January 13 2019

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Principle of Sadhana, Shakti and Shakti Avishkarana || Grounding in Shastras protects from Fear and Greed ||


The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam, His Divine Holiness, Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam, expounded on the Cosmic Principles Sadhana and Shakti, during the everyday live public talk - Nithyananda Satsang. In this talk entitled Ecosystem of Kailaasa is Critical For Your Living Enlightenment, His Divine Holiness (HDH) expounded that when we nurture Oneness, it is called Sadhana; when Consciousness nurtures our Oneness, it is called Shakti and spiritual practice is how we nurture Oneness. He explained that when the Supreme Oneness nurtures us, it is called Shakti Avishkarana, Power manifestation and that sacrifice, the spiritual practice, is required only until the vision clicks.

His Divine Holiness encouraged delegates to take heed that all the teachings, Power Manifestation, Initiation, everything He shares, is functional, useful and safe only when it is practiced within the ecosystem He has created. He explained that when others try to intervene, interfere, or confuse His disciples and anybody initiated by Him, He has to protect; it is His responsibility. He explained that it is important for all initiated disciples to become thoroughly grounded into the Shastras and develop a strong nervous system to manifest powers when the vision clicks, when the Cosmic union with Paramashiva happens. This grounding is needed to protect yourself from the fear and greed of society.

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Ecosystem of Kailaasa is Critical for Living Enlightenment (Satsang 13 JAN 2019)

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nithyānandeśvara paramaśiva sadāśiva samārambhām
 nithyānandeśvari parāśakti madhyamām | 
asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

Understand and listen. The pleasures - sukha and bhoga, bliss, joy, ecstasy, feeling good great inside, peace, conflict free inner space, all these are rooted in Oneness, whether external or internal… established in Oneness.

The Oneness which can continue to exist in you for a longer period, you call it with a higher words like a ananda, bliss, paravasa, bhava, samadhi, all that. The Oneness which your system is not able to retain or sustain, we call it sukha, pleasure, happiness. Fundamentally, they both are different in their expression and quantity and its influence over your system, but both are rooted in Oneness. So if the Oneness is generated in your Consciousness or your Consciousness is nurtured by Oneness; understand, you nurturing your Oneness is sadhana, when your Conscious nurturing your Oneness is shakti. You… what you call as you nurturing the Oneness is spiritual practice and that Supreme Oneness nurturing what you call as you is shakti avishkarana – power manifestation.

Any Being need to be nurtured, nurtured with the real gift – Oneness. Understand - Love is a poor substitute for Oneness. How money is the poor substitute for love; when you are baby and parents can’t spend time with you, they give you gift - candy, toy. Only when you grow up, you will understand money, candy, toy are poor substitute for love. Even time is a poor substitute for love and Love is a poor substitute for Oneness.

Real parents give love. Real Guru gives Oneness.

Parents who give just attention and gifts are uncle and aunties, not parents. Understand. Friends and family giving attention and gifts is okay. Even parents giving gifts is okay, but, substituting gifts to their love - not okay. I’ll define love. Love is the feeling you feel when you know what the other person holds you and how you hold him are in integrity. How you hold him or her and how he holds you, when these two are in integrity, what you feel towards that person is called love.When parents are able to bring that with you, they are right parent. With parents, don’t expect toys, gifts - expect love. Guru - don’t even expect love, only Oneness.

(5:52) I want to give you a very simple yogic technique. Always visualize yourself with twenty-five head and fifty hands as Mahasadashiva and breathe through all the twenty-five heads. You don’t know the power of this technique. Even if you practice as a technique, even if you don’t believe you are Sadashiva or Paramashiva, Mahasadashiva; just do this as a technique - visualize yourself with the twenty-five head and fifty hands and inhale and exhale through twenty-five heads. So much samana will get into your system.Your intelligence will be intensely activated. Samana is intense prana. If I roughly equate oxygen to prana - I can roughly equate, it cannot be exactly equated because it is something more. Oxygen independently does not have life, but prana independently has life. Just by the very existence prana can generate life. It can give life even to a dead leaf. From dead leaf, the tree can happen if the prana exists. If the leaf exists in the space of prana, from dead leaf life can happen. From one hair, life can happen. That is what Veerabhadra - Paramashiva gives one jataa and Life happens.

(07:38) Still you are a superstitious science practitioner. Understand this word – ‘superstitious science practitioner’. If you do not have authentic scale and definition of proof of existence, have a very superstitious, superficial definition of proof of existence, and go only with that - you are called superstitious science practitioner. Still you are a superstitious science practitioner and go on claiming Mahabharata is false and Ramayana is false… Hindu history is mythology. Surely Hindu history is not mythology. The whole power manifestation science I am doing is only to establish Hindu history is not mythology. Through the remote vision, I’ll prove Sanjaya saw Bhagavad Gita happening and penned it down. Personality of the integrity: great beings like Sanjaya, personality built on integrity. Even the so-called demonic villain characters in Mahabharata, Ramayana, if you see the kind of a integrity and power, oh God!

Yes, Mandodari may not have been ferocious Mother, might have missed bringing up her children in some understandings and cognitions and ideas. But she was an amazing, chaste, most integrated wife. That is why even Krishna could not save his beloveds from the curse of Mandodari; because the power of Mandodari’s integrity… nobody is able to stop, understand. This kind of characters can never be imagined. Sorry, not Mandodari - Gandhari. Even Mandodari is extremely chaste. I replaced… Ravana’s wife …I mistook. Sorry, I used the word Mandodari instead of Gandhari. Actually, the seven chaste women you are supposed to remember every morning – Mandodari, Gandhari are all one in that. That is why I just exchanged the word. Gandhari, Gandhari’s chastity, even Mandodari’s chastity… Gandhari’s chastity; this kind of characters can never be imagined.

(11:10) Calling Hindu history as a mythology is one of the worst crime done to the past of the humanity to deny the future of the humanity. Understand. Denying the past of the humanity is denying the future of the humanity. Denying the past glory of the humanity is equivalent to denying the future possibility of the humanity. I am talking for humanity, not even just for Hindus. I am talking for the whole humanity.

Ahalya, Draupadi, Gandhari, Tara, Mandodari, Sita. There are some variances which says Ahalya, Draupadi, Kunti, but there are some which says Ahalya, Draupadi, Gandhari. I will personally agree with Ahalya, Draupadi, Gandhari, Mandodari, Tara. I am not disrespecting Kunti’s greatness, but surely when it comes to the integrity and chastity to the husband, I will put Gandhari a step ahead, more than Kunti. Kunti might have been a great Mother, but I will say, when it comes to the dimension of great wife I will give Gandhari the place and respect. Understand, son is your success, husband is your relationship. Relationships need sacrifice. Success needs only vision. Surely sacrifices will be respected more than vision because sacrifice forms foundation for the vision. Gandhari is sacrifice, Kunti may be vision. Without vision sacrifice is blind and without sacrifice vision can be sometime instable. I don’t want to say Kunti did not do sacrifice, but her vision was more alive in her than the sacrifice. In Gandhari the sacrifice was more alive than the vision. But one thing I am very clear, Hindu history is surely neither legend nor mythology. It’s history… history of the extraordinary enlightened civilization that existed.

(14:10) By power manifestation, the first thing I am establishing is Hindu history is real …bringing legitimacy to Hindu history… then bringing legitimacy to Hindu powerful principles and cognitions - darshana. A vast glorious enlightened civilization started by Paramashiva, envisioned and expanded and lived in fifty-six nations and two hundred states and thousand seven hundred provinces and through ten thousand sampradayas in all the eleven dimensions and fourteen worlds cannot be completely denied. Denying it is surely superstitiousness.

The volume, amount of the literature! You want to deny the whole twenty million books as mythology? Novel? Imagination? Aye, there is a level for fantasy, imagination. See, if you have seen elephant with one trunk, you can imagine elephant with twenty trunk. No problem. But if you have not even seen elephant withone trunk, how can you imagine? There is a level of information processing from truth to fact, fact to fantasy, fantasy to imagination, imagination to delusion and delusion to crankiness, craziness. Even all these has certain logic. Maybe illogical logic but there is a logic; illogical logic, the eccentric center. Even the eccentricity has center. So, with any scale, you cannot establish Hindu history as mythology or imagination. No.

If somebody can imagine to the scale of Vyasa, I will say he is… his space of imagination is much more intense and higher frequency than the reality you perceive or experience or exist. The reality with which we are transacting, interacting is surely lower frequency than the existence of Vyasa who can imagine… if it is imagination. The one lakh couplets, history book, still unbroken record. The world records created by Hindus still unbroken. I can say at least ten thousand still exist - World record created by Hindus unbroken. I will make a website for it - World records created by Hindus still unchallenged, unbroken. First, I'll say Mahabharata. Still nobody, nobody is able to compete hundred thousand couplet epic of the Mahabharata, stature of Mahabharata. Forget about breaking the record. Nobody is even able to challenge it. Nobody is even able to challenge it. So be assured, don’t bother about this superstitious science practitioners.

(18:57) Paramashiva is real. Mahasadashiva with twenty-five face and fifty hands is real. Just visualize yourself and inhale and exhale then you will understand. The air which goes to the fifth layer, twenty fifth head nostril and comes down will make you realize you are Mahasadashiva. This kind of a breathing will make you realize every word I am uttering is true, and it will become reality in you. You will start Living Enlightenment. Understand, Living Enlightenment is not a struggle.

Now I want to tell you, for Living Enlightenment you need vision, not sacrifice. As long as you don’t get the right vision, you need to have sacrifice. Till the vision is not clicked, you need sacrifice. Once the vision clicks, you don’t need sacrifice.

(20:09) When I cut my thigh and went back to Annamalai Swamigal, he said, ‘What you did is neither wrong nor right’. I couldn’t understand, ‘what do you mean?’ He said, ‘Because of this cutting yourself, you got the click - ultimately that you are not the body’. Actually, after that only he gave me the initiation into that Aham Spurana. The methodology of the Aham Spurana by great incarnation Ramana Maharshi, it was transmitted to me by Annamalai Swamigal. Ramana Maharshi is my Parama Guru. Annamalai Swamigal transmitted that Aham Spurana anubhava into me and which became reality when I was twelve in the Pavazha Kundru. After that once Annamalai Swamigal was telling me, ‘Now understand, the thing you did, cutting your thigh, is neither right nor wrong. Because you got the vision, you don’t need sacrifice… you don’t need to cut yourself again’. If Annamalai Swami said, ‘cutting yourself is right’, I would be doing that everywhere. And all of you will be sitting and cutting yourself. It is not right. Same way it is not wrong. You need certain kind of a ferociousness to do sacrifice till the vision clicks. That kind of a ferociousness is required for the vision to click. So, because the ferociousness is required for the vision to click, experimenting on yourself, cutting yourself …your thigh was not wrong. Because it is not required regularly, once the vision clicks, it is not right. Understand it properly. Sacrifice is required only till the vision clicks. Once the vision clicks, you don’t need sacrifice; because Living Enlightenment does not need sacrifice, it only needs the vision clicking in you. But till the vision clicks, you need to have the patience and perseverance, will persistence - for that you need sacrifice. Shiva Jnana Anubhuti, Shiva Jnana Anubhava, Paramashiva Jnana Anubhuti is a vision manifesting; not torture or suffering.

(23:22) I’ve always seen in Kailaasa also, some of these brahmacharinis and brahmacharis who are very ready to sacrifice till the vision clicks, ready to be having that will persistence and ready to sacrifice - they always win the game. But these guys who always have that one leg outside. ‘Oh, if it is ok I will stay. Otherwise I will go back. I will go to home for a few days because I am feeling suffocated and…. I am feeling bur-bur, gir-gir, gin-gin. Hmmmm. Understand, having the nerves to stand till the vision clicks is needed to manifest powers when the vision clicks. See, when the vision clicks it will manifest as powers. That time you need a very strong nervous system which was prepared with the will persistence and tapas.

Why Paramashiva says till the age of 21 do not have physical relationship? Understand, in Hinduism marriage was conducted before puberty and the engagement, means the ensuring he is your husband, she is your wife was done before physical maturity, but consummation happened always after 21. Many kids married and then sent to Gurukul. The boy knows his wife is there, but he will study in Gurukul. Only after 21 only he will even meet the wife. Even in Ramayana after marriage Rama spends time with Vishwamitra and Arjuna goes for tapas after marriage, So, understand marriage is different, consummating the marriage is different.

Why Paramashiva says till 21 do not have physical relationship because after physical relationship you are going to give birth to baby. For that you need a system which is very healthy and baby to be healthy. Having physical relationship is nothing to do just between two, please understand. The whole society is involved in your physical relationship. If your sex is protected, is not going to produce kids, then only you both are involved, nobody else is involved. But if it is unprotected sex, the whole society is involved. So, society has a right to get involved into it. Understand this dimension. All of us think ‘Oh, why anybody else has a right to what I do with my body and my privacy’. Yes, as long as it is protected, and you are not going to produce the side effect and after effect of your sex. Yes, it is only up to you. Nobody has a right to say anything about it. It is between you and your spouse or your partner or your boyfriend or girlfriend or whoever with whom you are having. But when you are going to produce a side effect, naturally the other person need to be involved. If you are going to have a physical relationship and it is going to have the side effect of, after effect of pregnancy, you need a system which can deliver a healthy baby.

Understand, the same way you need a nervous system which is healthy for power manifestation. Once the vision clicks, vision clicking in you is the cosmic union with Paramashiva. Once that happens you are going to deliver powers. For that you need a strong nervous system which does not get shaken by the society’s fear and greed. Please understand, I have always seen a brahmachari or brahmacharini or sannyasi who has a strong nervous system to put up with any pressure till the vision clicks, that will persistence, a person of that strength and tapas and caliber - when the vision clicks in him and the power manifests, he has a very strong nervous system to manifest it as Paramashivatva. Otherwise, when they don’t have the stamina to stand with the tapas, they hit some one or two small-small understandings or idea and radiate their depression as a philosophy.

(29:07) I want to tell all of you, many of my disciples have really had the vision click, that Paramashiva jnana and manifesting powers and Enlightenment experience, but they are all with me within the sangha with a deep gratitude radiating, loving, living around me. I also wanted to make it very clear, some people watch my satsang or read something here and there or even come as aadheenavasi or sanyasi for some time and get some ideas and understandings. They try to go out and then try to establish themself as enlightened, all these, that, and try to encash these ideas, commercialize these ideas for their personal interests and vested interests like money or name and fame, or attention need or whatever-whatever, their purpose, vested interest; it is up to them. I don’t know.

Please be very clear, I wanted the whole world to know – anything I am offering to the world is functional and useful and complete only in the ecosystem I have created. All the teachings, power manifestation, initiation, everything I am sharing with the world is functional, useful, safe for any practitioner within the ecosystem I created. Outside this ecosystem person who tries to lead and person who tries to follow, both are in danger. Be very clear. Don’t destroy yourself - neither by trying to lead nor trying to be following. The ecosystem, sangha – Guru, Linga, Sangha, all the three together is the Enlightenment eco system I am creating - Kailaasa I am manifesting. So all the three components are fundamental requirement for anything I am offering to the world for it to work and functional, useful.

(31:37) So hereby, I wanted to inform all my disciples to be part of this Guru, Linga, Sangha. Guru is Nithyananda Paramashivam. Linga is all the temples I established. And sangha is the Kailaasa I have manifested and manifesting. All these 3 put together is the ecosystem, enlightenment ecosystem I am creating, manifesting. This is the fundamental requirement for anything I am offering, it to be useful for you. Understand, some people try to claim, “oh, if we declare we are enlightened what is there, we will do. Why they should bother?” Understand, as long as your sex is protected it is between you consensous individuals. When it is unprotected and producing the other side effects, society has a right to interfere. As long as you don’t touch my disciples and initiated by me, as long you don’t involve and intervene with their life, I will not be interfering. It is up to you. When you try to intervene, interfere, confuse my disciples and anybody initiated by me, I have to protect my disciples. It is my responsibility.

Thoroughly getting grounded into the shastras, having a strong nervous system to manifest powers when the vision clicks, when the Cosmic union with Paramashiva happens and manifests as powers - that’s the most powerful way of existing. For that you need a strong nervous system.This breathing as Paramashiva will create that strong nervous system in you and make you manifest the vision and powers of Paramashiva. Do it. Let’s do it.

(34:20) Vidhi-nishedha. If you want to control people constantly, say dos and don’ts. If you want to liberate people, say don’ts and dos. With don’ts and dos, there is no gray area.With dos and don’ts, there is lot of gray area. Gray area is the way rulers exploit you. With don’ts and do’s there is no grey area. With do’s and don’ts there is always a grey area. So, I will continue to expand on the ecosystem of the Kailaasa, enlightened civilization of the Kailaasa and radiating Living Enlightenment.

So, with this I bless you all. Let’s all radiate with integrity, authenticity, responsibility, enriching, causing, living Shuddhaadvaita Saivam, Paramashivoham, the eternal bliss, Nithyananda. Thank You. (35:22)

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