April 14 2019

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Love You || The Statement of Paramashiva || The Real Royal Secrets of Cosmos


Live darshan of Paramashiva on the auspicious day of vedic new year and during the most ecstatic "Love You" webinar.

Video and Audio

Love You - The Statement Of Paramashiva - The Real Royal Secrets Of Cosmos

Video Audio


00:12 nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām | asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

Love you. Love you all. I welcome you all with my love, and, blessings.

00:55 Understand last few days, literally time has stopped for me. After Shivaratri, I saw only handful of human beings, only less than handful of days. Continuously being in that state of timeless zone, where karana (करण, karaṇa) - cause, karya (कार्य, kārya) - action, mulya (मूल्य, mūlya) - source. For the karana and karya, exist in the very source form of the whole Cosmos. I’ll repeat. That cause of the Cosmos, and, action of the Cosmos, which is the seen world. The source for both - cause of the Cosmos and action of the Cosmos, the source for both is Paramashiva. Parama, Ultimate, constantly residing in that space - seeing Universes and Universes coming and going, time being swallowed by the time, darkness covered with the darkness and light covered with light. Continuously this whole flow, which still I have not yet map into the words. I am so clear the words I am uttering now are not doing true to the experience or the space, which is radiating.

03:25 After Shivaratri, literally timeless zone, not seeing any human beings - almost no. Almost all days. maybe in between one or two days, or, one or two people. Being in that space, whatever this body was going through in that space - that pure reality. The pure reality being mapped on this body. And seeing all the transformation this body was going through. Because this year is vikari (विकारी, vikārī). The name of the year itself is transformation. So the auspicious transformation happening for this year along with this year. This whole auspiciousness, happening, which is beyond any imagination or words or anything. Even the word “beyond imagination,” “beyond words” is filled with lot of insecurity. To explain or not to explain, both has no meaning. Being in this whole space, I really want to tell you, the fabric of the whole reality, source material of the cause and action of the Cosmos - karana, kariya, mulya; cause and action of the Cosmos, the source fabric, source material of Parama, Paramashiva.

06:00 Please listen, the core source material is love - Anbe Sivam. Love is Paramashiva. The source material of Paramashiva, the source happening of Paramashiva, the core happening of the Cosmos: cause - karana, karya - result, action. The source material mulya of the karana and karya - Paramashiva, Param; that core is the pure love, understand. This whole Universe is nothing but multiple versions of that core love, that’s all. Whether it is the planet earth, sun, moon, you, the best of your life and worst of your life, best of your perception and worst of your perception, best of your experience, worst of your experience - all are different versions of love. At this moment if I give you enlightenment or an heart attack, both is the different version of love of Paramashiva, I tell you. It is just various versions of love of Paramashiva. When I utter the word “love you,” understand, you are absolutely loved and protected and safe. Especially, if you resonate and feel connected with that word “love” when I say “love you.”

08:19 Even if you have puppy love, and resonate and get excited and little your eyes become big and smile. Understand, you are absolutely protected and connected and bless, because the moment your eyes pop up, and the smile increases, something goes on in your being. That love is reciprocated, understand. The completion of the circle of love with the Guru, you are done. Your, your purpose is done. Nothing more to be worrying, thought about, understand. Whether the puppy love or the love you have with some hero, idea, attribute - nothing need to be bothered, because everything is various versions of Paramashiva’s love. Whether it is a lust which creates one more body or what you think as lowest sexual act or the highest Oneness, Advaita, Anubhuti - all are various versions of Paramashiva’s love. The cause and effect of the Cosmos - karana, karya of the Cosmos, and its mulya, the source of the karana and karya of the Cosmos, is love. Whether the Arunagiri Yogishwara appearing in the human frequency, and spending time with me, or now He is manifesting through this body and initiating you all, or moving away from you all physically and spending sometime with Himself - everything is just various versions of love.

10:38 Whether you are overflowing with the extreme feeling connection and joy, melting down like the jewellery which is put on this body was melting down. I tell you, many jewels have started melting down. Pearls have started becoming like a plastic. Many of you may be wondering why I shaved the beard. I really did not want to shave, I am telling you the truth. There was some moment, I was seeing literally the body, the fire was coming out of the body. I did not know it was a physical fire. I just casually held the body, like a excited mood, “Eh!” I saw that hair, literally was hair, the beard was getting burned. The, I have collected the hair and kept, which was burned with the fire, which was coming from this very own hands. It is like a, the internal and the external borders were melting. Because, one side beard melted down, the hair melted down. I decided to shave the whole thing. First reduced the size and then finally shaved it out, understand and then... the gold jewellery, the gold started melting down. Lot of funny things.

12:24 Understand, in love the source of the karana and karya, means cause and effect of the Cosmos, the Paramashiva in love - everything melts down. There is nothing called good-bad, higher-lower, right-wrong. It is all just various versions of Paramashiva’s love. Whether you melt in extreme joy, bliss, see highest bliss your body can handle, the highest bliss electricity, voltage, that frequency your body can handle is overflowing gratitude with Guru, the Guru bhakti. That’s the, that’s the last experience you will have before becoming one with Guru, Guru, that before that Oneness happens. Literally your, please understand, the gratitude makes even the molecular structure of your brain transform, not just your muscle memory or bio memory. The very molecular structure of your brain flowers like a thousand petal lotus. That is why the sahasrara is always shown as a thousand petal lotus in our Vedic tradition, and the gratitude is shown as the quality, flowers the Sahasrara Chakra, your brain, understand.

14:19 The lowest lust or the highest: lowest lust of Muladhara Chakra - root center, or the highest gratitude of the Sahasrara Chakra - all are various versions of Paramashiva’s love, that's all. Nothing is lower, nothing is higher. Just different versions of Paramashiva’s love. All you need is just go to the closer and closer, the core of Paramashiva. It is not actually vertical, that lust is lower and then the next is love and then the Guru bhakti. It’s not actually vertical, it’s actually horizontal. All of them are part of Paramashiva’s core love, various versions! Not steps, components. Not the step by step, but the component of Paramashiva, parts of Paramashiva, components of Paramashiva. Surely the highest gratitude with the Guru, that Guru bhakti is best, because that leads you to the Oneness immediately. The ultimate is experience immediately! Surely in that way, it has its own advantages.

15:59 And I also want to tell you, most of you, ninety nine point nine nine percent of you, really need detox and you really need to work only on your physiology - body. You all don’t have a bigger problem in your psychology or the mind. I have given you so much of teachings, powerful cognitions. You don’t need lack of knowledge or education or powerful cognition. You just lack the ability to retain it, so just build a yogic body. Heavy body, and detox yourself. If you are my fanatic disciple, who listen to me absolutely - I give you this one word “stop eating.” Live by drinking. Juices, herbal juices. Even rice if you want to have, make it into a juice - rice water and take. I am telling you, just if you stop giving the responsibility of grinding to your stomach - ninety percent of the detoxification happens. Stop eating.

17:26 There’s a beautiful verse by Thiruvalluvar, a great Shaiva, the atheist terrorists of Tamil Nadu has snatched the Shaivite identity from Thiruvalluvar. He’s a great Shaiva saint. His book Thirukkural is one of the Shaivite literature. It was recited, and, to the public arangetram was done in Madurai, Meenakshi Sundareswarar’s temple main Garbha Mandir. The in front of Garbha Mandir, there is a mandapam called Thirukkural Arangetram Mandapam. That’s where it was first time recited to the public. It was Thondai Mandala Saiva Vellalar born in Mylapore. A great saint, he says beautifully, “marundhena vendaavaam yaakkaikku arundhiyadhu attradhu pottri unnin (மருந்தென வேண்டாவாம் யாக்கைக்கு அருந்தியது அற்றது போற்றி உணின்).” The verse says, “you don’t need any medicine to the body, if you take anything, after knowing what you drank went out.” He did not, understand, he’s a, he’s a master of words. He’s not saying, “what you ate should go out then you eat next.” He is saying, “what you drank” - “arundhiyadhu (அருந்தியது).”

18:47 In Tamil, there are different words for eating and drinking. If your tongue need to touch the upper palate and grind, that is called eating - “unal.” If it does not need to touch, just you need to gulp - it’s called arundha (அருந்த). If you utter the letters “un,” the lower tongue, that the tongue will touch the upper palate. If that “un,” that uttering the word and that action of swallowing, both needs a same performance inside, then it is eating - “arundha (அருந்த).” Means you need to gulp, the word when you utter the word “aru,” you have to gulp. So the gulping and “aru” is same action. “Un” and eating is same action. The same action, what movements are required for the tongue, the same words are used, same letters and sounds are used for it. He is not saying, “eat after cleansing of what you ate.” He says, “after cleansing of what you drank” - “arundhiyadhu attradhu pottri unnin (அருந்தியது அற்றது போற்றி உணின்).”

20:11 Just stop eating for some days, till you are established in that Oneness. This is for the people who fanatically follow me, who are literally like a absolute devotion, dedication, surrender, whatever I say they do. Like a devotion and commitment I had with Arunagiri Yogishwara. If you have that kind of a commitment to me, take these words seriously. Maybe just for next twenty one days. Understand, I am literally vibrating Paramashiva now. If you now do this twenty one days of liquid diet, you can drink whole day, I don’t have a problem. Just do not give the job of grinding to your intestine. So much detoxification will happen. You will see all the things which triggers you, see whatever triggers you - controls you, manipulates you. Whatever triggers you, all that pattern will come up, and leave you. Powerful cognitions will get established in you. Hunger is one of the core pattern which opens up all the dirt pandora box.

21:47 And if you remain hungry and put Mahavakya and powerful cognitions into your system, so much detoxification will happen, literally ninety percent you will get established in Oneness and enlightenment. You do not need mental work, you need physical work. Means your, you need to work only on your body. I have given you too much initiation, too much of powerful cognitions. And, from here itself I can give enlightenment to you left and right just like that. It’s not at all a big job. In English what do you say, “a piece of cake.” You use any word. Just I need your body to be detoxified, so when I pour me in you, you can hold. It is literally Cosmic union. I can make the Cosmic union happen with anyone of you at anytime now, especially with this whole vibration of that love.

22:57 That is why I insist on you moving to liquid diet at least next for twenty one days. Liquid diet, chanting of Mahavakya, vibrate yourself with the Mahavakya, “Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham.” And spend as much time as possible with Oneness capsules and satsangs, these powerful cognitions. And I tell you, these powerful cognitions will get rooted in your bio memory. When you don’t give the job of grinding food to your intestine, see, you have three things twenty four hours happening in you. Blood circulation, breathing, digestion. You cannot stop blood circulation. You cannot stop breathing. But if you just reduce the load of digestion, both get impacted - the breathing becomes very deep, and the whole blood circulation becomes so pure. Consciousness, the pure Paramashiva starts reflecting in your system more powerful in a higher frequency.

24:27 I am giving you all the real secrets of Raja Vidya. I am giving you all the original secrets revealed by Paramashiva to Devi, Devi to Vishnu, Vishnu to Brahma, Brahma to Surya, Surya to that whole Surya vamsa! And what Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita that, he gave this science to Surya and from Surya to Ikshvaku (इक्ष्वाकु, Ikṣvāku), Ikshvaku to Manu and the whole sampradaya - Surya vamsa, Sarvajna Peetha, that whole Parampara. Whatever secret was stored with that kings, that Raja Vidya I am giving you. Work on body. Only middle class people work on mind. Kings, elite people work on body. Work on body, I am telling you. Middle class people eat, and waste their life. Royal elite people don’t eat. Just drink, build the body. Strong nervous system to hold the highest version of Paramashiva’s love. The highest version of Paramashiva’s love I tasted in my life - Arunagiri Yogishwara, my Guru. The love was so much, never I felt insecure that will I be able to execute all His instructions, all His commands, all His words. I just know, I have to make His words into reality. I have to strategize whatever he wants, I have to strategize and make it happen, that’s all.

26:25 I tell you guys, I neither have fear, nor hiding from anyone to protect my life or my body. I am away from the people who are trying to destroy this body just to prove Arunagiri Yogishwara’s words are right. He trusted and declared this body as an incarnation. I have to make this into reality and prove His words are right. Prove His words are true! I cannot let His words go wrong. All my strategies are just to prove he is right! He is my Guru, he is right! Oh, I have to conquer the whole world for Him. That is the only reason I am keeping this body away from the people who are trying to prosecute just to prove my Guru is right, Arunagiri Yogishwara is right! I strategize just to prove he is right! Nothing else. I neither have fear or insecurity, will I be able to listen to His words and make His words into reality. I just know my love is so intense for Him, I will do everything and make His words into reality! I will conquer the world for Him - one thousand and eight Kailaasas. I will make millions of Kailaasas for Him, to manifest His energy field and ecosystem of enlightenment, where billions revere Him, and follow Him, and radiate Him, live Him.

28:31 He is the peak, highest version of Paramashiva’s love I experienced. Understand. I’ll be integrated to that strategies. My integrity is absolutely for Cosmic love, Paramashiva. Not any other fact or the any other existence reality you see. I am absolutely in love with Him, and, strategize only for Him. My every action, reaction is for Him, integrated to Him, understand. I tell you, he is Paramashanta Svarupa. I tell you what is exactly Paramashanta Svarupa. Meditate on this Paramashanta Svarupa. In you, every thought should be your conscious action, not voluntary reaction or addictive manipulation or addictive responds or pattern or automatic reaction or automated. Every thought in you should be your conscious action. That space is called Paramashanta Svarupa. You are in Paramashanta whether you are breathing or your thought - you do consciously, is Paramashanta Svarupa. He’s Paramashanta Svarupa. My integrity to Him keeps me in that space. All my strategies are from that space of Paramashanta Svarupa. I neither have pride that my strategies will be successful nor have fear will it become successful. I just know it is done! I strategize for Him from His space of Paramashanta Svarupa, and it is done. I tell you, it is my love for Him, listening for Him made everything successful and right. All the right things and glory goes to Him, Paramshanta Svarupa, Paramashiva, Arunagiri Yogishwara.

31:18 I also have one thing to share, where I did not listen to my Guru’s love. I wanted to share this. I want whole world to know and I want this on record - where I messed it. Once Kuppammal, my Guru, she was insisting that she hands over that Guru Parampara, Guru Sampradaya property to me. Legally she wants to transfer. She had one house, and, that building she where she built, where I had enlightenment experience, where I… see in those days, taking photograph, making paperwork and all is not a easy job, normal lifestyle. Especially a village in, village like Tiruvannamalai, the whole village had only one photographer. And you have to fix a date with him only then you can fix up marriage. In Tiruvannamalai, I have seen people will first fix the date with the photographer, only then they will fix the date for their marriage, because those days only one photographer. She will go to that photographer’s house and fix the date, time and get them, and make me sit, and take the photograph and...

32:40 And tsk, all these dry irresponsible Vedantic ideas I had, because I didn’t want to take the responsibility. It was looking like a, not true. See, when I sit for, when she made me sit for the photography, that photographer will always insist on light. So it has to be sunlight, and, so naturally in the sun it will be little sweating and the vibhuti will come down, vibhuti will melt. She will run and get the vibhuti and apply and then make that photographer take the photo. It’ll, it’ll look like a fake, and, I use to think, “Eh, photo should be as I am. Why she’s doing all this makeup and taking photograph?” I never understood her, her love and her strategy for my future, and the glory of this whole Sanatana Hindu Dharma. I was so silly with that so-called factual, which is too cheap. If she has not ran, and took all those pictures, Sanatana Dharma would have missed something too important! Those photographs are the legitimate evidences she recorded and created, which is, I cannot equate any value for all those things they have done, in spite of my stupid interference with their strategy.

34:19 Silly interference. I’ll tell, “Eh! What is there, Pati? As I am there, let the photo be taken.” She’ll say, “No, no, wait, wait,” and she will put the vibhuti. “Ah an,” she will tell the photographer, “Now take.” And because you can see the photograph she took of me in the Pavazha Kundru, that Guru Sampradaya place, the Guru gati. In first photograph you will see actually I will be closing my eyes because the sun was too much. She insisted I keep my eyes open. But I was not, I said, “What is there? Close eyes or open eyes take the photograph, it’s okay.” Then she ran and brought an umbrella and held the umbrella and make sure the sun was not hurting me and I am okay for the sun and then make my eyes open and took another picture. I cannot imagine the love and the strategy. You see, she has nothing to gain. But to keep that parampara, tradition alive. Actually spiritually whatever she has to give me, she has given. It is not just spiritual alone, even socially she want to keep that legitimacy of continuity, sampradaya.

35:43 A woman all alone, taking photographs, getting, see paper and all will not be available in the homes, in any normal home, paper, pen and all will not be there. I still remember forty paisa refill pen. She went and bought from the shop and got the paper from the local shop, and then made the letter she wrote as a initiation letter for me - putting the whole thing in documentation. And how much I resisted when she wanted to legally transfer that property to me, the show I put up. Oh God! Because in those days, ten rupee you have to pay for electricity, standard money for the EB card, and another few rupee for the water supply. Totally per month I may have to spend thirty rupee to keep both the properties alive means her house. She had three property. The Guru gati, means where she built an ashram, understand, she went house to house and begged and built that property for me. That mandapam she built, where I had enlightenment and then that whole property she had in her name for a long time, that local government legal, basic legal documentation.

37:05 And then her house where she lived. And she wanted to buy the next house where the my Parama Guru, Isakki Swamigal was living. She was actually living next house to my Parama Guru, third house my Parama Guru, and serving him, taking care of him. She collected enough money to buy that house and transfer it to my name. She wanted to put all three properties in my name. Totally I may have to spend thirty rupee per month to maintain all that three property which was a too big responsibility for my irresponsible mind. I said, “No, no, no, no, no! She cried, I tell you, she cried. She said, “You don’t know.” She said in Tamil, “lakshoba laksham per vanthu darisanam pannitu pora edam shethram panrathuku maatendriyedaa (லக்ஷோப லக்ஷம் பேர் வந்து தரிசனம் பண்ணிட்டு போற இடம். சேத்திரத்த பண்றத்துக்கு மாட்டேன்றியேடா).” She was telling, lakhs and lakhs of people are going to come here and have darshan in the future, the kshetra you are not allowing to happen. I was, “Eh, spiritually what you have give, you have given me. Let me be factual.” Always irresponsibility tries to show this world as the reality, and this fact is the truth.

38:21 See, when I resisted my Guru putting vibhuti for me, I did not want to take the responsibility of waiting and posing till the vibhuti is put, but I used, “Ah! Let us be truthful as it is! Let us be factual! Let’s be factually correct!” But that was not the truth. I didn’t want to take the responsibility as a strat, I didn’t want to follow the strategy of my Guru. I wanted to follow only what I am convinced. Finally, she did not bother about me, she brought the registrar. Those days getting registrar and all is a big job. She brought everyone and made everyone arrange and got me. And my parents, because I was a minor, my parents have to sign on behalf of me. And I just put my foot down and said, “No!” The worst stupid thing I have done in my life is that day what I did. I want this to be on record. My father said, “Thirty rupee is nothing. I will take care.” I said, “No, no, no, I wanted to travel all over, all around India all the kshetras, because my Guru has told me to travel all the twelve Jyotirlinga. That time what, who will take care?”

39:43 Actually my father was ready, my grandfather would have taken care, and, just I did not want to take the responsibility. When I travel, I did not want this on my backside of my mind as a responsibility, commitment. Most stupid. She told me, “Eh...” For any enlightenment ecosystem, samsthana (संस्थान, saṃsthāna) - kingdom, in Hindu tradition whether it is a kingdom or monastery or aadheenam or mutt - all are just enlightenment ecosystem. The continuity of the puja, kriya, yoga, goshala, bodybuilding, that shastra abhyasa (शस्त्राभ्यास, śastrābhyāsa) means like archery - all these the continuity matters. The ritualistic continuity matters. She was insistence that the legal legitimate continuity is maintain. I said, “What is there? You have given me everything. I am going to maintain it. I am going to be truthful to the reality, world.” I was factually right, but, truthfully wrong. I was not integrated to the Cosmic strategy of my Guru. Because I didn’t want to take the responsibility, I was arguing with her, “Ah! I can’t even hold now. I am a minor. And why should all these be done?”

41:23 And I tell you, if I would have listen to my Guru that day and accepted that legal transfer in my name - sangha would have grown thousand times more. I would done to Hinduism thousand times more. The legitimate continuity she was telling me, “Eeh… you don’t know, you are going to revive thousands of mutts, ashrams, smasthanas, kingdoms where continuity is broken. This legitimacy from here only you will light the lamp of continuity.” In Hindu tradition, even one day puja is broken, it is not respected anymore. Fortunately, I did not break the puja. I maintained all the continuity, but for society what I need to show - the legitimate paperwork was missing. Finally she wrote because she called all the registrar, everyone. She wrote off all the property to Tiruvannamalai Temple. Still now, even now all the property belongs to Arunachaleswarar Temple. Her home she wanted to give, she give it to Arunachaleswarar Temple, still it is there in Arunachaleswarar Temple name.

42:43 The legitimate continuity which would have been… see even now spiritually I have not broken the continuity, but we are not able to expand because the property is not in my name. They are only able to do puja! I missed her strategy with my small visions, small ideas. Her strategy, if I follow, I would have done ten thousand times more good to Hinduism, Sanatana Hindu Dharma for the Cosmic good. Whenever I listen to Guru’s strategies, I won the game. I strategize for Gurus, I did the best to the world. I want this on record, if I would have listen to her words, and allowed that legal transfer to happen to my name, I would have done ten thousand times more good to Sanatana Hindu Dharma. She cried and I wanted this on record. I also sat and cried with her! I could not handle she crying, I cried. But, I did not listen. Finally, she only made the initiation document in my name, and told the local government offices who all listens to her, to change that deed memo in my name for which my signature is not required. But for registration of the property my signature is required, she did not, she was not able to do that.

44:19 And she was not able to buy the… she was not able to buy the property where his Parama Guru, my Parama Guru - Isakki Swamigal, her Guru was staying, that property and transfer it to my name. Because that seller was ready. Money was ready. She was ready. Registrar was ready. My parents were ready. I was, “Emm!” Did not listen to her strategy. I tell you, just go with the strategies of the Master, you will do best to you and to the world. That is integrity to the Cosmos, Paramashiva. Your ideas of facts, factually right-wrong, truth, everything is too small. I just did not take the simple risk of ready to go with my Guru’s words. I did not want the accusation. People may accuse that I am behind the property or my, I am behind my Guru, because I wanted to get the property from Guru. All these stupid thoughts, stupid ideas. Whatever false accusation I was trying to avoid, that same thing is following me till now. Everyone was putting the false accusation I am putting behind the property. I could have done that job properly there and then.

45:47 When I decided not to be afraid of false accusations and stand with integrity to my Master, my Guru - I have done all the best things to the world. Whenever I was selfish, to avoid the false accusations and the fear of false accusations, neither I did good to the world, nor I escape from the false accusations. Whenever I decided not to be bothered about the false accusations, and went with my Master’s words and strategized for my Master’s words, my Guruvak, when I strategize for it, for my Guru bhakti and Guru’s words - I always good best to the world and best to myself and best to my Guru and everything came out best. And I experienced the best version, best version of the love of the Cosmos. Of course, I listen to my Guru’s words and did not break the spiritual continuity. But, I could have had a legitimate social continuity documentation to show to the world, because society needs all that. When I wanted to revive this Sanatana Hindu Dharma, I have to work with society! For that their, for what we need. See, strategizing to the level where you understand is the ultimate love of Paramashiva. It’s not that if the vibhuti was not on my face, people are not going to accept me, or people are not going to accept me as an incarnation. But, she want to strategize and applying vibhuti in my face, even a common man understands I am an incarnation. That is her compassion. When Masters come down to your level, you start thinking that they have their vested interest. No. They are coming down to your level is ultimate pure love statement. Love statement. Love statement.

48:00 She got and penned down. Didn’t have money to buy a full pen, just the refill which is use inside the pen. She bought that and got the paper and wrote. It’s literally… even though I resisted, she did not miss her responsibility. She finally legitimately recorded the continuity of the history. The continuity she has recorded. You can see this. This is actually the paper she wrote with her own hand. Because I was not ready for the legal registration, she made this paper. And made sure my mother safeguards all these things. She was, she inspired my mother to protect all these things. All these photograph she took, she will make me sit exactly the where, the place where, from the Isakki Swami used to sit, and she will sit and take the photograph and she will make me sit and take the photograph. I used to wonder way all these drama and nautanki, nataka (नाटक, nāṭaka). Now I know. Her dedication for Sanatana Hindu Dharma, the whole integrity to Cosmos and this Guru Parampara and Hinduism, and, the whole Hinduism is nothing but the ultimate love statement given to the Universe by Paramashiva, understand. If I say, “love you.” How you feel? Paramashiva’s “love you” to all of us is Sanatana Hindu Dharma.

49:39 My Guru’s integrity to Sanatana Hindu Dharma, that made her do all these drama of taking my pictures, taking legal documentation, this strategy, trying to establish the continuity. Tsk! Because, you have to talk to the world in the language they understand. Her dedication. Oh God! In both places, the Arunagiri, in Adi Arunagiri, Sarvajna Peetha in Pancha Mukhum, and, in main kingdom of Arunachala; in both places where her Guru - Isakki Swamigal used to sit, she will sit and take photograph. And then she will make me sit and take photograph. She will say, “That is the systematic handing over of the peetha. All this use to look like a big drama in those day for me. Not as if flowing with that spontaneous reality. Only now I know, how much dedication she had for Sanatana Hindu Dharma which is a love statement given to Paramashiva, given by Paramashiva to the world, I, understand. If I tell you, if I tell, “I love you,” how excited joyful you feel. Same way, when Paramashiva says to the world “I love you,” that is Sanatana Hindu Dharma.

51:16 Sanatana Hindu Dharma is a love statement Paramashiva made to the world. And if you are integrated to Sanatana Hindu Dharma, you are integrated to Paramashiva’s statement to the Universe. How much she struggled that I should revive this Sanatana Hindu Dharma, and continue. She was telling, “There will be thousands of mutts, ashrams, monasteries, veda patasalas, temples, kingdoms you will be reviving. In all those places continuity would have been broken many times. But if I establish one legitimate continuity with you, for you, from this lamp you can light and show the continuity.” Then I said, “Okay, I will not disturb and break the rituals. I maintain all the spiritual commitments and I’ll maintain everything spiritually.” Yes, I maintained. But if I would have listen to her and allow that legitimate paper also, now it could have become a kshetra, it could have expanded. I would have done thousand times more good to Sanatana Hindu Dharma, than what I am doing now.

52:32 You can see the Brahma's, the Isakki Swamigal sitting on the same peetham. Kuppammal sitting on the same peetham and me sitting on the same peetham. All these may look very easy now, in those days it was not that easy. Getting a photographer, kavi, rudraksha, organising, kamandalu. And especially making walk with her. On the way half way, I’ll run away. “No, no, I am not coming today.” What all I have done, all the nautanki. For all these drama which I am narrating now, the photographer is witness because he’s still alive. He’s still alive. He is witness for all these drama I used to do. Guru’s strategy for you is the statement he makes you love you. His strategy for you is the statement he makes to you - love you. He will be integrated to you, and to Paramashiva’s love statement to the world - Sanatana Hindu Dharma. If you just follow his strategy, you complete that love circle! And love becomes love, becomes love, becomes love. When he says, “love you,” you say, “I love you,” and then I and you disappears into love, just Oneness - the pure Paramashiva’s source material love alone remains.

54:09 Whoever says back to the Master, “I love you,” by listening and living Master’s strategy reaches the pure love of Paramashiva. There are photographs where on that same peetha Isakki Swami used to be sitting and then she will, she sat and took photograph and she put me and made the photograph happen. And same way in the place where the experience, three sixty degree experience - Oneness, Cosmic Oneness happened. Same way, she’ll sit and take photograph and she put me and took picture. Taking photograph is not a regular usual thing in those days. It used to be very luxury, and, not like a accepted regular thing. It is like as if something is wrong! Always the middle class people think all the luxurious, rich things are wrong. Photograph used to be very rich and luxurious thing in those day.

55:13 There is another one cave and Arunagiri Yogishwara’s Ananda Cave in Arunachala Hill. She sent me forcibly to that place. She was not able to walk in those days to come there and she sent me forcibly, and, made me sit there and take picture. Still remember we have it. When she organised my photographs, she could not get the deities. She missed it in all the mess I created, drama I created. She missed the deity. So she got the photographer once more and put the deities and the books next to me and take, took picture. She said, “All these shows the continuity, which is too important for revival of Sanatana Hindu Dharma.” And I said, “If I continue the rituals, that’s enough. Why should I showcase?” Because I didn’t want to take the responsibility, I used all stupid arguments to her. Now I know the importance. If I have to work with the human beings, I have to talk to human beings in the language they understand. I need proof, evidence. I have to establish credibility.

56:20 With all my tantrum and under, un-understanding, but finally she succeeded. She made it. She made whatever is needed, which is one sided, which does not need my cooperation, she made everything and kept it. And protected it by giving it to my mother. That is why I want to tell you, my mother is a Sangha Mata. She kept the continuity of the sangha alive. My strategy for you is a statement I make to you - love you. You living my strategy for you is a statement you make to me - I love you. And, we both living this Oneness, loving each other, and, living the strategies, is the statement we make to Paramashiva - love you. When I strategize for you, I tell you, “love you.” When you start living it, you tell me, “love you.” When we both are living it together, we both make statement to Paramashiva - we love you. The best things to the world happens.

57:35 You can see this (projected on the screen Arunachala Sampradaya photo). She did all these! Just to show the continuity. And through all these photograph, she has done so much good to the world! I tell you, even without these photographs, through my powers and spiritual knowledge and energy, I would have establish and revive Sanatana Hindu Dharma, that is different. But these photographs are doing thousand times better work, better job, because, she is speaking to the world in the language world understands. Being a village women, what a strategic action she did. With all these documentation and photograph, she brought legitimacy, made my work easy, and done more good to Sanatana Hindu Dharma and humanity. If I would have listened to her and allowed that legal registration also happen, I would have done thousand times more good to the Sanatana Hindu Dharma and whole humanity.

Essence of today’s satsang - Guru’s words for you is the statement he makes to you - love you. When you live His words, you make a statement to Him - love you. When you both, when we both live happily, we make a statement to Paramashiva - love you.

59:10 I have lot of gifts for you all today. First my initiation. From today, I open my being. Wherever, whenever you chant the Mahavakya, vibrate yourself with the Mahavakya “Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham,” I will appear there physically to your eyes, visible to your Third Eye and eyes, and bless you, protect you, support you, give you boons and be there for you. This is the first boon I blessings, and I give you. Love you. Next, Nlighten App. Nlighten App now comes to Apple. Personal connection to Swamiji is available on Apple devices now. Now all Apple users can also have Swamiji in their package - get live satsangs, darshans, and even personalised powerful cognitions in Apple. I am releasing Nlighten App in Apple. Nlighten kids, now there is a one more app - enjoy yoga with Swamiji. Nlighten App for the kids is releasing animated version of Swamiji doing yoga. Enjoy the Cosmic union with the divine by doing yoga with Swamiji. Powerful cognitions now available as stories from Swamiji’s own life. Enjoy Swamiji reading stories for you through Nithyananda Chitra Katha books. We have... all the yoga, everything available for the kids, animated version - Nlighten Kids.

01:03:24 This Kailaasa in Gujarat is today inaugurating Nithyananda Gurukul by bringing children from all over the world. Understand, formally I am declaring and inaugurating the Nithyananda Gurukul in Kailaasa, in Gujarat. Everyone I tell you, as long as Gujarat is alive, Bharat will be alive, and Sanatana Hindu Dharma will be alive. Blessings for everyone who made this Nithyananda Gurukul Kailaasa in Gujarat happen. Especially Rajamata of Surya Vamsa Sarvajna Peetha, Surangi Samrajya - Puja Manjula Shraff. Puja Manjula is the Rajamata of Kailaasa Parampara Katha, Surya Vamsa Sarvajna Peetha, Surangi Samrajya’s Rajamata - Puja Manjula, my blessings to you. Love you. The Rajamata of Surya Vamsa Sarvajna Peetha, Surangi Samrajya, my blessings to you. Love you for making the Kailaasa in Gujarat happening and the whole Nithyananda Gurukul. My blessings to you. And, love you.

Blessings to Amitabh Shah, Rashmi Shah. Rashmi Amitabh, sorry, blessing to Amitabh Shah and Rashmi. Blessings to both of you. I am with you and love you guys. And next blessings to Sri Jai Bajaj Ji. My blessings. Love you. My blessings Jai Bajaj Ji. You will be showered with Paramashiva’s love, grace and wealth. Blessings to all the devotees who are there, and the gurukul kids. All the gurukul kids who are joining today in Nithyananda Gurukul, in Kailaasa in Gujarat, all the kids who are joining today and who are all the kids who are already there - I bless and initiate all of you into all the powers from now. From this moment, you will all manifest all the powers. I am there with you guys. I’ll make you all manifest all the powers. And, we are going to start so many wonderful things in Gujarat.

01:06:38 Today formally, the Raja Vidya Gurukul in Kailaasa in Gujarat starts functioning. My blessings. Blessings to all the devotees, aadheenavasis, kailaasavasis, kids, everyone who are there in Kailaasa in Gujarat. Blessings to all of you. I am so happy. My presence will be there intensely. Just in Gujarat, you will be making hundred and eight Kailaasas before next Shivaratri, I am telling you. By next Shivaratri, we will have hundred and eight Kailaasas just in Gujarat. And, just in Tamil Nadu, we will be having thousand and eight Kailaasas. Only in Bharat, we will be having more than ten thousand and eight Kailaasas. We will soon be having Kailaasas in Sri Lanka, in Nepal, in Pakistan, in Bangladesh, in Burma, in Bhutan, in Cambodia, every country, all over the world. And, blessings to whole Gujarat. So one more, I wanted to give blessings to whole Gujarat team - Amitabh Shah, Rashmi Shah, Jai Bajaj Ji, and, Surya Vamsa, Sarvajna Peetha, Surangi Samrajya Rajamata - Puja Manjula Shraff. Blessings to all of you.

01:08:28 And, I have the next offering - Bhagavad Gita in Tamil. In Tamil now, we have translated all the eighteen chapters of Bhagavad Gita ready. Today I am releasing the digital version. And as my “love you” statement to the Tamil world. These eighteen volumes are released free of cost. The digital version is available, online version is available freely for everyone to download. All the eighteen volumes are freely available for all of you to, for free download. See whatever the royal knowledge given by Paramashiva to Devi, Devi to Vishnu, Vishnu to Brahma, Brahma to Surya, Surya to Ikshvaku (इक्ष्वाकु, Ikṣvāku), Ikshvaku to Manu and that same, that whole thing which was kept as a royal Raja Vidya, Raja Guhyam - royal knowledge, royal secret; I’ve revealed everything in this book to all of you. Enjoy.

01:09:58 Namathu bakthargalum anbargalum koyamuthur RVS kalvi niruvanathil irukindraargal. Athanudaya niruvanar RVS ayya avargalum satsangathil amarnthullaargal. Ungalayum anbodu vanangi varaverkindren. Koodiya viraivil neril santhipom. Ellaa nanmaigalum Paramashivan aruluvaar. Ellaa nanmaigalum nigazhum Paramashivan arulaal. Ellaa nanmaigalum ellorukkum nigazhnthu kovayil Paramashivan perarul malarnthu kovayil kailaayam nigazhattum. Kailaasam kovayil nigazhattum. Ungal ellorukum anbum aasigalum. Uyarthiru RVS niruvanar ayya avargalukum kovay bakthargalukum poorana aasigal. Aanandhamaaga irungal.

(நமது பக்தர்களும் அன்பர்களும், கோயமுத்தூர் ஆர் வி எஸ் கல்வி நிறுவனத்தில் இருக்கின்றார்கள். அதனுடைய நிருவனர் ஆர் வி எஸ் ஐயா அவர்களும், சத்சங்கத்தில் அமர்ந்துள்ளார்கள். உங்களையும் அன்போடு வணங்கி வரவேற்க்கின்றேன். கூடிய விரைவில் நேரில் சந்திப்போம். எல்லா நம்மைகளும் பரமசிவன் அருளுவார். எல்லா நன்மைகளும் நிகமும். பரமசிவன் அருளால் எல்லா நன்மைகளும் எல்லோருக்கும் நிகழ்ந்து, கோவையில் பரமசிவன் பேரருள் மலர்ந்து கோவையில் கைலாயம் நிகழட்டும். கைலாசம் கோவையில் நிகழட்டும் உங்கள் எல்லோருக்கும் அன்பும் ஆசிகளும். உயர்திரு ஆர் வி எஸ் நிருவனர் அய்யா அவர்களுக்கும் கோவை பக்தர்களுக்கும் பூர்ண ஆசிகள். ஆனந்தமாக இருங்கள்.)

English translation: Our devotees and well wishers are in Coimbatore RVS educational organisation. Their organiser/manager, RVS Ayya is also sitting with us in this satsang. I welcome you too with my love and respects! Very soon we will meet in person. Paramashiva will bless you with all goodness! All good things will happen with Paramashiva's blessings! Let all good things happen to everybody and let Coimbatore get the great blessings of Paramashiva and let Kailaasa happen in Coimbatore. Let Kailaasa happen in Coimbatore. Love and blessings for all of you! My deep heart felt blessings to Honourable RVS Manager Ayya and Coimbatore devotees. Be blissful.

So with this, I’ll move to the next segment of the morning satsang, today we have sannyas initiation.

So with this, the essence of today’s satsang - my strategy for you is, I love you. You living my strategy is you responding to me - love you, you love me. And we both living together happily in this Oneness is the statement we make to Paramashiva - we love you. Let these all three merge into one, the highest version of Paramashiva’s love - the pure reality, existence, Paramashiva, Paramashiva.

With this I bless you all. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Paramashivoham, The Eternal Bliss, Nithyanandam, Nithyananda. Thank you. Be blissful. 01:12:08


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