April 24 2011

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Importance of Pilgrimage (Yatra): Nithyananda Satsangh

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Today I will share few words about yatra - Pilgrimage. When you go to a place specially for the purpose of experiencing spiritual consciousness, naturally your whole energy gets centered towards that. When 1000s of people gather in certain place continuously for one purpose of spiritual rejuvenation and enlightenment that very place gets charged. There is a beautiful Sanskrit saying called teerthe kurvanti teertinaha. When enlightened masters and incarnations again and again visit that place, that place becomes a spiritual battery. When ordinary people go there, their consciousness is raised to that level to that experience. Going to a special spiritual pilgrimage places for the sake of meditating, practicing, experiencing the spiritual truths - one of the ancient, most ancient spiritual technique followed in Vedic tradition and observed almost in all other religions and all other traditions. Going to different places, spiritual pilgrimage centers, literally rejuvenates the energy body you carry. For a normal human being it is just like recharging the battery. These sacred places like Arunachala, where 1000s of enlightened Masters have lived for ages and left the body, is a living energy battery. I call it spiritual incubator 😀. These are the special energy centers dedicated for the upliftment of the whole humanity.


See just like how you have in your house separate places for separate activity - for sleeping you have a separate place, for cooking you have a separate place, for 1 2 3 you have a separate place, for puja you have a separate place. Why? Because the action you do in that place carries the mood. The place also carries the mood. If you do the same action continuously in the same place, that place will have the mood. That is why, if you are doing everyday puja and meditation in puja room, nothing else other than puja and meditation, if you are feeling low and depressed, if you just go and sit in the puja room, depression will go away. That place gets charged. Same way when you go to kitchen you will not feel sleepy you will feel only hungry. When you go to bedroom you will only feel sleepy. When you do the same action in same place again and again the place itself gets charged.


I went to one so called ashram. They invited me for some function. I went there. I asked ‘where is the puja room, temple? I want to go there’. They said ‘No we don’t have a temple because everything is worthy of worship’. I said if everything is worthy of worship why don’t you worship the commode? You can’t have a sacred feeling there. It is different; at least in the initial level. So naturally you need special places; at least till you are matured, you need a separate place for separate activities. Puja room in the house rejuvenates you for few hours. But these great temples are puja rooms of the Universe. When you come here these great pilgrimage places rejuvenates you for years; for ages helps you to retain the extraordinary energy and power for ages.


Soon we are going to Kailash, the place where 1000s and 1000s of yogis and siddhas and incarnations lived and left the body. It is not just sightseeing; it is inside seeing. It is not just sightseeing, inside seeing. It really does Inner Awakening. See something extraordinary has happened. Today morning I can say the whole group - different energy, different space. Today, first time in an intense energy field my body expressed the materialization and teleportation. Why it happened you know? Inside the garbha mandir of Arunachaleshwara, the abhisheka vibhooti of Arunachaleshwara directly got teleported to her hands, devotees hands, and the kumkum from the feet of the Devi directly got teleported to the devotees hands. Why you know? If it is a black magic it will not work in the intense energy fields. This is a solid proof the energy which is expressing through this body is an incarnation energy; super conscious energy. If it is some yakshini vidya or black magic it will not work in the energy fields like Arunachaleshwara temple or all these great temples. If it is some black magic or yakshini vidya you can do it somewhere outside but not inside the garbha mandir. The garbha mandir is a sacred energy center where no other energy can cross. That’s all I said "If that and this is radiating same energy let this vibhooti move; that’s all" 😀 Simply it moved. 😀 And I told them to collect the vibhooti also. Now we are going to scientifically prove the vibhooti which came in her hand and the vibhooti which was given after prasadam from Arunachaleshwara’s body, that Shivalinga, both are same quality - same vibhooti. We will prove now through scientific research. 😀 I did not do as a teleportation or materialization. I just relaxed and said ‘If achala murti and sachala murti is one and the same let it happen; that’s all!’


Because the egoistic siddhi cannot be expressed in front of Arunachaleshwara; he has destroyed the ego of even Brahma and Vishnu. 😀 Understand, he destroyed and made even Brahma and Vishnu’s ego as a dust. Egoistic miracle or siddhi cannot be expressed in front of Arunachaleshwara. He is a fire. Even Brahma and Vishnu’s drama did not work out 😀 in front of Arunachaleshwara. In front of Arunachaleshwara you cannot say who is big. No. The moment if somebody thinks ‘I am big’, that's all. In front of him only he can be big, only his energy can radiate. Nothing else can act or function.


Brahma and Vishnu in course of time started feeling they are too big guys because one is creating, another one is maintaining. And simply this guy Shiva is sitting in Kailash in Samadhi. So these two fellows have started feeling that they are too big guys; started fighting who is big. Shiva just appeared where his foot and the head both are not visible; that huge form. Please understand, it happened exactly in this spot. Only in this plot you will not be able to see the feet or head of the Arunachala hill. You can’t see. All over the girivalam path go anywhere you can see the top of the Arunachala hill. Just in this three acre part you can’t see the top of the Arunachala hill. If you move this side you will see - ten feet, if you move this side ten feet you will see. Try. If you just move ten feet that side you will see, ten feet this side you will see. But just this three acre part you will not be able to see because this is where He appeared as a Adimudi kaana Arutperunjodhiyaai whose head or feet is not seen; as a self effulgent light He appeared. Understand feet you can’t see because how much you dig, dig, dig it goes; you can’t see the feet from anywhere but the top at least you can see from somewhere some places. Only this place, both can’t be seen. Here He stays as a formless self effulgence presence where He gave enlightenment to Brahma and Vishnu and standing as a huge self effulgent shudda swayam prakasha jyoti.


So you cannot play any ego game in front of him. If it is just a miracle power it cannot happen in front of him. In front of him only his energy can function. Like in front of me will acharyas talk? 😀 They won’t dare to open mouth. Forget about opening mouth, opening eyes is a big job. How in front of me acharyas won’t talk, same way, in front of Him nobody can play any drama; only He can do. If something is happening be very clear He is doing it.


Ramakrishna used to say ‘No siddhi no miracles will work in Varanasi, inside the area of boundary of Varanasi because there only the siddhi of Vishwanatha can be done; no other siddhi or miracles can be work in Varanasi.’ But there was a great sadhu Trailinga swami, in Tamil Nadu he was called Kolan Dayananda swami. He was the child brought up by Meenakshi directly. If you see the Meenakshi purana there is a story: one child was given to the Meenakshi temple and Devi herself brought….. that child only is called as Kolandayananda swami. He lived in Varanasi. He lived for 300 years. Some 100 years he lived in Varanasi, in that 300 years. He will do all kinds of miracles. So…. Ramakrishna went and had his darshan. People asked how come no miracle works in Varanasi. Nobody can materialize teleport in Varanasi. How come only this Kolandayanda swami, this Trailinga swami, Trailinga swami is able to do? Then Ramakrishna laughs and says ‘Fool, achala Vishwanatha immobile Vishwanatha is in temple, sachala Vishwanatha is Trailinga swami. That is why it is happening.’


Understand in Arunachala’s energy field nobody else can do miracles. It is the energy field of Arunachala. Even Raghupathi yogi, when he wants to do some materializing, teleporting, he will take me outside the boundary and do. He will not do it inside. He will say ‘No, no, no, inside boundary it will not work. Only if you become ego free, pure channel for the Shiva’s energy, His will operates. Achala becomes sachala and thirumeni becomes gurumeni.


24 April 2011 - Mahasamadhi of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

24 April 2011 - HDH visited Puttaparthi and paid his last respects to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba[1], who entered into Mahasamadhi (left His mortal frame). He was received by the senior members of the organization. The following are pictures from the homage visit.

http://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1TilrovVumAkrEJNp6FSSG_O2IknGr3b- http://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=11C-vYlJ_4ogJmB8m6UIPvMt34R0eFgAZ http://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1MkCtgz9DwEQaPdcypGkSuLrAmzF1DgO4

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