February 07 2012

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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4: Jnana-Karma-Sanyasa Yoga of Bhagavad Gita, 7th verse


Date: Tue, 2012-02-07 07:05

Transcript in English: HONEST DHARMA


Lets enter into today’s satsang. In 4th chapter, Jnana-Karma-Sanyasa Yoga of Bhagavad Gita, 7th verse.

yadaa yadaa hi dharmasya glaanihi-bhavathi bhaaratha |

abhyut-taanam-adharmasya tadaat-maanam srujaam-yaham ||

Every time I utter this verse, it feels new because still I have not shared all the 108 translations landed on me. Shared only may be 5 to 6.

yadaa yadaa hi dharmasya glaanihi-bhavathi bhaaratha

In each one of us, again and again, honesty, intensity and spiritual strength gets decayed. Please understand, again and again it gets decayed in each one of us. Adharma – the wrong way of decision-making, wrong cognition, I can translate dharma and adharma in this way; the basic facts with which you make all decisions of your life; those basic facts are in tune with cosmic goodness. The larger vision of life you are flowing in the field of dharma, means whatever you are creating is going with the good of the Universe, for example, you are giving medical care to people and making money. This is complete dharma. For example, you are selling ganja and making money - complete adharma. Your success is going to be destruction for so many people. So the facts with which you make decisions, if it is good for the cosmos also, if it is good for others also, then you are on the right direction.

The facts and figures with which you make decisions, if it is not good for others, if it is not good for the world, then you are stuck; you are caught. That is what I call adharma. Constantly, in all of us, the facts, concepts with which you make decisions gets decayed, slowly loses the larger vision and gets narrowed down. It is like everyday Master opens your eyes and makes you see complete 360 degree and slowly in half an hour you reduce, reduce, how you attend the satsang, by 9.10, only 20 degree is seen. That also like a flash and by 9.30 people are in Kailash, 9.40 they are in Vaikunta. From 8-9, I struggle, struggle, struggle and make their eyes wide open, make them have a 360 degree vision, and that 360 slowly comes down, by 9 o’clock 120, 9.30 just 20, 9.40 Kailasha, 9.50 Vaikunta.

Please understand, same thing happens internally. Every day I am expanding, making you in tune with the larger vision of life. I tell you, decide to sacrifice, decide to surrender, decide to live in insecurity, you don’t know the power of it. When you decide to live in insecurity, in sacrifice, in surrender, larger vision of life always fits with you. When you decide to live with the tremendous responsibility, see always living with the tremendous responsibility is like a uphill task. It is very easy, just lie down and say, this much only I can take up. I am peace-loving person. I tell you, peace loving people will never have peace. They will have only pieces of mind. They will not have peace of mind. Peace loving people will not have peace of mind. Understand, they will only have pieces of mind.

Life larger than lifestyle is dharma. Understand, life larger than lifestyle is dharma. Your lifestyle means constantly bothered about the 6-feet frame you are holding. What kind of food, what kind of house, what kind of car, what kind of clothes, what kind of people you have around you is lifestyle, but looking at the life larger than your life style, planning for your life larger than your life style is dharma.

Understand, planning for your life larger than your life style, means your decisions are not made just centered on you. Recently, I was reading a story of Sri Ramakrishna. I don’t know how many hundreds of times I have read this story, but every time I read, it makes sense and meaning. Bhagawan asks for amalaki fruit to a disciple. Disciple goes somewhere and finally brings it. The moment it was put in the hands of Bhagawan, Bhagawan says, “No, I can’t touch this. It is stolen fruit. It is not properly earned.” Then the disciple who brought tries to find out the source of that fruit. The fellow who has leased that garden and selling the fruit has not paid the lease amount to the original owner. What depth of dharma!

In our own branch, Salem ashram, when I went there once, lot of mangoes are there in our ashram, mango trees. I said,”hey, come on, let’s have mango.” These brahmacharis ran and got big mango in the main field. I said, “No, you cannot touch those mangoes. We already leased it; leased those trees. Don’t touch that. Go to my quarters. Inside my quarters, that area we have not leased. Get it from there.” They said, “Swamiji! Quarters mangoes are all small. Here they are all big. Let’s take it here itself. After all, our land. One mango, for YOU! The person who has taken the lease is not going to say anything.” I said, “No, Ramakrishna story. He can’t take a small amalaki fruit. Then no question of taking a mango.“ And finally I told our brahmacharis to go to my quarters, and in that area bring mango from that; we ate and that day evening, that person who took the lease, he came. I told, “Take permission from him and get the mango.” That guy was in tears. He says, “Swamiji, people actually give lease. When I take lease, I don’t even allow the owners to stay in that land because when I am not there, they pluck everything and sell it. But in your ashram, even for You, one mango, you were waiting for my permission from morning till evening.”

Understand, in every step, see, the very source in which you make decisions should expand. That is what opening of the third eye. Opening of the third eye means ensuring the path in which you are walking. It is aligned with the vision of the universe. Please understand, if you are making two eyes, if your two eyes are open, you will make sure the path in which you walk is in tune with your vision. If you ensure the path in which you walk is in tune with the universe’s vision, your third eye is also open. Third eye does not mean you will have one more eye on the forehead. Understand, third eye is not just having one more eye on the forehead. It is your vision is in tune with the cosmic vision. Whenever that degrading happens, means, when your vision becomes narrow in your life, the facts in which you make decisions are more self-centered instead of universe-centered.

I tell you, If you life in insecurity, If you live in homeless way, if you live not being bothered about the self-centered life style, the higher intelligence in you gets awakened in which the possibility of one-with-the-cosmos happens. I tell you, that is the honest dharma.

yadaa yadaa hi dharmasya glaanihi-bhavathi bhaaratha |

abhyut-taanam-adharmasya tadaat-maanam srujaam-yaham ||

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