May 19 2019

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Nithyananda Purnima - The Enlightenment day || Pratyaksha Padapujas || Ashtotthara namavali archana || New Inaugurations of the day ||

Transcript of FB Post

The 30th anniversary of the day when formlessness that assumed form realised its original state- Nithyananda Purnima- the enlightenment day of HDH Bhagwaan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam was celebrated with thousands of people from all around the globe. The day commenced with the largest number of Pratyaksha Paadapujas ever offered on a single day followed by ashtotthara namavali archana of Swamiji along with various grand offerings from temples all over the world. More than 1200 naivedyams were offered from the main temples and centers

Swamiji also inaugurated:

  • 6 new Kailaasa Satsang Centres
  • 4 Kailaasa Paduka mandirs and
  • 9 New Paramashiva Hindu Temples all over the world
  • 24 ParamaShivaSena Shakhas
  • 108 Online Nithyananda Gurukuls
  • And initiated a group of 39 disciples to become Kalpataru and completion acharyas,.
  • A new set of documentaries on the history as its ufolding was also released (More at: )
  • A new updated version, With over 4000 pages and 100,000 photographs, NITHYANANDAPEDIA.ORG was also released.


  • Watching satsangs
  • Reading books
  • Understanding different terms
  • Divya Darshan Dhyan through Swamiji’s Photos over the years!!

Swamiji also inaugarated a new platform which is Kailaasa exclusive, facebook like social media which provides trolling free and pure digital environment for all devotees to share and collaborate with all other devotees and followers across the globe.

  • Nlighten app continuously growing and adding more functions to enrich the world. In today’s release you will find
  • 1. Message from Avatar - Messages list from Swamiji, where you can see all important messages I am sharing in all other platforms here on Nlighten App.
  • 2. Audio Solutions list screen - Now you can listen to the Life Solutions while you are driving or have low internet

Certificate Course in Nithyananda Yoga: Today, Nithyananda Hindu University offered a brand new online certification program in Nithyananda Yoga.(Editor's note: see link in FB post below)

In last 30 days, the global sangha has conducted thousands of enriching sessions all over the world, in which we have the following reported:- 280 sessions in 24 countries enriched 11,180 lives i.e 380 lives on an average every day! 526 People manifested powers in which 143 manifested powers for the first time.

Swamiji blessed and invited everyone, kids and adults, to the Kailash Courtyard Power Manifestation session where you will manifest all the powers of Paramshiva. (Editor's note: see link in FB Post below)

Kailaasa in Gujarat offered "Experience Paramashiva" retreat units to give super conscious breakthrough to each human being. Each facility hosts 10 people. 7 more units are being made. Do yoga as per Agama; have food as per Agama; live lifestyle as per Agama. A place where you will eat what you grow! The retreat units will have a garden and all the facilities making it completely self contained. Live the state, space, powers, being and super-consciousness of Paramashiva.

Link to Facebook Post

Thiruchengodu aadheenam Nithyananda Purnima Celebration