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Power of Wisdom Part 1


Wisdom is often thought of as that meant for the aged. All types of miseries happen only because wisdom has not happened at the right age. Wisdom is the first thing that needs to be imparted to a child by society. Then, automatically, the child becomes equipped to handle anything in life. Even if misery happens, it will be out of a deep understanding and not out of deep ignorance. Paramahamsa Nithyananda, a Master of this millennium talks on the Jain sutras which is pure wisdom, transcending time and age.

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Ṇamō Arihantāṇaṁ Ṇamō Siddhāṇaṁ Ṇamō Ayariyāṇaṁ Ṇamō Uvajjhāyāṇaṁ Ṇamō Lōē Savva Sāhūṇaṁ Ēsōpan̄caṇamōkkārō, savvapāvappaṇāsaṇō Maṅgalā ṇaṁ că savvēsiṁ, paḍamama havaī maṅgalaṁ (2:00) I welcome you all with My love and respects. Before entering into the today’s subject ‘The Power of Wisdom’, today’s subject is Power of Wisdom. Just few points, to complete yesterday’s discourse and it’s like a introduction for all the people who joined today. Yesterday’s subject was ‘True knowledge’, not only about true knowledge, the knowledge to find out the truth. Only two things I want to add, whatever I spoke yesterday, because there was no time, I left two sutras or two ideas to be explained today. First thing, first important thing: truth is something which does not create fear, greed or guilt in you. And the same way truth is something which creates complete ease feeling, complete easeness with your inner-self and your day to day life. Above all, an important thing, it makes you Conscious, more and more aware as a byproduct bliss happens around you–you radiate Ananda.


Yesterday I was telling, we will see the scale...we will see how to find whether something is truthful or not. Truth is not just speaking what you know as a fact. No, that’s only one dimension of truth, you can be truthful but...and dishonest. You can be truthful but dishonest. Yesterday I told you the story of how Dharmaraja was truthful but dishonest, knowingly. So, truth, speaking truth is only one dimension of truth.


In tamil, there are three words for truth: speaking the truth is one thing, thinking or established in truth is another one thing, and living the truth through your body is a next thing. Understand - speaking, being established, and living. There are three levels of truth. Three levels of truth, all three put together only enriches your life, leads to Enlightenment. All your desires, all your greed, all your fear, all your guilt, let everything be flooded with this one idea; you will be established in truth. This is the scale to find out whether what you are thinking or doing or saying is truth or not. Does it add more awareness to you! means Consciousness –‘Chit’; does it make you feel comfortable, ease with yourself? –‘Sat’; does it gives you the joy or bliss, unending without any dependence, without depending on something? See anything, which is Satya, Sat will create Chit and Ananda in you. Chit means Consciousness, Ananda means Bliss. There is something, Sat, Truth, that it is not creating Consciousness and Ananda in you means, be very clear, it is not the ultimate truth, it is not the reality. Same way, if something creates Consciousness in you and it is not creating satya, sat feeling and ananda in you means, again it is not really creating Consciousness, it may be creating some excitement.


Today Morning, one of our devotee was asking Me; of course he became devotee, he was interviewing Me. We had a radio show today morning. He was asking Me, “Swamiji, I am seeing, especially in the west, many people receiving spirits and they become hysteric, shouting, but the Upanishads describe, when a person becomes spiritual, he is not supposed to become hysteric – what is the truth, Swamiji? Why it is happening?” Please understand, when you really receive the higher Consciousness or the divine spirits inside you, you will radiate Ananda–Bliss. You will become more and more peaceful. You will radiate the qualities of divine, you will never get hysteric. If you are, then it is not super conscious energy, it is unconscious energy. Unconscious also can radiate energy, but that is not Enlightenment, that is not spirituality. ‘Sat’ has to be ‘Chit’ –‘Chit’ has to be ‘Ananda’. If any one dimension is missing, it is not truth.


Analyze all your desires. Does it add more and more honest feeling inside you? Does it add more and more awareness to your being? Does it make you more and more conscious of you and the world? Does it make you more and more blissful? Every thought, analyse every thought, that is what we call ‘Manan’ – Manana means filtering, clearing, contemplating every thought with truth. Flood your whole being with truth. Whatever is washed away, whatever disappears, better for you, better the earlier they disappear from you. Whether you leave your job or you leave your relationships, or you leave your home, or you leave your car, or whatever you may leave; it is perfectly all right, but you will expand. You may think, ‘What Swamij,i you are making us Swamis?’ No; if really truth works on you and expands you, wherever you go, you will feel only health, bliss and joy.


One more thing, many time people come and ask Me, “Swamiji as you said, I was thinking, thinking, contemplating and I felt so high, so inspired and took some major decisions in my life, now I repent, what to do? Now I am feeling I took too many big steps; I renounced too many things; now I am feeling little lost; now I am feeling that I have done things little quickly; I should have waited.” Understand, even if you feel later on, that you have done something in a hurried way, do not bother your steps. See, one more thing, you may not be able to keep yourself constantly on that high space of inspired energy, the inspiring energy. You may come down once in a while, that’s ok. Do not count the moments of coming down, count the moments you experienced when you are high. When you are in a high spiritual conscious level, when you experience high zones, that is why in Jainism, or in Vedic traditions anybody who feels inspired is allowed to take sanyas that very moment. All you need to do is inform your Master or the traditional Acharya, ‘you are ready for Sanyas.’ Anything which empowers you to live the life of freedom is truth and it will lead you to Consciousness and naturally Sat and Chit brings Ananda-Ananda is the by product of Sat and Chit.


Today, let us enter into the subject: Power of Wisdom...What is Power of Wisdom? I can say, there is nothing which can’t be achieved by the power of wisdom. Anything whether in this world or other world, wisdom can simply make it happen. Only one thing we need to understand, we need to give little attention to the wisdom. Lakshmi and Saraswati - they stay with you only when you give attention to them. Usually people always say that, if you have money you may not have intelligence, if you have intelligence you may not have money, because both of them demand your complete attention. If you give your attention to Lakshmi-wealth, you may not have enough energy, attention, to give it to intelligence. But if you give your attention to intelligence, you may not have enough time or you may not be even interested in maintaining all these wealth. An intelligent guy, person with wisdom, after his basic needs are fulfilled he will not be running behind the wealth. Somehow he will feel the emptiness of the wealth. See, wealth is for some utility to achieve something, like a basic needs like food, shelter, and your needs and the medical care. Once you have enough money to buy whatever can be brought through money, after that if you are running – surely you are a fool. You are running to expand somebody’s ego. You are not running for yourself. You are running creating infrastructure which is empowering somebody else’s ego. So intelligent person may not give attention, as far as My experience goes, better to give energy and attention to Saraswati than to Lakshmi. I am not telling to avoid Lakshmi, if you give attention and energy to Saraswati, you will know how much of Lakshmi you need and how much you can handle, how much you can enjoy and you will live in an intelligent way. Wisdom is such that it can bring anything in the inner world or in the outer world. I tell you many time just the understanding can transform in the way you think and act.

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Today Morning we had a radio show. The person who was hosting, he asked Me, “Swamiji, what changed your life and how you first experienced the truth, and the inspiration!” and all these questions, “Who was the inspiration?” When I look deeply, to tell you the truth as it is, the biggest transformation which happened in My life is – the idea about Me has changed in Me. Because of My wisdom or knowledge, whatever I was thinking about Me has changed. I tell you, that’s the best thing that can happen to a human being. Whatever you think about you should completely change. We are constantly working to change what others think about us – not what we think about us. That is where the problem starts. You are caught, you are busy, your whole energy is spent in working on changing the ideas of other people about you. But I tell you, when you work on yourself and change the idea about yourself inside you, suddenly so much of energy releases, so much of energy expression happens.


The end of the interview he was telling “Swamiji, I have interviewed so many people, Mystics, Masters, brain researchers, so many people –I feel such an intense good energy around you.” After leaving the hall, he was asking, “How can you explain this Swamiji? Such an intense energy.” The thing is that I am very clear about what I know as Me. All you need to do, is look into yourself and change your idea about you. Wisdom will give you the clear idea about you. Power of wisdom first changes you.


See, there are two views: materialistic guys, they constantly tell, ‘change the world your life will change’; spiritual people tell, ‘change yourself, your life will change’. Nobody is successful in changing the world and changing their life, No. But there are millions who are successful in changing themselves and changing their whole life. You can’t cover the whole world with leather, better wear shoes. Covering the whole world with the leather is impossible. Wear shoes, that is the best thing. Let us enter into the teachings of Mahavira, so that we can understand the power of wisdom. Today we will be entering into the sutras called Chathurangi Sutras and Brahmacharya sutras. We will be working on…



Power of Wisdom Part 2

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Brahmacharya sutras. Let Me just read few words from the original sutra. Yesterday somebody wrote a letter to Me, ”Swamiji, we are not able to understand the original sutra – better you read only the translation.” See, not only you, I also don’t understand the original sutra, because I don’t know the language – this language, it’s not Sanskrit. It’s a different version of Sanskrit, which was used for speaking in those days. So not only you, I also don’t understand but Master’s words, they have their own sanctity. Even if you don’t understand, just listen. The word, which came out of Mahavira naturally, will carry His presence. The words, the very sound that came out of Mahavira’s vak - vak means the energy which converts the air into sound. See when the air travels till the vak, you call it as vocal cord. It's only air-pran, there something happens and that becomes a sound. So any sound comes out of an Enlightened vocal cord, Enlightened vak energy, is Mantra, is Mantra. That is the reason, I am reciting those words. So even if you don’t understand it’s ok. Our respect to Mahaveera, that we should remember the same words, we should hear those same words, then we will see the translation. I will read the translation also but first it is our respect to Him, the great master Mahavira that we repeat the same word which came out of his vak energy; his words.


Chathari paramangani tullahaniha chandune Manusatham sayisudhha sanjamambeem yaviriyam Kammanamamtu bahanaye anubupi kyayiho Jeevasohi manupatha ayaya Indira manusayyam Manusathami ayavojo dhammasocha sathahe Tavasiveeryam lathum sambute nidhunerayam “


The very word is sacred. Please understand, in the eastern tradition, language is not only used to convey the ideas, it is used to create certain kind of vibrations also. So it is not only linguistic importance, phonetic importance is also added to language. Maybe when we find time I’ll try to explain how the aksharas - the letters in Sanskrit is beautifully carved and designed. If I start talking, we won’t have time for these things. If the tongue moves the front and back - first level of aksharas, the side & side - second level of aksharas. If you see your tongue moment अ(a) आ(aa) इ(i) ई(ee) उ(u) ऊ(oo)- all the sanskrita aksharas - the letters, it just a beautiful dance and it’s like cleaning your prana flow.


The person who chants some mantra, at least 10 minutes everyday morning, will never have gas problem – understand, it’s My personal experience. If you have any gas problem or any difficulty related to breathing, the prana flow, any asthma or anything, just chant some mantras, some Enlightened Master’s words. You may not understand it, chant those words which is in Sanskrit, the traditional language – just chant for 10 minutes. You may think, ‘How can creating some sound for 10 minutes can heal Swamiji?’ You don’t know the power of these sounds. They come from the hara, means your very root and completely heal the whole path in which the prana flows, the whole prana energy is clean. That is why, I never miss the original sutras, even if you don’t understand.


Many times I have seen, people are closed to something which they don’t directly understand. In Gita books also, I have seen people, they just move the page where the Sanskrit slokas are printed; and they just jump, they go to the next page. They think, ‘Oh, why should I unnecessarily touch these things.’ No, just try, try to experience that sound. You don’t even have to understand. Try to experience that sound. It can do miracles in your being.


Let us enter into the translation, ‘It is indeed difficult for anyone in this world to achieve these four things: human body - manushyatva, listening to dharma - dharma shravana, devotion and progress towards the spiritual experience - Enlightenment’ Here the ‘Veeryam’ word has been translated into restraint; but I tell you, that word is, that word means going towards higher energy, going towards higher Consciousness.


Beautiful sutra – ‘It is indeed very difficult for anyone in this world to achieve these four things- human body, listening to dharma, devotion and Higher energy. While walking on planet earth through different forms, when the pressure exerted by the sinful karmas veins, becomes less, then the soul attains purity and becomes eligible for a human birth. Only the one who is capable of listening to pure dharma and find trust in it and through right conduct, releases the baggage of karma, attains the human birth.’ He is saying, ‘Only the one who is capable of listening to pure dharma’.


You may think, ‘What is there, why should we be capable of listening to pure dharma’, don’t think, listening to pure dharma is such an easy quality, simple quality, No. Even if you are sitting here, there can be 1000s of obstacles inside your mind, it is not so easy to open to the real dharma. People come up with all kinds of weird excuses to escape from dharma. People come up with all types of weird excuses to escape from dharma. I have seen many people, 'He is so young, what He can teach?’ That’s the big problem, what to do? In the spiritual field, always the age is a big problem. The Vedic tradition age is not required to achieve Enlightenment.


See two things: Anubhava and Anubhooti. In Sanskrit we have two words for experience, in english we don’t have two words, because they don’t know about anubhooti – that’s why no word exists. Anubhava, Anubhooti - Anubhava means experience by so many incidents in your life. Anubhooti means experience of Enlightenment. Let me explain this Anubhava and Anubhooti, then you will understand about the pure dharma and how we are escaping from pure dharma. Anubhava means going through many experiences, like a first you touch the matchbox fire, and you understand, ‘Oh this fire will burn’; then you touch the fire in the oven and you say, ‘Oh this fire also burns’; then you touch the cigarette fire, ‘Oh this fire also burns’; you touch all kinds and all varieties of fire and understand, ‘Oh all these fires are going to burn me’. By the time you come to the conclusion, all the fire will burn, by touching and touching and touching and experiencing, your body will be ready to be burnt. You will become old enough to be burnt. This is called Anubhava, means adding more and more experiences and doing big analysis, coming to the conclusion. Anubhooti means, first time you touch one fire and realize and experience the truth, ‘All fire will burn, all fire will burn’; just one experience is enough to give you the truth. This is called Anubhooti. See Anubhava means the number of incidents which happens in your life. Anubhooti means number of lessons you learn from the incidents in your life. There is a big difference. For outer-world you need Anubhava, for inner-world you need Anubhooti. There is big difference between this anubhava and anubhooti – Enlightenment and there is another one category, which is beyond Anubhava and Anubhooti. They don’t even touch the fire. They just see somebody else touching the fire and will realize that fire will burn – they are called Paramahamsas, they are called Paramahamsas; they don’t even go through one experience, they just see what others go through and escape.


If I have to give another one example: you can see in your life you always postpone life. The person who constantly postpones the joy and bliss, he waits, he will have Anubhava and enjoy. The person who tries and lives the life, he starts expressing Anubhooti. Person who sees others and learns the lesson without even going through, uses the knowledge of others research and development is Paramahamsa. Spiritual Enlightenment does not need anubhava - age; it needs Anubhooti.


Many time, when we don’t want to listen to the higher truths, we create all kinds of confusion, difficulty for ourself. Mind is so cunning, whenever you can’t practice some truths, you just try to tell, ’Ah, as if he is practicing or what, forget about it, all are like us only’. When you can’t come out of your hypocrisy, you feel comfortable thinking and believing that everyone is hypocritical. When we can’t come out of hypocrisy, when we cannot raise ourselves to the higher spaces, at least we feel comfortable by pulling others to our space. That is why our mind creates enough of difficulties to listen to the higher truths. Only the one who is capable of listening to pure Dharma, means person who is ready to transform. Person who is not ready to transform, he will find 1000 reasons not to sit here or not to listen. You will find 1000 reasons, and you can always find reasons, you can always find reasons. It's not big thing. You will find 1000s of reasons, only the one who is capable of listening to the pure Dharma and find trust in it. Understand, do not take yourself for granted.


Many time, I have seen people come and sit and listen all these things, the end of the discourse, they come and tell Me, “Swamiji, I am listening to so many things, I really trust but I don’t know how to become Enlightened”. I tell them, ‘Hey, first thing, celebrate you have taken such wonderful steps. First thing you are sitting here, second thing you are feeling connected, that is the reason you are continuing to sit and third thing, you are trying to work towards this, means you are trusting it. Celebrate all the achievements which you did, then we can find little time later on to repent what you have not achieved. Do not take yourself for granted, celebrate that you being here and feeling connected and having trust in these great words. You have done great things, according to Mahavira, now you need to take only one step through right conduct –releasing the baggage of karma, attains the higher consciousness.


Understand, the last step, you don’t even have to struggle; just sit and listen intensely and let these words be allowed to work on you; you will see you are doing it, you will see you are doing it.


Just for one example, if I am talking about fasting and clearly explain, and tell you ‘do not eat tonight’ and if it goes straight and touches your heart, you think you will be able to go and eat? No, you won’t be. Simply you will see, that you have not even having the idea of eating. Only one thing, allowing these words to penetrate you. When you allow these words to penetrate you, you don’t even have to bother – you don’t even have to plan how to practice. If you are sitting here and planning how to practice, you will miss the words, which I am uttering. So don’t plan, allow them first, let them go into your being; let them work on you and find its own way. They are capable enough to show you the way to express themselves in your life.


I always tell people, whenever you listen the great truths, don’t plan how you will go back to house and start practicing it. No, if you practice, if you plan, you will be a failure. Just listen, let these words go into your being, let them work on you, they will find their own way to express themselves in you through your system-through your body because they are very powerful. Understand they are very powerful. They are not simple as you think. They are so powerful and simply they will work on you. They have their own independent intelligence.The Masters words have got independent intelligence. They work on their own.


Let us start the sutras word by word - ‘It is indeed very difficult for anyone in this world to achieve these four things’. Almost all the great masters are telling, you have achieved difficult thing, Manushyatva. Same way, Shankara is also telling - Manushyatva, Mumukshutva, Mahapurusha Samyama. Understand, achieving human body and seeking for Enlightenment and the satsanga means the nearness of an Enlightened Being - very difficult. Here Mahavir is saying, human body is very difficult for anyone in this world to achieve because only from human body you can experience Enlightenment. Understand human body is like a runway whether you want to take-off or land - you have to take only human body. You can’t blame Enlightened from the Devata Sharira - Sharira of angels, no. You can’t become Enlightened from the body of animals, no. They don’t have the possibility. Only from here - Human body can go to hell or heaven. You have choice only in Human body. Other bodies don’t have choice. They go through a clear program. They may have little freedom, but all the senses and the mind has got freedom only in human body.


Understand, in other animals they may have freedom in one sense or two sense, they will not have complete freedom, means the choice to choose the human body all your five senses and your mind all.



Power of Wisdom Part 3

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They have freedom, you have choice – you can choose, you can select, what next what next. You have complete freedom to choose. Only in the human body – possibility for Enlightenment exists. That is why, I always tell people, it’s so difficult to achieve this body, do not waste it behind the currencies which has no value. Any currency is a promise by a politician, by the person who is ruling that country, any currency; and having currency to fulfill your basic needs is wonderful, nothing wrong. But even after having that, running behind the same thing, wasting your life. If you are running behind the same thing without working towards the Enlightenment or the higher Conscious Space, you are wasting such wonderful choice, such wonderful chance of having a human body and not achieving the ultimate which can be achieved through that body. It’s like a, you got a new diamond, big diamond and you use that for a table weight. And you are laughing, but you don’t understand you are doing the same thing. See the possibility for Enlightenment, the human body means possibility for the Enlightenment; the mechanism from which you can experience liberation once for all is available to you. Beautiful, currency is ok to buy a home, to protect the body and to give a medical care, ok; but after that think, work towards the ultimate conscious achievement. Do not waste your life by running behind the foolish promises given to you by these so called people who are ruling the country.


Understand, they are empty promises. Currency is nothing can’t call that as a promissory note. It is promissory note till you fulfill your basic needs. After that it is empty promissory note. There is no utility directly. After that it is time for you to work towards the Vanaprastha. In Sanskrit that’s why we have four words: Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanaprastha, Sanyasa. Brahmacharya is a age, you learn vidya and avidya, both. Vidhya means the education for Enlightenment and education to create the infrastructure for your comfort, wealth; and next 25 years Grihastha, you live and create the infrastructure for your safe, comfortable, secured life; the next immediately you start vanaprastha, means working towards the conscious development-Enlightenment. Because the great possibility, the great possibility is there open available for you; and sanyasa is achieving and radiating the Enlightenment. Anybody who has achieved the basic needs, now it is time for you to understand - it is very difficult for anyone in this world to achieve these four things: human body, listening to Dharma.


Understand, the secured feeling which you experience, by having wealth is too poor substitute for Enlightenment. It’s a too small substitute for Enlightenment, and the possibility exists only in human body, no other animal, no other Devatas, no other Gandharvas, no other creatures can even think of Enlightenment.


One more thing, possibility for hell also exists only in human body. Only from human body you can take any route. It’s like a, whether to hell or heaven or Enlightenment, only from here you can choose. And listening to Dharma - no buffalo can go for spiritual discourses. It can’t – it can’t understand. It doesn’t have that suffering, which drives it towards Enlightenment. Understand, human beings are blessed that only they can experience suffering consciously. Animals may have but they do not have conscious, they are not conscious about it, because they do not have choice, they do not know that they have choice. They have only instincts but they do not have conscious choice. Human beings, they know they can escape from suffering. The greatest thing with the human body is you can transform all the emotions. The possibility for transformation exists only in human body. Understand, take a moment and look into your body and thank that you have possibility. You have a possibility in this whole cosmos millions of creatures millions of types of creatures are there but only you, you have the possibility for freedom from this birth and death cycle. Manushyatva, Manushtva, Manushya is only having the possibility. Celebrate your possibility. Celebrate that only you have the possibility towards that higher experience, the higher goal, Conscious Enlightenment. Not only Mahavira, Buddha, Shankara, all the masters are emphasizing again and again repeating, again and again they are explaining, only human beings can achieve the Enlightenment. Just to tell you that you have a possibility; don’t waste it; do not miss it.


Listening to Dharma as I was telling you, no other animal can think of going to the higher space, higher conscious level. They do not-can’t think and the same way they can’t work for it; they cannot achieve it; only you can listen to it.


Vedic system again and again emphasizes, if you want Enlightenment, you have to take the human body. Even devatas have to come down and take the human body to achieve Enlightenment...Now you need to understand few things about – few secrets about birth and death. Laws of life, the laws with which the life or the Universe is functioning. It is you who decide your birth. Before taking birth, you sit and all the engraved memories-samskaras are in front of you.


Somebody asked the question, “What do you exactly mean by samskaras?” Samskaras means the experiences which you gain through all five senses and through your mind. Understand; what you see, what you listen, what you smell, what you taste and what you experience through touch and the mind which develops it. For example, you may not have seen an elephant with four-five trunk but you can visualize and develop it through your mind. That is also samskara. Whatever you receive through these five senses and whatever you develop based on that material through your mind is called samskara. In front of you, all the samskaras-engrams which you acquired, will be there before your birth, and you decide what kind of engrams you want to experience-go through. For why you decide, I also don’t know. Why you decide I don’t know, but you decide what kind of engrams you want to live, and what kind of engrams you want to go through, and what kind of engrams will give you a fulfillment and you choose your body according to that. According to that desires, you choose your body.


Understand, if have taken the human body - at one corner of your mind, consciously or unconsciously, you had the deep desire for liberation. Otherwise, you will not choose the human body because with human body there is so much of suffering and awareness about suffering. Other bodies do not have so much suffering, even if they have they are not aware of so much of suffering. Only in human body, you go to office, you have so many responsibilities, commitments, so many things; not only that, you are aware of the suffering which is happening around the world. Animals are fortunate, they don’t have to watch news, they don’t have to bother about the brother animals being slaughtered. They don’t have to suffer thinking of other animals being killed. They don’t have to suffer the cruelty and negligence which other creatures are going through, no. But with a human body, you have a possibility. You have a sensitivity to suffer for other creatures, other beings.


Understand, human body there is a possibility for more sufferings; even then knowingly you have chosen human body means you must have had desire, you must have thought about the possibility of Enlightenment. Let me be very bold and I tell you from My experience, anybody who has taken human body, at one corner of their mind – they had desire for Enlightenment. Otherwise, especially this current situation I know the market trend in the other world. I know how many people are taking human birth, how many souls are choosing human body and why they are choosing and what kind of news is there about human body. Before taking any body, you have a set of data available for you, plus and minus things. And I tell you, anybody at least last 30-40 years, who chooses human body, they choose only because of possibility of Enlightenment because already there is a report there, human existence has become worst, worst possible existence because of these so called wars and all the trauma which is going on in the planet earth.


Human existence is filled with suffering, filled with pain; but even then you are taking human body means you must have had the inspiration or search for Enlightenment. And there is no other reason why you chose human body because, I saw all the records – why people are choosing human birth, why these souls are taking human body because on the planet earth, planet earth is not livable anymore. To tell you honestly, it is not livable any more. Now you think we don’t have choice, that is why we took birth, it is an accident, no. There are life, there is life in other planets also and millions of possibilities are there. But you chose human body, human existence, after seeing all these choices, just because the possibility of Enlightenment.


Please be very clear, and never think there is no other kind of life exist in other planets, no. There is life, that is what we call Devatas, Gandharvas, Ganas, Siddha, Munis, different kinds of life exists, but you chose human body just for Enlightenment. And do not miss the purpose, do not miss the ideal, the truth for which you have assumed this body. Feel again and again connected to this truth and create more and more ‘veerya’. Veerya means inspiration, enthusiasm, energy towards this goal. Put your energy more and more intensely. Put your...thoughts, emotion, energy, again and again towards this one idea.


People ask Me, “Swamiji, everyday I am doing meditation, is that enough?” I tell them, “No, do it more intensely, put more energy, put more awareness, be more conscious. do not make it as ritual”. Everyday let you feel as if this is the last meditation session you are going to do. If it is going to be last, naturally you will put your whole life. Be very clear, this is last, put your whole energy. Let it be intense, alive, deep; every step, let you put your whole being.


Create Veerya–Sanjamami a Veeryam. That’s what Mahaveera says, ‘devotion and creating intense enthusiasm and energy towards the truth. While walking on planet earth, through different forms, when the pressure exerted by the sinful karmas veins, then the soul attains purity and becomes eligible for a human birth.’ Understand, you may walk on planet earth through different forms and whatever karmas you have, only after it goes away, after you exhaust; you are ready to have human body because human body is the most sophisticated system. It is totality of the best things from all other forms. Whatever intelligence, best things are available in all other bodies, everything is included and presented to you. Understand, Patanjali goes one step further and says, all the best things of the animals like a swimming, flying, everything; all possibilities are added and put in one form and the human body is created.


You may ask then why we are not able to fly! Because you have never trusted yourself and it is possible. Let Me be very open, I have seen with My own eyes. I Myself did not achieve perfection in that science, did not work through that science but I have seen with My own eyes: a person who has achieved perfection in that Yoga science and was able to levitate from the ground. His name is Raghupathi Yogi. I Myself have seen with my own eyes and I can really vouch for Patanjali’s words. It is possible by human beings. Somehow I did not put My energy in that line. I was more interested in Enlightenment than all these powers, and the person who achieved those powers. Means he was so honest, that is the greatness of that person. Even though he had so many powers, after exhibiting all those things to Me; I had fortune to live around him for 10 years. He exhibited all those things, inspired Me, but told Me in the end, ‘My son, but I have not achieved the ultimate thing, I am still struggling. Don’t put your energy too much to achieve all these powers. I showed all these things to inspire you but do not waste your time in these extraordinary powers. Achieve the best thing which can be achieved, which should be achieved through the human body.’


Now I am telling you about all these possibilities just to tell you that the human body is the best system, the most sophisticated system. All best intelligent things, all great power are available in this system. I Myself have seen a person, who lived at least 10 years without food or water.



Power of Wisdom Part 4

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One great siddhar, siddha, he is Narayanaswamy, even now he is alive. He was living in My hometown; more than 12 years, I had the opportunity to be around him; never ate or drank anything. The possibility to get energy directly from the sun rays… see what plants do, your body can do, what birds do, can happen to your body. The possibility exists. You need to remind your cells. You need to remind your system about the possibility. I am telling all these things to insist to give you the courage that the possibility exists. I tell you, the same way, the possibility for enlightenment exists in you; remind your cells, remind your senses, remind your system, you can radiate enlightenment. Reminding your system that you can radiate enlightenment is what I call meditation, tapas. Just reminding you, reminding your own self. As on now only your mind knows you can become enlightened. It should sink in you; your blood, your bones, your muscles, your whole being, every pore should know that you can radiate enlightenment. That is what I call seeking. The seeking will completely purify your being. When your whole being knows, you can radiate… Teaching your being you can radiate is what I call tapas – meditation. When your whole being knows you can radiate, you simply start radiating, that’s all. You simply start radiating.


Only one who is capable of listening to pure dharma and find trust in it and through right contact releases the baggage of karma and attains the higher consciousness. One more thing he says, ‘only one who is capable of listening to pure dharma and find trust in it’ means feeling connected to it. If you are sitting here and if you are able to listen everything without prejudice and if you are feeling really connected to whatever words I am saying - If you feel, ‘whatever this guy is talking, it sounds good, it really sounds great, I think I am able to connect with it’ - If you feel that, 66% of work is done. Because Mahavira says three things – Capable of listening to pure dharma, finding trust in it and expressing through right contact. In this three, you already done two - 66% of work is over, and the other 33% you don’t even have to do. Just maintain that feeling connection. Feeling connected to these teachings- simply these words will work on you. Feeling connected is the bridge. Feeling connected is like a bridge. See, one side enlightened being - other side human being who is ready for enlightenment and ‘feeling connected’ is the bridge. Here Mahavir says, ‘one who is capable of listening to pure dharma’ - means seeker is one side, finding trust in it – ‘feeling connected’ - that is the bridge and naturally the other side - enlightened being, his energy passes through this bridge to your being and works on you. Listening to the truth and feeling connected.


See, many times people clap their hands during the lecture if they feel what they are thinking is expressed by the speaker. If they listen exactly what they want to listen, they feel like clapping. They acknowledge to the speaker, ‘Yes, this is what exactly we want to listen and we are listening,’ means they feel connected to what the speaker is expressing. So now, if you are capable of listening to pure dharma, means understand, the capacity to listen to pure dharma does not mean only having ears, only not being deaf. No! Being here without prejudice, without… there are many prejudices which can come. So many kinds of prejudices. Possibility is there and without prejudices and if you feel connected to whatever you are listening 66% of work is done and the last thing, naturally through right contact, releases the baggage of karma.


Please understand when you start living these great truths… in Sanskrit we have a word: Nivrutti; Pravrutti and Nivrutti. Pravrutti means acquiring more and more karmas. Nivrutti means going towards the unclutched space. If you just listen to the truth and go to the space of unclutching, the pure energy, that is called Nivrutti. This very listening and feeling connected is more than sufficient to lead you towards Nivrutti. Let you feel deeply connected with these words. Let these words work on you and give you the strong experience of the ultimate. There are so many people asking to give some meditation. Surely tomorrow we will do that; tomorrow and day after tomorrow, we have more time, because in the evenings it will become too late if we go for meditation and everything. Maybe tomorrow and day after tomorrow we will have… tomorrow and day after tomorrow, we have real sutras. Usually first three-four days I prepare people. I do not talk the complete truth. Because if I …. 100% the pure truth is too much for human beings and there is every possibility they will run away.


The first day itself I told you, I am… I did not speak on Mahavira for all these days because I am afraid that people will run away, people will run away. And I know Mahavira is a pure diamond. He is a pure diamond. If you bring diamond, dynamic diamond, Mahavira is a dynamic diamond. Anything except diamond will be … will become just ashes, reduce to ashes. So, if you really allow Mahavira to work on you, anything which is inside you except Mahavira, the Mahavira consciousness will become ashes. If there is a big stone, only little part, portion is diamond and all other things are carbon covering that stone… covering that diamond. If you bring a dynamic diamond towards that stone, except that diamond portion everything else will be taken away, will become ashes. Diamond is used to cut the diamond. So, with any raw diamond, uncut diamond, there will be portion - carbon – the ordinary stone. So if you bring the dynamic diamond towards that uncut diamond, the uncut diamond will be cut and it will be purified. All the other portions except diamond will be removed, will become ashes, will become … will disappear.


Same way, in your being also there is a spark of Mahavira consciousness and there is so much of dust, carbon around it and if you bring the dynamic diamond - Mahavira towards your inner space, everything except Mahavira consciousness will be taken away from you, will become ashes, will be reduced to ash, and it will too much. So, I always wait and spend few days so that you will sit to listen. Then I can start the truth. So, let us start the truth tomorrow and day after tomorrow and have meditations also, tomorrow and day after tomorrow. There are just two questions I will answer. “Why is divorce not allowed in Vedic marriage?” Because our Masters understood constantly changing the outer man or woman is not going to help. Why is divorce not allowed in vedic system? In vedic system, we don’t have divorce. You take vow in front of agni saying that till death these vows will be practiced, you don’t say ‘till I divorce’. No. And in the vedic system witness for all the vows is the life energy and the cosmic consciousness, not any lawyer or any priest. No. The fire and the cosmic energy is the witness. So there you don’t… we don’t have, we don't have actually equivalent word for divorce; only in later Sanskrit, the equivalent word for divorce is created. In the traditional system, the words for divorce we don’t have


And one more important thing, our Masters are very clear: by changing the outer man or woman, the problem is not going to solve. First of all, all marriage is failure. Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. When I read that book, I felt that it is too close. Mars and Venus are too close and maybe men are from Mars of some other solar family and women are from Venus of some other solar family. So, I don’t think from same solar family. And all marriage is failure. They understood the truth, all marriages are failure. But if you tell the people directly, it is very difficult for everybody to understand that before going through the suffering. Whatever is said and done, suffering is a best teacher.


No, I tell you really. I can give so many experiences. These young guys, especially in the west, these NRI youngsters, they will be brought to Me by their parents. Usually these guys don’t want to come to these swamis and all these spiritual gurus and all those things…. till they are married. 😀 No. Their parents will force them and bring them to Me. “Hey come and take blessings of Swamiji, come”. They will come and these parents will do sashtanga namaskar. Usually I bless them and these guys will be standing and “Hi, how are you?”, I also tell them “Hi, how are you?” And I have no problem and I don’t expect them to do namaskar. And they talk in a way that as if they know the life and this traditional things like a sanyas and spirituality and all these things are only for fools or old people like their parents who don’t have intelligence. That’s the way they try to talk to Me and they say, “Hi, how are you? Alright you say something, okay.” And I just think in My mind, “Let you fellow get married.” 😀


Nothing, just, just one year after the marriage, the guy when he comes, he knows completely, how to do namaskar!! And now he straight away falls; and not only that now he knows how to say ‘Yes”. I tell you really, ten years of My training is equal to one year of marriage life. What I can’t do with people if I work with them for ten years, one year is enough. That fellow is completely in tune and now he knows how to say, “Yes, Swamiji, yes Swamiji” And he knows everything and he is so polite. According to Me, the best training, and completely that guy is in tune. And nothing can teach like suffering. The other day I was reading a beautiful one liner. Survey statistics says that married people live longer, but what to do, they only want to die quicker. Dying quick is much better than wanting to die. 😀 Anyhow, our Masters they know, all marriage is failure. Some intelligent guys who understand it before going through, they are called Paramahamsas 😀 and people who wants to go through and understand by experience – they go through the grihastha - grihastha dharma and take sanyas or whatever it is. That is, anyhow…


Usually, if you change constantly again and again, you will never realize that changing the outer women or men is not going to help. Only changing your ideas is going to help. That is why, our Masters want to stop the outer possibility of changing - the possibility of changes in the outer world and they want to tell you, ‘do not waste your time, enough.’ Try once. When you find it’s not working, now its time, turn towards inside. That is why our Masters do not want… and if you can’t cope up with one person, how do you think you are going to live by changing the other person? No, because you are going to carry the same mind. So, changing the inside is more important. That is why in our tradition we do not have the very concept divorce.


Swamiji, do any scriptures say anything about Sati? Oh, this women committing suicide. As far as I know there is no strong scripture like a Upanishads or the srutis have any reference about Sati and they do not talk about Sati and I do not know about this minor scriptures like a smritis have got any reference. And, smritis are more like the movies of those time. Understand, understand these two different things. It’s not that all the movies produced in Hollywood or Bollywood represent the society structure. There can be some fantasies of a producer added into it. So, smritis are, smritis and puranas are more like movies, created in those days. So, you can’t think, you can’t say, they represent enlightenment or enlightened wisdom or the truths of those days society. So, we can’t take puranas and smritis as a standard scriptures. Only srutis, Upanishads can be taken as a standard books and from them I don’t see any reference for Sati.


There was one another question which yesterday somebody wrote and gave “Going and listening to other religious Masters or other tradition Masters; it was a very important question we need to analyze. See, in those days may be some reason they would have created that idea but it is time that we should update ourselves. There was a two great enlightened masters living at the same time. Both of them had so much of reverence and respect for each other but they always tell their disciples not to go to the other Master. One disciple asks him, “Bhagavan, you don’t even put your feet in the direction where he is staying. You have so much of respect for him but you say not to go to him or listen to him, why?” Master says, “Fool! Whenever I work on you, when you feel pain during the operation you will try to escape and go away to him and when he works on you, when he does some operation on you, you will try to escape from there and come here. You will not allow the operation to be completed neither by him nor by him. You will escape from both the Masters. That is the reason, I tell you not to go there.


In those days, maybe for that reason they would have told at some point ‘do not listen to other religious Masters’, but now I feel it is time to update some of these beliefs. I feel now you are intelligent enough to learn what is right and what is wrong and you are intelligent enough, I am very sure that you don’t take all the ideas which I am giving to you. Knowing clearly I am sitting and speaking. Please be very clear, I do not trust you listen to Me and I am speaking that is different and I don’t have a trust; you may trust Me but I don’t trust you. Let Me be very clear.


It is time that you are intelligent enough to learn whatever you want to learn from Me. So, you can go around and pick up best flowers and make a beautiful bouquet, nothing wrong, nothing wrong. It is time to update yourself. So, I always tell people, ‘Learn best things from all possible sources. Pluck flowers from all the gardens and make a beautiful bouquet and garland for yourself.’ So, it is …. And one more thing. In this modern day also, I see some of the Masters constantly advising people don’t go there, don’t go there. These guys don’t understand people are very intelligent. Still they are thinking people are fools and they are going to listen to them and not go to the other Masters. But I tell you, see one thing…. If I tell you, ‘don’t go’, only two possibility; one you will listen to My words or you will just go and see what is going on there.


And if you really feel connected so much to Me, even without telling you will not go anywhere. And if you really still wanted to go and search, even if I tell you ‘don’t go’, you will go. Understand. If you completely feel connected through the heart, even if I give you the freedom ‘you can go’, you will not feeling like going. And if I tell you ‘don’t go’ and if you are really not completely feeling satisfied, even if I tell ‘don’t go’, you will be going. So, this ‘don’t go’ word has no use in modern day. I think it is time that we update ourself. We remove this ideas of not listening to other traditions and not appreciating the great things from all traditions. It is time that we learn best things from all sources and enrich our life. Let you all learn, learn, learn. One more thing, your ego is such, it will not die even if it is attract from so many corners, from so many sides. So, how do you think it will die just by 1 person teaching? So learn, nothing wrong. Let you learn and experience and achieve and radiate the eternal bliss Nithyananda. Thank you.