contributions, enriching everyone’s life, not by showing you have suffered so much! Every beggar in the street suffers so much; that doesn’t make him great!

We constantly believe if we show that we have suffered so much, struggled so much, we can become heroes in life. Negative heroism; negative heroism is one of the worst foolish things! Be a hero always by the positive contribution you are adding. When you try to show you are a big guy because you have suffered a lot, you are achieving very difficult things, even regular things you will start projecting it as “very difficult”, “impossible”, “very hard”.

Sometimes, I have seen, these fellows, these corrupt brokers who try to mediate between ordinary citizens and government officials, for any work to get done they say, ‘Oh, these are all not possible! This document you will never get it! It is very difficult! Give me two lakh rupees.’ Which you would have got it just by RTI (Right To Information Act), for ten rupees! You also start doing the same from the beginning in your life. You want to show you are a big guy. So funny! You start projecting everything as “very difficult”. By and by, you also start believing it that you are doing very difficult things!

What is Sangha? Taking up a Dhamma which is embodiment of Buddha and start experiencing that in your life, radiating that Nithyanandoham, “I am Nithyananda”! For the sake of a Dhamma which is demonstrated by the Buddha, when you start living, that is Sangha.

That has started happening only in 2013! Before that, Sangha is: Every individual consciously deciding to form and live the Dhamma which is demonstrated by Buddha. That is Sangha.

So whenever I see sometimes people coming and telling me, if you don’t how to build the graph consciously, you will always be singing about the accidental peaks that happened in your life. The fellows who are talking about the peaks, but don’t have the capability to raise themselves to the next level peaks, be very clear, in their life the peaks have happened accidentally! I am not an accident; I am an incarnation! I am not an accident; I am an incarnation!

Listen! The space you create, take responsibility for, becomes reality. Before you create the space, even if you feel some luck is happening, that will not stay with you; that will not be stable with you. With the space, out of the space if you create, the inner space if you create, even if somebody tries to take it away, it cannot be taken away from you! That is what I saw in my experience. The people who are connected through the maturity of the space, no one has been able to move them out, pull them out! The people who were not connected through the space, they were never around me! They might have been near me, but not around me!

Listen! It is the conscious decision of living the Dhamma demonstrated by Buddha that makes a Sangha. Sangha is not a political party that you can be there for some other reason. If you are together because of fear or favour, you can be a political party or social revolution. Social revolution, political parties, social organizations, they can all be together due to fear or favour; but a spiritual Sangha is together only to radiate the Dhamma demonstrated by Buddha. Only now I can say, the Sangha has started! Only in 2013 the Sangha has started!

In India you’ll see, if just ten of you stand in the street and start looking at something, without even asking why you are looking, what you are looking at, another twenty people will gather, and in one hour there will be three thousand-four thousand people; nobody know why they have gathered and what they are looking for, what is the purpose of the gathering! In India for anything crowd will gather. Crowd is there everywhere and it just gathers!

Understand, don’t mistake a gathered crowd as a Sangha! If you mistake the gathered crowd as a Sangha, you will take lot of wrong decisions in life. You will feel the power which is not there; you will feel powerlessness which is not there. Whenever you feel the power which is not there, you are going to feel powerlessness which is not there.

Listen! Let the space inside be made more and more mature. It IS possible! That is the good news! Every day, let your thinking become more and more mature. Please understand, be very clear, on any one day you have to be LIBERATED; till then you are going to be moving, travelling, journeying. Don’t think that on any one day you are going to be DOOMED; till then you are going to be travelling, moving, journeying. No! On any one day you are going to be LIBERATED; till then you are going to be travelling, moving, journeying. So, let that be known as your destination inside you. ‘See till I achieve that ultimate, I am going to be constantly made to move. Better let me get it now, as early as possible, so that I will rest in peace’. If you think, ‘Any one day anyhow I am going to be a failure’, then you are moving towards getting doomed. Constantly, constantly, constantly, tirelessly move yourself towards the powerful space and the space of Completion.

Yesterday we were having a session in the Inner Awakening. I was helping them to complete and teaching them the process of speaking into the listening of the listener. Understand, all the time when you speak, you just release gas through the mouth. What is inside, you just release. You do not have a purpose. Consciously your speaking is not aligned with the purpose. Ramakrishna will tell, ‘If you eat radish, you will belch radish’. Same way, you have all broken thoughts and you just blurt it out. They don’t even have one alignment. Speaking to make the listener move! When you start speaking to make the listener move, your words get aligned, powerful.

There is another one kind of speaking: just you blabber! Suddenly you say, ‘Hey, do you know who am I? I have done this, this, this, this...!’ Many times, I find very funny, when people come I have a very high opinion about them, when they try to describe all their achievements, whatever opinion I had about them just falls and crumbles, and falls into dust! Because, they themselves have not realized their real achievements and they go on believing their false achievements or the false opinions and ideas as their achievements. There are some people who have done a real good job to society, but their personality is not built on that contribution. Their personality is built on one small house they built for themselves or a car they bought for themselves. Foolish fellows! Their personality is not built on the huge contribution they have made to the society.

Many times, listen, many times you create power out of the lies. That is why you collapse into powerlessness.

Whenever you do not listen to the Guru’s words directly, life sends the demon of doubt on you, understand! The worst curse to a person, to a human-being, is doubt and confusion. You don’t need anything else to destroy his life. Just this one demon – doubt and confusion – is enough; his whole life will be wasted! The Guru Gita beautifully says, ‘When you don’t listen to the Master’s words, the curse for you is nothing but just doubt and confusion.’

One of Ramakrishna’s disciples sings a beautiful stotra: ‘Samshaya raakshasa naasha mahaastram, Yaami Gurum sharanam bhavavaidyam.’ A beautiful incident happened in his life. Somebody comes to Ramakrishna. This disciple was sitting next to Ramakrishna, and the visitor who came, he is also a disciple; I can say, a so-called disciple. Ramakrishna gives some very important decisions for his life to that visitor disciple. And that fellow does not follow it. The visitor disciple goes away and he doesn’t follow it.

After six months, this residential disciple – the residential disciple’s name is Abhedananda, and the visitor disiciple’s name was Niranjan; this Abhedananda Swami is a Sannyasi; he took sannyas later on – he sees this Niranjan somewhere, sees him in the worst depression and brings him back.

The Master does not say much. Ramakrishna does not say much. He says, ‘Okay...’ He blesses him and sends him away.

Then Abhedananda asks Ramakrishna, ‘Did you curse him because he did not listen to your words?’

Ramakrishna says, ‘No, I never curse, but when you don’t listen to the Master’s words, life curses you with doubt and confusion, which is the worst curse!’

The greatest destroyer of your life is doubt and confusion which gets into your system to completely doubt you. Doubting the Master, doubting the intention of the Master, doubting your own intention of life, doubting yourself, when you are not able to handle these doubts, falling into confusion.

Then Abhedananda Swami asks, ‘What is the solution?’

Because Niranjan has started moving out of the life and started developing all bad habits, his life may be destroyed.

Ramakrishna says, ‘When he learns from life that the Master is more worthy than his plans, his doubts, his confusions in his life, he will come back!’

Jnanatma has a question: ‘Swamiji, at one point all of us don’t listen to the Master, else we would have become enlightened long back. But is not listening once enough?’

You have not even listened once, don’t you understand!!?

‘Samshaya raakshasa naasha mahaastram, Yaami Gurum sharanam bhavavaidyam.’ The doubt and confusion which makes you believe the Master is a man and his words are mere words....! Listen, “Upadesha” (Master’s advice) is not a mere word! Master is not a man! “Teertha Kshetra” is not a city! The “teertha” is not just a river! When your mind says, ‘All these are mere words...come on..!’ that’s it! Then they are mere words! The moment you think, ‘He (Master) is also a man like us...come on...!’ over then!

In Tukaram’s life, there is a beautiful one-line: ‘Oh God, give me any punishment, but never make me see your deity as a stone, or see the Guru as a man, or your mantra as just words! Other than these three, give me any punishment. Because any punishment I will come out of it if I see your deity as you, and Guru as Guru, and mantra as mantra! If I lose context of these three, deity becomes stone, and Guru becomes man, and mantra becomes words, then nothing else is there to save me in life!’ He says, ‘You punish me in any way...!’ Tukaram is a great Bhakti Sampradaya leader, one of the very eminent Bhakti Sampradaya leaders.

The essence I am trying to convey to all of you through this satsangh is, let you create a powerful space inside you by Completion and then build your life on it. Let your life be built on the space of Completion, not on confusion. If you are blessed enough, even if you are blessed enough to be directly guided by the Master, even if I tell you what is your life, till the Completion happens in you, you will not be able to grasp! You will only think I have some personal ulterior motive to tell you what your life is!

Many times, people come and ask me, ‘Swamiji, I want to marry this boy. Shall I marry?’

I tell them, ‘Go and bring the horoscope to me’.....as if I cannot see....! This horoscope drama is one of the biggest dramas I do. It means, the person is not ready to listen.

Then I show him, ‘See the logic......’

Listen! After she brings the horoscope and shows, ‘this is the person I wanted to marry....this is my horoscope....’ I look at it and tell, ‘Okay, alright...’ Then any decision I give, she feels ‘Oh okay, Swami has attended to me, he took time and his opinions are right’. If I straight away tell something, either she feels I have not attended to her, just casually because I have to push her to see the next person he told something! Or she will think, ‘May be he didn’t like that guy, that boy, that is why he told me not to marry him.’ People have their own doubts!

That is why I am telling you, only when you create the space of Completion in you, even if you have the fortune of directly guided by the Master; my answer will be your answer from inside!

Yesterday the whole process was, I never answered any questions! They asked me questions, ‘I said, I have decided I will not answer any questions in this session, I am only giving you the project; I won’t give you the process, you do!’ I saw, yesterday is the best session! So much Completion happened in the Inner Awakening! If you have the Completion inside, the process will come out of you. If you don’t have Completion inside, even if I give the process you will not execute it, because till it becomes answer from your inside, you will not feel associated with it!

The essence:

First thing, do not have a deep love for your dirty patterns. Do not associate yourself with your patterns. When the Master touches your patterns, know very clearly he loves you, but hates your patterns. Don’t change the role! Don’t say he hates you and loves your patterns. No! He loves you and hates your patterns! Ability to constantly disassociate yourself from the known patterns is Consciousness. Ability to disassociate yourself constantly from the known patterns is Consciousness. If you think you don’t have that ability, you have become unconscious. Whenever you think you don’t have the ability to disassociate yourself from the known patterns, you are caught in the sub-conscious. Whenever you think you have the ability to disassociate yourself from the known and unknown patterns, both, you are Super Conscious! Whenever you are very sure, even if you know it is your pattern, and you can never get disassociated with it, you are unconscious.

I wanted our gurukul kids to take up this game. Next one month, the moment you remember, the moment you understand it is a pattern, you have to drop it. You cannot struggle with it. You cannot say, ‘I will complete it.’ No! Next one month, this is the game for Gurukul kids. Done?

Gurukul kids: ‘YES!!!!’

The moment you know this is pattern, what you are supposed to do?

Gurukul kids: “DROP IT!!!!’

Yesterday in the Inner Awakening session, every line I was uttering, Jnanatma was clapping. ‘Oh! Every line is a punch! Every line is a punch! Every line is a punch!’ But are you allowing that punch to chisel you? That is where it matters! I uttered a word: ‘When you complete Inner Awakening and go out, your consciousness, the consciousness you carry is my billboard. Only through that I am doing my advertisement. The consciousness you carry is my billboard.’ People go and put their ads, on this billboard, that billboard in railway stations, platforms and airports and airport roads and bus stands, but no one can put their advertisement in consciousness other than me...other than us! The consciousness you carry is my billboard!

The essence of today’s satsangh:

Bring Completion into you. Only then, whether you live with the Master or away from the Master, you will find the solution. Even if you are living with the Master, even if he gives you a direct word, it will not click in you and become a realization, or a decision in your life, unless you bring yourself to the space of Completion. Your confusions will never allow it to become Completion in you, the action in you.

I bless you all! Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching and Causing the eternal bliss, Nithyananda! Thank you!


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