January 31 2014

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In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda shares with us that nothing in life other than completion is worth achieving. Why? Because it is the base material for LIFE! We cannot build relationships, a home, temples or anything with money alone. When we are incomplete, it is like building a brick wall without mortar – it will not stand. The science of completion is the technique to help remove the heavy layers around our hearts, leading us back to our true selves!

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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||

I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

Today I will expand more deeper into the subject of “Completion and Kalpataru”.

Danse suniya. Please listen.

Only a person who experiences devotion can build temples. Please understand temples don’t stand on money. Temples don’t stand on money. Temples don’t become popular by the money or the structure; they become popular by the devotion of the devotees. It becomes a temple by the devotion of the devotees. The devotion is the base material for temples to happen. Same way, Completion is the base material for life to happen.

Life does not happen by just money, understand. A man who has nothing else other than money is in the depth of poverty. The child which is educated only in the school is an uneducated child. Please understand, the child which is educated only in the school is uneducated child. The man who has only money is a poor man. Life is not built on money, can’t be built on money. Money is a utility. As I said, there are “actual wealth” and utility for the sake of utility, the “illusory wealth”. See the “actual wealth” is like a land, food, grains, clothes, house, jewels. The “actual Wealth” one side. For the sake of transaction, some “illusory wealth”, the concept of wealth got developed. The concept of wealth developed for the sake of transaction is “money”; that itself is not wealth, please understand. Actually, this clarity, this basic lesson on economy will clear many of your thinking, desire; it’ll clear a lot of confusion; it will give you more clear vision about what you want in your life/ What do you want in your life.

I tell you, how much ever money you may have, but unless you start building the pattern of living with Completion, living from Completion, living in the space of Completion, it is like you have a lot of bricks, but you don’t have a cement. Will the wall stand? No. Same way, you may have house, you will not have home. You may have workers around you, but not people. Workers are different from people, understand.

I can give you tons and tons and tons of examples. See the ultimate truths does not need example. If I utter a word ‘Sun rises in the east’, does it need an example? Or, ‘See, on such and such date in August 1992, the Sun rose in the east’. Do I need to give example? Or do I need to give example, ‘See, last whole month, the Sun rose in the east. That is why the statement “The Sun rose in the east” is right!’? No! The ultimate truths does not need example; it means it is a simple law which is followed by the whole Cosmos. “Sun rises in the east” does not need an example; it does not need any example to be used to prove its validity. Same way, “Life stands on Completion”, “Life stands on the space of Completion” is ultimate statement which does not need any examples to prove its existence. “Nithyam Adwitheeyam Niranjanam” on Kaalabhairava. The Kalabhairava Ashtakam they sing: “Nithyam Adwitheeyam Niranjanam”. Be established in the space of Advaita always like Kaalabhairava; you will be “Niranjana”; means, no incompletions. “Anjana” means “incompletions”, “false”. “Niranjana”, “no incompletions” no incompletions. I tell you, life is built on no incompletions. Life stands on no incompletions.

Yesterday I was expanding on this story how a frightened child -please listen, if you look into your life.... I have seen in India, in big cities, the traffic signals; the women carry their children and beg. Just like how these women always carry the children. Sometimes I wonder I was even studying into it: How those children are silently sleeping in the dust and sound? How come all always they get children? Throughout the year you see, the same child will be there! How come the child never grows? Anyhow, that is separate subject; later on we will dive into that, we will think about it. Just like how those women all the time carry a child, you always carry you, that frightened child inside you. You do not understand that frightened child is a load for you; but you start carrying it to create sympathy from others – ‘See I am innocent. I don’t know. I am simple.’ Listen, your Completion is cute but your ignorance is not cute. Your Completion is cute, but your ignorance is not cute. Your innocence is cute, but irresponsibility is not cute. All the time you think if you carry the child you will have sympathy. No. How in the signals those women they carry the children, create sympathy and beg, you are doing exactly the same – carrying the frightened child which is inside you and trying to get everyone’s sympathy. No! The man who has killed his frightened child within himself is “Sannyasi”!

“Veera” is a person who kills people outside. “Dheera” is the person who has killed his own frightened child inside him; please understand, his killing is not outside, inside. A person who has completed with his frightened childhood, the anxiety patterns of childhood, the anxious, arrogant, ignorant childhood pattern they carry inside, is “Dheera”. When I give the name of“Dheera”, it means you have to kill the child inside you. Don’t think you already killed. If you don’t complete with that child inside you, anxious, frightened, panic, be sure you will get into psychiatric problem. All psychiatric problems, mental disorders, starts with that frightened child inside. “Uhhhuuu...”! For anything and everything “Uhhhuu....”! The frightened child inside needs to be completed every night. Every night, sit with yourself, work with yourself. Have beautiful mirror. Complete! Complete! Complete! Complete!

Please understand, one of the biggest loss India incurred is the thinking from the space of Completion and Advaitha. That was the biggest destruction caused to India. I tell you, anything lost, we revived it back, we got it back! The biggest thing we lost, we need to get it back is Advaita-based thinking, action based on Advaita, action based on the space of Completion. Completion-based thinking. I have come down to give that gift to Bharat, to give that gift to India. Understand, this will be one of my biggest contributions to India, Bharat. I will have every college, every school, every university, one Sannyasi sitting there. Just like every corporate company has a CEO, CFO, I’ll have CCO – Chief Completion Officer! Every school, every college, every university should have a Sannyasi who is thinking from the space of Completion, who can teach people how to think from the space of Completion.

Please understand, every time when an incompletion comes in you, you believe Completion is not possible. Instead of that, every time when an incompletion comes in you, if you think Completion is possible, that’s all! ‘I am complete with that and drop that!’ Tirelessly completing at least for three months; that is enough. Then you will learn the Completion-based thinking. Understand, thinking based on “no mind” is intelligence, “buddhi”. Mind which is established in the consciousness, “atman”, is “buddhi”. “Mana” which is established in “atman” is “buddhi”. Completion-based thinking is intelligence. When your mind is established in the space of Completion and starts thinking, it is intelligence.

Just like every corporate company has a CEO, CFO – Chief Financial Officer, Chief Executive Officers – every school, every college, every hospital, every prison, every university should have Chief Completion Officer, one Sannyasi sitting there, educating people to do Completion, thinking based on Completion. When I say “every prison”, I don’t mean the Sannyasi should be inside! These Indian politicians are trying to do that: put all the Sannyasis inside prison! No! They will come and teach and go. If you allow the Sannyasis to live peacefully and come and teach and go, you may not need prisons; we will make the whole country crime-free.

Listen. Every corporate company, everywhere, where human-beings gather, live together, work together, we should have a Sannyasi who is established in the space of Completion teaching the science of Completion. The “Army of Completion”, the army living in the space of Completion and teaching Completion, helping people to experience Completion and carry the space of Kalpataru.....carry the space of Kalpataru. The Army of Completion! I tell you guys; all of you, all my Thanedars, Kotharis, Mahants, Shrimahants, all of you are Army of Completion, radiating Completion and teaching Completion, living Completion and teaching Completion. Let us expand this to more and more people. You guys are the World Peace Professionals. “World Peace Professionals” – that is the right word I’ll use. A person who lives in the space of Completion, who teaches the Science of Completion. You can be a Swami or Goswami, no problem. You can be a Swami or Goswami. “Swami” means “unmarried”, “Goswami” means “married”, that’s all. Whether you are a Swami or Goswami, carry this Flag of Completion, the Science of Completion, the Science of Advaitic Thinking, thinking from the space of Advaitha. Most of the time, the Advaitic space gives you such intelligent intuitions, you go on succeeding, winning.

I tell you, I am so happy the whole Bidadi took a sankalpa, every night they will gather from 10 to 10:30 and do Completion every night. My blessings! Let you all be successful in the process of Completion! I bless you all with my heart and being and my space of Completion, in my space of completion, my inner space of Completion! Let you all be complete. Completely complete!

I sincerely recommend all our Centres, Adheenams, wherever our Sannyasis are residing, if you are a Kothari, Thanedar, Mahant, your house itself is my ashram only; I am residing there with you. So, before going to bed – it can be any time; it does not need to be restricted to 10 to 10:30; because in Bidadi we have a large number of people we chose for convenience 10 to 10:30; you can choose any time – before going to bed, always do Completion and fall into the space of Completion. Just fall into the space of Completion; that should lead you to sleep. Whenever you fall asleep by doing the Completion process, be very clear, you are sleeping in the lap of the Cosmic Mother, Parashakthi, you are falling asleep in the lap of the Cosmic Mother, Parashakthi!

Bring more and more and more Completion, more and more and more Completion, more and more and more Completion. I tell you, your whole heart becomes like a flower with the space of Completion; all that heaviness just melts, melts, melts away! Only then you realize your own intolerance towards you, your own doubt about you, your own hatred about you, your own denial about you. When you find that and complete with that, only then you will understand why you forgot your original nature.

People again and again question me: ‘If we are the Shuddha Brahma, Paripoornananda, Satchitananda, how did we forget ourselves and become human-being?’ If you complete, complete, complete and catch the root of your SDHD – Self-Doubt, Hatred, Denial – only then you will understand why you forgot your original nature and became this ordinary, stupid human-being, frightened child. I can simply see when human-beings come in front of me their possibility and actuality. I used to think, it is like a CEO forgetting all his wealth and everything and coming and standing in the street begging for a few coins to polish his shoes – ‘Please, please, please give me a few cents. I have to polish my shoes’; that is exactly the way I see people – I used to think, ‘Array, fool! Why did you become this stupid human-being?’ Unfortunately, really unfortunately, it is like a self-knot, like you yourself are only both sides and you yourself are the knot! Because how the knot is made you don’t know, you are not able to release it. Because you don’t know how the knot is made, you are not able to release it.

So, please understand, danse suniya, go deep, complete, complete, complete, complete, complete! Complete with all your incompletions. See, only when you complete with all the hatred you have with outside, with others, only then you realize the deep hatred you carry about you. Till you clear the bush, you can’t start growing the grains, you can’t do agriculture. Till you clear all the hatred with others, you can’t discover the root of the self-hatred you carry. No justification can be given for the hatred towards others. There is no justification. Only when you complete that, you will discover the hatred towards you, you are carrying. If you just cut the grass, don’t think the land is going to be clean; because, the grass seeds have already got mixed into the ground! First you have to cut the grass, then you have to plough the ground. The grass is hatred towards others but the seeds of the grass which got mixed inside the mud is the hatred towards yourself. First you have to cut the grass; only then you can plough. By “ploughing” means, I am saying “Completion with yourself. Completion with others and Completion with yourself”. Completion with others and Completion with yourself. Understand Completion with others and Completion with yourself!

I’ll repeat. I wanted my satsanghs to be just repetition of the word Completion, Completion, Completion, Completion! Do Completion! Do Completion. Do Completion with yourself, do Completion with others! I do not have any problem if people say, ‘He is repeating the same thing!’ I am okay with it! Till you listen, I will repeat! Till you do, I will repeat! Because my satsanghs have no other aim, motive, other than completing you. I don’t have any other motive like I have to be called as a great orator; I have to be remembered as a great entertainer. No! Or I have to be a great debater who drives his point into people, a great convincer! No! I am neither a entertainer nor do I need to drive my point into you by arguing or debating. I am a simple man who teaches you the Science of Life. So, till you catch it, I am going to repeat and till you catch it, I am going to remind.

Every night, see to it you come back to the space of Completion. When you complete with all the fears and hatred you have with the outside world, then only all the fears and hatred you have in the inside world will start coming up, the SDHD will come up. Complete with that. I tell you, nothing is worthy of achieving other than living in the space of Completion, other than living in the space of Completion! From that everything is achieved, whatever you want is achieved. Everything is achieved more than you want, everything is achieved more than you need, more than you want! Your want also disappears, more than what you want also comes to you.

Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching and with eternal bliss, Nithyananda!


Aarathi to Gurumoorthi Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam delivering the morning Nithya Satsang http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/2014-01jan-31st-nithyananda-diary_IMG_9040-20140131-083253_swamiji-nithya-satsang.JPG http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/2014-01jan-31st-nithyananda-diary_IMG_9071-20140131-083332_swamiji-nithya-satsang.JPG e-Kalpataru at Abu Dhabi Dubai - Gurumoorthi at the Dubai center e-Kalpataru at Abu Dhabi Dubai - receiving the Kalpataru Darshan Bhoga Moorthi of Devi Utsava Moorthi of Nithyananda Primal Master Dakshinamoorthi Nithyasatsang - _MG_9066_batch.jpg Nithyasatsang - _MG_9069_batch.jpg Nithyasatsang - _MG_9059_batch.jpg Nithyasatsang - _MG_9041_batch.jpg Nithyasatsang - _MG_9057_batch.jpg Nithyasatsang - _MG_9037_batch.jpg Nithyasatsang - _MG_9038_batch.jpg Nithyasatsang - _MG_9052_batch.jpg Nithyasatsang - _MG_9053_batch.jpg Nithyasatsang - _MG_9049_batch.jpg Nithyasatsang - _MG_9039_batch.jpg


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