June 17 2019

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First Akashik reading on SSJP by HDH Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam - Auspicious Full Moon Day || All come from Kailaasa and reach Kailaasa || Purpose of life - Videha Mukti and also Jivan mukti || Mapping of Kailaasa Macrocosm, on microcosm - Planet earth || Ferrociously declare integrity with Paramashiva ||


The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam, His Divine Holiness, Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam, expounded on the cosmic Principle, Akashic Reading And Revelations On Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham Of Madurai during the everyday live public talk - Nithyananda Satsang. His Divine Holiness (HDH) revealed that everyone came from Kailaasa and has to reach Kailaasa. Purpose of life is not only Videha Mukti, also Jivan Mukti. HDH shared the success of mapping the Kailaasa - Macrocosm, on Microcosm - Planet Earth, and elaborated upon Gopikas, Krishna, Varanas, Rama, Rishis, Munis, Kashivasis and Tapoloka. The essence of the day’s many revelations is to declare ferociously one’s integrity to Paramashiva and oneness with the Mahavakya.

Notes from Today’s Revelation by HDH Bhagavan Nithyananda Pramashivam

Today was the first ever Akashic reading on Shyamalapeeta Sarvajnapeetam, embodying Devi Meenakshi Parashakti and Sundereshwara Paramashiva, by HDH Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam himself.

The auspicious day of Jyeshta Pournami was embellished with more sacredness with the rarest happening that unfolded today (17th June 2019)

HDH Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam graced this auspicious occasion with a powerful Darshan, giving the rarest sight of Devi Meenakshi Parashakti and Sundareshwara Paramashiva in one body.

A beautiful diamond toe ring (metti) representing the divine feminine consciousness and a thandai (a silver ring like anklet usually worn by males) representing the divine masculine consciousness, adorned the feet of HDH Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam today. This powerful darshan was followed by the sacred Prathyaksha Paadapuja with a number of devotees from different parts of the globe offering their heartfelt gratitude at the feet of Swamiji.

Following this, the powerful Akashic Readings were delivered (whole transcript is available at the bottom of this post) and concluded with the release of the Shyamalapeeta Sarvajnapeetam website and sacred offering of Thulabharam.

Notes from today’s revelation by HDH Sri Nithyananda Pramashivam

  • With the complete Integrity and Authenticity as Devi Meenakshi Parashakti and Sundareshwara Paramashivoham, I will reveal all the Akashic records, great truths to the whole world to revive the original enlightened civilization, Kailaasa.
  • The word Kailaasa means, source, ultimate source. We all came from Kailaasa. We all have to reach Kailaasa. While we are in this human frame on planet Earth, if we live radiate the lifestyle of Kailaasa, not only we will live here in Kailaasa, we will be living there too.
  • Purpose of life is not only Videha mukti it is also Jeevan mukti.
  • Madurai is Living Enlightenment, Jeevan Mukti. One of the greatest successful experiments of Paramashiva Shyamala peeta mapping Kailaasa, Macrocosm on microcosm on planet Earth is such a great powerful success. It is bouncing back, it is revived. Such powerful example. Exactly how beings are living around Paramashiva, the same lifestyle, food, dress, rituals…
    • Paramashiva mapped it on the frame on planet Earth, Paramashiva mapped Kailaasa. That civilization is Shymala peetam. It is such great success no one can kill it.
  • It is alive, and it is bouncing back now to show to the world, the Kailaasa culture. Understand, Gopikas enjoyed romance of Paramashiva through Krishna. Varanasi enjoyed the sacrifice through Rama, Rishis and munis enjoyed Tapoloka and powers of Taoplopa and powers of Paramashiva through Vishwanatha. Madurai vasis enjoyed all the 3. Romance of Gopikas, devotion and dedication of Vanaras and powers of Kasivasi rushi. Madurai citizens enjoyed all the 3 together with Meenakshi and Sundereshwara.
  • It is the greatest civilization. It is superconscious miracle. It is the ultimate civilization on planet Earth.
  • Core Principle: 1st: Shyamalapeetam Sarvajna peetam is Oneness. Understand, it is the most simplest truth.
  • Understand I’ve seen all kinds of cheats. If you just stop cheating, decide to stop cheating. Invoke mahavakya in you and you will become Paramashiva. Really you will know that you can’t cheat yourself anymore. The situation around you is making you more and more Integrated. There is no complication or pain in living in oneness other than your self-inflicted incompletion. In the dharma of Kailaasa, moksha is mapped directly through oneness. Oneness is the core, meru danda, spine. Fundamentally, you create so much complications by comparison. Inside Sangha or outside sangha. Inflicted comparison pain that stops your oneness.
  • Only one decision: From today I will not cheat myself and cheat others.
  • If you think I’m anything other than Paramashiva, you are deluded. If you decide to support your delusion, I let you suffer. Simple way to practice oneness is to decide not to cheat your self externally or internally. If you have a problem to be integrated internally be ferocious. Beat your body though yoga, beat your mind through puja, beat your consciousness through Power Manifesting. Turn your anger inwards ferociously.
  • Every result you are responsible. Everything happening around you, you are responsible. If you rest in Advaita, u will realize it as early as possible.
  • All failed fellows are violent. They are dangerous people. They may be using sweet words, but they are the most dangerous violent.
    • Keep away from failed people and depressed people. They are terrorists they will destroy you. All failures are cheats. They plan to fleece max from life and not give anything back.
  • You don’t understand that your inner space is not mass. It is not a stone that goes on attracting more mass and grow bigger. your inner space is soft like cotton. The more you grow light the more space you make. your porousness makes you successful, not your heaviness. The more and more you decide to go on be giving, more and more your successful. Every self-fish thought Current makes you heavy and failure.
  • When you decide to exploit selfish, you will experience oneness. Not morality. Principle of oneness. Core principle of Kailaasa. Like Tesla towers can receive lighting and supply power to the whole world easily, Sundareshwara Linga in Madurai can receive again and again spiritual beings. Pl understand, I don’t care about the trolls. Someday somebody will establish the truth of what I’m saying.
  • Listen, I’m talking so that it will be on record for the future generations. 1000s of my sanyasis will research and with tons and tons of evidence will prove every statement is true.
  • The planet Earth and physicality 7 energies can be experienced by u. Electricity, sound, light, Kundalini, biogenergy response for a child happening, life pure life energy which comes from fathers body and into mothers energy and becomes a child and grows into a being. You can call it bioenergy. The 7th energy is the energy which can get Enlightened beings to Planet Earth.
  • Meenakshi-Sundareshwara lingam can act for all 7 energies. Arunachala, Bidadi linga, and Kailaasa, Meenaskhi (jeeva samadhi) idol. Meenaksi-Sundareswara linga, these items are Tesla tower for all 7 energies that human beings can experience with the physicality of planet Earth. These are the some of the spiritual ultimate Tesla towers. They can receive and share, all 7 energies. There are many more. The cave from which Ganga comes out has that power. May be once I will list out all these in a detailed way.
  • Each of these cosmic Tesla towers, cosmic Conscious towers, Paramashiva Stambha’s, can receive, hold, radiate, and bless all the 7 energies that can be hold. All the towers are brought from Kailaasa and installed here for regular communication.
  • Each of you can decide to become Paramashiva Stambha. Knowing this is Viveka, executing is Tapas.
  • When I declare to myself that I’m Paramashiva, then you must cognize, I should stop blaming, cheating, lying and deciding to be integrated to this commitment is viveka and executing it is Tapas.
  • Just stop cheating you will become Tesla tower. Simply you will become Kailaasa. I will send you everything. People, money, wealth, relationships... I will create Kailaasa around you. Even after I get you Kailaasa, if you continue to be Integrated, I will get you here- to be with me. Whenever you decide to be integrated to Paramashiva, he will give you rajya. If you continue to be integrated to Paramashiva, you will reach Kailaasa.
  • Non-cheating honest oneness, declaration of Integrity to Paramashiva, Advaita, oneness is the core principle.
  • Same way the Kailaasa civilization moves with oneness. Oneness is the power of Kailaasa. I tell you based on your decision and depth that much volts will be given to you. If you decide 100% you will get that much. If you decide only 30% you will get that.
  • Acid wash your being. Understand it is not hard. It is too easy. Life is too easy with Integrity. You go on complicate, see when you decide to show your being Integrity without being Integrated, complications start. Your decision to start cheating brings trouble. Just be Integrated to Paramashiva.
  • Understand, I’m going to revive Kailaasa, Enlightened civilization on planet Earth. If you decide absolute Integrity, you become citizen of Kailaasa, and you will receive all the benefits of Kailaasa- somehow everything. The best things of Kailaasa will somehow reach you, just decide with integrity. Oneness is the pure source connection you established with Kailaasa and Kailaasa establishes with you. Blessed are those who are in the body and are receiving it. You are rare blessed beings. Don’t miss it. Start living it.
  • I’m going to launch transportation system as per Kailaasa, water supply system, Telecom as per Kailaasa, everything I am going to revive.
  • Vaigai is whole Madurai, the water supply system. Name of the river, Vaiagi, river was the water supply system. Put ur hand on ground and you will get it. I have already traced the riverbank palace we’re going to get that place and everyday prayer to Vagai devi……Vaigai water supply system will be revived. Soon will start Vaigai arti and pujai and she will wake up and bless Madurai. And the water supply system called Vagiai, the methodology and tech from Kailaasa.
  • Sundareshwara brought it to Madurai, Gundodhara the shiva butha implemented it successfully on the day of Meenakshi’s marriage. Sundareswara ordered Gundodhara to implement it. The whole Earth at Madurai a water system. Any where u put your hand water will come.
  • Now, we will start the offering to Vaigai, and Gundodhara, once they are pleased and awakened, the whole water supply system will be reawakened, rekindled. You will see with the blessings and grace of Meenakshi and Sundareshwara within one-year we will revive the water system. Without any tools if you are able to dig, within that level water will come. You will see. Because it was the water management system directly from Kailaasa. It is still alive. There is no expiry dates for products from Kailaasa.
  • Same way there was a telecom system through Krushnashila. We will revive that. We will revive the transportation system as was during Meenakshi’s time. Just few 1000 of you deciding to be in oneness and moving to Madurai is enough. I have brought enough Shiva ganas. We will revive the food supply system of Kailaasa, how food was abundant by Meenakshi’s grace, everyone in Madurai felt everything was abundant. Nobody can go hungry in Varanasi, nobody can feel hungry in Madurai. Before you get hungry, food will be ready. Continuous annadhan. I am not giving any fantasy. It is already becoming reality.
  • We will revive the educational system of Kailaasa. It is a downloading based Education system. It is a PM based. We will have a large Gurukul, few lakhs will be studying. This downloading-based Education system. Understand we will have large library. Just to show to human beings who are not ready to learn through downloading.
  • Listen to this. Library is to show to the people who are not, if you have listened and ready to go for downloading based system- you will be manifesting and connected directly to Kailaasa. Library is just to inspire you. Library is like a trailer for Akashic records. Worlds largest library, it will be intro to Akashic records, for downloading based education.
  • Everyday Vaigai arti will be done on the banks of Vaigai to revive the water supply system brought from Kailaasa to Madurai. For downloading based education. All these will be done in reality. You will see. Annaalyas all around Madurai will make hunger redundant. Vagai arti and the blessings of mother Vaigai will make all water supply problems and water related problems redundant. Huge library and sarvajna based education will be revived in Kailaasa in Madurai….
  • It will not be doing disorder and growing extra hands as you need. The whole science from Kailaasa, through this hospital and medical science. The science through which head transplantation was made on Ganesha, Paramashiva will make it available through this hospital. It is going to be extraordinary. Really really Meenakshi lives in Madurai.
    • Chandaravamsa families had the habit of getting bride from Suryavamsa. It is traditional that queen is brought from survayama which is considered to have best DNA. Same ways Suryavama kings marry chandravamsa queens. There was a Putrakameshti yagna. Shyamala peetam from the spot from which she appeared. Meenakshi Parashkati is real. She is listening and laughing from garbhamandir. She is real. Sundareswara is real. All the 64 leelas are really really really real. Sometimes with the sthula shareera, shuksha Shareera and tejo body, he did his leelas.
  • Everything is real. Nothing is story. Nothing is exaggerated. Actually, lot are not recorded. 1000s of leelas of Paramashiva and Parashakti is not recorded. It is less said. Not oversaid. 64 recorded. How can you say it? How can you say it?
  • We will revive justice system of Meenakshi and Sundareshwara as a the spiritual power and anybody can come and place their problems in from to Meenakshi and Sundareshwara, I guarantee justice will be delivered.
  • Understand the peetam, shyamamalapeeta, SJP is so powerful even the king was not spared when he missed the justice. When he did something wrong by taking the life of Kovalam. Kannagi asked for justice. Meenakshi and Sundareshwara are installed and alive. King and queen both lives taken away. Extreme integrated justice system. Meenakshi and Sundareshwara brought it from K to planet Earth. Now it will be revived. Anybody can write it and put it in front of Shyamala peetam. Justice is delivered. Meenakshi and Sundareshswara will be delivering justice.
  • With the grace of Meenakshi and Sundareshwara, now, Meenakshi Parashakti and Sundereshwara Paramashiva will again sit in Shyamamlaa peetam will revive cosmic dharma they brought from Kailaasa. The Kailaasa justice system and Kailaasa administration system u will see from today 1000s coming with their request prayers, whatever injustice is being done to u put it in paper and bring it. U want healing, money, some prayers to be answers, u can write it and put it in front of Meenakshi and Sundareshwara. **With the grace and blessings of Meenakshi Parashakti and Sundareshwara Paramashiva, they are really sitting and ruling Madurai, from now alive from Shyamamla peetam SJP u will see prayers answered, for boon or justice, come to Shyamamala peetam. They r alive. They are real. They r really real. This is the point from which the whole Enlightenment civilization will be revived now. U will see the whole fun. Now just within few weeks and months, the who..
    • U will see. The whole hospital will be run by Rudrakanyas. Meenakshis has ashtasakhis. I brought all of them with me now. There will be whole gurukul and All medical system and medicine system brought from Kailaasa
  • Tons need to be said. First the enlightenment system. The Integrity and oneness and Kailaasa will be brought to Madurai and shared to the while world from Shyamala peetam. With the grace of Meenakshi the Enlightened science of Kailaasa will be revived in Madurai. From Madurai it can go to all places.
    • And ala the life style of East, yoga, dressing, food, jewelry, dance, art music, other sciences, medicines and everything will be revived as it is. Nothing is dead. Everything is alive
  • The model Kailaasa will be set mapped and shared with the whole word, It will be done by them again by their grace.
  • Krishna replicated the civilization and named it as Mathura. Relocation attempted in north. They successfully replicated. Throughout the life, Krishna lived as an Embodiment of Meenakshi and Sundareshwara. That is why Somasundareshwara is installed as Somanatha. That’s why in Yadava family, Meenakshi name will be too popular. Other than south of Madurai, only name Mathurai.
  • Lalitha sahsasranamam is sung towards Meenakshi . Whatever quality u have cherished those qualities come out. Only Paramashiva has revealed the detailed meaning of parashakti. The core is Mahavakya of Paramashiva. Soundaryalhari is another one. Directly written on Meenakshi. While Tiruvdayadal
  • Shyamalapeetam it is going to become powerful kshetra now. From today anyone who goes there and declares oneness with Paramashiva, can manifest powers.
  • Understand I’m in oneness with Paramashiva, no egoist games with Paramashiva. Connect through me to Paramashiva. To be channel for u, I ‘ve to dedicate all my life to fit ur expectations. It is a big sacrifice. It us utmost selfless act.
  • Prayer and offering write it to Meenakshi and Sundareshwara, and offer it to Shyamala Sarvajna peetam if possible go. Shankara also adorned the same peetha. Meenakshi only queen born, grew and ruled Madurai. Husband came from Kailaasa and settled. Paramashiva came to marry Meenakshi seeing the love and devotion and attachment of Madurai citizens he started living in Madurai.
    • All the sciences of mandalas, viamanas, yantras, all 64 arts- dance, perfume making archeriy, horse riding, painting, carving, Divya sareera of Pshiva, whoever wants to enjoy Pshiva, just decide one thing- ferocious Integreity with Paramashiva and declare oneness.
  • Actually if you ferociously declare the oneness and connect the kind of oneness that happens,… they fall into vicious circle. But you can raise into virtuous circle.
  • Indrajalam, tantrajalam, all those Jalavidyas will also be revived. Actually Indra’s own private jet is installed as temple garba mandir. 8 elephants, Sundareswaran is living and operating.
  • Meenakshi had a great Rudrakanya t/g center. Rudrakanyas were trained in Power Manifesting based from Kailaasa- Madavar vilagam- women’s training to be revived as it used to be done during Meenakshi’s time. We already have a huge property.
  • Cosmology, astrology, physics, chemistry, math, from Kailaasa all that will be revived now. Agriculture by the grace of Meenakshi and Sundareshwara. I have so much to share, I will continue to share.
  • Essence: All of you imbibe the Enlightened Consciousness of Kailaasa, by ferociously declaring your integrity and oneness with paramashiva and capture the oneness with him.
  • I am bringing the DNA of Parijathaflower will not wither away in life time 75 feet fragrance will be there…
  • Kamadhenu everything. There will be huge goshala of Kamadhenu. We will start everything now. Once we do it Madurai by the grace of Meenakshi and Sundareshwara, we can replicate it all over the world. Madurai, Bidadi, Tiruvanamalai, Gujarat, LA , Madurai all over the world
  • From your side you need to do one thing: Ferociously declare oneness with Paramashiva and receive the consciousness. Once you start tasting it unimaginable transformations will happen to you…all the gifts I am bring will be useful for all of you. Declare ferociously Oneness mahavakya- OM NITHYANANDA PARAMASHIVOHAM- pray continuously with the Mahavakya and manifest Advaita in your life. Stop cheating enough…..Enlightenment is the only real ambition I’ve come to planet Earth to give enlightenment. You are stupid to waste time when I am in the body. This is working hours, not vacation time. Join. Vacation is over after 1978.Fools are those who vacation after
  • Be ferociously Integrated. Declare your Integrity to Paramashiva ferociously and don’t try to work around my words, trying to cheat internally, The idea for the
  • After 300 yrs I am assuming the body; Better to use what to bring Whatever system is being used is only to evolve. Not to be a part of Kailaasa, is extreme delusion.
    • Outside Kailaasa come inside Kailaasa and others work to build Kailaasa inside u. When I call people to come and stay in Kailaasa they think I have vested interest. Drop all these violence
  • You have time when I am in the body. That is all I can say. Just be matured. Have a matured relationship with Paramashiva.
  • Be ferocious with yourself. Let us have a mature oneness relationship so you can manifest powers. Let us have matured life.
    • Bless all Shyamala Peeta SJP and kartas. All of you will be deitified. Be assured that you have a place in Kailaasa….. Meenakshi parashakti and Sundareshwara Paramashiva will shower health, wealth and conscious, and Nithya Kailaasa Padavi. Your money is spent with all the Integrity of Paramashiva for his vision.
    • Legal commitment for 5yrs committee need stability. Need to train. Spend lot of time with you
  • We are too immature to tell god how we should be trained. Let him decide the methodology on how to train us.
  • Any of you have any difficulty in Power Manifesting you will manifest. Zoom will extend the Shyamala peetham to your home. So much going to be available to humanity through Shyamala peetam.

Essence of todays Akashic reading and satsang: Declare ferociously your integrity to Paramashiva and manifest oneness through Mahavakya. If you ferociously declare, he will manifest oneness through you and manifest Paramashiva.


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