January 15 2019

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Cosmic principle of Kailasa || Blessings for Makara Sanskrati || HDH introduced the book, ‘Energy Science in Vedas’ by Ramanesh Kumar Maneria and Veda Priya || Expanded on his vision for Kailasa ||


The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam, His Divine Holiness, Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam, expounded on the Cosmic Principles of KAILASA, during the everyday live public talk - Nithyananda Satsang. In this talk entitled Kailaasa is the Enlightenment Ecosystem, His Divine Holiness opened Satsang with blessings for an auspicious Pongal festival, the great Makara Sankranti, during which the worship of Shiva Surya, the right eye of Paramashiva happened. His Divine Holiness (HDH) introduced a new book to delegates, ‘Energy Science in Vedas’, written by Dr. Ramanesh Kumar Maneria and Veda Priya, published by Parimal Publications. He requested that all delegates respect the copyright, and buy and read the book. He exclaimed that the authors have done a wonderful job collecting various Shastra Pramanas and connecting them with the modern day Pratyaksha Pramana and showing how the Pratyaksha Pramana science is growing towards the most scientific science – Vedic science.

His Divine Holiness expanded on His vision for KAILASA, where human beings become divine Beings and shared that the KAILASA website is the digital nation through which Paramashiva will be reaching out to the world. Everything, He said, will be delivered through KAILASA, to help one manifest powerful cognitions, and raise one’s frequency. The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism concluded Satsang saying Paramashiva is using Pongal to help us save ourselves from all the toxins causing disease inviting everyone to come to KAILASA to live the best life as per the vision of the Paramashiva.

Video and Audio - Kailaasa Is The Enlightenment Ecosystem

Video Audio


(0:12) nithyānandeśvara paramaśiva sadāśiva samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari parāśakti madhyamām |
asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects.

Today the great Makara Sankranti, we worship Shiva Surya, Surya, the right eye of Paramashiva which is enlightening all of us in multiple ways. So, we give our gratitude, worship, reverence, respect, devotion to the right eye of Paramashiva – Shiva Surya. Like Surya is the life for planet Earth, knowledge is the life of Kailaasa. Understand, powerful cognitions established on Truth is called knowledge. Methodology of… listen carefully: powerful cognitions established on truth is jnana. Making those powerful cognitions as reality of our life is vijnana. Powerful cognitions established on truth is jnana. Making that jnana established in our life is vijnana. Making those powerful cognitions established on our life is vijnana. On this auspicious day worshiping Shiva Surya Paramashiva gives the blessings of Makara Sankranthi, the great Pongal festival for everyone of you. Let this pongal, Makara Sankranthi be auspicious, blissful, great, right spiritual beginning for all the beings.

ulagengum ulla Ella anbargalukum, Thai thirunal ana Pongal thirunalil, paramashivan valakannana shiva suryan per Arul pongi, ellorum Ella valathudanum Nithyanandathathudanum niraithu vazha aasirvathikindrane

(3:47) Today I have a unique book to introduce. Usually, all of you may be aware, very rarely I introduce any book. Today I wanted to introduce this book – ‘Energy Science in Vedas’, written by Dr. Ramanesh Kumar Maneria and Veda Priya and published by Parimal Publications. I wanted to sincerely recommend and promote this book. Please all of you buy and read. The link will not be available for free download, you have to buy and read ☺ because it is copyrighted by the publication. Respect the copyright, buy and read, be integrated to the copyright. I strongly recommend all of you, all my disciples who are interested in Vedic tradition to read this book. They have done a wonderful job collecting various shastra pramanas and connecting them with the modern day pratyaksha pramana and showing how the pratyaksha pramana science is growing towards the most scientific science – Vedic science, the most scientific science, Vedas, knowledge of Paramashiva. The modern-day science pratyaksha pramana is moving towards the Vedagamas, the knowledge of Paramashiva the book beautifully describes; and they have really done a huge work, research work. I am enjoying the book. Everyone who enjoys my thought currents and my ideas, you will enjoy this book very much. Please buy and read. It is available in internet.

(6:05) I will expand on Kailaasa and my vision for Kailaasa. Kailaasa is the space where human beings literally become divine beings; the Shivatva, Paramashivatva. Understand, you literally have to become your original self, that Paramashiva, ultimate. You literally have to reach the purpose of your existence – Enlightenment. Those Enlightened Beings living together with extreme bliss and power manifestation is Kailaasa. Understand it is a Enlightenment ecosystem. Kailaasa is the Enlightenment ecosystem. It is not just a temple or a monastery or a aadheenam. Not even a nation, it is a Enlightenment ecosystem. It may be mapped on a temple, monastery, aadheenam, nation… it may be mapped on planet Earth, but Kailaasa itself is an Enlightenment ecosystem; thousands and thousands radiating Enlightenment, millions and millions manifesting powers living together all over the world, happily, blissfully, peacefully, powerfully.

Understand. I have started initiating people into this life from 2000. Thousands came, thousands are staying with me. By the grace of Paramashiva Enlightenment ecosystem is now created, it is successfully created. Now, anyone comes will start manifesting it, will start living it. The ecosystem is ready. At various levels when I was teaching about the state of Paramashiva, people came, they are able to take only that much, they stayed. Then I started moving to the space, some stayed back who are able to withstand next level journey. Some who could not stand and be with me for the next level journey dropped out. Then from the space I moved to the powers. Whoever could stand and come with me, that ferocious beings came along with me… could not -dropped out. But now the whole Enlightenment ecosystem is ready. Paramashiva has made the ecosystem ready. Now, anybody comes they will all have the benefit, be inspired strongly, energetically, initiated, integrated, inspired and given the state, space, powers, space, powers, Being and Super Consciousness of Paramashiva.

(10:35) We are using every available possibilities, methodologies including modern day technology, everything to reach out to human beings all over the world. Just few days before I announced, just few days before…to all the living beings – “Please be alive for next 3 years, I will somehow reach you. I will bring the Enlightenment to you” and I want to tell you once more - ‘surely, surely, within the next 3 years wherever you are, to every being, Paramashiva will reach out making the Enlightenment as simple as your morning breakfast. Of course, you will be given the freedom to say yes or no. No one’s freedom will be interfered, but it will be …11:55…. as simple as your breakfast; much more easier, simpler than your breakfast.

Anyhow, I want to tell you guys, the ecosystem for Enlightenment is ready. I will continue to share the methodology of achieving the state of Paramashiva, the space of Paramashiva, powers of Paramashiva, Being of Paramashiva, and Super Consciousness of Paramashiva and I will continue to be initiating all of you just through digital platform. Understand, an incarnation has a freedom and right to decide the methodology through which he will reach out and initiate people. I am reaching out to all of you through the digital platform. I am going to use every possible way. Kailaasa website is not just a website, it is literally digital nation where Paramashiva is going to reach out to all of you. Kailaasa website is the digital nation through which Paramashiva will be reaching out to all of you. I am making all teachings, initiations, inspiration capsules, Oneness capsules, everything available through Kailaasa, the digital nation.

(13:46) And I am going to make it even simple, including krama brahmacharya for the Gurukul, Krama Brahmacharya for the monastic members, I am going to make it available online. Kids can do like home schooling, home Gurukuling. You can stay with your parents and do the home Gurukuling, have the krama brahmacharya, have the power manifestation science, we will send jnananjana, aushada, other things needed through postal. It will reach you through postal… making everything online. Initiations, Oneness capsules, presence, everything is now made available through online to all of you. Paramashiva is available through online almost live 24/7 to all of you. And I am also making the punya – Kailaasa currency available to all of you. Whoever volunteers to build the digital nation Kailaasa.org gets punya and using that punya you get to experience Kailaasa physically, you get physical darshans, pada pujas; any other boons, whatever you want. You can use the punya; just like how you have punya on the planet Earth and reach Kailaasa and enjoy Paramashiva’s sameepya and saanithya. By volunteering to build the digital nation Kailaasa, you earn punya, come and be near Paramashiva’ s space in sameepya, physical nearness and enjoy the joy and bliss, Kailaasananda, sanithyaananda and sayujyaananda, sameepyaananda saroopyaananda.

(16:17) Every powerful cognition you manifest you raise your frequency. Understand, if powerful cognitions are the source of your energy and excitement… you raise your frequency. When I say powerful cognition, if you decide to tell yourself, cognize yourself “I am Paramashiva’ that is most powerful cognition. If you decide to tell yourself “I am sick” and whatever-whatever you wanted to say, low inner image, then that becomes powerless cognition. The way you hold you, world, others, everyone within you is cognition. Every powerful cognition you go through, you experience, you decide to consciously manifest. You raise your existence, the quality of your existence.

I tell you, the doors of the Kailaasa is opening for all of you to live, manifest the state of Paramashiva, space of Paramashiva, powers of Paramashiva, Being of Paramashiva, Super Consciousness of Paramashiva. The doors of Kailaasa is open – February 1st, March 1st, April 1st. The next Paramashivatva batches are starting - February 1st one batch, March 1st one batch, April 1st one batch is starting. You can enroll yourself for any one batch to become the Kailaasavasi. If you feel Enlightenment is your only priority, you want to spend your valuable life in achieving the ultimate, you want to be out, escape from the food conspiracy done against you… understand, you have been poisoned, so much of toxins have been injected and all the food allergy, the chemicals which creates food allergy in you are part of the vaccinations. You want me to say it is a coincidence? Go and study in the internet. All the food allergy, and autism - chemicals related to, toxins related to them are part of the vaccines. Save yourself from the great conspiracy of food poisoning. Come to Kailaasa to live, eat as Paramashiva wants.

(20:03) Auspicious moment, the Pongal is overflowing, Paramashiva’s grace and Shiva Surya’s blessings. Let’s offer this to Paramashiva, I think Paramashiva is giving a very beautiful positive signal that you should all save yourself from the food poisoning. We should all save ourselves from the food poisoning and toxins being dumped on us. We are all made to live in a place where food is not available. We should get the real food. Pongal is the real food… the organic food as Paramashiva wanted. Let’s offer it to Shiva Surya, right eye of the Paramashiva, Paramashiva Himself.

If you want to save yourself from all the toxins and live the best life as per the vision of the Paramashiva - food or thought currents, ideas, beautiful community around you, come to Kailaasa. Let’s create this powerful Enlightened Civilization all over the world. Let’s wake up as Paramashiva wanted, eat as Paramashiva wanted, drink as Paramashiva envisioned, meditate as Paramashiva envisioned, think as Paramashiva envisioned, live as Paramashiva envisioned, manifest powers as Paramashiva envisioned, live literally as Paramashiva. In every level, enjoy this lifestyle.

So, I welcome all of you to be part of the Kailaasa. Email immediately Kailaasavasi.kailaasa.org and enroll yourself. Sign up for Paramashivatva to become Kailaasavasi in any part of the world. We are making Kailaasa’s all over the world. You can be part of any Kailaasa. But first you need to have the training, initiation. That has to happen in Adi Kailaasa. So February 1st, March 1st, April 1st, the Paramashivatva batches are starting, Paramashivatva program is starting. It’s a 21-day program. Everyone who wants to be part of the Kailaasa is recommended to come and attend the program. After the program we will decide in which Kailash you will be posted. It will be based on availability of the place and various other reasons - how you are able to settle down and everything; of course, the local laws, visa, all those. Considering all of that you will be placed in various country, various nation Kailaasa’s. And anybody wants to be Kailaasavasi, resident of Kailaasa, Welcome.

With this I bless you all. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, living Shuddhaadvaita Saivam, Paramashivoham, the eternal bliss, Nithyananda. Thank You. Be Blissful. (25:00)

Facebook Transcript

"Today is the great Makara Sankranti. We worship Shiva #Surya - the right eye of Paramashiva which is enlightening all of us in multiple ways. So we give our gratitude, worship, reverence, respect, devotion to the right eye of Paramashiva - Shiva Surya. 🙏🏻 On this auspicious day worshipping Shiva Surya, Paramashiva gives his blessings on #MakaraSankranti - the great #Pongal festival, for everyone of you. Let this Pongal, Makara Sankranti be an auspicious, blissful, great, right, spiritual beginning for all the beings!" ~ HDH Nithyanana Paramashivam

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