January 26 2019

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Hinduism - a Spiritual Science || Proven 3rd Eye Science || Through Divya Sharira, free support to the blind in the Thai month ||


The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam, His Divine Holiness, Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam, revealed Hinduism is fundamentally spiritual science during the everyday live public talk - Nithyananda Satsang. In this talk titled Hinduism’s Third Eye Science is Proven to Heal the Blind, The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism shared that he can comfortably stand in front of Lord Kalabhairava and Paramashiva with all His integrity and declare the success of the Science of Third Eye, initiating born blind or visually imparied into third eye awakening and making them able to see. He shared how Hinduism is fundamentally a spiritual science which builds credibility through various methods of research and analysis, ending with a logical conclusion that shows the results.

His Divine Holiness revealed that Paramashiva is not only operating through His body but also through His Divya Shariras (mediums) and declared that every single person born blind or visually impaired will be given this spiritual support absolutely free of cost during this Thai month (per Hindu calendar)!

Video and Audio - Hinduism’s Third Eye Science is Proven to Heal the Blind

Video Audio


(0:11) nithyānandeśvara sadāśiva samārambhām nithyānandeśvari parāśakti madhyamām | asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with My love and respects. I welcome all the Devotees, Disciples, Samajis, Satsangis, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Thanedar, Kothari, Visitors, Viewers, YouTube subscribers sitting with us all over the world, at this time through Nithyananda TV, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, 2-way Video Conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. Cities sitting with us through 2-way Video Conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. I welcome all of you with My love and respects.

(1:15) Only in last twenty-four hours, we have received 2000 requests from various blind schools, blind people associations, institutes of the blind people, through devotees and non-devotees and new people. God!

First thing, I want to tell you all, every single person born blind or visually impaired will be given this spiritual support absolutely free of cost. If needed I will start manifesting through more bodies; initiate, heal through more bodies. As on now I have decided to manifest this body plus thirty more bodies. For this whole Thai month, these thirty more bodies through which I am operating will continue to initiate. But the way the requests are pouring from all over the world, I may have to either expand the number of bodies and expand the number of days - everything.


Understand, I wanted to make few things clear for everyone. Hinduism is fundamentally spiritual science. You need to know each branch of the science, like physics, chemistry, biology, even the cosmology - every field has its own propositions, presupposition… thesis. Then, way of doing research, way of building the credibility and understanding about the witness, evidence, proofs… and then following that scale and establishing proofs, witnesses, evidences, logical conclusions… then showing the result.

Understand… the thesis proposed by physics is different, methodology of proof and evidence - scale with which the proof and evidences are analyzed and accepted as credible - those that scale is different, and the evidences and proofs brought is different. Same way in biology, the initial proposal logic is absolutely different from physics. Understand what I am trying to convey. Hinduism is a spiritual science. Its propositions, presuppositions and initial thesis cannot be analyzed, scrutinized, abused by the logics, propositions of physics, chemistry, biology or cosmology. First of all, see what I am proposing, what is the thesis I am presenting and what all the ways I am establishing the credibility for the evidence, witness - the scale. And… as per those scales, am I producing evidences, witnesses, proofs… then see final result.


Ultimately end of the day, all science is accepted or rejected based on how much it is useful to human beings, how much it betters the life of human beings in the existence. So, in every level, what I am proposing, the thesis I am proposing, the logic I am presenting for research, and then, the logic or the scale with which the credibility of the evidences, proofs, witnesses need to be analyzed. Then, without compromising on the scale and credibility - analyzing the witnesses, proofs, evidences we are providing. Then, with all this understanding, finally acid washing the whole thing - how much it is useful for the humanity to make their life better. What I am proposing, the thesis I am presenting or the scale with which the credibility of the witness, evidences, proofs need to be analyzed… and without compromising on that scale with which witness, evidence, proofs need to be analyzed, analyzing and establishing what I am proposing. And finally this whole process, how much it is beneficial, benefit, useful to the human beings, humanity at large.

With all this logic, if you do the acid wash, I can very comfortably say standing in front of Kalabhairava, with all my integrity to Kalabhairava and Paramashiva: the Science of Third Eye - initiating born blind or visually impaired people into their Third Eye and awakening it, and making them able to see is successful. Understand… the science is successful.


With any reasonable logic and mechanism to analyze the credibility, I am ready to analyze the credibility of what I am proposing - what witnesses, evidences proofs I am producing, and the scale, credibility with which evidences, proofs, witnesses need to be analyzed. Above all how much this whole science is useful to humanity… In all these levels, I can be very sure this science of initiating born blind or visually impaired people, not only through this body - Divya shariri’s of this body, Paramashiva operating not only through this body, His divya shariri’s all over the world, through all of them also initiating, and making those born blind, visually impaired beings see through their third eye, experience, perceive, making life better and manifest more powers of third eye, this whole science is successful.

We will do more and more researches of the effects of this in the brain - in physical level, physiological level, psychological level, neurological level. In every level, we will do more and more researches and bring the evidences, proofs to the world. But fundamentally this science is established as truth.


Paramashiva is going to reveal the next two important sciences to the world. It’s already ready - Science of Alchemy and Science of Indrajala.

Indrajala is Hindu magic. Understand, indrajala is the Hindu magic. Not like ordinary magics, where they put a cloth and the cloth is so thin or black and you don’t even know the cloth exists. That is more like a using the matter. But the indrajala is not about matter. It’s completely different. Using the great combination of light, sound, energies, with alchemy products demonstrating something which is not permanent externally, but permanent internally is called Indrajala.

In magic, you are shown something which is not, which does not exist. In indrajala, you are shown something which exists in higher plane, not in the lower plane, not in the plane you exist. This is called indrajala. One indrajala is like having a specific camphor which will be kept in agni kunda, homa kunda. Only if you utter that agni mantra, it’ll catch the fire automatically.

So, it is not like a ordinary magic. If you utter any other word, it will not catch fire. It will automatically start burning only if you utter the agni mantra, vanhi mantra proper pronunciation - it will catch, it will automatically start burning. So this is one of the indrajala. Like this the indrajala, Science of Indrajala and Science of Alchemy is going to be revealed next. I am going to personally handpick the gurukul kids and train them on this Science of Indrajala and Science of Alchemy.

Rasavada and Indrajala: this science was given to Saptarishis by Paramashiva Himself, especially under our Banyan Tree in Kailaasa, the very Banyan Tree in Kailaasa. There are seven huge rocks in Ramanagara Hill. Under that each rock, there is a huge cave. There each Rishis, that Saptarishis lived with their family. Every morning they will come here for their puja. Paramashiva used to teach them this knowledge and they will go back and stay in their caves. That is why those Saptarishi caves is there.


So this indrajala and rasavada, I will be teaching in next few days. I’ll hand pick the gurukul kids. All the gurukul kids who are living a very integrated life, be assured you are going to be blessed with this knowledge of indrajala and rasavada. So the indrajala and rasavada can be taught only to the highly integrated disciple. So, I am not going to consult with any of the Gurukul mentor or teachers or anyone. I am going to directly see your Jira report. From Jira report directly, I am going to hand pick.

And, I will also be inviting even devotees and disciples to teach this science. It will be, maybe a one-month program. It will be a free program, it will not be paid program. It will be free only, but, will be invitation basis - based on your Jira report. Even devotees have their Jira account. Based on your Jira report, your integrity - I will be calling, inviting people to teach this Science of Indrajala and Rasavada.

Understand, Hinduism is one of the greatest spiritual science. Every dimension and aspect of this science needs to be revived and Paramashiva’s grace, He has blessed and empowered me to decode and revive the Hindu medicine, Hindu rasavada, Hindu indrajala, everything.


The Hindu indrajala has four branches. Mayajala is like a materialistic magic. That is what you see in the whole, all over the world anything you see as a magic, is only this mayajala; which is not there, it is created by illusion but using only matter. You don’t need a power manifestation for mayajala. Just sleight of hand and just the training, that’s all. You don’t even need to be intelligent. Most of the magicians, I don’t even want to call that they are intelligent, they are very spontaneous and active, intelligence is different. So, Mayajala is all the magic you see. That’s one branch.

Second, Tantrajala, where techniques are used.

Mantrajala where mantras are used.

Then Rasavada where the alchemy, aushadhas are used.

Then comes the Indrajala. Using all the spiritual powers and alchemy products and sounds, light energy, all the energies and demonstrating, showing something which exists in the higher plane, is Indrajala.

You need to be initiated into Third Eye and already you should be manifesting at least the third Eye power to learn indrajala. To learn mayajala, you don’t need any power. Any simple person can learn mayajala. But to learn indrajala, you need to be basically having basic power manifestation.

So anybody who is already having basic power manifestation - Third Eye, from your Jira report, based on your integrity I am going to choose. Maybe I will be calling only few hundred people and whether you are a kailaasavasi or balasant or devotee or disciple - based on your Jira report, you will be called.

You will be initiated into this science and educated into this Science of Indrajala and Rasavada. Rasavada is a science of playing with molecules. Soon, the classes and initiations and programs will start.

Approach Paramashiva with integrity and responsibility. Yesterday when I was initiating everyone, Divya Sariris, it’s actually Paramashiva himself revealed my mother’s name. Because, she is the one never asked for anything, only goes on working, working, working, working, working, whatever she can do, how much ever her health allows, and then she will rest when she can’t, again she will start work.

Never I have seen her asking. She will not even ask to meet me. Many people have asked, “Can I cook for Swamiji?” But I have never seen my mother asking, even the desire to cook for me. She will say, “I’ll cook for everyone in the aadheenam, that’s enough. Whatever I can let me do that. She will not even demand to express her love for me, even those opportunity she will not demand. That is the level of her love and commitment. Even, Paramashiva very clear, He Himself revealed her name.


We have more than two thousand requests from various organizations and individuals for getting initiated into third eye, born blind and born blind people associations and visually impaired associations and everyone. We will start in all our aadheenams the program for initiating born blind, visually impaired people immediately. It will be a five-day program. We will provide the class, food and program absolutely free of cost with initiation and all the course material, everything will be provided free of cost. In whichever aadheenam has accommodation we will provide even free accommodation. If we don’t have accommodation they have to stay on their own. We will start announcing the classes. Every Wednesday in all our aadheenams the classes and programs will start. The name of the program will be ‘Third Eye of Paramashiva’, Third Eye of Paramashiva… and it will be five-day program. In all our aadheenams we will start. First, let us start in our aadheenams. Let all the blind organizations and organization for blind people and visually impaired, let them come to our aadheenam and attend the program and get the benefit. Because now we have only few people initiated as divya shariris. So we will start in all our aadheenams. Once I have more people, very integrated, committed, to be ready for divya shariris, I will send people to their institutions, organizations also. Now, as on now, let’s start in all our aadheenams, ashrams, the divya sharira, the divya shariris will start initiating people into their third eye; born blind, visually impaired will be given this initiation and program ‘Third Eye Of Paramashiva’. (24:24)

So, I will continue other things in further satsang. Everyone who wants the visually impaired, born blind people to be helped, any organization you know, individuals you know need help, with their consent please send us the information. You can send email to [email protected] And the email id in the screen [email protected] You can send a email. With the consent of the organization which wants our help, organization or the individual who wants our help, with their consent, or through them directly, please send us the email. We will attend to everyone ‘First come first served’ basis. First come first served basis we will attend to everyone and we are here to serve.

And with this I bless you all. Let’s all radiate with integrity, authenticity, responsibility, enrichting, causing, living Shuddhaadvaita Saivam, Paramashivoham, the eternal bliss, Nithyananda.

Thank You. Be Blissful.


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