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Source of Tiredness and Boredom

Source of all tiredness, boredom ideas, death is your biological clock not in tune with the nature. Tiredness, boredom, including death all that is just biological clock disturbed.

Your biological clock needs to get healed. Healing needs to happen.


Waking up early morning during Brahmamuhurta, and doing Yoga puts your body in tune with the nature. You break thousands of stupid patterns you cherished, you break millions of stupid patterns you built, you clean up thousands of abuses, you clean up thousands of mess you have done to your body by wrong food, wrong thought currents, wrong thinking style, wrong cognitions.

When sun rises, your body should automatically become fresh, alive. Only then the right chemistry is happening in your biology. Along with the sun the activism should increase.

When the sun sets, beautifully the body should wind itself. When it is completely dark, body should withdraw to rest in deep Sushupti. The colour of the night and colour of Sushupti is same not by coincidence, not by accident but by design. Not by coincidence or accident. Because by the time it becomes night you should withdraw into deep sleep.

Dreams are the state invented by humans when Kalyuga started. Before Kalyuga in Treta Yuga, there was no dream.

Read the whole Puranic scriptures. Till Treta Yuga, never the dreams is recorded. It is in Kalyuga dreams started. Now, broken dreams have started. Means unconscious and subconscious fighting.

Morning Routine tunes you into nature

The dharma of the body is vibrating with the nature. If you are not able to get up in the morning for Yoga, if you are tired the whole day, if you are not able to sleep the moment you lie down in your bed at night, your biological clock is messed up. Your biological clock is destroyed.

Morning routine is to repair your biological clock. Breaking the pattern you built, cleaning up the mess you created inside by disconnecting your biological clock from the nature. Morning spiritual routine is to clean yourself and tune yourself to the dharma.

When you are not interested in getting up in the morning, the war you conduct inside your bed is nothing but the war between you saying no to life and saying yes to life.

Life by its nature says yes to life, and you by your mind say no to life.

How you behave with morning routine, life will behave exactly like that with you. If you are grumbling, grudging, life will do the same with you. Aligning your biological clock to the nature, your biological rhythm with the natural rhythm is the most graceful, beautiful. You develop an amazing body which you will enjoy to be in. Body with which you are happy to live in. Body in which you celebrate you is Beauty. Understand, if you are feeling blessed and enjoying the body you are having, that is beauty. Beauty is not anything else.