February 12 2017

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Manifestation is Your Right: When You Create Your Life as You Want, Cosmos Celebrates You!


In this video, filmed on 12 February, 2017, Nithyananda answers questions about manifestation as part of the two day Kalpataru program. He explains that we are not the children of Sin, but are, in fact, sons and daughters of the Cosmos Itself. Abrahamic religions teach you you are qualitatively different from the Cosmic Will, which is not true; you are quantitatively different from the Cosmic Will; you are part of the Cosmic Will. We are made to feel in life like we are asking too much when we want to manifest or create something from our own will, but the truth is that when we create ourselves as we want to be, the very Cosmos celebrates our decision to go beyond our karma patterns. We are not made for suffering and limitation; we are here to expansion and to be our highest possibility.

Video - Manifestation is Your Right: When You Create Your Life as You Want, Cosmos Celebrates You!

In this video, filmed on 12 February, 2017, Nithyananda answers questions about manifestation as part of the two day Kalpataru program. He explains that we are not the children of Sin, but are, in fact, sons and daughters of the Cosmos Itself.

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Transcript - Manifestation is Your Right: When You Create Your Life as You Want, Cosmos Celebrates You!

nithyānandeśvara samārambhām nithyānandeśvari madhyamām | asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with My love and respects. I’ll start answering your questions.

Santoshi Jamil from San Diego ask : When Swamiji talks about our Will, can our Will overwrite something that is not supported by the Planets in our birth charts?

Swamiji - When Swamiji talks about our Will, can our Will overwrite something that is not supported by Planets in our birth charts?

First thing, this whole question raises, because of the sad, wrong, criminally, abusive…Please understand. The word I am using...criminally abusive introduction given to you by Abrahamic religions. Understand. You are not the Children of Sin. The source of this idea,’ our Will and the Cosmic Will can be against each other’, is from Abrahamic religions, that you are Children of Sin. It is abusively criminal introduction towards You, given to you by this Abrahamic religions. I have to use these strong words only then you will get out of this abusive conditioning. Listen. Your Will is not qualitatively different from Cosmic Will. It is only quantitatively different. Understand. The Abrahamic religions teach you,” Your individual is qualitatively different from the Cosmic,” which is not true. Listen carefully. You have a Will to move your right hand. That Will, to move your left hand, to open your eye or close your eye, this Will and the Will which moves the whole Cosmos, Planets, they only quantitatively differ, means smaller and larger, but not qualitatively good and evil. This is the biggest difference Sanatana Hindu Dharma teaches you.

Listen. Your Will can be against the Will of the Cosmos. Your Will can never be against the Will of the Planets. Your Will can never be against the Will of the Universe. Because you have not Willed, Planets continue to do their allotted responsibility. If you Will, they always come to you. Listen in 3 ways they come to you. If you are praying, they come to you as God. If you are declaring, they come to you for negotiation table. If you are responding from the depth of Oneness, Sadāshivoham, they just do what you say. Understand. Please understand. The Will which you have...see all of you have Will, that is why… if you want you can move your hand, you can close your eyes, you can turn your head, whatever Will you have to run your body and your mind, this Will and the Cosmic Will which runs the Sun, Moon, Planets, this 2 only quantitatively differ, smaller - higher, that’s all. They do not have quality difference, good - bad. No! God - Devil. No! This is one of the major truth, very important truth, Sanatana Hindu Dharma teaches. I should tell you, Sanatana Hindu Dharma alone teaches. Whole Upanishad, introduces you,” shrinwantu vishwe amritasya putraha” - you are junior, putra, son of immortality. So there is only quantitative different, you are small and that is high. ‘Amritsaya’, the state of Amritattva is bigger and you are smaller. You are Putra of that. But no where it says there is quanti…sorry… there is qualitative difference. Understand. Ideas you cognize are very important, for the realisation and manifesting your reality.

Understand. The Physiology of the Reality emphasises….that word ‘Physiology of Reality’ is the word, I roughly translated :(???samsheb sarirakam???), that is the original Sanskrit word. The 1 dimension of that word only I have translated as Physiology of Reality. Listen. This science emphasises on the beliefs you carry about you and the world. Do not think all these are not required. No! If you want to live as you want, you need to know all this. If you are just sit as a passenger in a car, you don’t need to know anything. You just need to know how to put the seatbelt, but if you are going to drive, you need to know everything about car. So this abusively criminal introduction given to you, that’s a...I don’t have a bigger word. If I get, I’ll use it next time. No really! You see, the moment you are introduced to you as qualitatively different, like a good Will and evil Will, God and Devil, good and bad, the larger is Cosmic good and you are bad. You are gone! Your whole life is gone. After that whatever you do, you are just going to be in your guilt. You can’t even have simple taste of apple juice. The moment something is tasty, the 1st thing will erupt is,” Oh, I think it is from bad Will, Devil.” Understand. All of you please understand. The Will which makes decisions in You, which is asking You to move the right hand or left hand and to take the car, right side or left side, to go to the mall or theatre, to come to the session or not - this Will, is not against the Cosmic Will. It is not quantitat…..qualitatively different from the Cosmic Will. If you are having some problem, you have used your Will in a little confused way.

Confusion is not crime. That reason for your problems is Confusion, not crime. Understand. Confusion is not crime. Confusion means - half an hour before, you took 1 decision and half an hour after you changed the decision - so this change of decision, like you switched on the fan and switched off the fan, switched on the fan and switched off the fan, in that time, fan moves this side few minutes, this side few minutes and there is little confusion! That’s all is the reason for your sufferings or not manifesting what you want but there is no crime involved in it. Please understand. It is like 1 fellow ran away from the house, because the wife is continuously cooking tamarind rice and finally he could not find any place to sleep and he went and slept under the tamarind tree. In Tamil the proverb is very funny - (????tamil?????) It is a village proverb. See, whenever you have a problem, go for the right diagnosis. So first thing you need to know, your individual Will is not against the Will of the Cosmos or Planet. Second, the Cosmic Will, which moves the Planets, birth charts, all of them are not rigid. They are your father. They are ready for negotiation. They are ready to give you Boon, They are ready to take even your orders, when if you have grown up.

Understand. If you pray to them, they are ready to respond to you as Gods. If you are little grown up and able to think through and look into the way they work and order, they are even ready to sit with you in negotiation table. They’ll say,” Alright, don’t worry, this, this, this, are suppose to be happening, that is the way you created your karma pattern, now do this, this, this, all that will be erased and you will manifest what you want”. And if you stay in your Oneness and declare, they will just bow down and say, ”Done, Mahadeva”.

You need to understand, Planets, Cosmic Will, are not against you. They are not qualitatively different. How many of you unconsciously believing the Cosmic Will and your Will are qualitatively different, that good - bad? Now understand, it is not! This 1 understanding will solve 1000s of your problems, your confusions. Vastu, same way or any natural forces, any natural forces. Few days before, just before the Sadāshivoham, I should say a few months, just before Sadāshivoham, the Admin team in the Aadheenam decided, “Swamiji, we have only 6 Borewells, I don’t know whether we will be able to support the whole master plan with that 6 Borewells. We need at least, 10 more Borewells and all of you need to know that around the Campus, not a single person has water. In this whole 1000 acre around the Banyan Tree other than our Aadheenam, nobody has underground water. Around 20 properties are there, all around the Aadheenam, not even 1 person has Borewell water. They have dug, I think around 50 Borewells, as recently as 2 day before….2 weeks before, few weeks before. Nobody got water. Inside our property, we got water in 500 feet, 6 inch water. Then, our neighbor put the Borewell just 50 feet away, 1000 feet, no water! I don’t know whether directly comes from Ganga, special connection to…….No, even I am wondering. No, it’s not that I don’t want them to have water….I told them,” You tell me...when you are free, I’ll come and bless it and let you also have water”. It’s not that I don’t want them to have water but I am telling the reality as it is happening now. Nobody has water, all around. These guys told me that,” Swamiji, we need at least 10 more Borewells. I said,” Alright, you tell me, where all is convenient for you to built the tank, I will put the point.” They said,” No Swamiji, first you have to say where the water is then we will dig the Borewell and the...we will build the tank.” I said,” No, no, no, that is outside. That is outside. You tell me where you want the water.” Then finally I walked around and they said,” This place will be good for overhead tank, as per master plan”. “Alright then”, put the walking stick and trishul, take the water. That’s the way I put the point, 12 points. All 12 points, 6 inch water! Understand. Not even 1 point failure or 1 point less water. Maximum water in all the points we marked. I wanted to tell you, it is not some arrogance or pride I am telling you. All I did is - in our body there is water element. I’ll go and stand there, surrender to that water element in that Oneness, in Sadāshivattva, just surrender to that water element and ‘please do good, it will useful for so many people’, that’s all and water comes. Understand.

The basic cognition, you need to have - your individual Will and Cosmic Will are not enemies. Your individual Will is not given to you as punishment. It is given to you as a Boon, extension. You are son, not sin. You are Putra, Amritasya Putra, sons of immortality, sons of eternity. You are not sins of somebody. One of the worst introduction given to human beings is you are sins of somebody and Cosmic Will is bad.....good, your Will is bad and both Wills are quantitat…..qualitatively different. That’s the biggest crime. Understand. Both Wills are only quantitatively different not qualitatively, means the quality of both Wills are not different, it’s only the quantity is different, in the initial level. That also in the initial level not forever. So, whenever you want to manifest your reality, understand, Cosmos celebrates you manifesting. It is like a...when your son becomes a doctor and if you are real father, you celebrate. Of course, the word ‘real father’ is very important. No….1 guy goes to the father and says,” Father, bless me, I am in love with my...our neighbor girl”. Father calls him,” Son, I should tell you, you can’t marry her, she is your sister”. What to do! Alright, again after a week, the fellow comes and names some other girl in the same street. Again father hangs his head, says,” Son, sorry to tell you, again wrong choice, she is your sister”. This goes on for 7 times. Now it is too much. The fellow runs to the mom and says,” Mom, what is going on? Every girl in the street, neighborhood area, is my sister”. Mom says,” Eh, don’t worry, you fall in love any girl, he is not your father”.

Understand. You are real son of the Cosmos. You are real daughter of the Cosmos and you are extension. When your son or daughter wants to fulfill their reality, manifest their reality, you celebrate. That is what the real meaning of the real son or real father, real daughter and real father. Cosmos celebrates your Will’s completion. The good news I have for you, Planets celebrates...planets actually celebrates when you want to manifest something. Actually they torture you because you don’t want to manifest, you are stuck with your laziness, boredom, tiredness, victim patterns, stupidity, self sympathy, self doubt, all that. To wake you up, they torture you but the moment you make it clear,”I am not going to be victim for SDHD anymore, I am not going to be bored, tired, destroying myself anymore, I am going to manifest the reality as I want”. I tell you, whenever you stand up as a man, to manifest your reality, you become non-violent, you become loving, you become caring, you become beautiful, you become sweet. Understand. Romance with the life, manifesting what you want, both are one and the same. Somebody wants to manifest what they want, will not have time and energy to destroy others. Destroying is not at all a big job. Understand. Any fool can destroy any big man. It’s not a big thing. It’s manifestation, creation. That is the real thing. I tell you, whenever you want to manifest what you want in your life, Cosmos celebrates you, Sadāshiva supports you, Planets align to you. Real Parihara, the Graha Parihara, Dosha Parihara is using your Will and declaring to yourself and the Cosmos, what you want to manifest. I tell you, when you decide what you want to manifest, Cosmos only supports you because you are real sons of the Cosmos. Understand. Next time whenever you have a problem, you are real son, you are real daughter. So, you don’t have to worry that,’Can my Will override? Can my Will override?’. No. Understand. This very idea ‘overriding’ is from the concept of good and bad, right and wrong, opposite. You are not opposite party to Cosmos. You are extension of Cosmos. Next...

Surya Prabha from Kulim Malaysia ask: By attending the Inner Awakening Program and receiving all the Mandalas along with the spiritual practices described, will it destroy the negative seeds embedded in me from past life and put an end to the vicious cycle of rebirth?

Swamiji - Surya Prabha, I guarantee you that. What you are asking is too small. What you are asking is too small and I guarantee you, what you are asking, ‘destroying the negative seeds and releasing you from the vicious cycle of rebirth’. Understand. If you are asking only this much, you need only completion. You don’t even need Mandalas and all that and you will have more than what you are even thinking and expecting and get ready to have unexpected surprise gifts and life. Listen. No, I need to give you the understanding about this science. See, you have certain impossibility, ideas. Yesterday, only I was telling that they are dead snakes. Those patterns, concepts, ideas, they are all dead snakes. You can just take them, either burn them away…. taking them and burning them away is what I call Completion. There is 1 more thing can be done, you can take the skin, venom, whatever is available and sell them and make money, that is what is manifesting powers.

Understand. All manifesting powers is using even your impossibility patterns, for your life. For example, every pain pattern you have can be completed and manifested as a bliss pattern because for the energy you need, the energy you need to create pain and the energy you need to create pleasure is one and the same. Same pressure. It is just right place, wrong place, right level, wrong level. That’s all. Somebody who is constantly in pain, that pattern can be beautifully transformed and manifested as constantly being in pleasure. I am giving you example. Every pattern you have, every impossibility you have, either you can complete with them and get rid of it or you can just transform from them and manifest as power. If you are completing with them and getting rid of it, you are a Vedanti. If you transform them and manifest as power, you are a Shaivite. That’s all. Completing with the pain patterns and getting rid of them is Advaita. Transforming them and manifesting as powers is Shuddhadvaita. That’s all is the difference. And do not be afraid, the negative seeds are there in you. No negative seed is alive. You need to know...actually even the word you used here, Surya Prabha, the word you used, ’negative seed’, should be replaced by ‘neutral seed’. It is….because negative means something which is having power. No!

Your patterns, your restrictive, suffocating incompletions, do not have life of their own. They are just dead snakes, dead elephants, dead tiger, dead animals. So you should not even use the word, ‘negative seeds’, you should only use the word, ‘neutralized seeds’. The only thing which has life in you is your Will. Your Will !! Nothing else exists in you. Nothing else is alive in you. Actually 2 life cannot be in 1 body. Understand that. Even with 1 life, there is so much confusion. How can 2 life exist in 1 body? No! 2 cannot exist in 1 body. That’s the basic truth, you need to know. So...actually these Mandalas, are not required if you just want Completion and Enlightenment. These Mandalas are required only if you want to manifest the higher powers, Shaktis. You see, if I raise your Kundalini and initiate you, even if goes back, settles and falls asleep, no problem, your Enlightenment is guaranteed because whenever you leave the body that Kundalini will automatically raise, to the peak experience you had while you are alive. For example, Kundalini during its sleep is 10 volt. When I initiated and raise your Kundalini and it has reached 1000 volt but it has come back to 10 volt again and again started sleeping again, you forgot all this Meditation, Enlightenment, Kundalini, Inner Awakening, and you continue with your life but when you are leaving the body, by its programming it will reach back the peak, it experienced in that body. 1000 volt and it will be liberated.

Understand. Katho Upanishad describes...Vivekananda very beautifully says,” That is why we insist on getting initiated by an Incarnation or an Enlightened Being, at least once in your life”. Even once you are initiated, after that even if you don’t practice anything, when you leave the body, it will come back to the same position and you’ll be liberated. For liberation, you don’t need all these Mandalas. Once Kundalini Awakening and 1 initiation, you reaching to the….the Kundalini reaching to your Third Eye or Sahasrara once that is enough. After that even if it goes to sleep and you don’t practice anything, you don’t live anything, even then no problem. Liberation is guaranteed. These Mandalas, why you know, they will keep the Kundalini in the same 1000 volt, in your everyday life, that is why these Mandalas. Like, they will make you manifest all the powers, if the Kundalini resides in that same 1000 volt in Third Eye continuously. If the Kundalini stays in the Third Eye continuously, you will start manifesting. 1st you’ll start manifesting the power to see anybody - see through the body like a scanning. You’ll be able to see through the wall. You’ll be able to see through the Third Eye. You’ll be able to do the blindfold reading. You’ll be able to see from the far distance. And you will have a deep intuition. Tremendous intuition. The moment you sit for business negotiation or the negotiation table, you know what is his fear and his weakness. Where you need to touch your negotiation, where you need to tighten your negotiation, where you need to loosen your negotiation. You will just know, how to play with the guy who is sitting in front of you.

All these powers will start manifesting, if you use these Mandalas. These Mandalas by themself are not required just for Enlightenment. Understand. Just for Enlightenment, all you need is one touch, once Kundalini reaching your Third Eye and once your body has to go through that experience of highest Kundalini Shakti. That’s it. That’s all you need just for Enlightenment. Maybe 1 Inner Awakening, that’s all you need for Enlightenment, to get rid of the birth and rebirth cycle. But these Mandalas make you live and manifest Sadāshiva’s powers. Especially, I strongly recommend these Mandalas to be kept in a place where you sleep. You see, during the sleep, all other circuits like psychological, physiological circuits come down. But the neurological circuits are alive. These Mandalas will use that moment and keep your neurological circuits to the peak level energy, which you raised or realised during the initiation. What I did to you during the initiation, during the Kundalini Awakening, during the whole Sadāshivoham Process, that will be constantly maintained by these Mandalas, when you keep them in your bedroom. I don’t want to say bedroom, where you sleep, because only you know where you sleep. No, it is wrong to imagine - you always sleep in the bedroom. It depends on the weather and temperature of the inside house. Whether you sleep in the hall couch or wherever, wherever you are sleeping, keep these Mandalas in the space where you fall asleep because when you fall asleep, your neurology need to be maintained in the highest Kundalini Shakti. Actually, you….without you doing any tapas, this Kundalini will keep your Kundalini…..these Mandalas will keep your Kundalini Shakti, in the highest existence.

You don’t need to do any tapas. With that they will start manifesting various powers. They start helping you to live comfortably within the body, means healthy. They will make you comfortable within your resourced management, means wealth. They will make you comfortable with all the people with whom you are living. Good relationships. They will make you comfortable, ultimately with all the powers you are living, forces, manifesting powers. Ultimately they will make you comfortable with the whole Universe - Sadāshivattva. So these Mandalas, are mainly for manifesting powers. Just for Enlightenment, you don’t...you may not need them. You may not need them. All the Sadāshivohamm Participants who did Sadāshivoham 2016, you are going to receive some more Mandalas. Actually as per my original plan, some more Mandalas which I developed...means I should say...did, I did not develop this science. The science is done by Sadāshiva in Kamika Agama, I am only doing what is said. So the material I collected, for energizing, for making these Mandalas, are getting completed. And, I should say almost ready, so you may receive few more Mandalas as the continuous gift of...gift from Sadāshiva, for all the Sadāshivoham 2016 Participants. So maybe in the Living Sadāshivoham Process every week, I’ll send you one by one, one by one and so next question.

Participant - I wanted to share something with everyone Swamiji and also I want your blessings. After Nithyanandoham, I had lot of little small wishes. That all just like that happened. But after Sadāshivoham, I still had wishes, that you know like just a normal kind of things that I wanted, which I assumed is going to bring me happiness but the Cosmos is just throwing me, to such things where I have to come and be so powerful. There is no other choice. More and more I go for the little things, it’s like, ‘that’s not for you’. Just drags me. It gives me such a….kind of the emotional, the neurological breakdown and then I say,” No”. I just you know, Cosmos I just listen to you. So I see a lot of possibilities and such huge responsibilities ahead.

Swamiji - See, See, that is why I am saying that you are not opposite to the Cosmic Will, you are extension of the Cosmic Will. So the whole thing is done with lot of love. Understand. Cosmos does not beat you like that, it keeps you in the lap and slaps you. Understand. You are not beaten like that. You are kept in the lap and slap like this. There is a big difference between these 2

Participant - And the things that I want, which Cosmos really feels is right for me, I am just….

Swamiji - I tell you, not only that even your taste will go up. What is actually Growing? Growing means your...the taste for your toys will go up. This is what is exactly definition of Growth. Taste for your toys going up is Growing. Understand. Whether you are going to be playing with the Barbie doll or Devi deity. The taste for your toys will grow up is Growing. I should say in a social way, whether you want to play with the Audi car toy or real Audi car itself. Your taste for toys will grow up and ultimately you will realise there are much better toys inside you than any toys available outside you. It is just your taste growing up, is you growing up. Nothing else. Blessed are those whose taste has grown before they grow up because you have a beautiful life in front of you, with the best taste. See, having time in front of you but the taste very low is wasting your life. You have time but fortunately your taste grown so high is the best way to exist. I tell you, my Balasanths are the best way to exist, because they may be young, they may have…..they have their whole time in front, but if you see their taste, Oh God! Yesterday night we were sitting and discussing. I never discuss how to run a program with anybody. If I discuss, they make a mess so...but for the…..from today I have 10 days Nithyanandam Program for the kids, below 21, 7 to 20...sorry 7 to 21. Already we have 1000 Participants arrived.

Yesterday I was sitting and discussing with the kids - how are you guys going to run the program? I told them,” This time the Balasanths will run the program, I’ll come only for initiation”. I was shocked to see their amazing taste, amazing taste. Whether the way they are planning to entertain the kids, the way they are planning to teach the kids, the way they are planning to enrich the kids. I was shocked, the taste they have. I tell you, hav….the best blessings you will receive from the Cosmos is matured taste for life. Matured taste for life. Fools are those, whose taste is immatured even if they have life, time, energy, everything in front of them. Blessed are those who have their taste matured. Taste maturing is the biggest blessings. See, Cub...I don’t know how many of you heard this Lion - Cub story. If you have not heard, don’t miss it. It’s in Youtube. Please go and see the Lion - Cub story. You should all see that video. It’s in Youtube. The Cub if he continues to have the taste of grass and the sheep lifestyle, even if he lives 200 years, what is the use? So even if he lives 200 years, he will be running seeing a Lion or seeing any animal other than the sheep. Life is waste. The moment his taste has matured from grass to flesh, the way he stands up. Now he has his whole time in front of him as his life.

Understand. Only if your taste has matured, the time in front of you can be considered as life, otherwise it is only time. A man who taste is not matured, who is working in Indian Government Office...sorry if you are….same seat, same dodak..dodak...dodak fan and the same wooden table. Sometime that seat will have even that print and that same old boss, who is appointed before Independence and that same pen and that same type of people….only the table is now reduced little bit, so that you can stretch your hand under the table easily. Just for that convenience, the table sizes being brought down, other than that no other change. You go on...sometimes people work in that same office, sitting in that same chair and position 40 years!! In that whole 40 years, only twice the wall will be painted and no question of changing the furnitures. If you have that kind of a taste for life, whether you have 50 years in front of you, 100 years in front of you, what is the use? Even if it is 200 years, it is going to be the same table, same routine, same talk and same magazines and same sleep and same coffee. And I don’t want to tell further same, same. If your taste has not matured for life, the time you have in front of you, cannot be called as Life. If the taste you have for life has matured, the time in front of you can be called as Life. There is a big difference, whether you have time or life, is going to be decided only by the taste you have for life. It’s the maturity of your taste, that decides whether you have life, you have only time. I know, there are millions of people who only have time. Blessed are those who have the best taste for life, whose time is converted into life.

Ramaji from Kuala Lumpur asks - Since I already have a Guru who initiated me, how do I adore you after being initiated by you?

Swamiji - Ramaji, Namaste. Please, please, be seated. Please be seated. See, in Hindu tradition, in Hindu tradition, Guru tattva is worshipped not the Individual. See, anybody who has achieved that space, who opened up to that space, that space of Guru tattva is worshipped. You should know, very beautiful Sloka from Agama. Once Devi and Mahadeva, Sadāshiva and Adi Shakti, they both were sitting in Kailaasa. Suddenly Sadāshiva bows down with folded hands, with tremendous respect. Devi asked,” You are the Brahmanda, you are the Bhuvananda, you are the Nayaka, Lord of the Universe, to whom are you bowing down?” Sadāshiva says, “I am bowing down to Guru tattva, on which I am constantly meditating, I reside”. Guru tattva is much more than God in Hinduism. Then he delivers the whole Guru Gita. The whole Guru Gita is delivered to him….delivered to Devi, by Sadāshiva in this….with this start. This is the way he starts. Devi asked the question,” To whom are you bowing down? You are the Lord of the Universe.” Then he explains about the Guru tattva and the Guru Gita. There he very clearly explains. I...I think it is around 500 Slokas. I’ll give just 3 points.

1/ The individual person is not worshipped. I am only the shell for that Guru tattva. The principle is worshipped, that is why this throne. That is why these jewels. All these are for this principle, for the responsibility I am doing. If you see Me in the Courtyard, actually the moment I finish the session and go, first thing I’ll do, I’ll remove all these and throw it away. It’s not that I want all this I am wearing. These are all the respect, reverence, given to this tattva, given to this principle, Guru tattva. And Sadāshiva says 1 more thing. Devi asked, “ If I see Guru and God both at a time, to whom should I bow down first?” He says, “ Guru”. Because even if the God leaves, Guru will bring the God back to you and when you are bowing down to Guru, even if the God leaves, Guru will bring the God back to you. But even God cannot bring Guru back to you. Understand. Even God cannot bring Guru back to you. Guru tattva is worshipped. So you don’t have to have….it is not only for Ramaji, for everyone I am saying, who has this Guru conflict,“I have 1 Guru, now I am coming to you, is it okay?” I tell you, that Guru, because of your sincerity towards that Guru, he is only now bringing you, bring….sending you to Me from him. Understand. All Gurus lead you to the next, next, next, level. Sometime when they are not in the body, you will not be able to connect with them. You need a Guru who is in the body. So they automatically guide you and sometime you get into incompletion in such way, you may have love for your Guru but you will stop listening to him. Arrey, this happened to even Sukha Brahma. The greatest Guru ever happened is Vyasa - his disciple, son and disciple, Sukha Brahma stopped listening to him. The Veda Vyasa has to tell,” Alright, now you go to Janaka Rishi”. The Sukha Brahma asked, “ What, Janaka is a bigger Guru than you? You are the Jagatguru, the greatest Guru”. Vyasa beautifully says, “ Aye, it is not about Guru’s greatness, it is about your listening’s greatness. Here, with me, I may be great but you stopped listening. So now you need somebody else, to open up your listening”. He says,” Go to Janaka Rishi”. He sends...Vyasa sends Sukha Brahma, his own son to Janaka Rishi. Janaka Rishi gives him enlightenment. You need to know, Vyasa is not Sadguru of Sukha Brahma, he is only Vidhya Guru. In Sukha Brahma’s life, he records Vyasa as only the Vidhya Guru. Sadguru is Janaka Rishi, Sita’s father. So sometime, for various reasons, if the Guru has left the body or your listening has come down, or for...I don’t even want to give you the reasons. For various reasons, you are guided to next level, next Gurus. So understand, whenever your heart feels attracted, feels connected, you have something to receive. Receive it, enjoy it, celebrate it and enrich yourself. I always tell you, go to all gardens, pluck all the best flowers and make a garland for yourself. Beautiful garland for yourself. So going to another Guru does not, does not, amounts to any wrong because life guides you. Life guides you. Next….Ramaji you are in right place.

Uma Brooks from Fairlawn asks - Swamiji, I really want to be at Inner Awakening for Feb 2017. I don’t have the full amount and don’t want you to think, I am looking for a free ride. I fully dedicated to my transformation……

Swamiji - Don’t worry. The moment you say, “ You are ready”, I will not deny. Understand. When I say,” I”, I mean Cosmos. I am….when….I say,”I”, listen, Lakshmi has been ordered not to stop anybody’s spiritual growth and the moment you say,” You are ready, you wanted to”, your intention is enough. Just sign up your intention. My blessings, not just blessings, My commitment to you,” You will manifest whatever is required, whether time, money or the work, rearrangements, organizing, everything! Can I take a minute and ask, all the Centers all over the world - how many of you are witness for the statement I am saying now,” I will organize everything and you will be here”. How many of you have experienced it, raise your hand. And everyone, please look around. Those hands are Shakshi Pramana for my words and Fairlawn - Uma Brooks, you will be here. I’ll make sure, you will be here. My blessings. And so...we are actually sitting with the whole world sitting with us. Everytime zone, we have at least 10 countries or 10 cities attending. We have more than 115 cities and 60 countries attending. In those days, we use to have a word called,”Jagatguru”. And now technology has made it into reality. Alright, we will continue to have the next sessions, let’s gather for next session. Thank you. Be Blissful.



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