June 02 2019

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Devi Meenakshi || Contributers will be Detified Inside Kailasa ||Devi Parashakti manifested in the human plane trough the flames of the Homa || [Kailaasonnatha Shyamalapeetha ||Anadan ||


The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam, His Divine Holiness, Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam, expounded on the cosmic Principle of Devi Meenakshi during today’s live public address - Nithyananda Satsang. His Divine Holiness (HDH) shared that whoever committed to contribute to this Shyamalapeetha Sarvajnapeetha will be Deitified inside KAILASA, and will live in Deity form in the Breathing Space of Meenakshi forever.

His Divine Holiness announced that the Divine Feminine Consciousness - Devi Parashakti, decided to manifest in the human plane assuming the form of Devi Meenakshi Materializing herself amidst the bright flames of the Sacred Homa and emerging as Queen of all the three worlds. He revealed that Devi Meenakshi landed to revitalise the endangered Spiritual Enlightenment Ecosystem, and the whole Lalitha Sahasranamam were compiled by the great beings singing her glory. He announced that continuous Nithya Aanadhaan is to be served from the Shyamalapeetha Sarvajnapeetham, feeding over 25,000 per day.

Message from HDH Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam via Facebook

Blessings to the first batch of devotees who are going to be deitified(STATUES WILLBE INSTALLED HERE AND ETERNAL PLACE IN KAILAASA ) in the spiritual epic center of the universe - The Kailaasonnada Dwadashantha Shyamalapeetha Sarvajnapeetham!!! The malicious darkness of ignorance diffused into and almost annihilated the spiritual ENLIGHTENING ecosystem of Madurai, parting it from it’s original Vision. Devastated by the destruction of the spiritual enlightenment ecosystem of Madurai and brimming with his intense yearning to revive this ecosystem twinned with the desire for a heir, King Malayadhwaja Pandya performed the sacred Putra Kameshti homa.

Pleased by the devotion and realising the need of the hour , the divine feminine conciousness -Devi Parashakti herself, decided to manifest herself in the human plane assuming the form of Devi Meenakshi, materializing herself amidst the bright flames of the sacred homa.

Emerging as a queen of all the three worlds, Meenakshi brought back the enlightened civilisation to life seated on the very powerful seat of Shyamalapeeta Sarvajnapeetam. This very place which is located inside the temple of Meenakshi has now transformed into Kailaasa and the very fire that bore Devi Meenakshi will be kept alive forever here in the form of Nithya Chandi homa, Nithya Rudra Homa, Nithya Ganapathi Homa andmany other Nithya Homas.

The whole Lalitha Sahasranamam was compiled by the greatbeings singing the glory of Devi Meenakshi.

The glorious lineage of Pandyas had a king with the name Koonpandiyan implying the defect of hunch back that he was born with. Thirujnanasambandar, with the grace of Parmashiva , just using the ashes from the madapalli ( Paramashiva’s kitchen ) healed the king’s hunchback establishing his name as Ninraseernedumaran.

The powerful ashes that came from the madapalli and healed the king will BE AVAILABLE FOR THE WHOLEWORLD from here forever as continuous annadhaan ( free organic satvik food offering) will be happening in this Shyamalapeeta Sarvajnapeetam feeding over 25,000 per day.

After the healing the king and re-establishing the spiritual ecosystem,by ascending the shyamalpeetha sarvajna peetham Thirujnanasambandar initiated one of his disciple as next guru mahasannidhanam and returned to the Chola kingdom. One night Ninraseer nedumaran formerely known as Koonpandiyan, went on secret rounds to look over the kingdom in the late night in disguise and noticed a weak leprosy man going towards a place and knocking the door asking for food. Suddenly a well-built tall Sanyasi comes out , washes the feet and carries the leprosy man inside his house. *Curious to know what was happening, the king walks peeps through the window and sees the Sanyasi himself cooking and feeding the leper, at this late hour of night. Next morning the king summons both of the men and realises that the well built Sanyasi was the Gurumaha Sannidhanam himself.

Overwhelmed with grattitude seeing the devotion and commitment of the guru mahasannidhanam the king offers all of the land which was in the direction of his eyesight to the guru maha Sannidhanam and declares that Nithya Annadhanam will be happening here forever. This is recorded in the official documents of the Madurai Adheenam. *Unfortunately, today these lands were grabbed by militant forces and anti-hindu elements , resulting in not serving the intended purpose, instead being used by anti hindu elements for anti hindu purposes.

Devi Meenakshi landed to revitalise the dying spiritual enlightenment ecosystem, which almost became extinct leaving behind the vision alone. Once again the enlightenment ecosystem has collapsed at a very alarming rate, which is why she has decided to revive it again from this very spiritual epicenter of the universe - the Kailasonnada dvadhashantha Shyamalapeetha Sarvajnapeetham, THROUGH THIS FORM. The Shyamalapeetha Sarvajnapeetam will be embellished with all the 64 divine leelas of Paramashiva and through 64 Nithyananda Yogis Paramashiva will be manifesting all these powers 24/7 and power manifestation sessions will be happening 24/7 free organic satvik food that will be served as Nithya annadhaan (estimated to serve 25,000 people per day), *Nithya homa and Nithya Puja will be happening as a grand ritual everyday feasting the beings of thousands that will be flocking here for Meenakshi Sundareshwara's Darshan.

This will be spruced up with Grantha Samadhis of all the sacred texts revealed by various deities like - Meenakshi, Sundareshwara, Thirujnanasambandar, Swamiji etc.

Being inside the sacred Meenakshi Devi temple, alL the blessed beings who will be deitified inside this kailaasa will forever be having the boon of living in this deity form in the breathing space of Meenakshi.

Blessings to all the humble devotees like - 1 Ma Nithya Deeptananda, Sarah Goldblatt[USA] and Ma Sarah Gray [Paris] 2 Ma Ai Lin wu [Taiwan] 3 Ma Aziguli maimaitiying [Australia] 4 Ma Catherine ong [Minnesota, USA] 5 Ma Cecilia lam [USA] 6 Ma Christine Vogel [Germany] 7 Ma Diana Sullivan [Tennesse] 8 Ma Dongping huang [CHINA] 9 Ma Dr. Shanti [Bangalore, India] 10 Ma Gaby Hiem [New York, USA] 11 Ma Jean lou [Australia] 12 Ma Kathy Robertson [Ohio, USA] 13 Ma Lin yi ching [Taiwan] 14 Ma Monika kromkova [Slovakia] 15 Ma Parashakti de coteau [Trinidad] 16 Ma Premaya & Sri Chidambara [Dubai] 17 Ma Safiana liao [China] 18 Ma Saritha Pasupuleti Tennesse 19 Ma Shwetal Vyas [INDIA] 20 Ma Vaishali & Sri Sanjay Verma [San jose, USA] 21 Ma Yi Ching [Taiwan ] 22 Sri Abhilasha Jayachandra [OHIO, USA] 23 Sri Anandaagni Chandrashekaran [Bangalore, India] 24 Sri Boris Feldman [Los Angeles, USA] 25 Sri Kalaiselvan [Tanjavur, India] 26 Sri Nitesh Singh [Canada] 27 Sri Srirama chandra murthy [Dubai] 28 Sri Sun Bo [China] 29 Amandeep Bains [Ohio, USA] 30 Lee Kim Kee [Singapore] 29 Chií [Taiwan] 30 Sri Sidharth Mohan [India] 31 Hu Hu Yi [China] 32 Ma Therese Grankvist [Sweden] 33 Ma Kathleen Kring [Missouri, USA] 34 Ma Sunny Yang (Ma Prakashananda) [Los Angeles, USA] 35 Ma Ning Hu Chen [Spain]

Who have committed to contribute to this Shyamalapeetha Sarvajnapeetham within one month time and declared by mailing to [email protected]

All those who are interested in contributing and getting deitified (getting your statue installed permanently) in Shyamalapeetam Sarvajnapeetam can mail to [email protected]

Due to the shortage of place we can accomodate only 100 Kailaasavasis in this Kailaasa, who will have this boon of literally living in the breathing space of Devi Meenakshi Parashakthi herself.

Anybody who commits legally for 5 years and serving in this Shyamalapeetam Sarvajnapeetam can apply through email. ([email protected])

The Kailaasavasis will be chosen from these application on the first come- first served basis. Share with all and celebrate.


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