July 17 2019

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Negotiate With The World For Guru, Drop Negotiating With Guru ||The key to success: no compromise in the commitment to Guru ||


The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam, His Divine Holiness, Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam, expounded on the Cosmic Principle Key to success - Negotiate With The World For Guru, Drop Negotiating With Guru, during the everyday live public address - Nithyananda Satsang. HDH transmitted the Revelation from Arunagiri Yogishwara on PI, Guru-Disciple, Akhayaguna and Kshaya. Further expanding on Guru Bhakti, Akshayanaguna, Paramashivatva, Nithyasumagali, Dheerga Sumangali, KAILASA, Akshaya, Powerlessness, Madhyama Maitana Mudra, Living Enlightenment, Banyan tree, Blind Spot, Punya and Ferociousness. HDH shared Darshan of Shirdi Baba and Puttaparthi Sai Baba. Further divulging Sanyas, Guru Deeksha, Guruvak, Annamalai Swamigal, Atma Vichara, Japa and Stotra.

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Key to Success - Negotiate with the World for Guru, Drop Negotiating with Guru

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00:15 nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām | asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Thanedar, Kotharis, visitors, viewers, everyone sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV and two-way video conferencing having Nayana Deeksha in all our Aadheenams, Temples, Monasteries, Universities, Spiritual Embassies. I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

01:27 First I wanted to tell you the reason, why suddenly I decided to come for satsang. I know for sure if you know my lifestyle, it’s really a surprise. Pleasant surprise satsang. Listen. I had some revelations Arunagiri Yogishwara himself revealed. I wanted to share that as early as possible with you all. See yesterday I was trying to describe... the Pi of Guru-disciple relationship, the Pi of Paramashiva, Pi of Guru-disciple relationship that... Understand... when I used the word “Pi,” I actually mean, the original Sanskrit word “akshayaguna.” In the modern English naturally there is no other complicated word to tell you that irrational rational, illogical logic conveyed by the word “akshayaguna.” There is no other word so I chose this “Pi” as equivalent to the word “akshayaguna.” If you can grasp the original idea akshayaguna... that’s the best. I’ll try to describe that original word “akshayaguna.”

03:18 See... guna is a nature, you can understand but it is perishable. Means, it’ll be destroyed. Like a whiteness of the milk is nature of milk but it can be destroyed from milk. Milk can be disintegrated and made to lose that white quality. Even mercury can lose its liquid quality. So all guna is kshaya means can be destroyed. There is something which is the core fabric, the plasticity. The plasticity of the plastic. Elasticity of the elastic. There is something, some core principles are not kshaya, they are akshayaguna. The indestructible, non-replaceable, undilutable, understand. That core existence of Paramashiva is what I call akshayaguna of Paramashiva. If you understand that akshayaguna of Paramashiva, you will just be Paramashiva. Because, Paramashiva is as simple as waking up to the understanding. Nothing else. It’s a strategy to play with existence as core akshayaguna. Let me repeat. Paramashiva is nothing but your existence playing with the strategic decision to be responsible as Paramashiva.

05:23 If your strategic existence, let me explain. There is a existence in you: if a snake comes, you move out. If a friend comes, you smile. If an enemy comes, you run. Which goes on strategizing to keep your existence as it believes alive. See, if you feel your existence is only body, you will protect your body always. If you feel your existence is only your mind, you will protect your identity. If you feel it is a mix of both, you will try to protect both. It’s just what you feel as you. You go on strategizing to protect it. I tell you, there are many people, for the sake of money, they are ready even to give up their freedom and go to jail because they feel their body is them. They don’t have a problem with their identity getting destroyed. You pay them few crores or few lakhs, they will kill anyone and go to jail. Their identity they don’t have a value for their identity, they don’t feel themself connected to their identity, they feel themself connected only to the body. So if their body is healthy, somewhere given food and sleep and taken care, they are enough for it. They, they are, they are okay with that. They don’t care anything else.

06:56 I have seen some people, just to keep their identity, they are ready to give up even their wealth. So they feel their identity is their existence. So, whatever you call or you feel as your existence - you go on strives, struggles, strategize to keep that alive and expanding. That strategic existence in you... if that decides “You will be Paramashiva,” that is your identity, you will go on strategize responsibly to be Paramashiva. That decision is Paramashivatva. Understand. That decision is Paramashivatva. I am repeating. If you decide now, from now, whatever I know as Paramashiva means eternally existent. It is alive forever - Sat. Chit - it is fully conscious of, of everything. Ananda - it is extremely blissful eternally. Paramashanta Svarupa - eternally peaceful. Paramakarunya Svarupa - eternally compassionate. These are all the akshayaguna of Paramashiva. So from today, “I decide to keep this as my identity and I decide to go on strategize to keep this existence and identity protected, alive, kept in me.” Means you are integrated to Paramashiva. Understand.

09:10 I am breaking the coconut piece, piece; not just two. I am exploding it. Clearly listen. If you feel, your body is only you, your existence - you will protect it very carefully. It is all about your food, your sleep, your laziness, your lipstick, your shining, your sari, your dhoti. It is all about your body-centric. Just for the body to be luxurious and pleasured, you’ll do anything. If you feel your identity, what you are known as to everyone, if you feel that is your existence - you will do anything strategically, continuously to keep that alive and expanding. And I tell you, too simple if you start tasting the akshayaguna of Paramashiva as highest. If you have romance with the akshayaguna of Paramashiva, you will become so protective of that identity of you - you will so violently strategize to keep that existence alive, understand. Making you fall in love, making that romantic connection between you and the akshayaguna of Paramashiva is job of Master, Guru. He makes you fall in love with the akshayaguna of Paramashiva by embodying that akshayaguna in his life, understand.

11:17 You can never understand my strategic existence is always about protecting my Sadashivatva, Paramashivatva and your Paramashivatva. Whether I smile at somebody or hug somebody, accuse somebody - anything I do is a strategy to keep my Paramashivatva and your Paramashivatva alive. My Paramashivatva cannot be killed because I already realized it! I am embodied of it. Constantly I strategize to keep your Paramashivatva alive and making you fall in love with your Paramashivatva identity, understand. Whatever you strongly believe as you, that is the akshayaguna of you, that is the Pi of you - you go on strategizing to protect that, to protect that existence, understand. Everyone of you are integrated. Somebody is integrated to Paramashiva. Somebody is integrated to their identity. Somebody is integrated to their delusion. Somebody is integrated to the mix of all these means confusion, convolution.

13:12 Simplest way, as it happened in my life, I tell you. I just know my Guru is Paramashiva and I am committed to him. I’ll do it. That’s it. Understand. But I know... I will be integrated to my Guru and my commitment to my Guru, and not even one szzz… szzz... second iota of doubt or idea of not doing even appeared. Forget about that thought appearing and then me consoling and denying and saying, “No!” There is no internal struggle. I just know I am committed to my Guru and I’ll do it! He may not be physically available to me now, that does not mean, my commitment to him changes. When your commitment to your Guru changes even if your Guru is physically alive, even if you are living with your Guru - you are Guru widower. If your commitment to Guru has not changed - you are Dheerga Sumangali! Nitya Sumangali! I am committed to my Guru and his word to revive the enlightened civilization Kailaasa on the planet earth. I’ll do it. I will continue to strategize and I also know very strongly I cannot be destroyed. I am akshaya! Because, my Guru is akshaya! I am committed to him, and he’s in me. He has given me that Oneness, I am akshaya. I cannot be destroyed. I’ll do it. And I am successful in making it happen.

15:49 I tell you, fundamentally enlightenment is too simple. The identity you cognize as you just needed to move from Pi of destructive individual identity to Pi of Paramashiva. See your foundation software, that binary code is destructive powerless ideas, concepts, cognitions. If... we wake up to the powerful cognitions… I tell you… the whole being… you will move in right direction, understand. If you are moving in wrong direction, even your success is a struggle. If you are moving in right direction, even if you’ve struggle is success. Even your struggle is success. Whether life is a struggle or success is all about that direction, not about the speed or what you face during that journey. Understand. The word “struggle” or “success,” “failure,” is decided, defined by the direction you are moving, not by the incidents, situations, things you face during the journey. No! If your identity is right, if your akshayaguna - the Pi, the cognitions are right, even your struggles are biggest success. Even if people feel you are struggling, you are grand success. If your akshayaguna, core existence is delusion, even if people feel you are successful - you are only struggling, failed. Gift wrap dash, dash.

19:31 I tell you... today what I am revealing this science if you apply in any field, you will become successful. If you want money, apply this in money. If you want enlightenment, apply this in the field of enlightenment. If you want honey, apply this in the field of honey. If you want Paramashiva, apply this with Guru. Straight! I am not using the word this bhakti and all. Many cunning fellows have started misinterpreting, abusing this, all these big big word Guru bhakti, jing jak chak chak chik. My Guru bhakti is very straight. I am committed to him. What he conveyed to me, I understood and clarified with him. He has conveyed enough for me to understand. That’s it. Now this is my life. Over. This is my identity. Over. Now I am strategizing for this identity to be alive and flourish. Over. Any obstacle comes - madhya maithuna mudra. Neither internal nor external obstacles can come. No. Over, understand.

21:48 I can negotiate with whole world for my Guru but no question of negotiating with my Guru. I’ll conquer the whole world for my Guru. No question of even looking up to see his face, only feet. Understand. Pi of Paramashiva is Guru. If you negotiate with the core concept akshayaguna then when are you going to reach and be integrated and strategize for it? Strategizing for your enlightened identity is Living Enlightenment. Strategizing to live and manifest your enlightened identity is Living Enlightenment. You strategize to protect anything else, it’ll only be destruction. Understand if you are direction is right even the struggles are success. If your direction is wrong even success is a struggle and failure. I was given option! Drop your commitment to your Guru. And I was even told, “After all he is not there in the body, why are you torturing yourself?” Hey! Hey! He is there in the body. We are Hindus, we don’t remarry. Understand. I was very clear. Not even one second I had a doubt.

24:51 Actually when they were trying to force me to make the statement... at gunpoint that I should step down, I did not bother about this body getting destroyed or death. They were tor… blackmailing literally to destroy the temple. Tsk! So I had to just somehow manage one or two days to protect that temple, and Banyan Tree, that sacred things. That is the reason I just… hmmmm… (Swamiji laughing) Never ever, even for a second I thought… I’ll compromise on my commitment to my Guru. Never even had that idea. It’s not that I, I did not have struggles. What you considered as struggle in your life, if I have to quantify - I had at least hundred or thousand times more for every strategy I made. But, the direction was right so my every struggle become success. And I am only becoming more and more energetic, and, it’s becoming anti-aging; not aunty-aging, a-u-n-t-y. Anti-aging, a-n-t-i. Life is only becoming like a, a-n-t-i-aging, not a-u-n-t-y.

26:50 Do not be committed to your delusion. Do not be committed to your blind spot. Do not be committed to your confusion. Understand! Don’t expect to be committed to your confusion and expect life to be happy and blissful later on. No. Don’t expect you will swim in the drainage and come out and feel sandalwood smell… and perfume. No. To what you are committed, to protect what identity you are strategizing continuously, what you think as your survival - look in. What do you think as your identity and look in - is it worthy of protecting or that, is that right direction? Is that Pi? When it manifests as a result, are you thinking that is going to be the truth and reality of your life? Do you feel that is the right goal to which you are supposed to move?

28:20 If you are starting one school today and running it successfully then you should be very, very clear you are going to be successful in that and you are going to make one thousand schools. If one thousand schools is your goal and running one school sincerely is the great thing! Right? You are on the right direction. So even your struggles are going to be your victory. But, you wanted to run one thousand schools but you start a, alcohol bar. And very successfully you run! In India, that run more successfully than temp… schools. The best business in India is running alcohol bars. Always these liberals, anti-Hindu gang in India, they say, “Best business is running a temple.” No. Best business is their business - running alcohol industries and alcohol bars, alcohol clubs, alcohol shops.

29:34 In running temple even if you make money, it is only a charity because the result is service - strengthening of the human consciousness. In running alcohol industry even if you make money, that is direct demonic, killing millions of people; that murder sin will come to that persons involved directly in it, understand. If you run a temple and make thousand rupee, if you run alcohol shop and make thousand rupee - these two thousand rupees are not same. It is totally different. If you run a temple and make thousand rupee, along with that come so much of good punya you did. If you run alcohol shop and get thousand rupee so much of papa (पाप, pāpa). The destruction you caused, that all both comes.

30:31 Legally married does not mean having relationship. Clinically, medically: clinically fit does not mean being healthy. Qualified does not mean competent. >>>no audio<<< competence for life. Same way, qualification and competent is not same. Legally married and having relationship is not same. Money from the, money comes by running a temple and money comes by running alcohol bar is not same. Your efforts should be in the right direction. If you say, “Ooh, I know the right direction but now I don’t want to go.” It means, be very very clear, you don’t know the right direction, you are not convinced about right direction! You are convinced about confusion being that core cognition. The Pi of you is confusion. Conviction results into action. If actions are not happening, conviction is not happening - be ferocious with yourselves. Be ferocious to it, ferocious with yourself.

32:40 I still remember, I was walking from… Pune to Shirdi during my parivrajaka time to have darshan of Baba... Shirdi Sai Baba samadhi. And I want to put this on record, I am very clear, I strongly cognized and realized Shirdi Satya Sa… Shirdi Sai Baba and Puttaparthi Satya Sai Baba is one and the same. So all my disciples will cognize Shirdi Sai Baba and Puttaparthi Sai Baba, both are incarnations of same energy, the Cosmic superconsciousness. I was walking at that time during my parivrajaka yatra, I wanted to have a darshan of Shirdi Sai Baba. I don’t know what happened actually, maybe the heat or some reason - I had a piles. Almost like a intestine coming out… bleeding. And maybe two more days walk I need to do to reach Shirdi to have darshan. I was connecting with Baba and saying, “I don’t know what to do but I wanted to really have darshan. Please make darshan happen.” I just saw he appeared and said, “Aye, be strong and just pull the whole internal organs and put it on the place.” I just did and it become alright! I just pull my… internally I just pull my body internal organs and put it, and it become alright! It just become alright.

34:49 I am telling you this incident, to tell you the power of ferociousness. Have this kind of ferociousness when you alter your identity! It’s not from first gear to second gear, ta tak!! (Swamiji simulating shifting gear all the way) Break the clutch plate and unclutch. Now, so all gears... are over. It is not about first gear to second gear, second gear to third gear, third gear to fourth gear; ta tak ta tak, ta tak ta tak. No. Ta tak! And… there comes unclutching once for all. Somebody asked me, “Swamiji, I want to take sannyas. I really feel insecure, will I be successful or this, that. What should I do?” Then I always have these chamchas around me. Now one chamcha said, “Burn the bridge! Then you will never have a problem, you will never be able to go back.” I said, “No.” “Then what should I do?” “Burn not only the bridge, other side also. So you can’t go back. Not just the bridge, burn the other side. Both.” When I say other side, I don’t mean one side. Bridge - both side, all the three burn. So you have nothing left.

37:07 Identity getting set right is initiation - Guru Deeksha. Yesterday what I gave Guru Deeksha is, what you cognize as you, that core being set right! Then after that any struggle you do is only success. I never negotiated, I cannot imagine negotiating with my Guru. There was a time where all the people around me felt all doors are closed and over and, are we going to sink? They asked me, “What is this Swamiji?” I said, “I don't know what is the solution now but only one thing I know, I will not question my Guru. I’ll be chaste disciple. I’ll do what he said. I am committed to him.” And I saw suddenly all doors are closed but the sky opened. I just flew! Yes, all doors closed! But sky opened! I just flew! Understand.

38:37 Setting the identity straight: What am I protecting? For what? To further what I am going to strategize? Is that ultimate? Because I am so sure for what I am strategizing is ultimate even if you think what is happening in my life is a struggle, I am successful! When for what you are strategizing is not ultimate, even your so-called success is struggle. Even your so-called success is struggle and failure, understand. I am pretty clear, clear. I am strategizing for my Guru: my Guru’s instruction to me, my Guruvak, my Guru’s vision for me, my commitment to my Guru. Over. I want success only in that direction! That is the truth of my existence. Anybody wants success in any direction, apply this same principle in that direction but consciously! See, if you want to have thousand liquor shop and you start a first liquor shop and run it sincerely then okay. That is what you want. But if you want to have thousand schools but you start, first start running one liquor shop and saying, “No, no, no, in this liquor shop, I’ll earn then I’ll start building school.” No! That doesn’t work. By that time you are successful or failure in that one liquor shop, your life will be gone! If you are successful, you will not be stopping with one liquor shop. If you are failure, your life will be gone! Your confidence would have been gone!

40:59 Be very clear, about the principles for which you are strategizing. The principles for which I am strategizing I am very clear, that is why everything is success for me! Having clarity about the core existence and strategizing for that to thrive and survive, survive and thrive - is what I call integrity. I am practi-clear, completely I am clear, I am integrated to my Guru’s vision for me. I feel... all my followers and disciples, devotee should sit and iron out, iron out, iron out, internally the core cognitions, core beliefs, core principles. The Pi of you: is it Guruvak? Is it Paramashiva? I think working in that, straightening that is the real spiritual growth. For what you are striving, will be thriving through you. So for what you are striving if that direction is set, set right... even the so-called struggles are success. If that direction is wrong even the so-called success is failures and destruction. Set the akshayagunas right.

43:52 Paramashiva is real. He himself came as Arunagiri Yogishwara, and gave himself in Oneness to Nithyananda Paramashivam, and Nithyananda Paramashivam is giving that to me. Just these three cognitions and simple attachment. Not big big words like a bhakti. Simple attachment. And set straight commitment: what is my vision he told me as my brain cognizes and what I cognized, I clarified with him. Now that’s it, I am doing it. Over. I cannot even imagine negotiating with my Guru. I can negotiate with the whole world for my Guru, not negotiate with my Guru. That is what I call simple integrity. Straight I am committed to him. I’ll do what he said. Over. No question of negotiating.

45:20 I have seen Ramana Marharshi’s disciple, Annamalai Swamigal used to tell me, “When people come to Bhagavan and asked what, what is the way for enlightenment?” He will say, “Look into who am I. Do the Atma Vichara.” They’ll come back and say, “No, no, it’s very difficult. Can we do mediation?” Naturally he’ll say, “Alright.” Means, they are negotiating with Guru! Then what he will say, “Okay, do at least that instead of drinking alcohol and roaming around, at least do meditation.” When you negotiate with Guru, you are the loser. Even if you think you win in that, you won in the negotiation. Then people come back and say, “Oh, meditation also very difficult. Can I do japa?” He’ll say, “Alright, do.” “Oh, japa is also very difficult. Can I do stotra?” He’ll say, “Alright.” “Oh, stotra is also very difficult. Can I do some ritual?” He’ll say, “Alright.” No, I am not saying ritual is lower than Atma Vichara. No. I am not saying. But when you negotiate, he says, “Alright, do what do you want.”

46:51 Understand. Drop negotiating with Guru. Negotiate with the whole world for Guru. Stop negotiating with Guru. Essence of what I wanted to convey - simple attachment with Guru. Simple direct obedience to Guru. Over. That’s all is the key secret of my success. The reason why Paramashiva is manifesting through me - simple attachment to him and simple straight obedience to him. That’s it. I strategize for him. I don’t negotiate with him. That’s it.

So with this I bless you all. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Paramashivoham, The Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you. Be blissful. 48:12


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