January 21 2019

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Demystifying the Universe || HDH offered prayers to Sri Sri Siddaganga Mutt Swamiji of Tumkur Siddaganga MahaSamanthana ||


The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam, His Divine Holiness, Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam, expounded on the Cosmic Principle of the Cosmos during the everyday live public talk - Nithyananda Satsang. In this talk titled Cosmos - Demystifying the Universe, The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism introduced one aspect experientially to all, which is how to connect with Cosmos to vibrate, to reverberate, to be in Oneness with that Cosmos, with reality, with existence. He expanded that how you feel with your existence matters and if you vibrate with the complete completion of your existence, the ultimate Cosmic existence in you will open up.

His Divine Holiness offered prayers and respects to Guru Mahasannidhanam Sri Sri Siddaganga Mutt Swamiji of Tumkur Siddaganga Maha Samsthana as being one of the greatest Siddha Purusha and Shaivaite living amongst us. He expressed His ecstasy seeing such a being of pure will persistence, dedication, hard work and integrity to his vision which is an inspiration for all. Even at the age of 111, his commitment and sincerity to celebrate the powerful lifestyle of Hinduism is a powerful statement for every individual.

Transcript - COSMOS: Demystifying the Universe

LIVE Webinar led by HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam
Monday, 21 Jan - 7:30am IST | Sunday, 20 Jan - 6pm PST

nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām | asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome everyone of you sitting with us all over the world for this webinar - Cosmos.

Cosmos: life, pure life vibrating in multiple frequencies as elements - stone, water, fire, air, space and dimensional existences - time, space, bhuvana and mandala and anda and brahmanda, various dimensions. Understand, today I am going to introduce one aspect experientially to all of you. The aspect is how to connect with Cosmos to vibrate, to reverberate, to be in Oneness with that Cosmos, with reality, with existence. Understand, in any field if you give whatever you have to that field, whatever time you have, attention you have, understanding you have, knowledge you have, whatever you have if you give - you will start excelling in that field. It may be carpentry, pottery or surgery, medicine, law, engineering, software developing, whatever it may be in any field, if you put your time and attention - you will make that flourish in your life.

Fundamentally, the first priority for any human being to put attention is your Consciousness. If you put attention to your Consciousness, start working with it, making it manifest different dimensions of its existence in you as pure knowledge and understanding about life. Please understand, if you put all your time and energy, everything entirely to be a doctor or a lawyer or engineer and worry why you are all the time depressed and cursed yourself - it’s something seriously wrong! Because you have never put time, energy, attention to your Consciousness, you treated yourself only as a mere body and your external success. You did not even think you have something more than your body and your external branding. Then naturally you cannot blame that why you are all the time depressed. Understand, you have Consciousness, you need to understand it, you need to put little time for it, you need to put little attention to it, you need to grow it, you need to allow it to flourish in you. Little time on your Consciousness, allowing it to flourish, nurturing it, loving it, reminding yourself about your existence in the dimension of Consciousness, understand.

How you feel with your existence matters. You cannot all the time divert your attention and escape from how you feel about your existence. That is the worst thing human beings have started doing with themself. They think they can bury their whole life in gadgets. No! Gadgets are great as long as they enrich and make your life beautiful. But don’t think you can bury yourself into the gadgets. Your existence cannot be buried into the gadgets. Your existence cannot be buried into your branding. Your existence cannot be buried into the idea of what you own - “I” and “mine.” No! “I,” what you experience as “I” need to be attended. Understand, it need to breathe through your body. It need to tell yourself - how, why, what for you came into existence, and you need to be complete with it, in tune with it. Only if you are complete, if you are in the space of complete completion with your parents - you are going to inherit their wealth.

Same way, only if you are going to be in the space of complete completion with your “I,” you are going to inherit all the gifts that I has brought into this body understand, I tell you. If your “I” is in the complete completion with your existence, what you exist as you - your body, your branding, what you think as you and what you feel pride about, what you feel as a your desire, fear, all that - if it is come in complete completion with your existence “I,” it can open itself to Paramashiva, and it can vibrate with the very Cosmic “I,” understand. That is what I call Paramashivatva - ultimate enlightenment. You vibrating with the complete completion of your existence, opens the ultimate Cosmic existence in you, understand.

If you spend your time, attention, energy on doing surgery everyday - in few days you will become master of that act. In few years, you may become adapt. In few decades, you may even be able to cause miracles in that field. Same way, if you sit with your existence and cherish, nourish, nurture the way you exist in you, understand. You nurturing your existence, cherishing, understanding, realising, completing - all these is only called as sadhana. Spiritual practice means you nur, you cherishing, nourishing your conscious existence. Your existence has multi dimension. You exist as body. Yes, you exist as body too. You exist as your identity by others. That is why when somebody criticizes you, you feel as if one part of you is taken away. Understand. You exist as your known identity. You exist as your body. You exist as your mind. You exist as your desires, fears, greed. You exist as Consciousness too. If you give attention to your existence as Consciousness, if you give attention to your existence as Consciousness and complete with it, spend time with it, nourish it, cherish it, understand how it works, understand the logic.

What kind of a signals it sends to your body when you overeat, when you under eat, when you are eating balanced diet? What kind of a signal it sends to your mind when you are relax, when you are complete, when you are passionate, when you are agitated, when you are aggressive? What kind of a signals it send to your identity, your existence? Nothing need to be denied. Understand, nothing need to be denied. You just need to spend little time with your Consciousness. You just need to allow, you just need to speak to you more than you speak to others, understand. You speaking to you is very good for your brain. There are multiple modern science researches, studies, reports give this conclusion - you speaking to you, you sitting with yourself. When you stop speaking or relating with external persons and gadgets and you sit with yourself - sometime you may be speaking to yourself or sometime you may be silence with yourself - both are highly recommended and good for you. Understand the truth. Both are really good for you. Really, really, really good for you.

Whether you, in the initial you may be depressing yourself when you talk to you, because you don’t know how to talk to you - you never spoke to you, you never spend time with you. But, don’t be afraid. Once or twice fighting yourself, fighting with yourself is not something bad. In few days you will realise how to come to completion. You will understand that dead patterns are not you, understand. Much of your patterns are actually dead and you give life to them. You yourself will realise when your Consciousness starts growing when it is getting nurtured, loved, attended. It will start revealing the sacred secrets of completion, sacred understanding of existing with yourself, sacred knowledge of being Shiva, sacred knowledge of manifesting Paramashiva, understand.

Science is one kind of a logical thought current. Each philosophies is one kind of a logical thought current, but, you sitting with your Consciousness, nurturing your Consciousness, loving it, understanding it, is the most powerful system you can develop to connect with Paramashiva, understand. I really tell you, intense yoga and puja - these two nurtures your conscious existence. And you see, to a medical student, I can never logically convince him if you continue to perform heart surgeries for ten years, everyday few surgeries - you will master the whole heart, whole art and what all you will learn I can never tell without putting him into that path. Same way I tell you, I can never tell you how much you will benefit by doing puja everyday sincerely that twenty minutes, ten-fifteen minutes.

I tell you, especially you are initiated by me and you are doing puja - be very clear that fifteen minutes directly you are connected to Kailaasa, the highest frequency. You are citizen of Kailaasa. Everyday your citizenship is renewed with puja. Citizens of Kailaasa exist as Paramashiva wherever they exist, and they create enlightenment ecosystem around them, understand. Each one of you who are initiated into Samaya Deeksha or Vishesha Deeksha, any one initiation, Nirvana Deeksha, Nirvikalpa Deeksha, Kalpataru Deeksha, anyone initiation - you are spiritual citizen of Kailaasa. Everyday puja time is the time you get directly connected to Kailaasa, and, your citizenship is being renewed everyday. How many wonderful Cosmic powers and secrets will be revealed to you and downloaded into you, I cannot verbalise, understand. Realise this truth, reality. Realise this truth, reality.

This whole Cosmos is waiting for you to vibrate, reverberate, to its highest form of existence. I tell you, human body is the most beautiful mechanism here - being and receive. Because this is the body where enlightenment can be agricultured, grown, kindled, woken up, realised. This body, human body is the most conducive atmosphere for enlightenment to blossom, understand. Do not waste it in any other priority. I want to tell you, really I want to tell you, declare yourself exclusively for your conscious existence. And, no force in the planet earth can really take away your conscious existence from you. If you spend time, attention, energy to it; if you spend little intention and intensity to it - it can give you so many powers. All your other priorities and reasons which you claimed why you are not able to make Consciousness as first priority - all of them will look too silly, I tell you. It is like, Paramashiva is waiting for you, but you say, “No, no, no, I have to renew my car insurance.”

I really tell you, actually many of you think, “No, no, I tried to sit with me. It’s not immediately open. I think that is all not for me.” No. Understand, while you are sitting itself, you decide it is not for you and sit. How do you think He will open the doors? Little bit of will persistence - sitting with the mood of nurturing, nourishing, loving, attending. You will see everytime you sit with you, you sit with the mood of loving, attending, nurturing, the next time you will see it is much better than last time. Everytime you sit, you, you are making yourself better and better. And your Consciousness is growing better and better. Your bitterness is reducing, incompletions are reducing, depression is getting diluted. More Consciousness, more energy, more sweetness, more beauty, more joy, more intensity, more will persistence, more completion, more everything is happening more and more. Just like science is a certain logic, philosophies are certain logic, consciously growing your existence is a logic. Spend a little time with it. Anyone decides to grow their Consciousness is citizen of Kailaasa. It’s not that all the citizens of Kailaasa has to reside in Kailaasa. They can reside also in Kailaasa but they can be anywhere in the Universe - non-residential kailaasavasis, NREs. Your existence as your Consciousness, when it is supported, cherished, nourished, attended, loved - so much of inner healing happens in you. You radiate that Paramashantatva of Paramashiva. You radiate vibrant existence of Paramashiva. You radiate extreme joy and bliss of Paramashiva. Understand. Everything else in the life is secondary. Whether your identity as per your family, your identity as per your society, your identity as per the social success - all of them are secondary. If you have the human body, first and foremost priority is grow your Consciousness, and, allow the Cosmic life to vibrate as your life. Let your life vibrate as Cosmic life. Let Cosmic life vibrate as your life. Understand.

If you allow the Cosmic life to vibrate with your life wherever you are, you are a Kailashian. It is not that you have to be always resident of Kailash, understand. Most of the time people are great as long as they are guest - they come and go. The resident of Kailaasa is different equation all together. There you just manifest a different dimension of your existence. But for initial level, even if you are non-residential Kailashian is okay. But let your priority be healing your inner space, bringing it more and more to completion - manifesting the state, space, powers of Paramashiva. Let that be your way of existing. Let that be your ultimate truths. Let that be your ultimate existence. Understand. Vibrating as Cosmos, radiating in the highest form of existence in its pure life - it is not a mental state. The mental states like a peace, bliss are side effects, but that is not Consciousness itself. Consciousness manifest comes, smell with the qualities of a state, space, powers of Paramashiva. Means, the unclutched state, all possible Ishvaratva space and powers, all the shaktis.

Cosmos: everything around you is Cosmos. It’s waiting to vibrate in you in its original form. You just need to decide to cherish it, love it, attend to it, allow it. I will give you very simple, just only one >>>not audible<<<. Download Nlighten App. Go on spending time with Nlighten App. It’ll add so much of powerful cognitions in you, constantly reminding you. Understand. The cognitions with which you operate, if they are higher and higher and higher - you just explode in life. You just explode. You reverberate in the very life of the Cosmos. Understand. The ultimate absolute secrets of the Cosmos. The ultimate absolute secrets of the Cosmos. With its extraordinary existence, makes itself available continuously to all of us. The more and more powerful cognitions, the more and more you explode into universal existence and universal life. I am not singing poetry. I am reading the Akashic Records. I am not singing poetry. I am revealing the Akashic Records - the truths about the Cosmos, truths about the existence of life.

When I say nurture your Consciousness, love your Consciousness, attend to your Consciousness - I mean adding more and more powerful cognitions, truths about Cosmos. Like in maths, every lesson you learn makes you better mathematician. In medicine field, every information you get about medicine makes you a better pharmacist. In every field, how every information makes you a better person in that field, expert in that field. Every powerful cognition digested, internalised makes you a better Paramashivatva being, better Kailashian, better enlightened being. Use Nlighten App as a place to park yourself. Let Nlighten App become your entertainment, entrainment - it’ll become your enlightenment. Whole day Nlighten App and Mahavakya will make you experience Cosmos.

Now sit with your head, neck, spine straight. Intensely hum the Mahavakya inside to experience Cosmos - the state, space, powers, being and Superconsciousness of Paramashiva.

(Swamiji starts the initiation process)

Let Paramashiva with twenty five head and fifty hands and breathe, inhale and exhale through all the twenty five head. Be Paramashiva, when you vibrate with Mahavakya “Nithyananda Paramashivoham.” Be Paramashiva, vibrate with that Mahavakya.

Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham. Relax. You can all open your eyes.

I want to tell you one small Cosmic tip. Very important. This form of Paramashiva, His Cosmic form with the twenty five head and fifty hands is a most powerful form, ultimate form as He himself describes in Agama. That is why I have designed the Cosmic flag of Kailaasa with that form and Nandi. Understand, wherever you put that flag, that space will intensely vibrate with Paramashiva’s breathing space. It’s already available in the Kailaasa website. You can download and print. Put it in your car, bedroom, living room and your home, office, everywhere, anywhere legally allowed in your country. Put it! In some countries you may have to put that country flag and then Kailash flag - perfectly alright. Anywhere you put this Kailaasa Cosmic flag - Nandi Dhvaja, Paramashiva’s breathing space will fill it, Paramashiva’s inner space will fill it. kailaasa.org/state.flag - you can download that flag and print. All our temples, ashrams, devotees, disciples, followers, everywhere, in your office, in your home, in your car, everywhere - have this Kailaasa flag: Nandi Dhvaja, Rishabha Dhvaja. Understand, this is directly upload by Paramashiva himself.

In Pandya kingdom, the Pandya king has become a little egoistic and put his fish flag. He comes and removes that fish flag and puts the Rishabha Dhvaja and goes. Understand, it’s directly the flag of Paramashiva - Rishabha Dhvaja. And… so put this flag wherever you can, you will see Paramashiva’s intense breathing space, blessings and protection is on you.

With this, bless you all. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Paramashivoham, The Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you. Be blissful.

Video & Audio - Highest Respects to Siddaganga Swamiji of Tumkur Matt on His Attaining Mahasamadhi

Video Audio


(00:07) Extreme ecstasy and joy I had, when I saw Sri Sri Siddaganga Mutt Swamiji of Tumkur Siddaganga Maha Samsthana. In hospital bed, almost there is no gap in his body, fully tied. Every hole, they have inserted tube; in the nose, in the mouth, everywhere. He is sitting and doing morning Shiva Pooja. He is not even able to move his hand. But, the will persistence; first thing I felt, “Oh God, we need to create a eco-system which will produce this kind of Siddha Purushas”.

(01:06) It is absolutely clear he is master of his body and mind. At this position, if you can chant the Mantra and the way he was applying the Vibuthi; I saw the video, I have shared it in the Facebook, all of you should see that. The way he was… typically when his Guru, first time taught him, how to apply the Vibuthi; how he would have done, exactly he is doing that and applying it. And his body is not even fully functional. But, his will persistence; I wanted all of you to watch this video. A ideal Siddha Purusha.

(02:00) I want to tell you, he personally came and inaugurated the Adi Kailasa in Bidadi. The Kailasa in Bidadi, Bengaluru was inaugurated by Swamiji personally on 2001; sorry 2003, January 1st. That time, we were not a big organisation; we were beginning. He said, “I know what you are beginning. I wanted to personally come”. I went and requested him. Actually, I went to request only for his blessings. I never expected he will come. He said, “I am coming”. I was shocked because if he is coming, such a great personality; I have to make all the arrangements like a Pandal, Simhasan, everything. But, it’s a great fortune. Once he said, “I am coming”. How can I not run around? I ran around and did all the arrangements, including invitation and everything. He came personally and blessed, inaugurated.

(03:10) One of the greatest Siddha Purusha living amongst us. I pray to Paramashiva, “Let Swamiji live long, inspiring all of us and showing the ideal way of existing”. One of the greatest Shaivite Saint of modern day. What a will persistence and personality, Oh God! We need to create a eco-system to produce this kind of Beings. Kailash should be the eco-system producing this kind of Siddha Purushas... Beings.

(04:08) And, I tell you — the most inspiring video I have ever seen in My life is, this few minute video. No other video has ever inspired Me in My life than this video. I have seen enough of videos in My life. I have seen enough. But, nothing has created such inspiration in Me than this few seconds, few minute video clip. A Sadhu, a Saint, a Siddha Purusha, more than hundred and eleven; in the hospital bed, where he is not even able to move his hands, literally his whole body is tied... but, such strong will persistence, applying Vibuthi and doing his Pooja. What a life. What a life.

(05:57) I wanted the whole Kailasa to learn this will persistence and inspiration. Whenever you wake up, if you are alive that day, you will finish all this five activity, only then you will come to any other activity. Let this be your life. If you have left the body, in Kailasa you will be doing all this five, that’s all. If you are in the body, you will be doing in whichever Kailasa you are. If you left the body, you will be doing in whichever Kailasa you are. Let’s come to this intensity and integrity of spiritual practice. Understand, this intense spiritual practice creates the Enlightenment eco-system. Let’s see the video of Sri Sri Tumkur Maha Swamiji doing his morning Pooja, in hospital bed.


(08:36) No video has inspired Me in My life than this few seconds video. What a will persistence. I wanted all, whole Sangha, Kailasavasi’s to share this video today as the essence of today’s Satsang. Will persistence of the greatest Siddha Purusha.



Paramapuyja Shri Shri Dr. Shivakumar Swamiji (111 yrs) of Tumkur Siddaganga Mutt attained Mahaa Samadhi (left bodily plane) on 21 January 2019 morning at 11:44, after age-related ailments

Paramapuyja Shri Shri Dr. Shivakumar Swamiji (111 yrs) of Tumkur Siddaganga Mutt attained Mahaa Samadhi (left bodily plane) on 21 January 2019 morning at 11:44, after age-related ailments

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