March 15 2007

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The Ultimate Secret


From the works of Enlightened Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Here Nithyananda explains that when you have a deep psychological commitment, you will experience. It is the purest knowledge because it gives you the direct realization: Perception of the Self. The ultimate goal is Enlightenment. When we have a glimpse of this state, after a while we come down from the state. What can we do to attain the everlasting state that is Enlightenment? Krishna answers this: Open your whole Being. Just understand this Ultimate Secret: Gyana Yagna: adding understanding to your Being, to your Inner Space; then you experience the formless Energy. Even though there are so many forms, there is only one Energy. Here he is talking about Quantum Spirituality. Whatever exists is Energy. This clip is taken from the discourse titled "Secret of Secrets"- Bhagavad Gita.

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this knowledge is the education the most secret of all secrets it is the purest knowledge if you are the direct experience of self by realization of this perfection of spiritual knowledge is achieved see the goal of religion our spiritual knowledge is achieving enlightenment when you know is secret that perfection is achieved it is everlasting and is joyfully perform the result is everlasting the result doesn't go away please understand all the chapters which Krishna was teaching all these days always eight chapters when you listen you feel it is ultimate truth but after two days we forget we come down from that strength there is one more question what person has asked Swamiji when I listen to you it feels as if whatever you are saying is ultimate truth and I feel I almost forgot it and I faced so much of relaxation so much of happiness but by the pen next day I come back I am same old person what to do there's a question or two do Krishna ancestors got that question he is really dealing the question all these days he was giving me the techniques to reach the level of your heart he is penetrating the head and reaching the heart but now he is giving you the technique ultimate secret to open your whole being you have complete being here you don't need to believe it just you don't need to have faith know just understand it's a secret just understand the secret the whole quality of your consciousness will be changed and here he says it is everlasting he says the result is everlasting and one more thing he says this part is joyfully perform jointly but one he starts the seeker those who are not faithful in this devotion in this Dharma means in this eternal consciousness in this part cannot achieve me Oh conquer enemy is an attack original as conqueror of enemies over Amitabha parantapa means conqueror of enemies over and above therefore they return to the path of birth and death in material world he says before entering into the security useful morning if you understand these secrets if you understand this ultimate secret it will lead you to the human if you don't want if you are not ready please be very clear you will hate again take birth and death so before you take the secret when small he wants and now he opens up people who engaged in Nara India means understanding the truth jnana amia means understanding the truth worship a supreme lord the demand in the form of advaitha Jagr means sir one being even though there are so many farms is that same energy is the only one energy even though there are so many problems the energy is only one he speaks about the quantum spirituality are the quantum physics quantum physics is quantum spiritual objection by those who years ago he speaks about the truth whatever exists is energy whatever exists is energy that is nothing except energy today n equal to MC square what Albert Einstein declares by the single statement in equal to MC square same thing Krishna declares he says by putting understandings into your being few people right experience my fondest energy you should understand what he means by the word Nana na Nana na means adding understandings to your being adding this understanding is called uranium you

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