January 14 2014

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Are you affraid of the unknown by HDH Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam on 14 jan 2014


In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, urges us to take charge of the ‘unknown’. If we look and see how we are often afraid of and hate what is unknown in the world, then we will see how this is a reflection of our own inner space – we hold a deep fear of the unknown in ourselves! Listening to ourselves, to our unknown, takes away the fear. Having the ability to love the unknown parts of ourselves is the quality of an enlightened being!

Video and Audio - Are Your Afraid of the Unknown?

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nithyānandeśvara samārambhām nithyānandeśvari madhyamām | asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||


Swamiji speaks in Hindi Aaj ke satsang mein, main aap sabhi ka prem aur ashirvad ke baad swagat karta hun. Sabhi bhakto, shishyo, sanyasiyon, samajiyon ka swagat hain.


I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, Ishwar TV, Janas Shree TV and through two way video conferencing having Nayanadeeksha in many cities all over the world in many countries. Cities sitting with us in two way video conferencing having Nayanadeeksha: New York-Varanasi, Peetatheshwari’s training center-Selam, Devon-UK, Charlotte-Sri Sailam , HongKong-Seerkazhi, London-Kashi, San Diego- Lahoya, Dubai-Vidhyanatham, Nithyanagar-Bangalore, Dakota Dunes, Nithyananda Nagaramu- Hyderabad, Kolalampr Parni, San Jose, Madurai, Seattle-Chidambaram, Hyderabad, Gupt Kashi, Guadalupe-Rameshwaram , Toronto-Kailasam, Ohio- Prayag, Winnipeg-Canada, Singapur-Singapuram, Banglore city center, Houston- Kalahahashthi, Oklahoma-Somanatham, Ohio-Ma Shivananda, Los Angeles- Arunachlam, Oman-Shiv Gangae, Enriching Temple-Bidadi, Jorpati-Nepal, Mattakalapu- Iankai, Dhyanpeetham-Rajapalyam , Scottsdale-Arizona, Klang- Malaysia, Kulim-Thirutani, Kanchipuram-Dhyanapeetam, Coimbatore- Dhyanapeetam, Melarase - Kuwalet, Dhyanapeetam-Madurai. I welcome all of you with My love and blessing.


Today night is the time, Bhisma left his body. So it is called Bhishma Sankranti also. From today the Uttarayana Punyakala starts. Blessings to Singapore- Singapuram. Blessings to everyone of you on this auspicious Makara Sankranti. From today the important spiritual practices are started like purascharana, japa, completion; all those spiritual practices are usually started on this auspicious day, today. The tradition is from today, whoever leaves the body directly goes to the higher spaces. Swamiji speaks in Hindi: Aaj Makar Sankranti hai! Mera aap sabhi ko Ashirvad Hai! Uttarayan ka punyakal Aaj se Shuru ho jata hai! Aaj hi ke din Bhisma ne apna sharir tyaga tha, isi liye isko Bhishma Sankranti bhi kehthe hai.


The science of Kalpataru, little more deeply. Completion with your SDHD, self doubt, hatred and denial. Understand. Any resistance you have towards anything, any resistance you have towards anything, is nothing but the resistance you carry inside you to some part of you. First understand. The macrocosm is in microcosm. Rahu is nothing but self hatred. The macrocosm is in the microcosm. Whatever you resist outside is some part of you, you resist. For example in your life, if you have the pattern of anybody questions you, you drop them from your life. You will exactly do the same thing, when it comes to you. If you have even a small cough, cold, you will give up on your health. You will not bother to, ‘hey! Come on, let me stand up and be sure about my health and heal myself.’ No. ‘My body is questioning me, how dare, come on, I give up on it.’


Your patterns of relationship with others and your patterns of physical diseases, your patterns of how you respond to your body and mind and how you respond to the world will all be one and the same. If you are just casually watching a TV channel, in news, something about Osama or Obama and criticising them or hating them without even knowing anything clearly for yourself, be very clear, the same thing you will repeat in your life also. You will have a hatred towards unknown components of your life. Whatever you know is vyakta - known, which has expressed. Whatever you don’t know is Avyakta - unknown. When it is known you have all the right to hate or like. But unfortunately we start developing a pattern of ‘anything unknown, hate it’. And you think, ‘what is there, if I hate Osama who is going to punish me? After all whole world hates him.’


Be very clear. A man who hates all the unknown is a animal. Man who loves all the unknown is God. Anything unknown to you - avyakta, stop hating it. Because your attitude towards the unknown outside is going to be the attitude towards the unknown inside. Whenever I faint or fall, feel giddy I fall into Samadhi. Because I love My unknown part of Me. See whenever you faint, you feel giddy, you taste unknown part of you. What is fainting or giddiness? Your body and mind is not able to handle at this moment, the changes happening in the body and mind. So it just wants to rest into unknown and get back after balancing body and mind. This hatred towards unknown is one of the important SDHD with people are suffering.


See if directly somebody has done something wrong to you, you hating is justified, not accepted. Understand. You hating that person, I don’t want to say it is right but at least justified. But unfortunately, you start hating anything you don’t know. You do not know about python, you’ve neither seen it, nor experienced it. Just because somewhere, some news you got, you start building hatred towards it. You do not need to hate everything which is not directly involved in your life. If you just stop this one thing ‘not hating things which are not directly involved in your life’, you will start building a relationship with unknown- avyakta.


Don’t be afraid of anything which is not known to you. That is the biggest disease humanity is suffering. Humanity can’t feel secured if there is some part of the world unknown to them. What is there in the Mars? If you don’t know, you feel insecured. What is there in the Saturn? If you don’t know you feel insecured. What is there in the sun? If you don’t know you feel insecured. Want to know, what is there in the sun or the Mars is not wrong, but feeling insecured because you don’t know what is there is something seriously wrong.


The Upanishad teaches beautifully: Be loving, respectful towards avyakta- unknown. Because, much of you are unknown to you - avyakta to you, much of you is unknown to you, when you are afraid of the avyakta outside you will be afraid of the avyakta inside. Fear of Avyakta outside, fear of Avyakta inside. I tell you I have seen many of our devotees, ashramites, sadhus, they love sangha which is already known to them. Means the people who know, who are known to them, but they are afraid of expanding the sangha with the unknown people.


See I bring everyone and introduce everyone to each other. They are very comfortable with them and they love that sangha. Yes. What a beautiful sangha Swamiji has made. How many people send Me thank letter; yesterday, even yesterday, in the facebook, how many messages, “Swamiji thank you for the Los Angeles temple and the great sangha. What a sangha you have given to us. What a boon.” Because it has become known. But these same guys are afraid, expanding the sangha, taking the risk, talking to people. When you talk naturally there will be some drop outs, some failures. You will do a mistake because still you have not become enlightened. So some of the parts of you which you have not convinced, you will not be able to convince the other person, but your whole being is convinced. So be very clear, in you, if there are 20 questions, you might have answered only 15 questions but your Being is answered. So if you go with that clarity and strength being sure about you the other person also, the people whom you handle, you may not answer all their 20 questions but, you will answer their Being. Going with that courage. I’ve answered the two questions you put.


Understand, going with that courage. I have seen people enjoy the known sangha. See, whoever is already part of the sangha they are all vyakta, known sangha. The remaining whole world is Avyakta, unknown sangha. We are all feeling very secured, happy, loved with the known sanga. But we are afraid of creating, reaching out to the unknown sangha, Avyakta sangha. Understand. You will never be a perfect enricher or causer till you are complete. You will never achieve completion till you become a perfect causer or enricher. So both has to simultaneously happen. There will be some teething troubles. If you are afraid of the unknown sanga, means reaching out to people, you will also be afraid of going deep into your being through the practice of completion. What you feel about enriching, same you will feel about completion. What you feel about completion, same you will feel about enriching or causing. If you are very active in causing, you will be very active in the space of completion, completing. If you are doubtful about causing or stuck with questions... Sameway with completion also, you will be doubtful and having questions, you should start completing with yourself more and more.


Don’t hate unknown. Don’t be afraid of unknown. Don't feel insecured about unknown. Be assured about unknown because they are just going to be the extension of your unknown. Please listen. Your unknown is your own unknown. When you understand your unknown is your own unknown you will not have fear about your unknown. Your unknown is your own unknown. Anything which is your own, you will not be afraid of it. Person, please listen. How much you do not know about the future, sameway I do not know about the future. But one thing, you are afraid of that unknown future, I’m happy about that unknown future. That’s all is the difference. Because I know the unknown is My own. You do not know the unknown is your own. Because I know unknown is My own, I know it will be Me, extending Me; Me extending Me. When you understand unknown is your own, you will not feel insecured about it. You will not feel afraid of it. You will not worry about it. You will not be disturbed about it.


The avyakta. I tell you, when you start loving the unknown you become enlightened being. Go courageously meet the people, just with this one strength - ‘I am, my being is convinced. So I know I can transmit this conviction into other being. Maybe still my logic raises few questions which I am not able to answer, I may not be able to answer that questions when others are raise. But my being is convinced. I am living this. I’ll go with this strength and when others raise questions I may not be able to answer all the questions but I will be able to transform their being.


Please listen. Don’t ever think I’m answering the all your questions. No. Much of it I divert it. Because the funny thing is you yourself don’t hold on to your question. I have seen many time, people come to Me, “Swamiji, please tell me something some way to get the darshan of God, enlightenment.” I tell them, “Please be seated. Have a cup of coffee. I’ll tell you. I’ll talk to you.” They say, “No, no, no Maharajji, I have, I have to run for my bus. My train is waiting. Please tell now.” I tell them, “Okay. Please be seated.” And somehow if they sit and start having a cup of coffee, after that three or four hours I may be sitting with them and discussing with them; they will not even remember that question second time. They won’t even remember that question again. Before leaving they’ll say, “Maharaji I came, I came with some question to you, what is that question?” I’ll say nothing. Your train is waiting, go. So understand, most of the time even you are not sure about your question.


Start getting comfortable more and more with your unknown. I tell you, knowing that your unknown is your own is courage. Knowing your unknown is your own is courage. I tell you, the moment I understood My unknown is My own, I lost death fear. I lost death fear. When you know, your unknown is your own, you will lose fear of unknown and you will start listening to it. Whenever you have the fear or hatred towards unknown, start listening; listening will take away the fear. That is why death fear, fear of unknown is conquered in Manikarnika, where the Manikarnika the Manikarna of Devi, which is the symbol of listening has fallen, there death is conquered.


Kala stays and liberates people from the fear of unknown. Listening and conquering the fear of unknown are directly connected. The Manikarana is the symbol of listening. It is given as the symbol of listening. When you are given initiation, that time this is given. So the Devi’s Manikarna fell in Varanasi, that Manikarnika ghat; means that space is a symbol of listening. When you listen, all the fear of unknown disappears. Understand. What I am talking is a very powerful truth, very important truth - not having the fear of unknown. Because, all excitement comes from unknown. It is from Avyakta, joy and excitement comes; because anything is known is no more exciting. It is boring and tiring. So anything which has to excite you, has to come from the unknown but, you are afraid of anything comes from unknown. It is like all your joy and excitement has to come from the your mother in law's house, which is unknown. But anything comes from your mother in law's house, you are afraid. Then how are you going to have?


I’ll give essence in Hindi then I’ll continue the satsang Aaj mai kalptaru ke vijnan ko aur geharai se bataunga. SDHD ke saath purnatva karna. aap kisi bhi bahari vastu se agar virodh rakhate hai, yeh aur kuch nahi aapka apne antar ke hi kisi bhag se virodh hai. Agar aap TV channel per kuch samachar dekh rahe hai, aur aap Osama ya Obama se ghruna karne lagate hai, vishvas kariye aap apne sath bhi ghruna karne lagenge. Dhyan se suniye, wah vyakti jo har avyakta vastu se ghruna karta hai, vah pashu saman hai. Har vyakti jo har har avyakta vastu se prem karta hai, vah Ishwar hai. avyakta ke pratighruna ka bhav hi SDHD hai jisme log sangharsh kar rahe hai. Agar aap ke sath kisine bura vyavahar kiya hai aur aap use ghruna karte hai toh bath samaj me aati hai. kintu agar aap har vastu jo avyakta hai usko ghruna se dekh ne lagte hai toh yeh SDHD ka karan banjayega. Aisa hai jaise ki surya ya mangal grah per kya hai, yeh aap ko pata na ho to aap use ghruna karne lage. Upanishad kehte hai ki avyakta se prem kare. aisa isliye, kyon ki aap ke antar ka bahut sa bhag aap ke liye avyakta hi hai. Maine apne bahut sare sadhu, sanyasiyon ko, bhakto ko dekha hai jo sangha ke un logo se prem nahi kar paate jinko vah jaante nahi. sangh ke logo ke sath jab aap karya karte hai toh aap vyakth bhaag se toh sahaj anubhav karate hai, kintu avyakt bhag se bhai ka bhav rakhte hai. agar aap dusro ko labhanvit karne me kriyashil hai, toh aap purnatva praapth karne bhi adhik safal honge. Avyakt se ghruna na kare, kyon ki avyakta aap ka swayam ka hi avyakta bhaag hai. Jab aap ye baat samajh jaayenge , aap ko kisi prakar ka bhay nahi rahega. Mujh me aur aap me keval itna antar hai ki mujhe avyakta ka bhay nahi hai. Me janta hun ki avyakta bhi mera apana hi bhag hai, mera hi vistar hai. aisa samaj aajane se aap ko avyakta se koi bhay nahi reh jayega. jab aap avyakta se prem karne lagenge to aap jivan mukt ho jaate hai. Agar aap ko ye gyat ho jaye ki aap ka avyakta bhag aap ka apna hi hai, aap ko Mrutyu ka bhay nahi lagta.


The unknown part of Me also is Me. Because it is My unknown part. When I am not afraid of My unknown part I will not be afraid of anything unknown in the cosmos. I tell you, this is the ultimate secret to be free. This is the ultimate secret to be free. Do not be afraid of unknown. What can be the most powerful unknowns you may be afraid in your life? Death? Pain? Mental suffering? Physical pain? I tell you I have gone through all these. I tell you experientially, they are all not as you are frightened about. You need to know, even your worst mother-in-law is mother for somebody. Even your most worst mother-in-law is mother for somebody. Because you behave as daughter in law, she behaves as mother in law. If you behave as a daughter, she will behave as a mother.


The unknown component of you, when you are afraid of it, it frightens you. When you stop being afraid of it, it stops frightening you. Whether you are afraid of death, physical torture, mental torture, I don’t think anything other than this three can be a reason for you to be afraid of unknown. I tell you all three are not to be afraid of. They are not worthy of your fear. Because I have seen all three. They are all like a kids, doing makeup of demon, devil. In US they have a festival, Halloween. The kids will decorate themselves like a different, different devil, demon, ghost and all. Your fear of death, your fear of pain, your fear of physical pain or mental pain, all of them are Halloween kids, decorated as if like a ghost. Understand. They are not real ghosts. They are there standing in front of you, knocking your door, asking for candy. Just give a candy and be rid of it. Don’t be a fool to waste your whole life. Sometime these fools, seeing the kid decorated as ghost, they get heart attack and die. That is what exactly you’re doing when you’re afraid of your avyakta. Your avyakta is a Halloween kid.


I tell you, I have seen the kid without the makeup, that is why I’m telling you. I have seen the kid without that - all that dressing up. That is why I’m telling you, your fear of death, your death, your fear of pain, your pain, your fear of physical and mental torture, and physical and mental torture, all of them are Halloween kid decorated as demon, that’s all; because I have seen them without their makeup. Start living with them, you don’t even need to accept your fear of death, or death, or your suffering and all that. Just stop resisting. Stop resisting. You don’t need to think, “Any one day I am going to die. Why should I be afraid?” No. “Any one day I am going to be physically tortured, mentally tortured, why should I be afraid?” No, you don’t need to accept. You just say, “I am not going to resist. Let me see what comes. I am not going to presume, I am not going to assume, I am not going to resist, I am not going to accept.”


Understand. Then you will understand all your fear of unknown is nothing but kids decorated for Halloween. Don’t get heart attack seeing the Halloween kids and die, it is too costly mistake. At least if you see real ghost and get a heart attack and die, I’ll feel alright, worthy. But if you see a Halloween kid and get an heart attack and die, that is too cheap. It’s a disrespect to your heart. That is why I’m telling you, don’t have the fear of unknown, having the fear of unknown is nothing but one of the components of self-denial. You just want to deny the parts of you unknown to you. Sameway you just want to deny the parts of the world unknown to you. Worshipping the unknown is worship of Kali. Worshipping the unknown is worship of Vishnu. Vishnu means what? Unknown vyakti, the avyakta who fills the vyakta and avyakta is Vishnu. Who is embodiment of vyakta and avyakta is Kali.


If you just complete with your fear of unknown, you will have the courage to enrich the whole world. You will have the courage to complete with your all problems. Courage to enrich the whole world and courage to complete with all problems is one and the same. If you don’t have the courage to complete with all components of you, you will have the same fear outside; to reach out to people. That is why I said - tell you, the person who completes will be the real enricher. The person who enriches, will be a real completer. Enriching and completion goes hand-in-hand intensely. Enriching and completion are like a Anga, not step-by-step. Patanjali says Ashtanga yoga means, eight parts of yoga. He doesn’t say, Ashtapada yoga. Means, eight steps of yoga. No. Ashtanga yoga. Yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, all of them are different components of yoga, anga of yoga. Same way: completion, enriching, causing, integrity, authenticity. Integrity, authenticity, responsibility, enriching and causing, completion, all the six are Shashtanga yoga. Not Shashtapada yoga. Shashtanga yoga. Complete, enrich, cause, everything together. Your completion will cause enriching, and enriching will cause completion.


When you are afraid of handling some questions from others, some doubts from others, you are afraid of handling some incompletions of you. If you handle that incompletions of you, you will have the answer to enrich others, cause others. As per the sanskrit rule, it should not be Shashtanga yoga, it should be Shadanga yoga. Shadanga yoga. Integrity, authenticity, responsibility and enriching, causing, completion. I should add listening also. So, it becomes Saptanga yoga. All these seven are not step-by-step. They are not Saptapadi, they are Sapta anga. All seven happens spontaneously.


I have a question from Ma Achala, Ma Snehamayi and Sri Muktha. I wanted all three of you to know, I do not want to answer your question now. I wanted all three of you guys to sit with the completion, with yourself with the context of today’s satsang. And after the completion, if you guys have any other questions, then ask Me. I’ll answer. I wanted all three of you guys, to sit with yourself, with the context of today’s satsang and do completion. Completing with the unknown fears and incompletions you carry in you, which you are afraid may come out when you enrich others. If you are afraid of facing any questions or doubt from others, you are afraid of facing some parts of you, your own incompletion, your own doubts which may come out in your incompletion. So understand... This question from Sri Muktha and Snehamayi and Achala, this is about enriching. They say, “if we suddenly talk about asking people to cause thousand lives for February IA, who are not even our devotees, who are casual visitors, who are new people.”


Please understand. I am not saying your question is wrong, I am not saying your question is right. I am not saying all three of you, your question is wrong, I am not saying your question is right. All I am trying to tell you is, you guys contemplate on today’s satsang and do completion. After this completion if you have any question, call Me - send the question. Because, some time the answer which comes from outside, you may have a resistance. So let the answer come from inside. I tell you, all conflicts need to be attended from inside, not from outside. Every participant in the conflict has to answer, try to answer the conflict from inside. We say, “No, no, no, I am right, you try to complete from your inside.” “No, no, no” this is the problem which all of us have, “In this conflict, I am right. You are only wrong, you only need to look in.”


Now I am telling you, all the three has to look in, and complete within themself. After that if they have a question, please send Me that question, I’ll answer. All the best things in our life is yet to come, and which is going to come from avyakta, unknown. If we are afraid of that unknown, what are we going to get? Unknown is Kalpataru which is going to give what you want. How can you be afraid of the Kalpataru? Completing with your fear of unknown is completing with your self-doubt, hatred, denial, SDHD.



Leela Alankar

Leela Alankar


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