January 01 2019

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Invitation to Kailaasa || Adi Kailash established on Deepavali 2002 || Arti to Paramashivas deity receiving Bhramostavam || Inviting all Ex Devotees to join Sangha || Ambassadors of Kailaasa ll Establish Micronations ||


The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam, His Divine Holiness, Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam, expounded on the Cosmic Principle of the revival of the Hindu Nation, during the everyday live public talk - Nithyananda Satsang. In this talk entitled Invitation To Kailaasa, His Divine Holiness (HDH) opened with a commemoration of the laying of the foundation stone for Adi Kailash on Deepavali Day, 2002 sharing that one year later, Adi Kailash was inaugurated with much physical expansion happening in the following years as more land was acquired. Arti was offered for Paramashiva’s deity receiving Brahmotsavam in Raja Sabha. HDH expressed profound gratitude to everyone who supported Adi Kailash, no matter how small the contribution inviting any and all ex-Adheenavasis, ex-Brahmacharis, ex-Sannyasis, ex-Gurukul balasanths, ex-Sri Mahants, ex-Thanedars and ex-Kotharis to offer their Completions and come back to the Sangha.

His Divine Holiness announced that the doors to KAILASA are open with all the gifts of Enlightenment science, health, wealth, technology, food, yoga, art, music, dance, principles of economy, social structures, judiciary and administrative structures all available to them. Power-manifested Beings who are already a part of the Sangha will serve as Ambassadors of Paramashiva directly. He encouraged all delegates to establish a Micronation or embassy for KAILASA in their home counties, so that KAILASA will enjoy not only spiritual legitimacy, but also social, political, judicial, historical, cultural and economic legitimacy.


om nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām | asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the participants of Paramashivoham sitting with us in Adi Kailash and all the devotees, disciples sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV and two-way video conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

With the grace and blessings of Paramashiva, today we will be celebrating the anniversary of Adi Kailash. Adi Kailash foundation stone was laid on Deepavali Day, 2002. And of course, again Adi Kailash is also revival because the temple existed, before in this birth I arrived. So it is again revival. This birth I revived, 2002 November - Deepavali Day foundation stone was laid and January 1st 2003 - Adi Kailash was inaugurated, open for public. And from that day till now, sixteen years over, seventeenth year entering. Adi Kailash, how it was and how it is and still hosting the world’s largest spiritual happenings. Great! And it is going to expand, expand, expand. All of you may be aware that we have added huge land. From Mysore road, all the lands have been purchased and connected to Adi Kailash Trust. So the constructions will start now. Lot more will be done in Adi Kailash. I am so happy to celebrate the anniversary of Adi Kailash which we used to celebrate as Mission Day. So, let’s offer arti (आरती, ārtī) to the Paramashiva’s Nithyananda, Paramashiva’s deity receiving Brahmotsavam in Raja Sabha and then continue the satsang.

(Arti being offered)

Today's subject: invitation to Kailaasa. First thing I wanted to tell everyone, everyone, who were part of this great happening, revival of the enlightened civilization - whether you attended one satsang in two-way video conferencing sitting in one corner of your friend’s home and heard some words knowingly, unknowingly and try to apply or from the day one I started my mission - being with me, supported me like my mother. My mother is the oldest aadheenavasi we have. Whether you have contributed one penny or you have contributed millions of dollars or huge properties, everything knowingly, unknowingly, whoever has done for this great work Paramashiva has ordained me and taken up through this being - I wanted to offer my humble gratitude to all of you, to everyone who are part of this great Paramashiva Leela, revival of this enlightened civilization, understand.

Kailaasa has two components. One, revival of enlightened civilization and revival of the Hindu Nation. I thank everyone directly, indirectly made everything happened. Understand, till now whatever I have done, all the work - day and night, was aiming towards this Kailaasa, revival of the Hindu Nation. I sincerely wanted to thank everyone of you. I sincerely wanted to thank everyone of you again and again and again for being part of this great Paramashiva’s mission. Understand, this mission was ordained by Him directly, manifested by Him directly. That is why how much ever anti-spiritual elements and anti-spiritual forces tried - they could not collapse, they could not destroy. Paramashiva is, Paramashiva was, is, will be doing what He has to do to revive this enlightened civilization and revives this Hindu Nation - Kailaasa, through this being, through this body, through this being. Everyone whether you have volunteer for just one hour or have been aadheenavasi for years, days, months, in the initial days or recent days - I wanted to thank all of you on this auspicious occasion when Kailaasa has happened, understand.

What for Paramashiva manifested as this being is really happening, I can say that. Today morning, some of my sannyasis is telling, “Swamiji, your face is shining too much. More than usual, something extraordinary.” Guys, you don’t know, it’s a joy of success! When ah, whatever is said and done, mother knows she is going to deliver the baby but when she delivers the baby, the kind of a joy she experiences is, cannot be, cannot be described. Same way, I know Paramashiva is going to deliver through this being - Kailaasa. He is going to revive, He is going to do it. But now He has done it. It’s done! I wanted all my disciples who trust me, who has integrity to me, I want to tell you guys - it is done. It is done. We have territory. I have not announce where it is for various reasons, but let you be informed we have territory. We are real nation. We are not just namesake nation. We are a real nation. Hmm. And… Paramashiva has done it. It’s such a joy to be at His feet, be an instrument in the hands of Paramashiva, be part of Him. Such an ecstasy being used by Paramashiva. He himself manifest through this being and He has done it and He is continuing to do it.

All I have is only gratitude for everyone who has supported directly, indirectly. All the people who tried to attack, maybe you are misinformed, unnecessary insecurity and fear. Some way knowingly, unknowingly you have experienced, that’s the reason you have been violent. Understand, it’s fear which creates violence. Now I give you completion, peace. You live your life. I will live my life doing Paramshiva’s work. I have nothing against you. And anyway, having any violence towards you or anything of you is not my mission. My mission is to do Paramshiva’s work. I know for sure Paramashiva will protect me and He is, He is protecting me. He has protected from all you guys for so long, so naturally, He’s proving He is protecting me and He will continue to protect me. Hmm. That much I sure. So, at least now let’s have a matured conversation - you live your life, I’ll live my life and you be happy, allow me to be happy and let me do my work. Of course, I’ll always be happy and I’ll be doing my work. Guess Paramashiva’s grace is there on me and His blessings are there. He himself is manifesting through this body.

And even the, some of the ex-addheenavasis, brahmacharis, sannyasis, gurukul balasanths or whoever or Sri Mahants, Thanedar, Kothari, visitor, organisers, you have been part of the sangha at some time and now you are not part of the sangha due to various reasons - I give you completion and Kailash doors are open. You are welcome to come back. Maybe various reasons, you have been overwhelmed by the social pressure and all the attacks from all the sides which me and the sangha has to go through and, or even you might have taken up more responsibility than you can handle inside the sangha, more commitments than you can handle, there’s various reasons you might have been incomplete or… you might not have understood the philosophy completely, you may, you may not have had enough of Guru bhakti or the sangha bhakti - trust, and positive energy before taking up more responsibility, whatever may be the reason right-wrong, good-bad. There is nothing to judge or think. If you have been part and you are not part of the sangha anymore - I open the doors for all of you, even if you have been a sannyasi and left. Even if sannyasis, Kailash doors are opening. Within next fifteen days, you can send an email to contact Kailaasa, the mail id and send your completion - [email protected] You can send your completion message and come back, become part of the Kailaasa - [email protected] I welcome all of you back. Celebrate, enjoy Kailaasa, the great enlightened civilization Paramashiva is reviving through this being.

And, I wanted to tell the whole world, there is so much in Kailaasa, the greatest enlightened civilization Paramashiva created, which Paramashiva manifested ages ago. And, not only He manifested Kailaasa again and again, He revived it. Whenever it was about to get destroy, He will revive it. Last time He revived is Madurai. He came as Meenakshi and Sundareswarar and revived the whole Shyamala Peetha, Sarvajnapeetha of Madurai. He has come many times again and again, manifested as the Avatars, and, revived the Kailaasa - the enlightened civilization, because it has too many great things to offer to the world, to the humanity, to the Universe. I wanted to tell the humanity, the whole world, the whole Universe - Paramashiva is here manifesting as this being only to bring all those great contributions of enlightened civilization - Kailaasa and share with all of you, gifted to all of us, to the whole world, to the whole Universe. He is manifesting through this being, mainly keeping this as His vision and mission. This a primary reason. So be assured, you have some of the best gifts from this enlightened civilization - Kailaasa coming to you from now.

Enlightenment science and great gifts in the field of health, wealth, enlightenment, mental health, food, yoga, art, music, dance, sex, economy principles, principles of economy, social structure, judiciary, administrative structure and great technology like aviation; from every field the great gifts of the Kailaasa - the enlightened civilization is coming to you. Oh humanity, get ready to celebrate and enjoy. There is so much to be revived and downloaded and shared with all of you. Almost last one year, Paramashiva was doing this work. Continuously He was downloading all the, everything needed to revive this whole Kailash - enlightened civilization including the judicial structure, political structure, social structure, economic principles, everything of Kailash. I was wondering why is He downloading all these? Now I know what He was planning and what He is going to do. And, I invite the whole humanity to celebrate this great happening of revival of enlightened civilization and I also invite all the Hindus, if you are born a Hindu, practicing Hindu or Hindu sympathiser, everyone of you, understand.

This great revival of enlightened civilization is the gift Hindus are suppose to give it to the Universe, give it to the whole humanity. Hinduism is still alive for this gift. Hinduism is still alive because you are expected to give this gift to the humanity, reviving enlightened civilization again and again. The real purpose of Hinduism still being alive, Hindus still existing is whenever an incarnation lands - supporting Him and reviving the enlightened civilization and giving this great gift of enlightened civilization and gifts of enlightened civilization to the humanity again and again. So I wanted all the Hindus to know, whole humanity has a right to receive this gift. Hindus are responsible for making this gift available to the Universe, whole world. I am here. Oh Hindus, gather. Let’s do our work. Let’s do our responsibility for humanity.

See, each civilization has a different responsibility for humanity. Some of them have to build great buildings. Some of them have to make great weapons. Some of them have to make great economic ideas, and, Hindus need to make the revival of enlightened civilization again and again and gift it to the world. Whenever an enlightened civilization diminishes and gets diluted and gets lost, it’s the responsibility of the Hindus to revive again and gift it to the humanity. Oh Hindus, I am here. With the grace and blessings of Paramashiva, Paramashiva himself is manifesting through this being. And He himself is inviting all of you. Oh Hindus, we are responsible for reviving, reviving this great enlightened civilization - Kailaasa and giving all the gifts of Kailaasa to the whole humanity, to the whole world, to all the beings.

We have two levels of responsibility. One, reviving the enlightened civilization and another one making this only Hindu Nation model, Hindu Nation so that the whole world can pick up all the best best things, absorb all the best things, learn all the best things, imbibe all the best things, experience Oneness with all the best things and enjoy all the best things together. So it’s our responsibility now. Responsibility is always fun. Lot of fun. Hmm. We have a reason to exist. We have a great reason to exist. I welcome all the Hindus. Understand, the purpose of Hinduism and Hindus is taking the responsibility of reviving this enlightened civilization again and again and giving all the gifts of the enlightened civilisation to the humanity. Paramashiva is here. Paramashiva himself is manifesting through this being. Come on! Let’s all join hands and do it. Let’s make it happen. I welcome all the Hindus to be part of, all the Hindus to be responsible part of Kailaasa. Whole humanity is going to be part of the Kailaasa by enjoying it, celebrating it.

Hindus have special place. Means, you have to be responsible for making it happen, getting it to the whole world. Of course, we will also enjoy. No doubt. We’ll also enjoy, we share with the whole world. It’s the responsibility of the Hindus. So I invite all the Hindus, born Hindus, practicing Hindus, sympathetic towards Hinduism, curious towards Hinduism, want to explore, enjoy Hinduism - please come and be part. Let’s take the responsibility of making this Kailaasa, revival of enlightened civilization, the Hindu Nation, the great Hindu Nation happened. The greatest Hindu Nation, enlightened civilization need to be built. Let’s take the responsibility and do it. Let’s collect all the scriptures and Paramashiva will naturally download from all the Cosmic archives and He will decode. Let’s make everything user friendly in modern day languages and map it to the modern day humanity’s needs and requirements, make it directly useful to enrich the life and lifestyle of humanity and all the beings and share it with the world. Huge work, exciting work, joyful work. Actually our achievement, the goal we need to achieve - the goal of the Kailaasa is making enlightenment as a lifestyle, not just an experience but as a lifestyle. Experience and lifestyle of the humanity. That’s the goal. That’s the vision and mission of Kailaasa.

So we have also formed the Federal Reserve of Kailaasa with our own currency. And, all the revival of the economic principles of Kailaasa is happening. And we have also formed the Cosmic Court. The revival of judicial principles of Kailaasa is happening and we have evolved the political and administration structure as per Kailaasa - the enlightened civilizations. Code of conducts and social, political, legal, judicial systems expressed in Vedagama, Hindu Dharma Shastras revealed by Paramashiva and now revived through this body to the humanity. Everything will be done based on enlightenment and power manifestation science. People will be initiated into power manifestation and manifest the state, space, powers, being and Superconsciousness of Paramashiva. The evolved beings will be part of the administration structure, the economic structure and judicial structure and social structure. Setting a model as an enlightened civilization, the revived enlightened civilization for the whole world to enjoy and imbibe, experience Oneness with it. And we will have thousands and thousands of monasteries, Hindu monasteries all over the world, aadheenams, temples, Hindu Universities and Embassy of Kailaasa - Paramashiva himself, a spiritual embassy of Paramashiva and...

All the enlightened beings and power manifesting beings who are part of this sangha, this Kailaasa mission will be the ambassadors of Paramashiva directly. The Paramashiva Jnana and Paramashiva Vijnana will be shared with the whole world. And… Oh Hindus, I welcome all of you to be part of this great enlightened civilization, radiating enlightenment. And give birth to kids till you are sixty. Send them to gurukul. Make them the Yuvarajas and Yuvaranis, princes and princesses of Kailaasa is the responsibility of Hindus. And, revive this enlightened civilization and build the nation Kailaasa. There was a time we had a fifty six nations and two hundred states and almost thousand seven hundred samsthanas, provinces all over the world. Hinduism was practiced as a state religion in all these places. Due to various reasons, we did not have even one nation or state, province practicing Hinduism as state religion. That’s why Paramashiva has to assume the body. He himself has to manifest and revive the Kailaasa - enlightened civilization and the Hindu Nation.

Because this great enlightenment science and everything need to be protected, understand. If one generation all these great judicial principles, dharma shastras, Varna Svadharma, and, the Cosmic Constitution expressed in the Vedas, Agamas and the social structure, legal structure, political structure, moral structure explained in Vedagamas and Hindu Dharma Shastras; if they are not practiced for hundred years - naturally they will get locked into libraries and in next hundred years, they will be lost even from the libraries. That is what was happening for last two hundred years, almost eighty percent is lost. But we can’t allow this last twenty percent to be lost. We need to make it as practical lifestyle. See, unless it is adopted in one place at least and demonstrated the greatness the Cosmic Constitution expressed by Paramashiva in Veda, Agama, Hindu Dharma Shastras, Manu Smriti, Yajnavalkya Smriti, Bharadwaja Smriti, in all these great smritis. Paramashiva and His descendants, whatever they expressed - the legal system, political system, administrative system, judicial system, education system, all that need to be revived and lived. The enlightened civilization need to be revived and demonstrated to the humanity as Kailaasa, the Hindu Nation, only then it can be kept alive. And it should be kept alive because there is so much in... there is so much revealed by Paramashiva and His descendants in Vedagama, Hindu Dharma Shastras need to be kept alive for the sake of humanity, for the sake of the future of the humanity, understand.

Only if Sanatana Hindu Dharma is revived, the enlightened civilization is revived - humanity has a future. I am not threatening, I am telling you the truth. If enlightened civilization is, I don’t want to speak about otherwise. Let’s leave it. Revival of the enlightened civilization - the Kailaasa, the Hindu Nation is mandatory for the future of the humanity, for the survival of the future of the humanity. It’s a survival need of the humanity. Not luxury, survival need of the humanity. That's why I have to come down urgently. Paramashiva himself has to come down! He did not have time to send some representatives, and, He himself has to come down. He himself has to manifest through this being, because, the revival of the enlightened civilization - Kailaasa, the Hindu Nation, is mandatory and survival need of the humanity, beings in planet earth and the Universe.

I welcome all of you to be part. Paramashiva will shower all the best things, auspiciousness on all of us, the whole Universe. Try to be part of this Kailaasa by sharing your time, treasure, talent. Anything you share, Paramashiva will shower thousand times more. You share your time, He will share, He will shower longevity. If you share your time, He will share and shower you with His time. When you share your treasure, He will shower you with His treasure. And you share your talent, He will shower you with His talent. And, if you want to be part of the sannyasi - male monk or female monk or monk, the transcendental gender - welcome, come and enjoy. That’s the best life. Want to be Kailaasavasi, you are welcome. Come and be part of the Kailaasa. Already we have hundreds of campuses all over the world, the spiritual embassies of Paramashiva. You can be part of any one of the embassy, and, it is getting added more and more and more.

I welcome all of you to create Embassy of Kailaasa in your nation and work with your government and get the micro nation status or embassy status for Kailaasa, the Hindu Nation. So Kailaasa gets not only spiritual legitimacy - social and political and judicial legitimacy, economic legitimacy. The principles of Paramashiva, vision of Paramashiva gets not just spiritual legitimacy - social legitimacy, judicial legitimacy, political legitimacy, scientific legitimacy, historic legitimacy, economic legitimacy, cultural legitimacy, religious legitimacy, all legitimacies. Fortunately, Paramashiva is here through this being and reviving successfully the enlightened civilization - Kailaasa, the greatest Hindu Nation. So, I invite all of you to be part of the Kailaasa, to be one with the Kailaasa.

Bless you all. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Paramashivoham, The Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you. Be blissful.


Pratyaksha Pada Pooja

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Uttamotama Seva

Jayanthi Brahmotsavam Day 11

https://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/2018-12Dec-02-nithyananda-diary_bengaluru-aadheenam_uttamotama-seva_IMG_4807.JPG https://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/2018-12Dec-02-nithyananda-diary_bengaluru-aadheenam_uttamotama-seva_IMG_4812.JPG https://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/2018-12Dec-02-nithyananda-diary_bengaluru-aadheenam_uttamotama-seva_IMG_4815.JPG https://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/2018-12Dec-02-nithyananda-diary_bengaluru-aadheenam_uttamotama-seva_IMG_4816.JPG https://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/2018-12Dec-02-nithyananda-diary_bengaluru-aadheenam_uttamotama-seva_IMG_4823.JPG https://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/2018-12Dec-02-nithyananda-diary_bengaluru-aadheenam_uttamotama-seva_IMG_4826.JPG https://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/2018-12Dec-02-nithyananda-diary_bengaluru-aadheenam_uttamotama-seva_IMG_4843.JPG https://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/2018-12Dec-02-nithyananda-diary_bengaluru-aadheenam_uttamotama-seva_IMG_4847.JPG https://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/2018-12Dec-02-nithyananda-diary_bengaluru-aadheenam_uttamotama-seva_IMG_4879.JPG https://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/2018-12Dec-02-nithyananda-diary_bengaluru-aadheenam_uttamotama-seva_IMG_4887.JPG https://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/2018-12Dec-02-nithyananda-diary_bengaluru-aadheenam_uttamotama-seva_IMG_4910.JPG https://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/2018-12Dec-02-nithyananda-diary_bengaluru-aadheenam_uttamotama-seva_IMG_4898.JPG https://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/2018-12Dec-02-nithyananda-diary_bengaluru-aadheenam_uttamotama-seva_IMG_4944.JPG https://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/2018-12Dec-02-nithyananda-diary_bengaluru-aadheenam_uttamotama-seva_IMG_4953.JPG https://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/2018-12Dec-02-nithyananda-diary_bengaluru-aadheenam_uttamotama-seva_IMG_4957.JPG https://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/2018-12Dec-02-nithyananda-diary_bengaluru-aadheenam_uttamotama-seva_IMG_4958.JPG

Declaration of policies/initiatives

All the disciples, devotees,followers of HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam, all Hindus all over the world, and anyone who wants to support & be a part of the Hindu nation Kailaasa - are requested to use the Kailaasa nation banner as their cover photos on all their social media accounts.

Download the photo here: kailaasa.org/socialmedia

Come, be a part of Kailaasa, the enlightened civilization.

Paramashiva, the Ultimate Lord Himself assumed the form of Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, radiating through His body, mind, superconsiousness and being for humanity to experience the superconscious breakthrough. Through the incarnation as Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, He manifested, manifesting, will manifest Uttamottama - the best of best state, space, powers, being and superconsiousness of Paramashiva Himself.


1. The purpose of this manifestation is to revive the Enlightened Civilization, in all dimensions, lokas, bhuvanandas including 11 dimensions and 14 lokas.

2. As part of that revival process, Paramashiva has decided and declaring revival of the enlightened civilization, on this plane also, in the form of KAILAASA – the only Hindu nation.

3. Kailaasa will be the model of an enlightened civilization, administered by enlightened beings, governing as per the cosmic constitution.

4. Through enlightened beings manifesting the shaktis (powers), life in Kailaasa will be made blissful, not just easy. This vision of Paramashiva will be demonstrated as model communities everywhere in the universe, for the humanity to imbibe and celebrate and enjoy and radiate.


To manifest this vision,

1. Paramashiva is doing everything needed and is opening all the doors for every one of you to be a part of this enlightened civilization.

2. Living Jeevan Mukthi (Living Enlightenment) and enriching others to Jeevan Mukthi is the purpose of life, especially human life, as human beings are endowed with capability to analyse and understand their existence in the conscious level.

3. Whole Humanity, is hereby, cordially invited to become part of this enlightened civilization. You are welcome to come and live enlightenment (Jeevan Mukthi) and be part of Kailaasa - revival of enlightened civilization.

4. Even if you have been part of Paramashiva's sangha and for some reason, you are not a part now, even for you. doors are open. Drop the incompletions, complete and come back. Paramashiva keeps door open for everyone and Paramashiva offers completion, love, peace to everyone.

5. In the past, whoever had vengeance, anger, enmity, wrongly turned towards Paramashiva or Paramashiva's sangha, due to your ignorance or whatever reason, all of you are also offered peace, completion by Paramashiva.

6. Paramashiva is interested only in doing the work of reviving the enlightened civilization. Paramashiva's' priority is only contributing and reviving enlightened civilization. Paramashiva is re-opening the door for you.

You can join the civilization by sending email to [email protected] If you have been part of sangha earlier and would like to come back, complete by sending email to [email protected] and come back to become part of enlightened civilization.

Come back and align yourself to the purpose of your life.

Paramashiva's blessings to all.

Enriching Material

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Photos Of The Day:


Photos Of The Day:

Photos Of The Day: