Moon Related Dharana

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Śāstra Pramāṇa - शास्त्र प्रमाण

Sastra Pramana Source : Raurava Agama - Dharana Vidhih VII.7

Original Verse : "ह्र्दये धारयेद्विद्वन् सौम्यां सोमस्र्तां कलम् |

                 तस्यां वै धार्यमाणायां सर्वत्रप्ययनं भवेत् ||7||"


"hrdaye dhārayedvidvan saumyāṃ somasrtāṃ kalam | tasyāṃ vai dhāryamāṇāyāṃ sarvatrapyayanaṃ bhavet ||7||"


Let the sadhka, who has known the effective path of Yoga from his Master, fix his concentrated thought at the heart-space and contemplate the steady flow of nectarine kala, streaming forth from the microcosmic moon within. By the continued practice of such Dharna known as Saumya Dharana, nectarine drops get sprinkled profusely over all parts of his body and around the surroundings. By this Dharana, the sadhaka gets consecrated and established in the highest state of purity.