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Altered States of Consciousness Part 1 Patanjali Yoga Sutras 119 Nithyananda Satsang 16 Feb 2011


Living Incarnation and Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda explained that today's sutra is basically the sutra to give you that strategy to the whole life planning.

As of now, all your fear, pain, pleasure, guilt, whatever you call as life is looked with a short view of a few hours of awareness. You don't consider the second 3rd of your life when you do your strategy planning your dream state, your deep sleep state, you don't consider all that when you do strategic planning. Life is waking, dream and deep sleep also, not just the waking state. Life is larger than what you think. You need to understand avastha parinamaha, the altered states of awareness. Having a broad, complete, understanding about life takes away practically all your sufferings and the sufferings around you. The first thing you need to do in your life is having the vaccination for suffering, become immune to suffering.

Today's sutra is about pain vaccination, greed vaccination, vaccination against Maya, immunity against ignorance. Unless you make human beings immune to pain, Maya vaccination, you can't have an evolved civilization. See the barbaric acts happening all over.

The broad view about life is generally not there. Understand that the altered states of awareness is responsible for all the sufferings you have in life and all the misunderstandings you have in life. Understand the other states of awareness like dream and deep sleep is also part of your life and expand your planning about life. If you are too oriented to the waking state, you will have heavy dreams and disturbed sleep.

When you broaden your understanding of life as all-inclusive, many of your sufferings of life disappear. First, you contemplate on this with your own life, then share it with others close to you. 70% if your identity is given to you by the people around you. When you radiate your understanding, you change the identity created on you, by you. When you share with others, who are mainly creating your identity, naturally when they start living in higher consciousness, the idea they give about you will also change, so 70% of your identity will naturally change. You will complete the process of enlightenment only if you share enlightenment.

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I welcome you all with My love and respects! I welcome all the thousands and thousands of devotees, disciples and I welcome all of you. Before starting the satsanga I remind you to get back to padmasana or vajrasana or samana mudra. We will enter the process. eN-Experience, eN-kriya; eN-experience the eN-effect.


This video conferencing technology has done a great good. I think it is put to best use only now. No, I can see actually, many Swamis, yesterday they were sitting here, today they are sitting here. And it is completely around the world. Just two days before, Bhaktananda was sitting here and now Bhaktananda is sitting there; and Chandikananda she was sitting here and now she is sitting in Redondo Beach. And each one, it’s almost like our life has become so standard. Early morning wherever you are, whatever may be the part of the world you are, you are there with the Master. You are there to rejuvenate yourself and not only that, just because every day… I am seeing, all the temples are now managed properly. 😃 It’s almost like every day I make a visit to all these temples. The technology has done a great service.


Let’s enter into today's subject. Today we are going to enter into the 119 sutra of Patanjali's yoga sutras, in 3rd chapter, 13th verse. And the subject is, 'Altered States of Awareness'. Let Me read out the sutra and the translation. Then we'll try to understand. ‘etena bhootendriyeshu dharmalakshanavastha parinama vyakhyatah’ Vivekanada beautifully translates this sutra as: “In this way, by the three modifications mentioned above, is explained the three fold transformation as to form, time and state in time or gross matter, or and in the organs” Prabhavanada translates as: “In this state it passes beyond the three kinds of changes which take place in subtle or gross matter and in the organs, change of form, change of time and change of condition." Swami Satchidananda translates as: "By this, what has been said in the preceding three sutras, the transformations of the visible characteristics, time, factors and conditions of elements and senses are also described. Osho translates as: "By what has been said in the last four sutras, the property, character and condition transformations in the elements and sense organs are also explained"


Now I will come to the sutra for My own translation. The technical term in this sutra is 'avastha parinamaha'. Please understand. This sutra is basically, sutra to give you the strategy for the whole life’s planning. Man who thinks the 100 years he is going to live in the body is his life, and plans for it, is materialist, atheist. Man who thinks all the lives happened and all the lives yet to happen and the life happening in a broad sense and plans his strategies is a spiritualist, a seeker.


Understanding about life, what you are, is going to decide what you do and what you want in your life. When you think you are a child and particular toy is going to give you joy and that toy is going to be adding life to you or it is going to be your eternal companion, you feel so strongly attached to that toy. Even if your mother tries to take your toy away and asks you to eat, you shout at her, ‘you disappear, you die, give Me the toy’. Because at that moment you think your whole life is going to be the childhood and that toy is going to add so much joy to you and that toy is your eternal companion. So naturally you feel the toy is much more important than anything else. After sometime your understanding about yourself changes, so naturally your needs changes. When your understanding about yourself evolves, your needs changes.


Please understand. Having the ultimate understanding about your life and having the right understanding about your needs is what I call renunciation. Vairaagya: renunciation. Please understand the word vairaagya. Raga means attachment, araga means detachment, viraga means beyond attachment or detachment. Vairaagya does not mean attachment or detachment. You need to understand the important truth. Viraga is neither attachment nor detachment. It is having the right understanding about your need.


Yesterday there was a press interview. They were constantly drilling Me on this one idea. ‘What is Paramahamsa? Is Paramahamsa is free to do anything, is it licentiousness?’ But a common man can never understand, an evolved person does not have any attachment and his needs are totally different, which you can never comprehend and which never disturbs the world. I always tell people, “because I don’t disturb the world; world can’t disturb Me.” They were asking Me, “You are growing, rising like anything. Suddenly you fell. Don’t you feel?” I said, “I neither felt I was growing nor felt I fell. I was just sitting and sharing My understanding and enlightenment with the world. Whoever came they enjoyed. When they enjoyed and had the physical and mental health, more and more people have started gathering; because more and more people have started gathering, they created infrastructure for it. People who created the infra structure started using it”.


See, money started gathering as the by-product, side effect of what I was doing and now few people who can’t tolerate this good work try to create some trouble but they are not successful. Fortunately for us, unfortunately for them, they are not successful. So again the right thing is happening. So I neither felt growing or expanding when thousands and thousands were gathering around Me nor felt disturbed when few ignorant people have left Me. NO. I am always full. If somebody wants fulfillment, let them come around. If they have something else as a first priority in their life, please carry on. No problem. And if you are interested in hurting us, come on we will face you. See, what is happening to people who are trying to hurt us? They create their own karma and suffer with the karma. Anyhow, this is life!


When you have a clear understanding and strategy about the whole life, your needs become different. Your desires become different. Your greed becomes different. The transformed desire does not bind you. Transformed greed does not bind you. Transformed fear does not bind you.


Very beautifully Ramakrishna says, “If a rope is burnt, it looks just like a rope but it cannot be used to tie you or bind you”. All you need to do is put the fire of an extraordinary understanding. See now your desire will bind you like a rope. If you try to cut the rope, or destroy the rope, it may take years and years and years. But just try to put fire to the rope, you will see not only it cannot bind you, it cannot bind anybody. Putting fire to the rope is what I call expanding your understanding about life and awareness.


I wanted you to expand your understanding step by step. First, as on now all your fear, all your greed, all your sufferings, all your pains, all your pleasures, whatever you call as life - guilt, engram - anything, is looked with a very short view of few hours of your awareness. Please understand. You don’t think and plan looking at the whole life. First thing, you don’t consider two third of your life when you do any strategy, the first part. All the happenings of your dream state you don’t consider that as your part of your life at all. And your deep sleep state, you don’t consider that as a part of your life at all.


The other day, one very important VIP, a very top politician, came to meet Me privately and all he asked is, “Swamiji just give Me some method, some technique that the moment I lie down I should be able to sleep. I don’t want anything else”. Because he has crores of wealth; but of course he is honest politician. Even being honest he made crores. It’s a hereditary wealth he has. All he wants is only one thing. “Just give Me some method that I can have a deep sleep”. Unfortunately, he did not consider sleep and dream state also as part of his life; when he planned a strategy for his life he considered waking state is only life.


Many of us do this. Understand. All the countries which think waking state is only life, is suffering with insomnia. They go on selling all kinds of beds. At least two thousand variety of beds are being sold. Bed Bath Beyond - There is a chain store. There is a sleep number. If you lie down on a bed for your body setting up they fix the number. In the same bed, two side two numbers are fixed; one side for you, one side for your spouse. A Indian villager who is born and brought up in Indian village can’t even understand why do you need bed for sleeping? Just stretch your leg, you will have sleep.


In the western countries, food is cheap. In the eastern countries sleeping is cheap. But unfortunately some parts of the eastern country food is costly because they did not put too much attention on the waking state. Understand, if you stretch your hand in the western countries you will have food, if you stretch your leg in the eastern countries you will have sleep. But very rarely both happens. The eastern countries, if you stretch your hand you will not have food because we did not give too much importance to waking state. We were focusing too much on the deep sleep and dream state. In the western civilization was focusing too much on the waking state. Now it is time, we need to create a civilization which understands all states of awareness, looks at life in all conditions, all space and all time.


If you think life is only waking state, you will have the intense stress. It’s almost like you choosing few toys. In ignorance you will choose too small things for your life. Understand, it is not that after growing you don’t have toys, you just hate toys. NO. It may be there in your house but in one corner. It will not be given undue importance. It will be there. The importance which that requires will be given. But when you think your whole life is going to be a childhood and the toy is the only great joy, undue importance will be given to the toy.


Please understand. All our sufferings are just because of undue importance given to our greed, our fears. If you understand, by falling into the sleep you are not going to lose anything, you are going to come back, you will not have fear to fall asleep. You will not suffer with insomnia.


All the developed countries are spending billions of dollars, at least two times the money we spend for food, for sleeping. The money we spend for food in India, at least two times for sleeping; because they don’t have right understanding about life. Their strategy planning, visionaries, did not include sleeping and dreaming also as part of life. Their ambitions, their desires, their greeds, their goals about life did not come from a visionaries who understood life is not just waking state; life is waking, dream and deep sleep also. Please understand. Otherwise, the country which has created so many varieties of cots and beds… Insomnia is not only leading to many other physical, mental disorders, it is leading to the very poor state of consciousness and in many cases it is leading even to fatal diseases.


Life not understood as it is creates millions of complications and confusions. I can see, that VIP who came to Me and asked for technique, simple technique for sleep. Of course I helped him, that is different. I can understand his struggle. Same way millions of people struggle with the things, struggle with many pains and sufferings; just because not having a complete understanding about life. Life is larger than what you think!


You need to understand, ‘avastha parinamaha’ means the altered states of awareness. When your body is filled with hormones, when the hormonal pressure is high, you are ready to do anything for the other person whom you think will give you the pleasure or fulfill you. The moment hormonal release happens, the whole cycle is different. The whole understanding is different. That moment the awareness makes you something, makes you feel something is very important but the moment the awareness is changed, suddenly you feel like something else is important.


Having broad complete understanding about life takes away practically all your sufferings and sufferings around you. First thing you need to do in your life is have the vaccination for suffering. Make yourself immune to the suffering. The western countries which is giving hundreds of vaccinations, I am really shocked; when a child is born, the whole body is filled with vaccinations, with so much of systematic different, different, different timings.


I wanted our gurukul system, the NBSC, to be developed on pain vaccination method. Let them be immune to the pain. Let them be immune to the ignorance. Teach them the larger understanding about life. Still, kids have not forgotten the importance of dream state and deep sleep state in their life. When you put too much of verbalization and visualization of the waking state, they slowly get too much load on this waking state and slowly forget the other two states exist.


It is like a… One example: We have three sabhas here. Raja sabha. Chitta sabha, Kalpataru sabha. Just like these 3 sabha you have a three state waking, deep sleep, dream. If all the programs are conducted only in one sabha, you spend maximum time in just this sabha, you forget the other two sabhas exist and you stop cleaning. But you forget the other two sabhas exist if you give too much importance to one sabha. Same way in your life, when we start bringing up kids by giving too much importance and understanding only about the one state, waking state, materialistic state, the importance and understandings about other two states are forgotten; but kids should be brought up with the understanding about all states.


Please understand, the today sutra is pain vaccination, fear vaccination, greed vaccination; vaccination against maya, immunity against ignorance. I'll expand on this sutra for next three days because Patanjali is very beautifully putting, how the altered states of consciousness plays a major role in what you think as life and what you live as life. I'll explain only one part of this sutra today. The technical term is 'avastha parinamaha' means, the space where the altered states of awareness disappears. You need to achieve a space where altered states of awareness disappears. In the last four sutra, Patanjali has explained through different methods and techniques. Nirodha parinama, samadhi parinama, ekagrata parinama - different space. Now Patanjali is entering into a very deep state. How the altered states of consciousness, altered states of awareness, pulls and pushes your life and creates intense suffering.


I know, one disciple; Raghupati Yogi's disciple. He was having deep depression. Naturally when the depression comes, first thing happens is a strong hatred towards the master; because which way you will direct your depression. He is the guy who is sitting in the throne, shining, which you always wanted but never get. Unconsciously taking revenge; so all the anger turns towards the master. This guy came with so much of anger and said, "all your yoga is waste, all your exercise is waste, all your teachings are waste. There is so much depression”. And he started abusing Raghupati Yogi. He is married and had many kids, 14 kids. And he said, “What kind of yogi you are? You don’t know anything about yoga”.


I have seen… Raghupati Yogi is a very different kind of a person. He just picked up a small root of a plant which was there. He did not give much advice and all that. I try to give them counselling and give them understanding so that they evolve and stay in that state. All he did is he told them, told that guy “Just bite this root”. That fellow bit that root and sucked the juice for few seconds. Immediately I can see his state of awareness has changed. All his ideas have disappeared. Anger, depression, hatred towards the master, everything disappeared. And now he is like a baby. “Oh I was wrong. I should have been little more intelligent before uttering all those words to you”.


I have seen, when the states of awareness gets altered suddenly all your understanding about life changes. Suddenly now everything looks green, alive, bright. Never believe human beings. When they fall, don’t think they are going to touch your feet and be relaxed. Be aware any moment they will pull it! Poor fellows, because they are not under their control. Unless you make human beings immune to pain and suffering by giving this maya vaccination, you can’t have evolved civilization.


See every day the barbaric acts, killings happening. But these officials are too busy with arresting Swamis. And so much of crime is happening. They don’t bother about the real crime. They are too busy in going after Swami who is sitting and teaching spirituality, meditation, silence, peace. The broad view about the life is not there. First catch somebody who is ignorant, then try to prove. Just because you caught, now you need to prove your ideas, your actions were right; justifying.


Understand, the altered states of awareness is responsible for all the sufferings you have in your life, all the misunderstandings you have in your life. Understand the other states of awareness like a dream and deep sleep also is part of you and expand your planning about life. If you are too oriented only on waking state, you will have heavy dreams and completely disturbed sleep.


I'll take you layer by layer in this sutra. How Patanjali describes the elements, sense organs, the natural characteristics, the cosmic flow, conditions, time, all these five makes your states of awareness different. Please understand. Today the first lesson is just altered states of awareness. Even now if you just put your head down, sit in a relaxed way; in five minutes your state of awareness will be altered. Your desire, your fear, everything will be different. That time your desire will be: ‘Can I stretch My leg?’ ‘Can I just rest the body little more?’ ‘Who wants all these things? Forget about it.’ Your fear will be: ‘Somebody may wake Me up’, or ‘He may end the satsang soon, His mood is really nice’ or ‘He may continue, go on and on, if He leaves at least I can go to the room and lie down.’ In that state of awareness your fear or greed is different.


Now, if you are really aware and interested in what I am saying, if you feel this understanding is directly going to help and alter your life, if you are sitting with Me now by driving for hours to come to the satsang centre, you are fortunate. If you are here just because you are staying in this campus and no other way and you have to come and be here, there is a possibility you can be dozing.


That is what I am surprised. All over the world… and it is not day time or morning for all the countries. See at this moment 797 places, 246 cities, 28 countries people are sitting with us. Practically all over the world people are sitting with us. It is not that for all of them it is early morning. NO. Many of… for many of them it is late night, for many of them it is 3 o’ clock in the morning. For many of them it is evening 9 o’ clock. But different timings they are here just with that one interest: These truths will help to plan my life much more clearly. This experience will remove many unnecessary sufferings I carry in me. It will take me to the deeper and deeper conscious level.


Understand if you are sitting here with awareness, you are greed is, ‘let Me understand his words more deeply’. Your fear will be, ‘Oh! He may end the satsang soon’ or ‘I may not catch it completely’. If you are in the just small altered state of mood, sleep, dreaming state; immediately your fear and greed is different. Your strategy about life is different; your decision about life is different. A simple alteration in the state of awareness can completely change many decisions you make in your life.


So understand, alter your state of awareness just once step higher, just one step higher. How the toy car has become immaterial for you when you grow up. Your real car will become immaterial when you consciously grow up. Understand. Just altering your state one step higher, taking yourself to turiya - the fourth state; suddenly you will see many of your fears are not there, many of your greed are not there. It’s like a... You are in this country; you are bothered too much about too many things and too many people. Suddenly you are taken away from this country and put somewhere else. All the things which was creating fear, greed, guilt in you, now no more relevant for you. Whole state is different.


If you are well settled in US, you will never bother about the old lady sitting in your village, native village and talking abusively about you. But when you are in that village, her words and her abuse means too much to you. You change many of your actions. No, no otherwise that old lady will chew My head along with her beetle leaf. Like how when the place changes, when the condition changes your strategies and understandings changes, same way when the awareness changes, your understandings and life changes.


And I wanted all our devotees to know, all our organizers and satsangis from many countries have decided unanimously to put a full stop to this continuous religious persecution happening on Me and Dhyanapeetam. Even just few days before again our Tiruvanaamalai ashram was beaten, broken, burnt, just two days before by these anti social elements, illegal elements and still COD is trying to torture Me, harass Me in the name of investigation, illegally. To put a full stop to all these things, all our satsangis, the senior Swami’s and the organization has decided unanimously to fast on March 2nd for religious freedom.


We will be observing the March 2nd every year as, 'The Day of Destroying the Anti-Spiritual Elements'. That is the day we have been attacked. So every year we will observe that March 2nd all over the world as a day to destroy all the collective negativity. See they gave what they had, they know only destroying people. But we will destroy negativity, not people. We will give peace to the world. From March 2nd to March 23, 21 days morning and evening we will conduct peace meditation and kundalini awakening all over the world to create global peace and I promise we will bring down the crime rate of the world at least 40% in that 21 days of meditation.


To tell the Karnataka government and to bring it to the notice of the Honorable Chief Minister of Karnataka, this harassment and abusal which is being done to Me constantly, illegally by the COD in the name of investigation and false charges, we are fasting on March 2nd. At least 25000 people are going to fast on that day all over the world in hundred countries. From that day, all over the world people are to going to pour their support in the form of letters signed in their own blood.


Already 49 major peetas and mutts of Karnataka has sent a solid strong support letter. Including the big mutts like Adichunchunagiri Maha Samsthana and Koladamatt Mutt Samsthana. All of them have sent their solid support. And now from all over the world all the suppressed, persecuted religious sects and leaders are pouring their support and letters. We will hand over all these letters to the Chief Minister of Karnataka, Governor of Karnataka, Prime Minister of India and President of India after March 22nd.


Even after that if the religious persecution does not stop, and if the government is not withdrawing all the false charges, we have decided we have no other way but to fast unto death as mass. At least 10.000 people are going to sit in this campus and decide to fast unto death. There is no other way to stop this persecution, to stop this illegal persecution in the name of investigation and false charges.


I wanted to bring this to the notice of attention of Honorable Chief Minister of Karnataka. “Many powerful people in your government who are against non Brahmin traditions like Me are working and trying to destroy the non Brahmin spiritual organizations. Please understand in your regime let this religious persecution not happen. Soon we will have to bring this to an end. All the fellows who are responsible for this illegal persecution will be remembered as Hitler by My millions and millions of persecuted disciples all over the world. I don’t think these officials will realize what they are doing is harming millions of people around the world. I request Chief Minister of Karnataka to look into this matter urgently and attend to it.”


So I inform all the devotees, disciples who are sitting with us around the world at this moment, the devotees, the ashramites have decided to observe fasting on March 2nd. And March 3rd we will be observing, ‘Jeevan Mukti Jayanthi’. March 3rd is the day I released the 'Jeevan Mukti' book. From March 3rd, the 21 days we will be distributing Jeevan Mukti book in all languages all over the world freely in our internet and physical hard copies as part of our sharing enlightenment project with the whole world. So I have a letter from… letter here from a devotee Kannan Los Angeles to participate in the fasting. Not only I give you My permission and blessings!!




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20110216_Photo_1000_IMG_1021_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1001_IMG_1023_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1002_IMG_1019_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1003_IMG_1020_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1004_IMG_1022_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1005_IMG_1018_CMP_WM


20110216_Photo_1000_IMG_1068_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1001_IMG_1043_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1002_IMG_1074_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1003_IMG_1065_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1004_IMG_1052_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1005_IMG_1030_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1006_IMG_1079_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1007_IMG_1086_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1008_IMG_1057_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1009_IMG_1060_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1010_IMG_1035_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1011_IMG_1083_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1012_IMG_1029_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1013_IMG_1038_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1014_IMG_1024_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1015_IMG_1071_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1016_IMG_1089_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1017_IMG_1076_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1018_IMG_1041_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1019_IMG_1084_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1020_IMG_1067_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1021_IMG_1032_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1022_IMG_1081_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1023_IMG_1062_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1024_IMG_1055_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1025_IMG_1037_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1026_IMG_1026_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1027_IMG_1044_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1028_IMG_1073_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1029_IMG_1058_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1030_IMG_1090_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1031_IMG_1056_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1032_IMG_1061_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1033_IMG_1034_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1034_IMG_1028_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1035_IMG_1082_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1036_IMG_1039_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1037_IMG_1025_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1038_IMG_1070_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1039_IMG_1069_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1040_IMG_1075_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1041_IMG_1064_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1042_IMG_1053_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1043_IMG_1031_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1044_IMG_1087_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1045_IMG_1078_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1046_IMG_1080_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1047_IMG_1063_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1048_IMG_1054_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1049_IMG_1036_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1050_IMG_1027_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1051_IMG_1072_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1052_IMG_1091_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1053_IMG_1059_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1054_IMG_1077_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1055_IMG_1040_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1056_IMG_1088_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1057_IMG_1085_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1058_IMG_1066_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1059_IMG_1033_CMP_WM


20110216_Photo_1000_IMG_1097_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1001_IMG_1183_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1002_IMG_1129_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1003_IMG_1240_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1004_IMG_1222_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1005_IMG_1226a_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1006_IMG_1135_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1007_IMG_1209_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1008_IMG_1157_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1009_IMG_1160_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1010_IMG_1171_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1011_IMG_1146_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1012_IMG_1218_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1013_IMG_1113_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1014_IMG_1124_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1015_IMG_1233_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1016_IMG_1204_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1017_IMG_1251_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1018_IMG_1138_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1019_IMG_1174_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1020_IMG_1248_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1021_IMG_1116_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1022_IMG_1197_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1023_IMG_1168_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1024_IMG_1201_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1025_IMG_1236_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1026_IMG_1254_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1027_IMG_1245_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1028_IMG_1210_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1029_IMG_1179_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1030_IMG_1186_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1031_IMG_1130_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1032_IMG_1165_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1033_IMG_1152_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1034_IMG_1100_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1035_IMG_1137_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1036_IMG_1155_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1037_IMG_1181_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1038_IMG_1242_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1039_IMG_1149_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1040_IMG_1220_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1041_IMG_1217_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1042_IMG_1231_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1043_IMG_1158_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1044_IMG_1253_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1045_IMG_1190_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1046_IMG_1144_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1047_IMG_1126_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1048_IMG_1111_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1049_IMG_1098_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1050_IMG_1234_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1051_IMG_1203_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1052_IMG_1108_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1053_IMG_1189_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1054_IMG_1228_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1055_IMG_1114_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1056_IMG_1123_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1057_IMG_1132_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1058_IMG_1150_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1059_IMG_1239_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1060_IMG_1198_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1061_IMG_1247_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1062_IMG_1119_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1063_IMG_1212_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1064_IMG_1225_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1065_IMG_1184_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1066_IMG_1175_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1067_IMG_1249_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1068_IMG_1120_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1069_IMG_1117_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1070_IMG_1169_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1071_IMG_1237_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1072_IMG_1196_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1073_IMG_1244_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1074_IMG_1226_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1075_IMG_1211_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1076_IMG_1178_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1077_IMG_1106_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1078_IMG_1131_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1079_IMG_1164_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1080_IMG_1153_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1081_IMG_1128_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1082_IMG_1241_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1083_IMG_1223_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1084_IMG_1096_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1085_IMG_1182_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1086_IMG_1134_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1087_IMG_1103_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1088_IMG_1156_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1089_IMG_1161_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1090_IMG_1170_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1091_IMG_1147_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1092_IMG_1219_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1093_IMG_1112_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1094_IMG_1125_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1095_IMG_1232_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1096_IMG_1205_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1097_IMG_1250_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1098_IMG_1139_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1099_IMG_1235_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1100_IMG_1202_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1101_IMG_1109_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1102_IMG_1140_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1103_IMG_1115_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1104_IMG_1122_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1105_IMG_1199_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1106_IMG_1133_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1107_IMG_1151_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1108_IMG_1166_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1109_IMG_1238_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1110_IMG_1185_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1111_IMG_1246_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1112_IMG_1118_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1113_IMG_1213_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1114_IMG_1224_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1115_IMG_1226b_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1116_IMG_1136_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1117_IMG_1163_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1118_IMG_1154_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1119_IMG_1243_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1120_IMG_1148_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1121_IMG_1221_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1122_IMG_1216_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1123_IMG_1191_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1124_IMG_1207_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1125_IMG_1230_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1126_IMG_1159_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1127_IMG_1252_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1128_IMG_1099_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1129_IMG_1145_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1130_IMG_1172_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1131_IMG_1127_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1132_IMG_1110_CMP_WM


20110216_Photo_1000_IMG_1288_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1001_IMG_1363_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1002_IMG_1277_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1003_IMG_1336_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1004_IMG_1294_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1005_IMG_1348_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1006_IMG_1359_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1007_IMG_1285_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1008_IMG_1327_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1009_IMG_1310_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1010_IMG_1266_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1011_IMG_1299_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1012_IMG_1309_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1013_IMG_1315_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1014_IMG_1322_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1015_IMG_1340_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1016_IMG_1263_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1017_IMG_1351_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1018_IMG_1333_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1019_IMG_1304_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1020_IMG_1259_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1021_IMG_1318_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1022_IMG_1291_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1023_IMG_1296_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1024_IMG_1269_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1025_IMG_1328_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1026_IMG_1356_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1027_IMG_1361_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1028_IMG_1275_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1029_IMG_1334_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1030_IMG_1303_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1031_IMG_1312_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1032_IMG_1325_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1033_IMG_1264_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1034_IMG_1347_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1035_IMG_1339_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1036_IMG_1278_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1037_IMG_1287_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1038_IMG_1320_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1039_IMG_1317_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1040_IMG_1342_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1041_IMG_1256_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1042_IMG_1261_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1043_IMG_1282_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1044_IMG_1293_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1045_IMG_1270_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1046_IMG_1353_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1047_IMG_1306_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1048_IMG_1331_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1049_IMG_1308_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1050_IMG_1281_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1051_IMG_1314_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1052_IMG_1323_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1053_IMG_1341_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1054_IMG_1262_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1055_IMG_1273_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1056_IMG_1350_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1057_IMG_1332_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1058_IMG_1305_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1059_IMG_1290_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1060_IMG_1319_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1061_IMG_1362_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1062_IMG_1355_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1063_IMG_1276_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1064_IMG_1300_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1065_IMG_1337_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1066_IMG_1289_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1067_IMG_1349_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1068_IMG_1295_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1069_IMG_1284_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1070_IMG_1358_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1071_IMG_1298_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1072_IMG_1326_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1073_IMG_1311_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1074_IMG_1267_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1075_IMG_1344_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1076_IMG_1321_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1077_IMG_1316_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1078_IMG_1343_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1079_IMG_1257_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1080_IMG_1260_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1081_IMG_1283_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1082_IMG_1292_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1083_IMG_1271_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1084_IMG_1365_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1085_IMG_1352_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1086_IMG_1307_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1087_IMG_1330_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1088_IMG_1268_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1089_IMG_1329_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1090_IMG_1297_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1091_IMG_1357_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1092_IMG_1360_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1093_IMG_1274_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1094_IMG_1335_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1095_IMG_1302_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1096_IMG_1313_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1097_IMG_1324_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1098_IMG_1265_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1099_IMG_1346_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1100_IMG_1286_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1101_IMG_1338_CMP_WM 20110216_Photo_1102_IMG_1279_CMP_WM