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Integrity and Completion mean Living Without Compulsive Pattern, Only Conscious Behaviour Pattern


The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam, His Divine Holiness, Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam (SPH), expounded on the Cosmic Principles of Completion and Integrity during the everyday live public talk - Nithyananda Satsang. During the live public address titled Introduction into Completion and Integrity (Living Sadashivoham Session # 3, The SPH explained that the essence of His teachings are Completion and Integrity. He expanded further by sharing that completion and integrity are the only requirements needed in order to manifest the State, Space and Powers of Sadashiva. The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism shared that not having Compulsive thought currents, behavioral patterns or allowing paradoxical things to become our functional logic is Completion.

He further explained that paradoxical things becoming our functional logic is dangerous for one’s Body, Mind, Bio-memory and Muscle memory and revealed that if we remove Obsessive compulsive behavior, everything becomes Divine. When this happens, He explains, our Anger becomes Sadashiva’s Ferociousness, our Lust becomes Cosmic Oneness and our Love becomes Sadashiva’s Compassion.

Video - Integrity and Completion mean Living Without Compulsive Pattern, Only Conscious Behaviour Pattern

In this discourse from 29 January, 2017, Nithyananda is conducting an exclusive session for Inner Awakening graduates, called Living Shadashivoham. He reveals that Integrity and Completion boil down to not having any compulsive pattern; instead, having only conscious behavior patterns.

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Transcript - Integrity and Completion mean Living Without Compulsive Pattern, Only Conscious Behaviour Pattern


nithyanandeshwara samarambham nithyanandeshwari madhyamam |

asmadacharya paryantam vande guru paramparam ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects, I welcome, all the, Sadashivoham participants, Inner awakening Graduates, sitting with us all over the word, on through Nithyananda tv, and two-way video conferencing, on this Living Sadashivoham session. Listen. This one statement which I'm going to make now, is the essence of today's session. Listen carefully. See, all of you know, the basic truths I am teaching – means completion, that's the foundation, and Integrity to Sadashiva, to who you are, the basic Integrity, that's all. Now, listen to this one statement which is the essence of this session. When I say completion and Integrity, what I mean? Sometime people have lot of cranky un-understanding or complication, complicating understandings, everything. Listen, when I say completion, Integrity I mean only one. Not having any compulsory behavior pattern. All your behavior patterns are conscious ones, that's all. Listen. Not having compulsory behavior patterns; not having compulsive behavior patterns. I should put it in this way, this is the right word. Not having compulsive behavior patterns. That's all is Completion.


The essence of what I'm teaching as completion and Integrity. Because that is the only thing you need to manifest all the states, space, powers of Sadashivatva, of Sadashiva. See you want to experience, express, manifest state of Sadashiva, space of Sadashiva, and powers of Sadashiva. All you need is just this one – Completion and Integrity. Listen. Then we have a question, “What is completion? What is integrity?” Not having compulsive thought currents and behavior patterns. That is what I call Completion. Make this as statement for your facebook. Make this as your facebook status today. Let paradoxical things not become your functional logic. Whether the way you eat or the way you sleep or the way you think, you can see, you really want money but in your functional logic you hate taking responsibility for it. You really want so much freedom but in your functional logic you hate taking responsibility for it. You want everything but you do not want to take responsibility for anything. Whether in your love, life, logic, money, success; everything in everything. Paradoxical things becoming, paradoxical things becoming your functional logic is dangerous for your body and mind, bio-memory and muscle memory; for your body and mind, bio-memory and muscle memory. When paradoxical things become your functional logic, even the problem what you feel cannot be trusted. If you feel stomach pain, your head need to be analyzed. If you feel headache, your feet need to be analyzed. That is why so much of machine based diagnosis. Machine based diagnosis. Unfortunately for your compulsive behavior patterns there is no machine to diagnose. I tell you, there's no machine to diagnose but there is a solution —that is Completion. Anything, your obsessive, compulsive behavior pattern, anything, should be completed. It can be as small as without a cup of coffee you can't go to the restroom, to as complicated as only for violence is raised in your body you can even experience and enjoy love. No really! Understand. Sex or lust is never a problem for human beings, but the violence mixed in that as a compulsive behavior is problem for human beings.


The whole Agama, the purification science of Agama, Agama has a very beautiful physical purification, mental purification, methodologies. Means: purifying the physical instincts and purifying the psychological instincts. The whole purification science of Agama aims at only one thing; – removing all the compulsive behavior patterns, that's all. Removing all the compulsive behavior patterns, obsessive compulsive behavior patterns. Whether it comes to money possessiveness or it comes to violent lust or it comes to anger bust. Actually if you remove obsessive compulsive behavior, that compulsive behavior pattern, everything becomes Divine. Everything becomes Divine. Your anger becomes Sadashiva’s ferociousness, when there is no compulsive behavior pattern. Your lust becomes Cosmic Oneness when there is no compulsive behavior pattern. Your love becomes Sadashiva’s compassion. Listen. It is all about completing with compulsive behavior patterns. Any compulsive behavior pattern you have, dig out and complete. You'll become integrated. You will start manifesting Sadashivatva. Whether it is psychological disorders, mental diseases, or physical diseases; anything, anything. Compulsive behavior patterns, compulsive thought currents, compulsive mental attitudes. All the phobias are compulsive mental attitudes.


Phobia means, see, fear itself is an illusion. Illusion square is phobia. Illusion about the illusion is phobia. Listen, for example if you're seeing a snake and shaken, become powerless, it's a fear of snake. And you imagine there's going to be a snake and get into the same mood of powerlessness and frightened, then it is phobia. Means, square of the fear is phobia. All phobia is compulsive attitudes, compulsive mental thought currents. Compulsive mental attitudes. Fear itself is a powerlessness, but at least we can work on it. Tribes experiences only fear. Only civilized people experience phobias. Understand, the tribal people, people who live in forest, villages, grounded, they experience only fears. People who live raw life, they experience only fears. But people who lived sophisticated lives—the so-called civilized countries. So called developed countries, they experience phobias. You will never see a phobia in a tribal village among the tribes, you'll never see phobias. Actually a person who has never seen snake, closely, only will have snake phobia. If you see snake, snake phobia will disappear. Snake fear maybe there. Fear is thousand times more healable than phobia. Understand. Fear is healable, phobia is only treatable; not curable or healable. Everything which can’t be treatable, everything which can’t be treated or cured is phobia based. Whether it is your blood pressure, diabetes, whatever Western medicine claims cannot be cured or healed permanently, is phobia pattern based. Listen carefully. I'm connecting now whatever statements I uttered together. Fear breaks your Integrity, phobias break your completion. Listen carefully, if you look in, what breaks your completion. Completion is a state, Integrity is the way you function. What breaks the state of completion, it is always phobias not fears. Because, you already come to terms with fears. With fears you come to terms—it is law of life. Anything which agitates you, disturbs your Completion – Unclutched space or Sadashivatva or inner peace, your inner silence, anything which disturbs is phobia. Look in. It is not fear. Listen. In actuality you may not come to terms with Reality but in the inner space you always come to term with Reality. Listen carefully. I’m dividing these two apart for you to understand.


Fears do not disturb, Only Phobias Disturb The inner peace, completion, integrity is your functional lifestyle. I am separating these two for your understanding. This will really help you. As far as your inner peace, completion all this goes—fear does not disturb, only phobias disturb. I should give you the difference between fear and phobias. If you see a snake and become powerless, shaken, it is fear. If you're thinking, any time snake may come, anywhere and what will happen to you—it is phobia. I can give you one more example for phobia, even the Ipad screen or the cell phone screen, that screen if there is a snake photo you will not touch… You will not put your finger near the mouth, how many of you had this? That is phobia. Understand, that is not fear, it's not going to come out of the Ipad and hit you. Listen. Fear is different, phobia is different. Fear disturbs your Integrity, but not completion. Completion is disturbed only by phobias. Look in, and analyze you, will understand what I am saying.


I’ll expand on fears more, listen. For example, fear of death. You always feel I can handle when it comes. When it comes you may not be able to handle that'll only disturb your integrity—means way you respond way you react. But inner space you always come to terms with all the possible actual fears. It is law of your inner space. Whatever understanding your inner space has, if you are able to make it, live it in reality that is called Integrity. Listen. In the inner space you may feel, “Eh I know I can face it when it comes.” and when it comes and you are able to face it its Integrity. If you have confidence only inside and you're not able to face it, when it actually comes it is only Completion not Integrity. Listen. I am analyzing deeper and deeper and taking you to the deeper and deeper level of Completion. And I want everyone to watch this session, today’s session before coming to Inner awakening or Shuddhadvaitam as an introduction to completion and Integrity. Listen. Anything which disturbs your Completion, is compulsive thought current. Anything which disturbs your Integrity is compulsive behavior pattern. Compulsive thought currents need to be completed first. How to ? All of you know, there's a clear Completion method, Completion technique, and technology available. Pick it up and practice. Take this as this week homework. All the compulsive thought currents you have – bring Completion to it. And, all the compulsive behavior patterns you have, bring Completion to it – that is Integrity. It can be as simple as you have to have a cup of coffee before going to the washroom in the morning or as complicated as deep violence mixed even in your romance, in your love. Look in. That is the most complicated, compulsive thought current. The drinking water and sewage water getting mixed. Unfortunately also for us the pipelines is very close, the plumbing is very close. The violence and the romance. Understand, adrenalin is adrenalin, that violence is Swadhisthana. Romance, sex is Muladhara. These two getting mixed is the worst obsessive compulsive thought pattern a human being will suffer. When that two is mixed you can’t trust a smile of a person. You can't trust a smile of a person. Because even when he's feeling the romance, it is not romance. When he's feeling anger it is not just anger. He himself do not know what he's going through. With more and more Integrity and Completion, YOU will start discovering you. Listen if you're hiding 10 things from others don't think you are intelligent, you are hiding 100 things from you to you. If you're hiding 10 things from others, don't think you're intelligent, you are hiding 100 things from you to you. With Completion and Integrity only you will discover YOU. You discovering you is Life. You discovering you, with you discovering you, life starts—completion starts, Integrity starts. Make this as a homework, make this as a homework, make this as a homework.


Understand, one of the biggest problems human beings face is – even though they know they have compulsive behavior patterns, they feel they can't do anything about it. When you know there is a problem and you feel you can't do anything about it; you are only a maintenance engineer. You're not creator. Maintenance engineers, I don't want to talk much about them. But I have lot of stories and jokes about them. Become anything in your life but not a maintenance engineer. The joy of creation is missing in the lifestyle of maintenance engineer. Understand. You are alive as long as you create. Till the compulsive thought currents and compulsive behavior patterns are there, go on breaking them and creating your new Being; you'll be creator, you'll be manifesting Sadashiva. But the moment you come to the idea, “Yes, I do I know I have but I can't do anything about it”, you become maintenance engineer. Don't be a maintenance engineer of your life, then you will become a breakdown maintenance engineer. Even in the maintenance, it will not be preventive maintenance. Soon, even in that you will go down, down finally you will become a breakdown maintenance engineer. And one day you will not be able to repair or maintain the breakdown that happens—that's what I call collapse. Understand, there is nothing which can’t be solved. Any compulsive thought current, any compulsive behavior can be transformed into Conscious one. See what harasses your Completion again and again. Fear of poverty, fear of losing the health, I tell you, I've seen millions of beings in their original way of functioning, and I have seen millions of beings in their paradoxical way of functioning. The fellow who has the fear of losing health will never do anything to take care of his health, he will neither do yoga nor do proper dieting, he will not do anything he will go on repeating fear and go on repeating the same compulsive behavior lifestyle. The man who is afraid of his poverty will never work for his wealth, I have seen. He will go on having the fear and go on behaving the same irresponsible way.


What is the Phobia, disturbs your Completion. Actually, first you need to debunk your phobias. Phobias are the balloon you need to just put a small pin, called Completion. The phobias need to bust in you. Never give the benefit of doubt to your fear and phobia, most of the time you think, “Oh, because of this fear only, I am performing that. Because of this fear only, I am doing that.” NEVER, do not give even one inch of benefit of doubt to your phobias and fears. They bring no good, no good, no good at all in your life. Understand, any fear, any phobia does not bring any good in your life. I have always seen, people who are afraid of their old age, never maintain good relationship with their family and friends – if you are afraid of your old age, at least you should have a good relationship, people will take care of you. I have not seen that happening. All phobias, all fears make paradoxical logic as your functional lifestyle; all fears and all phobias. When I assume this shield [body] to relate with you all, I laugh at the way you guys respond for my actions and responses, instructions. Whatever I say how it goes inside you I see and then I have to tailor it for you and give, no really, that takes so much time. Tailoring the Agama for you is what is my whole lifestyle. Because you do not want any instruction to be practiced directly. Phobias, any phobia, which disturbs your Completion need to be completed, not listened. Listen, if you listen to your phobia you have destroyed your life. You need to complete with them not listen to them. You think, “Oh I just listen and attend to it your problem will be solved – you are a fool, you are stupid. What are you going to do? If you are afraid of snake, are you going to do what Dhananjaya did? Getting all the snakes and killing them? No. [Mahabharat] If you're listening to your phobia, that is the stupid thing you'll do. Phobias need to be completed not listened. Your wives problems need to be listened, not to be attended. All you need to do is listen, it is attended. She knows the solution. You just need to wait till she herself blurts out the solution during her long lecture. If you try to solve, you are done. You just need to have patience and let her talk, talk, talk. Maybe after 45 mins, she will blurt out the solution. Because more than 45 mins you cannot hide something which you are having inside. If you think she really has a problem and you need to solve, you have a very big problem. You are a fool, you are a stupid.


Listen carefully, listen deeply. Any phobia which disturbs your Completion need to be completed, not to be attended. If you are claustrophobic, don't stop getting into a small space. Start completing with that phobia. If you listen to phobia, you will be living inside your graveyard. Because phobias are so powerful, even your breathing can be frightening you sometime. It can be developed as a new breathophobia, you are afraid of your own breathing and you're afraid when you'll stop when, without knowing you, you don’t know, “I don’t know what to do. I don’t know. I'm afraid of sleeping because if I sleep I may stop breathing what will happen, I will die?” Phobia doctors listen to this, they will develop one more phobia – “yes, yes how come they missed this phobia? Add to the list and diagnostic method. Breathophobia means: in the heavy smoke you may feel suffocated or think you may feel suffocated or between any one of them or both of them mixed half, half.” And the wonderful diagnostic methods, if you listen those methods you will really feel you have every disease on the planet earth. You will never be able to exclude yourself from that diagnosis, listen. Whatever disturbs your completion, complete with it, don't try to listen to it. All the compulsive thought current disturbs your Completion need to be completed. All the compulsive behavior disturbs your Integrity needs to be completed. Do not feel your compulsive behaviours are cute, no. Cosmos is not celebrating it. You think , “What is there? I can have it, I can afford to it; I am like this only.” You are not like that, fool! You're catching your shield and claiming it is you, and you're trying to be pride of your shield. You're not like that. Don't lie to yourself, don't cheat yourself. You are not that. You are not your compulsive thought currents, you are not your compulsive behavior patterns. Your compulsive thought currents need to be completed, your compulsive behavior patterns need to be completed, when you complete your compulsive thought currents you will come to Completion, when you complete with your compulsive behavior patterns, you will come to Integrity. Integrity means replacing all your compulsive thoughts and actions into conscious ones. Replacing your compulsive thought currents is Completion, replacing them with conscious ones is Completion. Replacing your compulsive behavior patterns with Completion is Integrity.


I will give the essence of today's session. Replacing your compulsive thought currents and behaviors into conscious thought currents and behaviors is Completion and Integrity. Maybe you can make this as your facebook status today. Work this one week for this. In those days we used to have a tradition, If you go to any Kshetra like Kashi Rameshwaram, Gaya, you will give up on one compulsive behavior pattern. I have seen one of my grandmother, she was addicted to rice, she can’t sleep without rice, for breakfast she will have rice, cooked rice and lunch she will have cooked rice, dinner she will have cooked rice. She went to Kashi, she decided the most compulsive behavior pattern she has is this addiction to rice and she gave up rice. I have seen she lived after that very healthily, almost 15 years but she did not touch rice. She said I gave to Vishvanatha [Sadashiva in Varanasi], over. Now you don't need to go to Kashi, Kashi is in your bedroom now. You don't need to go to Vishwanatha, He’s there with you in two-way. Listen. He's asking you directly. Give up, come on, give up your compulsive thought currents and compulsive behavior patterns. That is the bali, real sacrifice, you need to give. That is the Balidaana, real sacrifice you need to give. Take this one-week, today start the homework. Sit and pen down all the compulsive thought currents, disturbs your Completion. And all the compulsive behaviors, disturbs your Integrity, and start completing them. Start completing them.


When you start completing with these two, your romance will become beautiful, sweet Cosmic Oneness. Even your anger will become Sadashiva’s ferociousness. Your very life will become the manifestation of Sadashiva’s powers. I'm seeing the effect of completion in the courtyard every day, the moment Baalasants come to completion and Integrity the next level—how the powers are manifesting left and right. Left right center top bottom, I don't know in what all direction. Powers manifest when they come to Completion and Integrity. I tell you, if you bring Completion and Integrity, no compulsive, thought current or behavior, you are in Kailasa wherever you are. Listen, in Kailasa everything is accepted, Bhutha Preta, it's not Vaikunta that there is a screening; everyone is accepted. Everything is accepted in Kailasa, only thing not accepted is compulsive thought currents or compulsive behaviors. It means, you're not under your control. If you have compulsive thought currents and behavior, you're not under your control, then you are more dangerous than any ghost or demon or devil, because you don't know what you are going to do next, you don't know how you're going to behave next. If you don't know how can anyone else know then how can others even predict? How life can connect with you? How you can connect with life? So understand, the essence is complete with all the compulsive thought currents and compulsive behavior patterns. And I really wanted to do at least few minutes a process, to initiate all of you into these complete, completion and integrated Integrity. Like a fear square is phobia, completion square is complete completion. And Integrity square is integrated Integrity. Come on, pick up your Enlightenment pill, bring it to your navel center. Navel center is responsible for completion and Integrity. Pick up your Enlightenment pill, and put in on the navel center. Close your eyes and sit for the process, initiation into complete completion and integrated and Integrity. All phobias, fears, attack first your navel. Your Integrity gets shaken only from navel. So close your eyes. If you don’t have Enlightenment pill, pick up your Atma linga, and, have it on your navel, Manipuraka Chakra. Close your eyes, sit straight.




So, updates from courtyard. Soon, very soon you can expect New Species levitating at least 60 seconds. Understand. Not just hopping in the air, 60 seconds, full 60 seconds, they will be in the air. You can soon expect the demo, in Raja Sabha, already I am working on the software and the programming initiation, and, once it is ready, you can see the demo, it will be presented to you guys. And also, I am very confident, this Shivaratri, we will be having Baalasants materializing Kumkum, all the Prasad, and giving to devotees. Its is going in the right direction, actually I am seeing, the way the Baalasants are pulling the whole energy up, with their completion and Integrity, they are breaking the human limits. See, last few days there is some deep Integrity and completion sessions going on for Baalasants. Actually they are breaking the human level, limits of Integrity and completion, going beyond. Because the last incompletion human beings will face is fear of name and fame, and identity and the desire, greed for name and fame, they are breaking that and going further. They are entering into Kailasa, they are crossing the Bhur Bhuva Svaha. See when you are completing with physical patterns you are crossing Bhuloka, when you are completing with the psychological pleasure, like name and fame, glory, those patterns you are crossing the Svarga Loka.


Swarga loka is all about the name and fame pleasures; the psychological, subtle pleasures. When you cross that, you are crossing the Svarga, Svarga Loka. I am seeing, kids are crossing that and entering into Kailasa. So, I am pretty confident, very sure, this Shivaratri at least 100 Baalasants, new species will be sitting and materializing Vibhuti, Kumkum, diamonds, rudraksha, prasadam to people, as per their free will, and give it to devotees, disciples, bless the people. Because they are crossing the Svarga Loka and entering into Kailasa, the whole campus group energy is going up. I am expecting, at least 100 Baalasants will be materializing, Vibhuti, Kumkum, diamonds, Rudraksha, whatever, whatever people want, as per their free will, means, whatever devotees ask they will materialize and give, as Prasadam, with that Oneness. The science is successful, just there was little fluttering, that is also now settling, and, they are breaking the incompletions and crossing, going beyond this name and fame hypocrisy, all that. So, today I have some more initiations. With this, I bless you all, let you all radiate, with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, the Sadashivoham, the eternal Bliss, Nithyananda.

Thank you, Be Blissful.


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Name of the Program- Kailaasa’s Courtyard Manifesting Powers
Session on - Completion
Venue- Adikailaasa, Bidadi, Bengaluru Aadheenam
Date - 29 Jan 2017

HDH Bhagavan #Nithyananda Paramashivam is initiating disciples into the Science of #Manifesting the State, Space, Being, and Powers of Paramashiva. These Powers or Shaktis revealed directly by Him to the world and manifested by His disciples as “Nithyananda Yogis”, are directly from the Agamas, the original words of Paramashiva.

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