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Every civilization has a collective identity. The Grand Narrative is the collective inner-image each civilization creates.

Each civilization adopts their own grand narrative. Sometimes the Grand Narratives just evolve spontaneously and get followed. Sometimes the Grand Narratives are very organized way propagated and followed.

Need of a Grand Narrative

For An Individual

You need a Grand Narrative only then you can align your inner-image to it. Your need for Guru is nothing but your need of Grand Narrative.

Whoever accepts Me as Guru, for all of you I became the Grand Narrative without even telling. - Paramahamsa Nithyananda Paramashivam

For the Community

Actually, if we can make 10,000 people enlightened without Hindu Grand Narrative; with Hindu Grand Narrative, we will be able to make easily 100,000 people enlightened. Because that takes the away the people’s depression, that takes away the people’s fatigue, that takes away the people’s boredom.

I tell you, now what I am saying all of you can understand, it is not that I never fought with Arunagiri Yogiswara [incarnation of Lord Shiva]. I had my own ups and downs with Him. But every early morning, the moment I see Him, everything is over. Just like how, what happens to you when the curtain opens. Not only the ups and downs I had with Him, the opens and downs I have with the whole world, everything disappears. Now it is neither up nor down, it is all jing-chuck-chick. It is all now, I tell you, human beings live in the intoxication of Grand Narrative and intoxication of grand narrative is required to go through forced depression by the stupid social narratives.

See society gives you some narratives. As a mother you should be this, this, this. As a father you should be this, this, this. As a brother you should be this, this, this. This all forced on you and your bio-memory is made to believe. When you face some difficulty, problems, because of these social narratives about you, the intoxication of grand narrative takes away the depression. Understand, grand narrative is the antidote for all the sufferings you created based on your social narratives. It is such powerful inspiration to remove your mental fatigue, tiredness and boredom.

The Grand Narrative is required to keep the seeking up and alive.

Grand Narrative of Hinduism

SEEKING is the Grand Narrative of Hinduism

We had thousands of Grand Narratives in each locality. For example, whole Maharashtra, Sant Jnaneshwar was the Grand Narrative. Whole Karnataka, Bhagavan Basavanna, he was the Grand Narrative. Whole Tamil Nadu, Jnana Sambandar and few more saints who came after Jnana Sambandar, they were the Grand Narrative.