July 16 2019

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Guru Purnima Message 2019: Pi Is I Of Paramashiva || 3 Powerful Cognitions On Guru || Initiation on the Three most Important Statement ||


The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam, His Divine Holiness, Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam, expounded on the Cosmic Principle, Guru Purnima Message 2019 – Pi is “I” of Paramashiva, 3 Powerful Cognitions on Guru during today’s live public talk - Nithyananda Satsang. His Divine Holiness (HDH) blessed all with auspiciousness and Enlightenment. He shared that the core beliefs you carry manifest as life because that is the Pi and the Pi of your personal individual existence manifest and projects as your reality. Therefore, He shared, If you bring the Pi of Paramashiva into your core existence, you become Paramashiva and you manifest the life as Paramashiva. He expanded with examples from His own life growing up around His Guru.

Today on Guru Purnima Day, His Divine Holiness gave a written assignment and Initiation on these 3 statements, Paramashiva is real. Paramshiva is manifesting here as your Guru - Nithyananda Paramashivam and manifesting Himself in all of us.

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00:15 nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām | asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Thanedar, Kothari, visitors, viewers, Sarvanjnapeetha Yajamans, Karthas, sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV and in all the aadheenams, paduka mandirs, temples, universities of Kailaasa. All over the Universe, I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

01:47 On this auspicious Guru Purnima Day … as living representative of the unbroken oldest Guru Parampara from Paramashiva himself … I offer my devotion, integrity, respects, commitment to that Guru Parampara first.

(Swamiji offering his respects to the Guru Parampara in silent prayer)

02:59 As living representative of that Parampara, I bless you all with all the auspiciousness and enlightenment. Some of the greatest sacred secrets of Paramashiva’s existence: understand, by knowing these great sacred secrets, truths about the existence of Paramashiva, you will become Paramashiva. Paramashiva, the Cosmic existence ... can be experienced just by listening and internalizing these sacred secrets, powerful truths I am revealing so please listen intensely and carefully.

04:37 Akshayaguna (अक्षयगुण, Akṣayaguṇa) of Paramashiva means, guna can be, guna means the nature, character, idea, habit - all these put together and something more is the word, Sanskrit word “guna” denotes; which is your core nature expresses as a habit in your doings. Nature in your being, habits in your doing is called guna. Actually the word Sanskrit word guna, means little more than all these English definitions I gave. Character of your being, habits of your doing, all put together and something more is guna - nature. Akshayaguna means, the nature of something which does not get destroyed. The akshayaguna of Paramashiva which does not get destroyed, please listen. The guna of Paramashiva which does not get destroyed, the nature of Paramashiva which never gets destroyed, if you understand that, that nature is so exciting, inspiring. Your whole being will just get sucked into it.

06:45 It is like Pi in mathematics, P-i, Pi in mathematics. I don’t know how many of you’ve studied this concept of Pi, it is such inspiring brain candy. That’s the right word “brain candy.” If you are a superficial, stupid rational middle class mentality fellow, it will be madenning. The concept of Pi will be maddening. But if you are real looking at life, understand, middle class has nothing to do with the bank balance you have. Middle class has something to do with intensity balance you have. Intensity with which you are ready to exist. That defines whether you are upper class or middle class. There are so many lives with all the luxuries but continues to remain middle class, lower middle class. There are some who lived throughout their junk, life in jungles but lives such upper class life like great Rishis - Janaka. Janaka spent some time as king but quite a long time he spent in forest. Many of the Rishis spent lot of time in the forest alone, but the intensity with which they existed ... the very class of their existence was different.

08:59 Understand! This concept of Pi, it’s extremely maddening. Rationality of irrationality. Logic of beyond logic. Circumference of the sun or the circle of your DNA felix structure or the circle of your eyeball - all of them have some inexplicable … connection that exists irrationally rational, illogically logical. Things which does not have any common factor are all interconnected and functions as a huge organism and rhythm. In Vedantic principles, in Sanatana Hindu Dharma - we say drishti-srishti. Understand. If you open your eyes wide, somewhere in the Cosmos, the circumference of the sun is becoming bigger. I know … what I am talking is logically maddening and just if you take out this clip and put it in Avatar Clicks, it’ll become viral. This is the material ready for viral. But what I am talking is the truth! Please listen, if you open your eyes widely, somewhere in the Cosmos - one sun, its circumference is increasing. It’s reality. This is called drishti-srishti. Maddening concept for mathematical brain is Pi, P-i concept.

12:32 Understand. The maddening irrationality ... of existence can become your experience with the simple non-violent listening. Just come to non-violent listening. Relax from the aggression going on inside. Trying to vomit the frustration of your guts into every happening in your life - stop it! And listen intensely, these truths can put you in samadhi, in the space of Paramashiva now. Just like the concept of Pi in the field of mathematics, how everything irrational has some rational flow. Paramshiva’s guna: everything irrational has some rational. So the essence of today’s satsang is Paramashiva’s Pi, P-i of Paramashiva. Listen intensely. What I am talking is the direct download … from Paramashiva directly and mapped to the language you can grasp. I also request all of you to watch this satsang at least twenty one times again and again and again because everything I am going to reveal, each statement is like a sutra.

15:21 Guna means something which is core nature. Akshayaguna means, something which is core nature which can never be destroyed or separated from the existence of that core. Akshayaguna of Paramashiva: Paramashiva neither has guna nor nirguna, he’s akshayaguna. He’s neither with attributes nor attributeless. He’s with some attributes which can never be attributed or withdrawn or destroyed. So listen carefully, the akshayaguna, Pi of Paramashiva; I cannot use the word exactly Pi of Paramashiva, like Pi in maths, the akshayaguna of Paramashiva. Each of the powerful cognitions Vedas-Agamas revealed which I have distilled and shared with you all in the form of jnana paddhati - Nithyananda Jnana Paddhati. Each of those powerful cognitions are a Pi of Paramashiva. Listen. If you apply them in your being, immediately Kailaasa opens to you. You open Kailaasa in you and Kailaasa opens itself for you, understand.

17:32 Your body is an organism. The fuel for this organism is whatever you consider as truth of your existence. If you consider truth of your existence is nothing but struggling, fighting, suffering - no one can liberate you, understand. If you consider the existence of you, if you strongly believe the core of you or the truth of you and truth of your reality, truth of your life, truth of your existence is suffering, torture, pain, frustration - nobody can save. The good news I have for you is, you can change that cognitions because they are delusion, you also know they are delusion. Unfortunately, as a child you are always supported, pampered when you throw tantrum. That become such a strong pattern in you, you continue to throw tantrum till you are that, you are dead; sometimes even after that. Sometimes even after that. I have seen some people even after death, they throw tantrum.

19:33 Understand ... existence is a mirror. It does not pamper you when you throw tantrum. Your parents pamper you when you throw tantrum not because they care, just they want to escape from you and they can’t handle. Understand. Throwing tantrum and getting what do you want ... you are not getting because you are qualified, even if you get! When you throw tantrum and you don’t get, it is good for you because you will not develop that pattern as your core belief, akshayaguna. If you throw tantrum and you get it, that’s a worst thing for you because you will develop that as a akshayaguna - dangerous. Belief: if I throw tantrum, if I behave victim, if I do stupid dramas, I will get what I want - that belief is the worst akshayaguna, worst cognition. If you throw tantrum and get what do you want - you are dead, you are destroyed. Parents: a good parent will not give what child wants when the child throws tantrum because then the child is going to destroy herself. But the parents who don’t want to spend time and bring up, who don’t want to take the responsibility for the child - they give what child wants when the child throws tantrum and the child develops the worst pattern.

22:07 I tell you ... in the Raja Vidya Gurukuls: the gurukuls where kings and queens, princes and princesses are brought up - they should be taught delayed gratification, not getting when they throw tantrum. When they throw tantrum, they need a strong punishment - prayaschitta. In my Raja Vidya Gurukuls, this should be the principle, understand. The human beings developed this pattern … throwing tantrum and getting what they want, that pattern evolves as the worst poisonous being. You continue to believe your life is a frustration. That idea of victimhood: constantly you believe your life is a curse and all the powerlessness becomes your akshayaguna which is the dangerous thing. I tell you, every powerless cognition you removed as your akshayaguna and add powerful cognitions into your akshayaguna is a blessing for you.

24:06 Multiple powerless cognitions becomes your core belief unfortunately from the young age due to unconscious, irresponsible ecosystem, not just parents, everyone - teachers, students, ecosystem. Again and again I’ll, whenever I remember, my eyes become watery about the ecosystem of Arunachala. Every dust in Arunachala Hill, every dust in the Arunachala village - I bow down to it.

प्रणमामि मुहुर् मुहुर् praṇamāmi muhur muhur

प्रणमामि मुहुर् मुहुर् praṇamāmi muhur muhur

The ecosystem which Arunagiri Yogishwara manifested … I tell you, even my health … I am forty one, I am so confident I am going to live at least next two hundred years. It is just because the ecosystem of Arunachala taught me right eating.

26:07 Not only I never tasted non-veg, never had interest. I did not even need to fight or control myself to be away from non-vegetarian food. Understand. See, non-vegetarian is not just the food, it is a culture, core beliefs you have. Somebody who eats non-vegetarian food - meat, cannot love a pet. Understand, it is a hypocrisy! What you will kill a calf and cow and bull and eat but you will caress the dog? It is the core beliefs! Because, never tasted non-veg, never had interest, never even need to fight to be vegetarian; by its own nature, the core cognition, akshayaguna become ahimsa, non-violent way of existence. It is not just about tongue, it is about the cognition - core of what you are. See if something becomes your food ... beautifully, one of the great saint - Thiruvalluvar, he says ... “How can a man who eats meat have compassion in his life? If somebody does not eat meat, whole Universe will worship him as compassionate being.” Understand.

28:28 It’s just, it may be very simple thing for many people, “Oh … what is there vegetarian food now so many people are practicing veganism, vegetarian life?” Understand, being vegetarian vegan for right reasons from the ecosystem. Please listen.

Kollaanai pullaalai maruthaanai, kai koopi ellaa uyirum thozhum. Kollaan, pullaalai maruthaanai, kai koopi ellaa uyirum thozhum.

(கொல்லானை புலாலை மருத்தானை, கை கூப்பி எல்லா உயிரும் தொழூம். கொல்லான், புலாலை மருத்தானை, கை கூப்பி எல்லா உயிரும் தொழூம்)

Means, if somebody does not kill, and does not eat meat - all the beings will worship him. Listen, it is not just a veganism, vegetarian life, it is the cognitions you carry in your core. For example, a person who is vegetarian with the right core cognitions, akshayaguna ... if a goat is hurt in the street, he will have water in his eyes, not water in his tongue. If a goat is hurt in the street, man who is vegetarian from his core principle, akshayaguna will have eyes in the … will have water in the eyes, not in the mouth, not in the tongue. Understand!

30:22 The fundamental principles: fundamental principles of life, core beliefs you carry is too important for your existence. The core beliefs you carry manifest as life because that is the Pi. The Pi of your personal individual existence manifest and projects as your reality. If you bring the Pi of Paramashiva into your core existence, you become Paramashiva. You manifest the life as Paramashiva. Understand. My whole effort is the organism called your body, removing all the powerless cognitions and adding all the powerful cognitions to your core existence, to your core belief about you. Understand I tell you, the good news I have is consciously if you decide … even unconscious powerless cognitions loses power over you.

32:19 I tell you ... I’ll expand. Listen. I tell you one incident from my life with Arunagiri Yogishwara, my own Guru. This very principle which I am talking to all to you, the akshayaguna of existence - Paramashiva, he was trying to explain from a different context, from a different reason. He was trying to explain the truth of drishti-shriti - how every thought we create manifest as life. And how careful and alive, awake we should be about thought. So right thing manifest as life. I was sitting next to him and he was teaching me this principle about drishti-srishti - how the way we see the existence, the reality changes. I’ll describe the scene. He was sitting on the steps in Arunachaleswarar Temple in Kalyana Mandapam, near his jiva samadhi. I was sitting step below him and holding his thumb, his feet.

34:33 He was explaining ... he was such an extremely beautiful being. He’s a feast for all five senses. The smell around him and the way he captures the whole eyes … both eyes will be sucked into him. Automatically Third Eye need to be opened to be there. By his very beauty, svarupa darshana matra he opens his, opens all Third Eyes because two eyes will not be sufficient - your whole existence will feel insufficient, inefficient to grasp his form. Automatically your Third Eye will open. You will so absorb in him. Feast for all the five senses. Even if I touch him, I have seen my mouth will become watery, the whole saliva - he’s such tasty delicious being even to touch. Just by touch, I have seen. If I touch him by hand, my mouth will feel the deliciousness. That kind of a being. He was describing this how the thought becomes reality. How every thought we have, we believe changes the Universe.

36:31 I tell you, even now, I literally believe, really really Meenakshi happened. She walked on planet earth and did all the leelas described in the purana. Not some metaphysical, metaphorical thing is described as a poetry in the purana. No! Real factual history. Puranas actual record very less which you can understand. Not, if they record the whole thing, you may not even be able to grasp it. Destruction of the Third Eye science in India, made common Indians believe puranas are not real. Justify awaken the Third Eye to one generation kids, of course I am going to do it. If I just work on the Third Eye, and if even ten million kids feel Third Eye awakened and start perceiving the reality in the higher level - they will start understanding puranas are real. How the Tiruvilayadal Puranam says that Sundareshwara used to walk out of the garbhagriha (गर्भगृह, garbhagṛha), and come and do all the leelas.

38:17 Kalyaanaiku karumpooti kizhavanai kumaranaakki, aanai pennaaki; pennai aanaakki, aliyai oonaakki, unnai naannaakki; ennai nee aakki.

(கல்யாணிக்கு கரும்பூட்டி கிழவனை குமாரனாக்கி, ஆணை பெண்ணாகி; பெண்ணை ஆணாக்கி, அலியை ஊனாக்கி, உன்னை நான்னாக்கி; என்னை நீ ஆக்கி)

38:35 Playing all those leelas. Whatever is written in the puranas are really real, it happened and still happening. This becomes my core cognition, truth of existence, just by darshan of Arunagiri Yogishwara. He made the higher reality as my core belief, akshayaguna of me by his darshan. Guru is a person who makes all the higher existence, higher possibility as your core belief reality. Kailaasa as your chidambara. Kailaasa as your chidambara, inner space heart. Whatever is the reality of the Kailaasa, in re … Kailaasa, what all the beliefs are core reality, core concept truths, akshayaguna - imperishable truths of Kailaasa becoming your core truths is purpose of my advent. I happen for that. Whatever is believed, whatever is cognized as the core reality in Kailaasa, I am bringing them as powerful cognitions for all of you to experience that as your core belief, akshayaguna, core existence.

40:41 Arunagiri Yogishwara was teaching ... suddenly there was an ant moving from my hand to his feet. And I become very protective of Arunagiri Yogishwara and wanted to kill that ant. Before I could move my hand and kill it, he just beautifully took it from his hand and left it. And that ant after tasting his hand, I think fulfilled and he had a sparsa dars ... sparsan, darshan and sparsan, and started moving. Then suddenly I had the thought, “Oh God! Just now he was teaching every thought need to be right. And now I manifested, now I had the wrong thought. Will that manifest as a wrong effect in my life?” The moment I had this thought, he started smiling. And I asked, “Saami?” And by now I know that he knows whatever I think, he knows. So I did not explain the whole thing, I just, “Saami?” Means, I am asking, you answer now. The thought I had, the question I had now, please answer. For that I was looking at him just through eyes questioning, “Saami?”

42:44 He laughed and showed the finger like that means his energy field, all the thoughts appeared in me just got dissolved. It’ll not have any negative ripple effect because of his energy field. Neither I asked the question verbally, I just asked through … eyes, and uttered the word, “Saami?” I had a different kind of relationship with him. Only there is a spiritual talk, I’ll relate with him like a Saami means Guru, God. Such extraordinary friendliness he radiated and love he gave. And I asked him once the boon. “Let me enjoy your friendliness without taking you for granted, forever being integrated to you, committed to you,” and he gave me that boon. Because of that extreme friendliness, he was my father, mother, uncle, everything.

44:27 Once I brought a dhoti from home and gave it to him. This giving habit was taught to me by father and mother. They’re extraordinary givers for their wealth, the way they gave is unimaginable. Even though, people who live around me feel that I am a giver but nothing compared to my father. Very irresponsible giver. Even in giving, irresponsible giving. Whenever he buys a dhoti for himself, he will always get a kavi dhoti for me. For me to give it to sadhus because he knows otherwise his white dhoti will be taken away. One day I took white dhoti even though there was a kavi dhoti, I took a white for Arunagiri Yogishwara, I gave it away. My mother asked, “Whom you gave it? For whom you took?” I did not answer. I wanted to find out from, first from Arunagiri Yogishwara and then come back and tell, whether I can reveal I gave it to him. So I did not answer, I just walk out. Directly went to him and said, “My mother is asking like that. What should I answer?” He said in Tamil, “Wun annanuku kuduthenu sollu Po.” (ஒன் அண்ணனுக்கு குடுத்தேன்னு சொல்லு போ) Means, “Go and tell your mum that you gave it to her brother, elder brother.”

46:05 But she doesn’t have elder brother. She has a cousin brother - elder brother, only younger brother, three brothers. I did not remember all that. I just know whatever he says, let me go and tell. I went and told her, that … “I gave it to your elder brother.” She did not tell anything. I was surprised. Because from my knowledge, I don’t know that she has elder brother. Later on I came to know she has a cousin brother - elder brother, and whose house is between the house I was born and brought up and the temple. So, it just matched. Maybe that is the reason she just kept quiet. But for me it was such juicy thing, I said, “If you are elder brother of my mother then you are my mama” He said, “Yes, yes, I am your thai mama (தாய் மாமா).” I had extreme friendliness, all relationships, all possible relationships with him.

47:45 The core beliefs he planted inside me, the powerful cognitions, the akshayaguna of me, is the direct akshayagunas of Paramashiva. And that ecosystem of Arunachala supported it. These whole Kailaasas I am building all over the world is nothing but my energy field. So, even if you have negative thoughts, it’ll die down, it’ll not create negative impact and ripple effects inside you for you or for others. Understand for example, if you live in our Kailaasas and live the vegetarian lifestyle even unconsciously, mentally you get sometimes these negative thoughts, violent thoughts - it’ll just die down, it’ll not create any ripple effects, it’ll not create bad effects for you and the world. That is that purpose of these Kailaasas. In every level, whether the level of brahmacharya or the level of ... every vow. Every ahimsa, satya, asteya, aparigraha - in all levels. Understand. The cognitions you carry manifest as reality in your life. Powerful cognitions are Pi of Paramashiva. The moment you insert them … powers manifest.

50:06 I tell you, simple straightforward words. Just decide to cognize the powerful cognitions. So many powerful cognitions. Paramashiva as “I,” Pi. P-i. Paramashiva as “I” is Pi of Paramashiva. This is the powerful cognitions. When you carry, when you put these powerful cognitions inside you, like a “You are Paramashiva, whatever may be the external-internal situations of you.” This is one of the powerful cognition. Whatever denies this powerful cognition, decide, sit and pen down, do completion with it, or do dash, dash, dash with it. You fill that, all bad words in that dash, dash, dash. Because all completion is nothing but … phfff … Actually, if you really behave like my disciple, when you look at your completion … In many western countries I have seen that when you are driving, if you honk, the other person will do something. They will lower the glass and raise the hand and show and go. I never understood that because that was never part of this Indian, in India honking is a lifestyle. Every err vehicle they will write “sound horn.” You are expected to honk. It’s encouraged.

52:22 The west honking is not, western country honking is not culture and if you honk, they will lower the glass and … First time when I saw that I could not understand, I was asking that devotee was driving me, “What is this? What is going on?” He said, “It’s a bad word Swamiji.” Actually, you should do that to all your completion when you see your incompletions. You should just do that same showing the finger to all your incompletions. Now all of you know it what I am saying. Show finger to your incompletions. Be ferocious with it, I tell you. I tell you, I’ll give you one important secret. All insecurity: visualize all insecurity and pour it on Kalabhairava. Decide to stand and face! Let your insecurities physically melt your muscles and stand, you will see that insecurity just destroy - you stand as Paramashiva. Insecurities are the acid poured on your system. Stand tall, along with your toxins, the insecurities will leave you. Stand as Paramashiva. Man who stands in front of the insecurities becomes Paramashiva.

54:26 Your body is like a mechanism. Because your consciousness is inside, it is organism. That consciousness is suffering with the wrong cognitions as your reality. You started believing wrong things as the core belief of your existence, akshayaguna. You just need to remove them. Put the right cognitions. I have given thousands of powerful cognitions. For example this one: static matter, dynamic activity, strategic existence - all three are one and the same. There is no border, boundary. If you just cognize whatever comes as opposition to this core truth is a incompletion, either complete them or burn them or be ferocious with it or show finger to it. Show finger to your incompletions. You know which finger. I don’t have to show. But burn them, burn them, burn them. Even if you decide consciously I will stick to this powerful cognition even if the powerless cognitions come in between, I am not going to ben … bend for it, I am going to stand with this powerful cognition - you will see that powerful cognitions just start manifesting as powers and enlightenment. That decision is called commitment to Guru.

56:37 My commitment to Arunagiri Yogishwara is the only thing, that made everything possible for me. Whenever any problem arises, “No, I committed to him. So let’s just do that, that’s all.” There is, there is no second thing, “I committed to him so let’s do it, that’s all.” That is the real finger to the incompletions. The real finger you need to show to your incompletion is, “Ah, I committed to my Guru to live powerfully. I committed different cognitions to him so I cannot live with you. Hmm.” Pi of Paramashiva. I tell you, every powerful cognition is akshayaguna of Paramashiva. Bring them into you. All the other things not integrated to that powerful cognitions either pen down and burn or complete, relive and relieve or show fingers. I don’t care but get rid of them.

58:13 I still remember first time ... when a devotee was driving me, it was that long car. Forgot the name. To receive you, they bring, forgot that name of that car. Limousine. Limousine car they brought and then ... I always sit in the front seat, next to the driver. They said, “No, no, Swamiji. This is a VIP car, you are suppose to sit in the back side. I saw all that glasses and all that, I said, “No, what is the use of all this for me. I don’t …” Ninety percent of the world has no use for me. Only little food and the clothe and this few jewellery which I am wearing. Only this is useful for me from the world, otherwise I have no relationship with this world. So, actually once they took me to that world’s biggest mall in Toronto I think. The owner was a devotee so he said, “Please come and bless and …” They took me around and then finally they said, “What do you want?” I said, “Nothing here is useful for me. Nothing here’s related to my life.” He was shocked, “Swamiji, we bragged that anyone comes here always buy some, buys more than what they need and go.” I said ... and I said, “I have nothing to do sitting back side, I’ll sit in the front. At least I can see the road.”

59:46 Because the village boys, the maximum pleasure for us is sitting in the car and lowering the glass and seeing through the window. That is the maximum pleasure in the life. Nothing … (Swamiji laughing) Simple pleasured people are the richest people in the world. Simple pleasured, means always happy. Simple things are enough to make you happy and … So I said, “No, no, I am going to sit in the front.” They said, “No Swamiji, as per the tradition that only the staff sit in the front in this kind of a big car.” I said, “No, no, no, I am going to sit here only.” Anyhow, I sat. When they were driving, by mistake this driver put the hand on the horn and honk, that is when I saw that person, that somebody driving in the road lowered the glass and raised the hand and showed the finger. I could not understand why. But I understood that something is wrong, that much I understood because the face expression. And then the devotee explained.

01:01:06 Understand, the Yoga Danda I received from Arunagiri Yogishwara which has protected me and still protecting me from everything is - “I committed to him. I am going to do it. That’s all.” “I committed to Swamiji so I am going to do it. That’s all.” There is no second thought! That become my, my core cognition. I tell you, the biggest gift he gave me: when he stopped appearing physically to me and stopped being physically available, the greatest gift he gave me is of course Oneness, that is one. The greatest gift is that core cognition - “I committed to him so I am going to do it.” All insecurities: nothing could ever stopped me or touched. By and by they stop even talking to me. The insecurities have started feeling, “Ooh, nothing can be done with this fellow,” so they divorce me and went away. Because there is no engagement, there is no entertainment. I just started telling, “I committed to Swamiji so I am going to do it.” Everytime, bring the powerful cognitions inside.

01:03:12 Still I am not yet done. I am, I am going to maybe I am going to talk next two-three hours. I have lot to share, lot to talk to all of you, lot to tell you all. For quite a long time I have too much downloaded. So I have to talk to you all lot of things and … Now whenever incompletions are coming, you guys are going to remember the finger. You guys are only going to remember, “Swamiji told show finger!” So any incompletions comes just show finger, that’s all! Maybe we can have a very decent Sanskrit name for it - nadu mithuna mudra. Nobody can call this as a bad word. Show nadu mithuna mudra when your incompletions come to you. We have lot of names for different mudras. So we can call this as a nadu mithuna mudra. Understand, fundamentally your incompletions are not even worthy of sitting and completing. It’s only worthy of nadu mithuna mudra. Otherwise they will do that to you, and to your life. Before they do, you do it to them, so you are safe.

01:05:02 Be ferocious with incompletions. The existence ferociously standing tall in front of the insecurities and incompletions. I tell you, really I tell you, life is all about standing tall. That is what I learned from Arunagiri Yogishwara. Stand tall in front of any incompletions! I tell you, whenever you stand tall in front of your incompletions and ferociously you start romancing with powerful cognitions. Understand, these powerful cognitions will manifest as powers in you intensely. Existing with the powerlessness, you will feel everyone is out there to cheat you and exploit you. Understand, I never ever felt somebody is cheating me or exploiting me. I only always felt they are exploiting themself. Thinking they are cheating me, they are cheating themself, and their existence. So even when I say, “You are cheating me,” I am uttering the word, “You are cheating you, thinking you are cheating me.” Even when I accused you, it is out of my compassion to you. It is not accusation. It is awakening.

01:07:28 Understand, whether you are in the Kailaasa or outside the Kailaasa or in the outer world, wherever you are - life is the effect manifestation of your core beliefs, your core cognitions. Bring the Pi of Paramashiva into your core belief, the akshayaguna of Paramashiva - let it become your core beliefs about you and your life and your existence. You will manifest enlightenment and powers and that kind of a life around you. Suffocation of your core beliefs about you and life is depression and frustration. Joy of your core beliefs and life is power and enlightenment. The one seed Arunagiri Yogishwara has put in me is he is real. Paramashiva is real. I tell you guys, really I tell you guys. You are my disciple. With all my love I tell you guys. The best thing I received from my Guru, I am giving you guys as a prasada. These two is the best thing I received from my Guru. One, my Guru is real. Second, I committed to him. I will live like that. Over, that’s all. Show your finger, nadu mithuna mudra for everything else, all insecurity, patterns, incompletions, everything. And I tell you ... you will always be successful! I am real. My words are real. It’s my blessing to all of you. Ferocious blessing! Blessing enforced on you, as ferocious blessing. I give you the fero ... ferocious blessings. My disciples always win, succeed.

01:11:02 The ecosystem of Tiruvannamalai gave me competence to live, not stupid any qualifications. Qualifications can be an introduction when you talk about you to others, when you try to sell. Qualification is like that, that gift wrapper. How they wrap it up with jigi jigi jigi paper. It can be gift wrapper. Competence is the real gift inside the wrapper. These powerful cognitions made me competent for life. Arunagiri Yogishwara is such embodiment of that powerful cognition, I tell you, when I touched him by the hand, I used to feel that sweetness and that kick in the tongue. Just touching him by the hand. I just sat. Even now I remember I can, my eyes experience that kick. My tongue can taste the sweet. His form can be smelt by the nose and heard by the ears. His voice can be seen by the eyes and smelt by the nose and tasted by the tongue. He is everything can be enjoyed by all the five senses and more. Just the whole Kundalini will become alive.

01:13:00 I remember still when he blessed that jiva samadhi in Tiruvannamalai, in our Kailaasa in Tiruvannamalai, Adi Annamalai.

“vanni perunchudaraai ezhuntharuliya naam vanni moolayil vanni marathil ivvanimara vadivaai endrendrum ingiruntharuli ellorukum arul seivom.”

(வன்னி பெருஞ்சுடராய் எழுந்தருளிய நாம் வன்னி மூலையில் வன்னி மரத்தில் இவ்வன்னிமர வடிவாய் என்றென்றும் இங்கிருந்தருளி எல்லோருக்கும் அருள் செய்வோம்.)

The, it’s a light shaft. I came in this agni corner and asked the Agni tree, Vani tree; I’ll stand and reside and bless all of you forever - in this tree and under this tree. Somebody ... who love me most, whom I love most, before I leave the body if they ask me, “Swamiji, just give essence of your whole life. So that we can carry for future. We can write this as a golden words and keep it for future.” I tell you, just these few words. Personal intimate attachment to Guru. For everything else … Everything else is an incompletion. How it should be treated, you know. I already taught you - madhya maithuna mudra. Sanskrit word gives a very decent spiritual look. If I tell in English only it’ll become a viral video. So I told Sanskrit - madhya maithuna mudra.

01:15:04 See all of you do aṅganyāsa-karanyāsa, you know the fingers name.

अन्गुष्ःठाभ्याम् तर्जनीभ्याम् स्वाहा मद्यमाभ्याम् अनकामिकाभ्याम् हूं कनिष्ःठकाभ्याम् वौषट्

anguṣḥṭhābhyām tarjanībhyām svāhā madyamābhyām anakāmikābhyām hūṃ kaniṣḥṭhakābhyām vauṣaṭ

So you know ... aṅganyāsa-karanyāsa mantra. Everything else is incompletion. Understand. Everything great expressed in me just when I remembered my personal intimate attachment, raw, my connection with my Guru - Arunagiri Yogishwara. He’s real. Just let me remember his name, his form and him and be attached to him forever, ever, ever, in all the raw ways; not socially decent or socially polite. Absolute Oneness with him. That’s all is the essence of my life. Everything else … you know now what to do. Whenever I carried these cognitions, Paramshiva just exploded through me, manifested, manifesting all the best things. My attachment to my Guru destroyed all other attachments. And finally made Oneness.

01:16:59 Still in my computer screen in Facebook some Arunachala’s photo come, I’ll stop everything and sit and bow down and connect and like a school kid. There may be, these guys may be giving me some big legal update and ... the updates about so many things happening, I’ll say, “Wait, wait, wait, wait.” That is the essence and juice of my life, my attachment to a, to my Guru - Arunagiri Yogishwara. If I look what is the essence of my life - my personal attachment to my Guru, that’s all. All the best things in my life, I received only from that. I don’t even want to use the word Guru bhakti, that looks too big and Vedanti, wawaak … waak! Hmm. I don't want to use the word “Guru bhakti,” I want to use the word “Guru paasam.” That’s all.

01:18:12 Without even knowing what is integrity, I enjoyed integrity with him. Tsk! Without even knowing what is responsibility, I enjoyed responsibility for him. Without even knowing what is enriching, I was en … enriching about him to the world. Without even knowing what is Brahman, I had Brahmanjna from him. Before even knowing the word “Brahman,” he gave me Brahmanjna. Actually I learned the words much later. Words I learn only to cross-verify and to tell you all. I don’t know how many of you know, in Tiruvannamalai for that Arunagiri Yogishwara’s jiva samadhi, the sthapati carved my deity little bigger than that Arunagiri Yogishwara’s deity; I said, “No! It’ll not be installed.” I rejected my deity. It was perfect but I rejected. “No! Make smaller than Arunagiri Yogishwara.” Actually I was not building the Arunagiri Yogishwara’s jiva samadhi inside our aadheenam. Because I didn't want a second jiva samadhi. Then finally now I am forced to build because I wanted to see that always through web camera to have darshan. Inside the temple, they may not allow, that is why, that is the reason I build it, so I can keep a web camera and continuously have darshan.

01:19:57 Raw attachment, paasa as per Agama, not bhakti as per Vedanta. I am not interested in that. I am interested in raw attachment with my Guru and raw obedience. I don’t need a logic, I don’t need to be convinced to obey my Guru. I just know he is real and I am attached to him, I am committed to him, I’ll do it, that's all. Too simple. And life is too easy, too beautiful. And too exciting. Too inspiring. Continously enlightening, successful. Wherever I obeyed my Gurus ... I was successful. You can all have darshan of Arunagiri Yogishwara. (screening of Arunagiri Yogishwara’s jiva samadhi in Adi Annamalai)

01:21:07 Pi of Paramashiva, akshayaguna of Paramashiva ... carrying which you will become Paramashiva is these powerful cognitions, which I have revealed in thousands and continuing to reveal, understand. All these powerful cognitions: Paramashiva is real. Unclutching gives you the experience of that Paramashiva’s state. Integrity makes you experience the space of Paramashiva. Enriching will make you manifest powers. All these powerful cognitions, I have given thousands, still I am giving thousands more. I have compiled all these powerful cognitions from Vedas and Agamas as a Nithyananda Jnana Paddhati and it is available freely. I’ll tell them to share today Nithyananda Jnana Paddhati. Understand, these powerful cognitions, when you keep them inside … be ferocious with all other incompletions, they will just manifest as powers. I tell you, fundamental things, fundamental basic truths if you start practicing them, it’s called initial. If you apply them again and again and again in your life, it is called advance, that’s all. You become a advance person if you manifest it again and again and again in you, that’s it. Fundamentals don’t change. If you apply the fundamentals, the funda-mental set up may change. Fundamentals don’t change. This funda making mental set up changes.

01:23:31 I’ll come to the subject straight after one and a half hours. Listen. I’ll give you now few cognitions. One, Paramashiva is real. He came as Arunagiri Yogishwara. He initiated me and gave enlightenment and himself in Oneness to me. And I am giving you that blessing. One, Paramashiva is real. He himself came as Arunagiri Yogishwara and initiated me, blessed me and gave me the Oneness. That’s second cognition. Third, I am giving you that same blessing and experience to all of you. I am not putting the precondition here. Please be very clear, I am not saying if you are integrated to me like how I was integrated to Arunagiri Yogishwara, I am giving you this experience. No! I am saying directly, I am giving you this experience. Actually when you start experiencing and start manifesting powers, you will become integrated like how I was with Arunagiri Yogishwara. See, I am practical.

01:25:00 I enjoyed him so I fell in love with him. I don’t know good or bad reasons. Many of you have not even seen me physically. One generation of devotees have come, who has not seen me physically. Maybe it is a new to Nithyananda Sangha but that generation has started. Usually this happens only when the Masters leave the body. But I am the first Master living in the body, one generation of devotees are already built, who has not seen me physically. And not devotees, one generation of aadheenavasis, kailaasavasis who have given their life, who have taken sannyas, never seen me physically. A batch of gurukul kids, balasanths who have given their whole life to me, who have not seen me physically. Even if you have, people who have seen me physically very ... many may not have touched me ... how I touched and experienced Arunagiri Yogishwara so I am not putting this integrity as a prerequisite.

01:26:29 Just these three cognitions. One, Paramshiva is real. Paramshiva came as Arunagiri Yogishwara and initiated, gave enlightenment, Oneness and powers to Swamiji. And Swamiji is giving all of that blessing, energy, Oneness experience to me. Just carry these three cognition and sit now, I will make Guru Deeksha happen in you all! I’ll just open ... this tanda of Paramashiva. Let tanda of Paramashiva land on planet earth and bless all of you. Let Paramashiva land and bless all of you. Bless all of us! Bless everyone of us. Just these three simple cognition. I’ll repeat. Paramashiva is real. He himself came as Arunagiri Yogishwara and gave Oneness to, Oneness and experience all, even himself to Swamiji. And Swamiji is giving that to me now. See I am telling you, I am giving. I am not putting any condition. I am giving. Just sit with these three cognitions inside you. All the incompletions which is coming, which is not ready to accept these three cognitions, you know what to do. Madhya maithuna mudra. Let those incompletions be ferociously dealt. They are not going to give you any life so kick them out. Kick them out of your life before they ... kick you out from Guru’s space. Kick your patterns out before they kick you out of Kailaasa, understand.

01:28:54 Just sit with these three cognitions. Pen down these three cognitions and any thought currents which is not allowing you to accept these three cognitions, pen down. I’ll, I’ll give you few minutes so that you are very clear inside you. And you can hold the Pi of Paramashiva inside and let all the patterns be given the madhya maithuna mudra. It’s going to become viral now, I know ... without uttering a bad word. Throw away, deal ferociously your incompletions. So pick up a paper and pen, write these three powerful cognitions you are suppose to hold inside you. One, Paramashiva is real. Second, Paramshiva himself came as Arunagiri Yogishwara, and gave himself to Swamiji. Giving his state, space, powers, being, superconsciousness, Oneness himself to Swamiji. And Swamiji is giving that to me now. Just these three cognitions, pen down one, two, three. And then if you have any thought currents, incompletions which is not allowing that to be cognized by you as your reality - pen them down. So you can do the madhya maithuna mudra to those incompletions.

01:30:56 In Tamil I said, nadu mithuna mudra. In Sanskrit, madhya maithuna mudra, cheng cheh cheng cheh cheng … it’s going to become very popular now. You can do that to all those incompletions. Take few minutes, pen down. Then I’ll start the Guru Deeksha. I’ll make sure today Paramashiva lands on all of us and blesses all of us, and creates Kailaasas all around the world, celebrates whole existence.

01:31:37 (Time given for everyone to pen down)

01:32:05 Ma Tattvapriyananda: Nithyanandam, now as all of us are preparing to receive this deeksha, the most auspicious initiation on this auspicious day of Guru Purnima. Let us all … take a few minutes and say our “yes” to receive this initiation. All those who are ready, waiting to receive this initiation on this auspicious day, we kindly request you to go to the link that is projected and place your comment as you request to have this initiation of Guru Deeksha. Just want to share this again. It’s only upon the request of a disciple, Guru can enter your being and give you experience of the initiation. Anybody who is interested, waiting to receive this most auspicious deeksha, the initiation of Guru Deeksha on this auspicious day of Guru Purnima, we request you to give your consent by placing your comment in the post, the link is projected on the screen now.

01:33:39 Yes, we’ll start the initiation. Please sit straight. Just declare to the Cosmos, with your whole being, declare to the Cosmos, “Paramashiva is real.” Means, universal existence is intelligence. Intelligent, alive Universe is what I called Paramashiva. Paramashiva is real, and he himself came as Arunagiri Yogishwara and gave himself to Swamiji. And now, Swamiji is giving that to all of us. Let Paramashiva land on all of us and, express his state, space, powers, being and superconsciousness and explode. Declare to yourself and to the Universe, “Paramashiva is real. Paramshiva is manifesting here as my Guru - Nithyananda Paramashivam, and manifesting himself in all of us, in each one of you.” Hold this powerful cognition. Sit. Chant the Mahavakya intensely, internally.

01:36:13 Swamiji: Om Nithyananda Paramshivoham, Om Nithyananda Paramshivoham, Om Nithyananda Paramshivoham.

(Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham chanting being played)

01:38:10 Let Paramashiva intensely land on all of us. Let Paramashiva explode in all of us. Let the state, space, powers, being and superconsciousness of Paramashiva manifest in all of us. Let Guru Deeksha happen in all of us. Chant the Mahavakya intensely. Let Paramashiva manifest in all of us. Let the state, space, powers, being and superconsciousness of Paramashiva manifest in all of us. Listen carefully. Now whether you know it or not, accept it or not, listen or not, believe it or not - I have initiated all of you. Paramashiva has initiated all of us. Just carry from today these simple three cognition: Paramashiva is real. He himself came as Arunagiri Yogishwara and gave himself to Swamiji and Swamiji is directly giving himself to me. Just these three, that’s all. And I tell you, to remind yourself about these three powerful cognitions, just to remind you about these three powerful cognitions - day and night chant Mahavakya. Just these three powerful cognitions, carry inside. Chant Mahavakya internally, “Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham.”

01:40:22 From today, all of you carry these three simple powerful cognitions inside and I am not asking you integrity like how I had with Arunagiri Yogishwara. You see I am not saying, only if you have a integrity with me how I had with Arunagiri Yogishwara, I will give you me. No, I am not saying that. I am telling, you hold this cognition, you will be showered! After that integrity will happen automatically inside you. Because enriching is all about giving. I am here to enrich all of you - giving, giving, giving. Automatically you will become integrated. When you start receiving from Paramashiva, automatically you will become integrated, authentic, responsible, enriching, all that. Understand. All of you take this as a Guruvak. This is the Guru Deeksha. Have a small japa mala like this in rudraksha. Maybe hundred and eight beads or fifty four beads. Small rudraksha mala. Have it in your hand twenty four hours and go on be chanting with the japa mala. Inside internally let Mahavakya roll, externally let the japa mala roll in your hand. Why japa mala you know? So that you don’t fall asleep.

01:42:04 Even when I am resting in samadhi the japa mala will be rolling in my hand continuously. The people who take care of me have watched many times. If your japa mala is rolling in your hand continuously even while you are asleep - you are in samadhi, you are in ajapa japa. From today, all my disciples just carry a small japa mala in your hand. Just these three powerful cognitions: Paramashiva is real, he himself came and gave himself to my Guru, Swamiji - Nithyananda Paramashivam, and he is giving himself completely to me. So I am manifesting the state, space, powers, being, superconsciousness of Paramashiva continuously. With this cognition, go on be repeating Mahavakya, have this japa mala with you. I tell you, you will have everything ... all the best things of life ... including enlightenment. When he himself is showering, then, when he himself is manifesting through you, naturally you are going to have everything, understand.

01:43:44 Just carry these three simple cognition inside and all other incompletions, all other difficulties - just dump them. You know what should be done with them. Just dump them. Just be ferocious and complete all of it. Everything else is incompletion, throw them out. Everything else is useless, throw them out. Just these three powerful cognitions. Manifest, chant the Mahavakya twenty four hours with these three powerful cognitions inside. Let all other cognitions disappear, melt down. All other incompletions, everything else let it melt down. Hold on to these three powerful cognitions and do ajapa japa with the japa mala. Japa mala is useful so that you don’t fall asleep or don’t get diverted or deluded. I have seen the use of japa mala. Arunagirinathar sings, “Jepamaalai thantha Gurunaathaa (ஜெபமாலை தந்த குருநாதா).”

I have so much to tell. Just chant this Mahavakya, I will continuously talk to you. I’ll be continuously connected to you. This satsang can only be started, can’t never be ended. I am introducing Kailaasa to all of you. See the, the whole Pi of Kailaasa, the Pi of Paramashiva I am introducing. I am connecting that to all of you. This Mahavakya is Pi of Paramashiva.

01:45:38 When you are chanting, holding these three powerful cognitions - you will go on be manifesting state, space, powers, enlightenment, being, superconsciousness of Paramashiva. There is so much to tell. Just … flower your whole being with Mahavakya. Let Mahavakya blossom in your being. So I request and recommend all my disciples, devotees, followers to have japa mala in the hand twenty four hours, twenty four seven. Go on be chanting Mahavakya, doing ajapa japa inside carrying this (Swamiji showing his japa mala) and holding these powerful cognitions inside. Paramashiva is real. He himself came and gave Oneness to Swamiji. And Swamiji is now giving Oneness to me. Over. Just these three. And go on be chanting Mahavakya twenty four seven with japa mala. It can be fifty four beds or hundred and eight beads of rudraksha. 01:47:23





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