25th March eNNews Nithyananda 2012

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The Headlines 1. In the morning satsang from Raga Sabha Swamiji talked about fantasy and fulfillment. 2. Swamiji continues his esoteric evening series satsangs tonight at 7pm IST. 3. A review of the March 24 esoteric evening series satsang. 4. The Avatar, PAramahamsa Nithyananda is Now on Twitter!! 5. Kalpataru and eNHealth/eNWealth programs coming up this weekend with Swamiji Live from Hyderabad 6. A press meet is tentatively scheduled for Monday at noon from nithyananda dhyanapeetam. 7. 2 doctors speak about the Panca kriyas from Bidadi Adheenam @ 3pm on entv: March 25 through 27th. 8. News video fresh from Los Angeles 9. Three videos from Seattle Nithyananda Vedic Temple center 10. News updates from Thiruvannamalai 11. Adayar youth group gathers in Chennai • 12. The next poornami full moon day is april sixth and Swamiji will be in Thiruvannamalai to give a live satsang and darshan as well as Rudrabishakem and Rudrahoma. 13. And Swamji blesses another kalpataru group this evening

Link to Video: