Nectar Related Dharana

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Śāstra Pramāṇa - शास्त्र प्रमाण

Sastra Pramana Source :Raurava Agama - Dharana Vidhih VII.9

Original Verse :

अम्र्ता धारणा यातु व्यपिनि तु शिवंकरी । आप्यायति सर्वत्र सर्वम् ज्ञानाम्र्तेन च ||9||


"amrtā dhāraṇā yātu vyapini tu śivaṃkarī । āpyāyati sarvatra sarvam jñānāmrtena ca ||9||"


That which is known as Amruta Dharana is capable of yielding its fruits everywhere by means of its pervasiveness. It instills purity and auspiciousness into everything. It besprinkles the nectarine drops of supreme consciousness and by such sprinkling, it consecrates all parts of the body and of the surroundings. This Dharana is to be done at the highest plane 12 digits above the Sahasrara. The mantras pertaining to these Dharanas are preceded by the OM syllable. These are always present at the heart-space, navel, head and dvadasanta (above sahasrara) and all over the body. These are nectarine in nature, pervasive and most auspicious.