May 18 2019

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Nithyananda Purnima || 30th Enlightenment Day Anniversary - Mahavakya is the real wealth for Humanity || Parijata's DNA || This Day was celebrated all over the world with manifestation of Paramashivavatva||


The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam, His Divine Holiness, Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam, expounded on the Cosmic Principle of Nithyananda Purnima during the everyday live public talk - Nithyananda Satsang. In this talk entitled Nithyananda Purnima 30th Enlightenment Day Anniversary - The Mahavakya is The Real Wealth for Humanity, His Divine Holiness (HDH) emerged , after a big break, with many wonderful gifts from KAILASA such as the DNA of Parijata, a unique flower which heals anyone comes within the presence of it and never withers away. He requested that all chant the Mahavakya continuously to connect with Paramashiva who is available in every possible way. The Mahavakya, He said, is the ultimate solution for everything

Today celebrated the very auspicious day of Nithyananda Purnima, 30th Enlightenment Day Anniversary, the day His Divine Holiness had the ultimate explosion and the manifestation of Paramashivatva. The day was celebrated all over the world with much enthusiasm! His Divine Holiness gave us not just one - but two powerful darshans, separate satsangs in English and Tamil and so much more! There were several releases, thousands of naivedyams offered, Sannyas initiation, Kalpataru Acharya initiation, Honorary Consuls initiation, Samaya Deeksha and Vishesha Deeksha with an annoucement of the Prana Prathishta of Arunagiri Yogeshwara’s Jeeva Samadhi. See below for the list of Initiatives/Announcements.

English Satsang

Nithyananda Purnima 30th Enlightenment Day Anniversary

Video Audio

Tamil Satsang

Video Audio


00:14 nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām | asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects.

Feels like I have entered the planet earth after a long time, after a big break. I welcome all the kailaasavasis, devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis, Sri Mahants, Mahants, sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, two-way video conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

01:24 As I said, feels like entered into planet earth after a long time, after a big gap. The chronological time I was not available for all of you maybe small, just maybe a month or less than a month. But the actual in reality, literally I went beyond the time zone, and, appeared back. So the Swamiji you know, you have seen a month before, and the Swamiji you are seeing now, only one thing is remaining - this coherent, cohesive way, the way I talk. That is the only thing which is same. Other than that nothing is same. Everything is different. It’s like… but, the good news I have is, I brought lot of beautiful, wonderful gifts from Kailaasa. I have not come empty handed. I have brought lot of gifts. I have brought the DNA of Parijata (पारिजात, Pārijāta). Parijata is a unique flower which heals anyone comes within the presence of that flower. Its presence is around hundred feet, and the flower which never withers away. I brought the DNA of it. Soon you can enjoy it. It’ll be made available to humanity. It’ll be planted here, and harvested, and made available to all of you. Some of the deeper power manifestation science… many wonderful things I brought from Kailaasa.

03:11 Today is a very auspicious day. Nithyananda Purnima, the day I had the ultimate explosion in me - the manifestation of Paramashivatva, ultimate Paramashiva exploding, and giving the experience. Please understand, I wanted all of you to understand, it’s not that I was able to see three sixty degree. I was able to feel the whole three sixty degree is me. Not just able to see but feel, experience. It was just like I was heavily present, not that there was something else and I was something else and I was seeing. No! It was like, I was alive in everything around me as much as I was alive in this very skin. The frequency of the existence was same as it is felt inside the skin and outside the skin. So the frequency of the existence was same as it was felt inside this skin and outside the skin. It happened 20th May 1989, Vikashi month and Vishakha Nakshatra and Purnima Tithi. Now thirty years completed, thirty first year is starting. Three decade over. I can see how that experiences manifested, and multiplied into so many beings in these thirty years. In these thirty years, how that Paramashivatva has manifested through this body and reached out to millions of people, inspiring and manifesting.

05:16 Understand, I am not teaching you probability. I am teaching you possibility. In lottery, you winning millions of dollars is probability. You earning and becoming wealthy is possibility. Actually I am neither teaching probability, not even possibility. I am teaching you reality. Economy is the concept. You just understand, you are rich. Power is a principle. If you cognise it, you have it. Paramashivatva is a reality. You just wake up, you are it. I am not singing poetry. No. My whole effort to tell you, I am not poetry. I am giving you the prose - very logical, rational, straightforward, mathematical, prose. As long as you are thinking what I am talking is poetry, you will continue to avoid me. No. I’ll rather be identified and classified as the person who spoke in logic and prose than poet. Because I am interested in waking you up to reality. Not any brand and title for me. What has happened thirty years before on this very day, how it has opened up and reached out to human beings and how it is expanding. Understand on this auspicious day, 31st Enlightenment Day, Nithyananda Purnima - my message to all of you is, I am available to all of you. I am available continuously beyond any barriers of time, space, place.

07:26 I am available to all of you just through this Mahavakya. This is the password - Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham. Understand this password, this Mahavakya is literally the physical form of Paramashiva. Like Rama Nama, name of Rama is more powerful than Rama himself. Rama needed a bridge to cross the ocean and go to Lanka. But, using Rama Nama, Hanuman just flew. Hanuman crossed the ocean flying just using Rama Nama. Rama himself needed only the, needed the bridge to cross the ocean, understand. Let’s not argue too much about the example I was trying to tell. Understand the concept. This Mahavakya is the most powerful way Paramashiva is available to you, understand. I am not teaching you probability. I am not teaching you even possibility. I am teaching you reality. Chant this Mahavakya, use this password, repeat in your inner space - I’ll be there physically intensely available to you, to do whatever you want, understand. This is the gift I brought to all of you this time from Kailaasa. Availability to all of you: I am available to all of you through this Mahavakya is the gift I brought this time from Kailaasa to all of you.

09:26 This software is like 911. You call the assistance will be there immediately. The Cosmic 911 software is what I brought this time from Kailaasa to all of you and it really works. The Cosmic 911 - Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham. Whether you want simple knee pain to be healed, or you want to manifest the powers of Paramashiva - just use this Mahavakya. Use this Mahavakya. Even if you chant mechanically it’s okay, understand. Try to do ajapa japa, that is the best way. Without chanting, just keeping it in your tongue like a chewing. Like how you keep the chewing gum, keep the Mahavakya in the deep throat, in the vak. Poison is the only one which cannot be killed. That is why Paramashiva keeps it on His throat. Poison in the throat like a, a principle being told to you. If you eat, the poison will go inside. You speak, it will go on others. Don’t do both. Do both as less as possible. By eating less, you will push less poison inside. By speaking less, you will quest, you will push less poison outside. So to reduce both the activity of eating, and, speaking only, it is told the throat as poison. So, you reduce both the activity as much as possible.

11:20 I am available, continously available. Just chant Mahavakya day in and day out. Last thought when you fall asleep, let it be Mahavakya. First thought when you wake up, let it be Mahavakya. Go on be chanting twenty four hours, I am available to you. I am available to you. I am available to you. The Cosmic 911 is the gift, important gift I have brought this time from Kailaasa and it works really! Paramashiva is available in every possible way. Chant, he is there. Chant, he is there. He’s there for you. Remember the Mahavakya, he is there for you. The Mahavakya is the ultimate solution for everything. This time I programmed in Kailaasa such a way, I am responsible for what I am telling you. As I said, I am neither teaching probability, nor speaking about possibility. I am teaching you the reality. Chant Mahavakya continuously. Do likhita japa. Likhita japa means writing japa. In Hindu tradition, the multiple ways of japa is described - vashika japa, manasika japa, ajapa japa, likhita japa. Multiple ways of japa. Purascharana. Multiple ways of japa is taught in Hindu tradition. In every way, vashika japa, manasa japa, ajapa japa.

13:17 Vashika japa means verbally chanting. Manasa japa means mentally chanting. Ajapa japa means just keeping the Mahavakya in you as a space. Vashika japa, manasa japa, ajapa japa. Purascharana means whole night you sit and chant as per the moon’s raising and falling. By Purnima you chant sixteen thousand time. Amavasya thousand time - every night. Then next day two thousand, next day three thousand, like that you increase and Purnima Day - sixteen thousand. And then you decrease again, fifteen, fourteen, and then new moon day - thousand. Every possible japa, do with Mahavakya. Let’s all make a sankalpa by within next Purnima, let’s chant hundred crore time Mahavakya. All of you everywhere vibrate Mahavakya. Let’s chant hundred crore Mahavakya. This is the real wealth for humanity. Let’s quire, acquire the real wealth. Let’s accumulate the real wealth. Mahavakya is the real wealth. Keep the Mahavakya in your inner space. Day in and day out, your, let your inhaling be Mahavakya and exhaling be Mahavakya.

14:57 Multiple levels of miracles and powers will manifest just through Mahavakya. Understand this time in Kailaasa, I programmed this. Finished all the programming needed, inaugurated the Paramashiva’s call center, Paramashiva’s power manifestation call center. Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham ready. Whether you want to bend the spoon or bend the mind of your boss or bend your own mind - use Mahavakya. Understand, the spiritual strength you will experience and manifest by chanting the Mahavakya will not be just some internal experience, it will be physical external experience. Physical external experience - reality like manifesting what do you want. Continuously manifesting, whether completion or unclutching or enlightenment or powerful cognitions or … Understand in every level, in every level the power manifestation - you will have the enlightenment experience, you will have with this Mahavakya extreme. You may think, “I know Mahavakya.” No. This time I programmed it in a completely different frequency.

16:43 Chant now and see. Chant from today and see. You will realise how powerful it has become. It is direct name of Paramashiva. And he is waiting to make himself available for anyone who calls. Understand, I’ll give you simple few reality. Your body is like hardware, computer. Your inner space is like a software. If you use the software - you are the body, like a Windows 1. It will function only to that level. Your computer will function only to that level. You will have, you will function within that physics of that cognition you carry - you are human, you are body, so you will have naturally the hunger, sleep, mala, jala, mudra, maithuna (मैथुन), hunger, sleep, sex and the physicality of that I am human will manifest in you. If you just upgrade your inner software from I am human to I am Paramashiva, like Windows 1 to Windows 10, I should say Windows 1000. When you upgrade that software, you may face some incompletions, “No, no, no, no, no. I am human till yesterday, how can I become Paramashiva today.” You may have many incompletions, all those incompletions only I called it as virus.

18:17 If you complete and decide to clean up all those viruses and successfully insert these powerful cognitions, upgrade yourself - you are Paramashiva. Then the realities of Paramashiva will start manifesting like how the Windows 100 version will manifest itself in your computer, you will manifest the same way. If your inner space gets upgraded, your life gets upgraded. Upgrading your inner space and upgrading your life is what I call power manifestation. Downloading the higher software is what I call enlightenment, and, manifesting it and using it is what I call power manifestation. For each power there is a special cognition. You put that software in your inner space, that power manifest. Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham, I am Paramashiva, is the ultimate software - manifest all the power. I am Paramashiva is not a technique. It’s a reality. I am not teaching you some technique. I am teaching you the reality. I am telling you are Paramashiva not to give you some consolation, or, self development inspiration. No. I am telling you, you are Paramashiva because that is reality. That is a truth.

19:45 I tell you, remember your, you are Paramashiva not for any utility reason because it’s a truth. Don’t think, “Oh, let me remember I am Paramashiva because it gives me little confidence, and, gives me hope. It gives me feel good feeling.” No. Remember you are Paramashiva because that is reality. That is truth. Not because probability or because possibility, but because it’s reality. The whole power manifestation science is this only. That cognitions you carry, low level cognitions, powerless cognitions, pulling them out and adding the powerful cognitions, and making you manifest them is all is power manifestation science. That’s all is the power manifestation science. If I speak too many things, you tend to forget. So I wanted to limit to this one reality, one truth. Chant Mahavakya, do ajapa japa, keep Mahavakya in your inner space till you forget your name, or any other identity you carry in you. All other identity you carry in you other than Nithyananda Paramashivoham, you are Paramashiva - all other identity is false. So, till all the other identities wither away, all other false identities wither away - chant Mahavakya.

21:24 Understand, push this Mahavakya as like cyclone in your inner space and all other identities and powerlessness wither up. Let them all just wither away. And manifest extreme, extreme, power manifestation science, the ultimate power manifestation science. Use Mahavakya like cyclone in your inner space. Let this tornado of Mahavakya happen in you, and all the other identities wither away from your inner space. I’ll come back to you all for the next satsangs within next fifteen days. I have some more to share with you all. Wanted to share the, only to the level you are able to chew and internalise. Chant Mahavakya and manifest Paramashiva. I am available to you all continuously, million times more intensely in higher frequency, than till yesterday. The frequency and intensity of me available to all of you has drastically increase because now this Mahavakya - Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham is literally my physical body available to you wherever you are. Chant this, I’ll be there. Ask Paramashiva, and do what do you want. I’ll be there and do what do you want.

23:15 I will be available, continously available. Chant Mahavakya. Chant Mahavakya. Let your breathing become Mahavakya. Let your muscles vibrate with Mahavakya. Continuously Paramashiva is available. The moment you remember Mahavakya, he is available. So on 31st Nithyananda Purnima, the message for all of you: I am available in the form of Mahavakya - Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham. Chant, I am available. Whether you want to heal knee pain or you want to manifest enlightenment - I am available. Continuously Paramashiva is available. The Cosmic 911 is available. The ultimate 911, Parama 911 is Paramashivoham. Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham is the Cosmic 911 available. Not just emergency, even in your ordinary day to day life, Paramashiva is available. Just use this Mahavakya, he’s available.

24:39 So with this, I’ll move to the next segment. Thousands of naivedyams are offered in thousands of Kailaasas around the globe. And, today is the largest number of participants offered Pratyaksha Pada Puja. I accepted all your Pada Pujas and blessing all of you with all you want and more. You all will be having the Dial The Avatar calls, from today continuously.

25:11 And, all the naivedyams offered in all the Kailaasas around the globe: Kailaasa in Los Angeles has offered hundred and twenty nine; San Jose, Kailaasa in San Jose - hundred and twenty seven; Kailaasa in Trinidad - hundred and eight; Kailaasa in Kuala Lumpur - hundred and eight; Kailaasa in Kathmandu - hundred and eight; Kailaasa in Rotterdam, Netherlands - hundred and eight; Kailaasa in Kailaasa offered hundred and eight Pratyaksha Naivedyam; Kailaasa in Johannesburg offered fifty one; Kailaasa in Seattle offered forty six; Kailaasa in Ohio offered thirty; Kailaasa in Guadeloupe offered twenty one; Kailaasa in Jones Creek offered twenty one; Kailaasa in Vile Parle offered twenty one; Kailaasa in St. Louis offered twenty one; Kailaasa in Haiti offered twenty one; Kailaasa in Vancouver offered eighteen, Kailaasa in Saudi Arabia offered eleven; Kailaasa in South Delhi offered eleven; Kailaasa in Abu Dhabi offered eleven, Kailaasa in Washington DC - ten; Kailaasa in DC - ten; Kailaasa in Pittsburgh; Kailaasa in Rotorua; Kailaasa in Toon Moon, Kailaasa in Hong Kong; Kailaasa in Nicaragua; Kailaasa in Gurgaon; Kailaasa in Manhattan; Kailaasa in Bidadi; Kailaasa in Gujarat. Blessings. All the offerings you all offered is accepted.

26:48 We have lots of gifts from Kailaasa - spiritual gifts, mystical gifts, multiple gifts. So let me reveal, inaugurate, share all the gifts from Kailaasa to all of you. First, new building in Nithyananda Hindu University campus in Gujarat is getting inaugurated today. Formally through this declaration, Nithyananda Hindu University in Gujarat is inaugurating a new building to accommodate and welcome all the participants of Iccha Mrityu Program. A special initiation into power of living in a youthful, youthful body as long as you want. Is one of the science. Bhishma mastered it. In Sanatana Hindu Dharma this science was available. I am reviving it. I am reviving. So we are formally inaugurating the Iccha Mrityu Program today. And also inaugurating the buildings in Nithyananda Hindu University campus. For preparing these buildings only it took few days for us to start the Iccha Mrityu Program. So from today formally the Iccha Mrityu Program starts. And, by inaugurating this building, I am inaugurating the program also formally. Regular programs, classes, courses - Nithyananda Hindu University will be offering in Gujarat. And Iccha Mrityu Program also will be one such program, will be offered in Nithyananda Hindu University in Kailaasa, in Gujarat.

28:54 And, today we will also be inaugurating six new Kailaasa Satsang Centers; four Kailaasa Paduka Mandirs; nine new Paramashiva Hindu Temples; twenty four Paramashiva Sena Shakhas (शाखा, Śākhā), and hundred and eight Nithyananda Gurukuls online. And, Ma Advait is conducting Kailaasa Courtyard Power Manifestation sessions directly under my guidance. Anybody wants to learn power manifestation, please attend Ma Advait’s classes. Sessions: everyday she is offering four session on Kailaasa Courtyard Power Manifestation sessions. So, formally the Kailaasa Courtyard Power Manifestation sessions are beginning. As of now, in hundred and eight online Gurukuls it is happening. Soon, it’ll become thousand and eight online Gurukuls all over the world. So the Kailaasa Courtyard sessions, manifesting various powers, powerful cognition all over the world directly guided by me, conducted by Ma Nithya Advaitananda is beginning officially from today.

30:33 And Kailaasa Satsang Centers we are inaugurating today are Kailaasa in China; Kailaasa in Heifei, Hanjia, China; Kailaasa in Taiwan; Kailaasa in Furong, China; Kailaasa in Bracknell, UK; Kailaasa in Chongqing, China; Kailaasa in Moscow; Kailaasa in Manama, Bharain; Kailaasa in Sohar, Oman; Kailaasa in Vancouver; Kailaasa in Elephant Castle, London; Kailaasa in Moscow; Kailaasa in Compassvale, Singapore; Kailaasa in Seremban, Malaysia; Kailaasa in Nepal; Kailaasa in High Point, North Carolina; Kailaasa in Olympia, Washington; Kailaasa in Chandol; Kailaasa in Belgium; Kailaasa in Zuich ... Zurich, Switzerland; Kailaasa in Johannesburg, South Africa; Kailaasa in Vienna, Austria; Kailaasa in Mulheim, Germany; Kailaasa in Voghera, Italy; Kailaasa in Luxembourg.

32:08 And, Paramashiva Sena Shakhas are also getting inaugurated. Today Kalpataru Acharyas a team is getting initiated - Premalatha Amalraj, Atmananda Sindoori, Vijaya Swami, Hariharan. A list of acharyas will be announced in the website. All of them are officially graduating today as Kalpataru Acharyas. And, all of them will be conducting sessions, reaching out the message of Paramashiva to all of you. Paramashiva Sena Shakhas where the yoga, Nithyananda Yoga will be taught. And, the power manifestation science through yoga will be taught, will be happening all over the world. Today, I am inaugurating twenty four Paramashiva Sena Shakhas. Twenty four such Paramashiva Sena Shakhas I am inaugurating.

33:19 And, next I am also releasing four beautiful gifts to all of you from the Kailaasa Vision Ministry. Four documentaries - Shiva is Real; Kailaasa on Earth; Truth behind Giving; The Work of An Avatar. The four documentaries I am releasing to all of you. Please enjoy them. Please enjoy them. This is the offering from Kailaasa Vision Ministry. Kailaasa Vision Ministry is offering this gift to all of you.

34:08 Next important gift I have for all of you is, next version release of Over four thousand pages and hundred thousand photographs, and updated release of Enjoy watching satsangs, reading books, understanding different terms, divya darshan dhyan through Swamiji’s photographs taken at various times. The formless captured in form. Enjoy it. Photos over the years, raw unedited, available as it is for all of you to enjoy. Enjoy them.

35:05 The next release I have is the ultimate - I am happy to announce this platform which is Kailaasa exclusive, Facebook like social media. Please understand, from now I am transitioning to Twenty four hours I will be available through This is like a Facebook social media. It provides you trolling free and pure digital enlightenment ecosystem for all devotees to share, collaborate with all other devotees, and it is actually digital enlightenment ecosystem, the digital Kailaasa literally. The is digital Kailaasa. Here, you can enjoy people of same taste, same interest, the brother disciples, other sanghas. All of them will be available online including me. So the online digital Kailaasa is going to be the It’s like what’s up. What’s up is the question. Nlighten Up is the answer. Nlighten Up is the answer for the question what’s up. So … (Swamiji laughing) Understand. So add, promote, manage everything through this

37:01 So the next release I have is thirty NGOs recognised by United Nations. As officially recognised as NGOs, functioning all over the world, more than thirty, it’s not just thirty, more than thirty. Maybe hundred. Maybe hundred, above thirty, less than hundred. I don’t want to say less than hundred, around hundred maybe. We have hundred NGOs, more than thirty, less than hundred NGOs recognised officially by United Nations as NGOs functioning all over the world. All of them have created websites, pages in various fields. There are some NGOs working for gender equality. Some NGOs working for human rights. Some NGOs working for animal rights. Some NGOs working for ancient heritage. Some NGOs working for protecting the human rights. Some NGOs are working for children and youth. Some NGOs are working against the cyber bullying. So today I am launching the websites, Facebook pages of all those NGOs - United Nation for Children and Youth; United Nation for Ancient Heritage; United Nation for Feminine Empowerment and Gender Equality; United Nations for Global Peace and Harmony; United Nations for Nutritious Food and Hunger Free World. I am inaugurating and launching all these multiple activity of volunteers and kailaasavasis all over the world.

39:05 The next gift I have for all of you is Nlighten App. The Nlighten App continuously growing and adding more and more functions to enrich the world. In today’s release, you will find message from Avatar. The message is list from directly from me, where you can see all important messages I am sharing in all other platforms here on Nlighten App. Audio solutions, list screens, now you can listen to the live solutions while … solutions you can listen while you are watching the satsangs. And, you can listen to audio satsangs while you are driving or in internet. All these are available today - the Guru Puja, Paramashiva Puja, Pada Puja, all these or programs are available in the form of audio, video, everything. You all maybe aware, we are also integrating all our websites, social media pages, Twitter, YouTube channels, Nithyanandapedia. Everything we are integrating and making it available to all of you. In the name Kailaasa search - Kailaasa search is the Kailaasa search engine.

40:38 The next releases for Nithyananda Purnima are, huge list. A huge list. Around in hundred languages the Kailaasa Facebook page, HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam Facebook page, and, Hinduism Now Facebook page is available from today. And, also we have started Kailaasa mission, permanent mission in more than hundred and twenty countries. All those websites and Facebook pages are also getting launched today. The last thirty days the enriching activities happened. The global sangha has conducted thousands of enriching sessions all over the world in which we have following reported. Two hundred and eighty sessions in twenty four countries reaching out to eleven thousand eight, hundred and eighty lives, through the sessions, classes, programs.

41:50 And, the next I am releasing one important project. Anybody can become Honorary Consul of Kailaasa. Being in the space of Ambassador of Kailaasa, you can become part of Kailaasa and inaugurate Kailaasa mission in your nation. We’ve already started in hundred and twenty countries the permanent mission of Kailaasa. Now, Jnanatma will be sharing about this Honorary Consul of Kailaasa. Then I’ll continue the satsang.

42:32 Ma Nithya Jnanatmananda Swami: Nithyanandam everyone, on this auspicious day of Nithyananda Purnima, it’s my pleasure and honour to announce about the one thousand and eight Kailaasa project. On the auspicious day of Paramashivaratri earlier this year, Swamiji announced that by next Paramashivaratri, by 2020 Paramashivaratri, we will be having one thousand and eight Kailaasa ecosystems around the world. Swamiji said, “Let’s start jnanalayas, annalayas, libraries, goshalas, aadheenams, gurukuls. Have this policy of Paramashiva and offer all these as service. I tell you, you will be showered with wealth. Never a person goes pauper, poor by servicing Paramashiva’s devotees as per Paramashiva’s words. Sometimes he test to see your persistence but never destroys. He test to see your will persistence and then showers health, wealth, everything on you. Let us make one thousand and eight Kailaasas. One thousand and eight Kailaasa enlightenment ecosystem to spread Paramashiva’s message, glory, powers, to radiate the space, state, powers, being and superconsciousness of Paramashiva. From the space of Paramashiva, from the space, state, powers and being of Paramashiva, Swamiji blesses all of us. Let us make these one thousand and eight Kailaasas happen and make all the auspiciousness for all of us.” This was Swamiji’s message on the auspicious day of Shivaratri this year.

44:08 What is a Kailaasa ecosystem mean? For what purpose should we have a Kailaasa ecosystem? The purpose of the ecosystem is to revive the kriyapada of the enlightened ecosystem of Kailaasa through the temple, the annalaya, goshala. The kriyapada is nothing but all the ritualistic part, the ritualistic component to experience the state, space, powers and beings of Paramashiva through the rituals, which is performed in the temples. Through the charyapada, the lifestyle component of the enlightened ecosystem of Kailaasa by reviving the aadheenam, by reviving the temple monastic complex through the charyapada, where the lifestyle of the, of the enlightened ecosystem is maintained. By reviving the jnanapada of the enlightened ecosystem of Kailaasa through jnanalaya - the library, university, websites, gurukul. Reviving the jnanapada, the powerful cognitions of the enlightened ecosystem of Kailaasa. And finally, through yogapada, reviving the yogapada of the enlightened ecosystem of Kailaasa through the yogalayas, through the yoga studios, reviving the yogapada.

45:20 So a Kailaasa ecosystem finally consists of the jnanalaya - the library, the Paramashiva Hindu temple, Nithyananda Gurukul, Nithyananda Annalaya, the aadheenam, the monastery, the Nithyananda Sacred Art, Nithyananda Goshala, Nithyananda Yogalaya. All these put together form the Kailaasa ecosystem. And Swamiji’s message was let’s make Kailaasa all over the world, one thousand and eight Kailaasa before next Paramashivaratri. Swamiji shared so beautifully, “It is Paramashiva’s vision. It will be done.” And today, we have beautifully people who have stood up, taking the responsibility to make the Kailaasa ecosystem happen. Now what is being an Honorary Consul? Honorary Consul and Ambassador of Kailaasa: anyone who takes the responsibility to establish one of the one thousand and eight ecosystems of Kailaasa before the 2020 Paramashivaratri will be blessed by His Divine Holiness to be a official Ambassador of Kailaasa, the only Hindu Nation. So once you sign up to take up the responsibility, you get initiated as an Honorary Consul, and once you complete the commitment, the responsibility of creating a ecosystem, you become an official Ambassador of Kailaasa.

46:40 So establishing a Kailaasa ecosystem entails creating the legal entities for temple, aadheenam, erm … university and embassy. Establishing the physical location, the property, a physical space, where we can have a temple, aadheenam, yogalaya, jnanalaya, annalaya, goshala, sacred arts and also generating the funds. It takes minimum of at least one million US dollars to properly establish all the dimensions of a Kailaasa ecosystem. So also generating the funds to make the ecosystem happen. And today, Swamiji is also going to be blessing all the people who are taking the responsibility to create the Kailaasa ecosystem. At least in one of, one city, in one location, you are going to be receiving the initiation and blessing to be an Honorary Consul of Kailaasa and the blessing is going to be personally also. They are also going to receive the special Kalabhairava Kaapu. Kaapu is basically a bracelet. You can actually see in err ... Swamiji is wearing one on his right hand. All of you will be receiving the Kalabhairava kaapu.

47:47 Now this Kalabhairava kaapu will help you to manifest, to attract the miracles, manifest the state, space, people, resources, everything you need to manifest the Kailaasa ecosystem. And at the same time any kind of a pattern, SDHD or bout of laziness or, or unwillingness or not lack of confidence, anything that is inside us, stopping us from manifesting that Kailaasa ecosystem - the Kalabhairava kaapu will protect you and not let you succumb to those patterns and live with powerful cognitions to manifest the Kailaasa ecosystem. And once upon successfully establishing a Kailaasa ecosystem or the Honorary Consul will be blessed as an official Ambassador of Kailaasa. You can choose any city or country to establish a Kailaasa ecosystem. And beautifully Swamiji blessed, “Whoever becomes a part of the one thousand and eight ecosystem and makes it happen by sharing their time, treasure or talent will be given a place in Kailaasa permanently when they leave their body.” And that is a direct blessing by Swamiji himself. And, we have a lot of people who have signed up to established a Kailaasa ecosystem in telling, that is provided if you want to become one of those, you can go ahead and sign up in this link, and whoever has already signed up and they are receiving the initiation today as the Honorary Consul of Kailaasa.

49:13 And today, they are all going to be receiving a special initiation and blessing to manifest a Kailaasa ecosystem wherever they are. And I am extremely excited and I am sure you are too. And as Swamiji says, “It is Paramashiva’s vision and it will be done.” Now, let’s move on to the initiation of the Honorary Consuls. I request all the Honorary Consuls who have signed up to create the Kailaasa ecosystem, to get ready for the initiation. And the initiation will be preceded by a declaration where each of us take the declaration, receive the initiation as an Honorary Consul. I request each and every one of you to please repeat after me. The declaration where you are declaring to your Guru, to Paramashiva himself, His Divine Holiness, our beloved Swamiji - declaring to create one of the one thousand and eight ecosystems of Kailaasa.

50:13 So now we are going to enter into this sacred declaration. I request all the Honorary Consuls to please sit straight, and to repeat after me. Being in the space of an Ambassador of Kailaasa with integrity, authenticity, responsibility, enriching. I, <please repeat your name>, cognise which is internally process, understand and declare the following: I understand establishing the Kailaasa ecosystem includes establishing temple, aadheenam, jnanalaya, annalaya, gurukul, goshala, university and sacred arts. Establishing four legal entities of temple, aadheenam, university and embassy. And, raising at least one million US dollars in funds for the ecosystem. I understand and commit to establishing a Kailaasa ecosystem in <please declare your city and country> before 2020 Paramashivaratri. I will be open to any amendments to Kailaasa ecosystem as amended by Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam.

52:43 Swamiji: I also bless all the Honorary Consuls to successfully create the thousand and eight Kailaasas, enlightenment ecosystem all over the world and become Ambassadors of Paramashiva. Have Sarupya, Salokya, Samipya and Sayujya Mukti with Paramashiva.

53:12 And, I have one more offering. Certificate course in Nithyananda Yoga. Today, Nithyananda Hindu University is offering a brand new online certification program - Nithyananda Yoga to all of you. The Prathama Vinyasa Krama is ready, and available. So today formally I am inaugurating and launching the Nithyananda Yoga program course to all of you. And, so with this, we are entering into the next session, next segment, Thulabharam. So I bless all of you on this auspicious Nithyananda Purnima. Blessings to everyone sitting with us all over the world, especially in Kovil Kailaasa.

I bless you all. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Paramashivoham, The Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you. Be blissful. 54:32

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six new Kailaasa Satsang Centers; four Kailaasa Paduka Mandirs; nine new Paramashiva Hindu Temples; twenty four Paramashiva Sena Shakhas (शाखा, Śākhā), and hundred and eight Nithyananda Gurukuls online.

Declaration of Policies / Initiatives

Inauguration of the Inauguration of Paramashiva Sena Shakhas with the initiation of Kalpataru Acharyas. The release of four documentaries from the Kailaasa Vision Ministry - Shiva is Real; Kailaasa on Earth; Truth behind Giving; The Work of An Avatar.

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Commencement of the Kailaasa mission, permanent mission in more than hundred and twenty countries.

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Certificate course in Nithyananda Yoga.

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