April 14 2012

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Is Your Heart Crying For Attention?

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This excerpt is taken from the Inner Awakening Program conducted on 14 April 2012 in bidadi, India. Here Swamiji talks about dealing with emotions and how attention need is related to blockages in the heart chakra.

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There are seven major energy patterns. I can say - thought patterns, thought currents –

The thought pattern based on fantasies, imaginations, Thought patterns based on fears, Thought patterns based on worrying, just reasonless. Why are you worrying? How can I keep quiet? ☺ Worrying - reasonless. Thought pattern based on attention need, asking attention from others. Thought pattern based on jealousy. Thought patterns based on ego, identity. Thought patterns based on deep unfulfillment, a reasonless unfulfillment.

These are the seven thought patterns, with which we struggle in our life. The major bondages come to us, only with these seven thought patterns. This seven thought patterns when they are broken, seven chakras are broken... open. See, these seven chakras are closed with these seven thought patterns only. These major seven thought patterns only close or disturb the seven energy centers.

Now, we will work on these seven thought patterns, to open the seven energy centers. First, we will start working on the Heart center - the pattern of attention-need. Basic truths - your emotions are not you. Unfortunately, you associate yourself with your emotions. In the civilizations where human beings don’t have basic needs, they do not identify themself with their emotion. But, when you have all the basic needs fulfilled, when you can afford, you associate yourself with your emotion.

I can give you one or two examples. You have the emotion, anger towards your boss, but you are not showing. You don’t show! With your subordinate you can afford... that is why you take chance. If he can hit you back in right place or he knows some of your loopholes and he can really create problem for you, will you... express your emotion? No! Understand, your emotion is not you. You also know it. Your emotions are expressed, only based on the affordability. When you can afford, you associate yourself with that emotion. If you can’t afford the anger, what happens? Simply you keep quiet.


These are the seven energy centers. We are going to work on the Heart center first; the thought pattern of the Heart center. Understand, these few basic truths. First, your emotions are not you. You can see in your life, when you... in the beginning when you start associating yourself with your emotions, you make a calculation, “Can I afford this now?” Only when you feel you can afford, you connect, you... associate yourself with that emotion. But unfortunately, if you associate with that emotion for hundred times, after the hundred times, even if you can’t afford, you are not able to unclutch. That is where the problem starts. When you are shouting, shouting, shouting at your subordinates, with your assistants, you connect yourself with that emotion.... afford. But, after hundred times, it becomes now pattern, a thought pattern, trend. Now, even in the places where you can’t afford, you are not able to unclutch. You show this same face and get beaten.

Your emotions are result of years of conditioning that has gone into you; multiple levels of conditioning - conditioning from parents, siblings, family members. If your elder brother again and again gets angry and never gets corrected, gets away with it, you learn the lesson - Wow! Then by getting angry your space becomes more, nobody can bully you. You can get away with it. The lesson goes inside, that is a conditioning! Understand. Neither your elder brother directly conditioned you, nor your parents directly conditioned you, but your parents bend when your elder brother screams. Then, what lesson you learned? “Yes, by screaming I can get my way. I can get what I want.” You are now conditioned, the multiple level of conditioning. Same way - “How my brother gets attention? How my sister does not get attention?” All this conditions you... the multiple level of conditioning. Your whole personality, itself is a result of your parental and social conditioning... parental and social conditioning.


Attention-need is one of the fundamental childhood conditionings. Parents use fear and greed, as a tool to control you. For example, when you eat, they say, “What a good boy you are.” And they will tell you also, “If you don’t eat, you are a bad boy.” “How can that make me bad boy?” Of course unfortunately, you can’t think at that time. So, if they tell you, “You are bad boy”, you are bad boy that’s all! If they tell you, “You are good boy”, you are a good boy, that’s all!

Just to break this one conditioning, it takes almost one year for Me with My Ashramites. They have to get out of the words uttered by others and have their own understanding about themself. Just for this one thing, it takes one year for Me. Human beings are so deeply conditioned, by the words uttered by the parents. Unfortunately, they try to project their parents on Me. I tell them,” No! I am neither your father nor your mother. I am beyond. I am not going to be your father figure. No. I don’t want to do that sin, of conditioning you. It is time, you need to look in, the childhood attention need knots, conditionings. Understand. The original sin, is not Adam eating that apple. No! The original sin, is parents conditioning the kids. The first conditioning starts with the attention-need. How your parents control you?! Just see, if you are crying, “Aye, if you are crying constantly, you are a bad girl.” You keep quiet! That is where the basic conditioning starts. As far as I am concerned, when a child laughs, you should allow it to completely laugh. When a child cries, you should just allow the child to cry completely.


In Aghori Sampradaya, they have a process - seven days you’ll have to cry. Just like that - cry, cry, cry, cry, cry! Osho used this technique. And next seven days, you have to laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh! The last seven days - complete silence. You see, all of you have 12 layers of DNA, but only two layers are awakened. By birth - one, by physical maturity - one more. That’s all. Even Einstein had only two layer of DNA awakened; nothing more. But, I challenge the scientific community, by the Kundalini awakening process, I will awaken four more layers and we already have done three researches - 100% all participants of the Inner Awakening had eight layers awakened, means six more layers awakened. Please understand. They come with two, but when they go back - eight! I gave the promise to scientific community, at least four I will be able to do. But, all 100% participants….whoever we take... took the blood and did the check-up before and after...before and after….100% participants, had eight layers of DNA awakened.

It means directly - your health, your IQ, your emotional quotient, your spiritual quotient, your stability, intelligence to take decisions, the delayed gratification…. everything multiplies many folds. It expresses in your daily life, in every possible level. Becoming leader, becoming healthy, becoming blissfully, becoming content... in so many levels... highly inspired. And the same way, this mitochondria cell energy... please understand. Usually, all normal human beings have a hundred unit of mitochondria cell energy. If it goes lower than sixty only you are prone to cancer. Anybody mitochondria energy... cell energy goes 60 unit... lower than 60 unit, the person is prone to cancer. If the mitochondria cell energy goes 140, you will be cured. All chemotherapy, other medicines therapy, everything, raises your mitochondria cell energy only 30 to 40 percent; nothing more than that. Exercise, chemotherapy, drugs, any available known system, does only 40 unit increase of mitochondria cell energy. That is why you come out of cancer, but unfortunately, within two years, you….your energy doesn’t stay in that same 140 unit. You see, mitochondria cell is the battery of your cell unit, is the life of your every cell.


You see, how a back… .for this….for example, for this cell phone, what is the source of energy? The battery. Same way, for your cell, the source of energy is mitochondria cell energy, mitochondria energy. If that energy, stays in 140 itself, the cancer will never recur. But unfortunately, it doesn’t stay. Why it doesn’t stay? Because of your mental setup only it came down. Chemotherapy touches only your body. It is not going to change your mental setup. So within 2 years, what you do? You bring it down. That is why the recurrence of the cancer. Understand. 100%, all the participants, who have done Inner Awakening, the lowest their mitochondria cell energy level is 1000 unit. Average goes to 1300. When I average it, it comes to 1300. But, lowest is 1000. And, it does not come down less than 900. It never comes down. After going, if you start eating non-veg and get into your junk lifestyle, even then it does not come down less than 900. If you maintain little meditative life, you enjoy the vegetarian food and you don’t touch alcohol, that kind of a simple things….I am not saying, you should become enlightened, become Yogi, and all that; even a simple basic things. If you can maintain, it never comes down from thousand percent.

We have done enough of research, on enough of number of participants, in different, different batches - double-blind study - means, the doctors who take the blood and doctors who do research are different. Double-blind study - that’s the most scientific method, fool-proof method; Double-blind study, controlled conditions. We have studied everything. I tell you, simply the possibility of cancer in this body is ruled out for you. And not only that, in this DNA awakening, in that we found some of the unique things. Even if you have some diseases...hereditary, those DNA layers are completely getting disconnected. Especially the cancer related... the DNA, inherited DNA things, completely gets disconnected. I’ll tell them to give a presentation about the whole research. Please understand. Whatever now I am saying, happens to hundred percent participants. It is not that 99.9%, even if 99.9, everyone will be thinking inside, “I am that one person for whom nothing will work.” Everybody thinks... If I say for 99 percent of the people, it works. First thing what you will think, “Then this is not going to work for me, because I am NOT in that 99.9%. I know. Nobody can help me.” No! Most of you are very clear. But, even if you are very clear, nobody can help you, I have decided I will help you. Understand.


Alright, let’s work on the childhood attention-need patterns.


Please listen. Write down two of your early childhood memories, where you were appreciated and admired by your parents. In what form was attention given to you in those incidents? Like they would have given you candy or a card or a gift, something.

Write down two childhood memories where you experience lack of approval. Attention was taken away from you. What form attention was withdrawn from you in those incidents? Like... they would have scolded you, or told you, “Don’t talk to me” or “Sit in one place”, something.

Third, do you see a similarity in the way you experience all other relationship of your life in the same pattern? Now write answer to all these three.



Now, we will be doing a Kriya to break the pattern of attention-need and free you from the unconscious influence of this attention-need. Please spread all over the hall. See, Pavana Muktasana means this [Swamiji demonstrates the asana] that’s all. This is Pavana Muktasana. Come to the Pavana Muktasana, close your eyes and tie the ribbon. In Pavana Muktasana, you need to intensely chant the humming…. Mmmmmmmmm.. Create that intense humming sound as deeply as possible, as loudly as possible, as intensely as possible. Please create the humming sound, as loudly as possible, as deeply as possible, as intensely as possible.

Start! Please come to Pavana Muktasana, hum intensely for next 21 minutes. Hold the legs together, closer to your chest.

Let your eyes be closed. Just sit. You can sit in a relaxed way. Let the kundalini energy in you all be intensely awakened. Fill the Heart center, break all the negative patterns related to attention-need. Let you be healed.



You are pure cosmic energy - Part 1

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In today's talk on Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 4 Verse 26, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) describes two ways to offer our senses to the fire of spiritual awakening. When we are close to a living spiritual master, we submerge all our sense perceptions into our devotion, and the master initiates us into the space beyond sensory experience. When we live outside the sacred energy field, conducting activities in the material world, we carry the flame of initiation in our inner space, and offer our sensory experiences into it. We then live continuously in a state of radiant enlightenment.

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Samyama means unique process which awakens your inner potential energy. Samyama needs three components: Master's presence, technique and the sangha who is experimenting with the different techniques of the Master. Samyama needs three components: Master's presence, making people hunger and thirst free, and I wanted to tell the world, I am successful. I wanted to tell all of you, very soon the samyama will be available to all of you to the whole world because the medicine trial is successful. Before I release anything to public, I do the trial internally with a small group of disciples.


Tenth we started, tenth morning. Now already five days. Many of them not eaten even one meal; and please understand all of them are among...amongst you guys. In this hall they are all there. You don't even know who are all they, because I told them, the moment you feel little tired or even little hungry, you have to eat. None of them, not only not feeling hungry, not feeling tired and doing all their routine work including two hours of weight lifting; and it is not even just psychological effect. Why you know? There were few diabetic patients in that group. If it is just psychological effect, they will be able to fast, live without food, just fighting because swamiji initiated, I have to prove honour the initiation but diabetes won't keep quiet. These disciples with diabetes, are whole bio memory is responding because of that, from tenth, not only no food; every six hours I am checking her diabetes, it is normal. Sugar level is normal. The whole bio memory is responding. Her doctor is shocked. No..I don't know what is going on. No food, sugar is normal. Not..no tiredness. Doesn't feel like even drinking water.


One or two people don't even feel like drinking water. I felt I may have to do it some three four times. I may have to put that fire. Fire of samyama. That initiation. It may take maybe a fifteen days to make them. See even if you are successful for three days, your bio memory got it. And you know funny thing. None of them are eating or drinking, but one two is happening properly. From where it is coming nobody knows. Cleaning is happening properly. (4:39) In the initial level, body digests all the unnecessary fat it accumulated. Then just the air, air is enough. I was really happy because see, these kind of samyamas once a group masters that samyama, after that passing that to others is like a bio memory chip downloading, nothing else. Now the production of the movie is over. Now anything further is only downloading. Download it into many bio memories.


Sometimes even I don't need to download. If you learn to love and respect those people who mastered those samyamas simply your bio memory catches it. Any extra ordinary yogic powers only to convert your yogic powers into Enlightenment, the interference of the intelligence is required. The intervention of the Enlightened Master is required. Just to have those powers you neither need intelligence nor need intervention of the intelligence. Just it’s like a bio memory chip downloading.


First I made a group of people to master the samyama of kundalini awakening. The levitation. The moment I made the group master the process, it started spreading like a wildfire. Now I don't know how many thousands around the world are able to levitate the moment I awaken their kundalini. Now the next samyama. Hunger free. Now fortunately we have Inner Awakening program. Every day along with the Inner Awakening darshan, when I am all..all the Inner Awakening participants will have twenty one days continuous every day energy darshan. (audience clapping)(Advertisement)


So now twenty one days every day Darshan is going to be there. During the Darshan, I will be giving them their samyama. All of you can see in front of your eyes. This samyama ripening. Maybe end of the program can initiate some of the Inner Awakening participants also into this samyama. Now because fortunately twenty one days I am going to be there in one place with this team, they will master the samyama- the fire, that consciousness will happen into them. By the end of this Inner Awakening, by Chitra Pournami May 4th and 5th, it is two days celebration this time. This time the Pournami is coming in such a way that 4th and 5th, both days will be considered as Pournami. By May 4th and f5th, Chitra Pournami, I will reveal this samyama to the next group means initiated devotees like if they have done healing initiation or if you have done Inner Awakening you will be able to practise. By next Pournami, June third, My Enlightenment day, the Vaikasi Vishakam, Vaikasi Pournami, I will release it to the general public, all the devotees. (audience clapping)


By then we would have mastered the process. Precisely the whole research and development would have happened. I think even I have very less confidence on My disciples. By training, training, training, you see, how much ever you grow, your parents will never trust your intelligence. Because they have seen only your failures. And they have always seen the immatured part of you. Actually only after this samyama I felt. Yeh! I have underestimated these fellows. Because, I thought at least three samyama is required. Means three sessions I need to sit with them and initiate them to push them into the first forty eight hours or seventy two hours break through. See the first forty eight hours or seventy two hours the first two or three days, that pushing only is the important thing. After that bio memory picks up. It becomes life lifestyle. That first three four days, the basic thing required is they need to have love for the Master, they need to have love for the process, they need to have love for all the other people who are part of the samyama; because it is not a individual-individual samyama. It is the samyama of the whole group. The whole group functions as the one unit.


As a one individual, they will not be able to receive the power of My bio memory. It is too much for one body. One body cannot handle the initiation of samyama. So a group only can get initiated. The group also need to have respect and basic courtesy, love for others. So I was waiting and I really thought, maybe I need to have two three sitting for even a first break through. I was surprised and not only that after initiating I went away to Madurai. I felt like having Meenaskshi's darshan. I wanted to see Devi Meenakshi. And most funny thing is some of these guys who are in samyama without food, water, they drove Me from here all the way to Madurai and brought Me back.


In the car all these fellows are in samyama, I am sitting and nicely eating. No just to test only. Whether these guys are provoked by that smell or anything. Nothing. And I also told them, the moment you feel like eating you should eat. You can't postpone more than three minutes. The moment you feel like eating, eat and Madurai is ten hours drive and not only they went came back. Actually two have gone to Mumbai by bus and still these fellows have not eaten anything. I am so happy these guys got the samyama. Krishna is in too much tune with us. Exactly He will tell the same subject. Today He is opening the subject of samyama.


Two path Bhagwan is describing in this one samyama where in the alchemy process, you offer your senses and become Enlightened. There is another one path. Just by unclutching you live with the senses. You put your senses into sense objects or sense objects into senses. If I have to give you with an example. Now this Inner Awakening is going to be a samyama for all of you. You are going to be sitting with the Master, going through the process where your all the sense organs are offered into the fire of samyama. Let you all achieve, experience, live, express, radiate, share and explode in Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda.



You are pure cosmic energy - Part 2

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In today's talk on Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 4 Verse 26, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) describes two ways to offer our senses to the fire of spiritual awakening. When we are close to a living spiritual master, we submerge all our sense perceptions into our devotion, and the master initiates us into the space beyond sensory experience. When we live outside the sacred energy field, conducting activities in the material world, we carry the flame of initiation in our inner space, and offer our sensory experiences into it. We then live continuously in a state of radiant enlightenment.

This talk was delivered by Paramahamsa Nithyananda on 14 April 2012 to live global audience.

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A great spiritual alchemy process in the Master's presence, you are going to offer yourself into that spiritual techniques. This is samyama. After you complete the program and go out, in your regular life, in unclutched way, you are going to offer all the sense objects and enjoyments into your senses. Living this sahaja samadhi. That is the second part Bhagawan is saying. In this verse, he is talking about two parts.


One, offering yourself into the samyama through the proper technique and process and achieving Enlightenment. Or completely unclutched, living a regular life, offering all your sense objects into your senses and becoming Enlightened. Now for all the Inner Awakening participants, this first twenty one days from today for all of you is going to be samyama where you offer your whole being into the technique, process. When you complete this and go back to your place, the way you are going to live is going to be the second method.


Life of sahaja samadhi, unclutched living. I can tell you now, the disciple I was talking about a diabetic patient and who is out of food and diabetes problem because her diabetes was established in the food engram. When that was broken, she came out of diabetes. Now I can say I can heal millions of people's diabetes just by her one bio-memory because now I know the process. See now I know exactly where the chemotherapy needs to be done. The energy chemotherapy. See every samyama is a energy chemotherapy. The food pattern has the basic root. Food pattern may have depression, stress all that as a root pattern. That is different. But diabetes itself will have only food pattern as the base.


Now not just lakhs, millions can be healed from diabetes. Because her diabetes is such a serious thing I know, when your bio-memory listens to the samyama immediately miracles happen. Just like that casually Enlightenment happens in you. I tell you, human life needs to be lived enjoying, experiencing, experimenting, expressing all these extraordinary powers and expressions. Human life becomes joyful, liveable. Even if you see some people who are expressing these great extraordinary powers and experiences, that itself gives you confidence. Your bio-memory gets the confidence and courage to live. It feels wow! there is something extraordinary beyond my senses. I should live at least to experience this. That is why the civilisations in which all these extraordinary powers or lifestyles. Don't get depressed. But the civilizations societies in which all these extra ordinary things are neither believed nor trusted or experimented or experienced, those civilizations live in depression.


The bio-memory, bio-memory means the memory of your very biology, the bio-memory, the moment it sees somebody able to live without food. Actually, before initiating My own disciples, I made them watch three four documentaries, movies, clips, related to great yogis who live without food and then I told them My own stories. Their bio-memory, the moment they saw those stories and the history of the yogis, their bio-memories started trusting. Now they have the strength of shastra pramana means somebody has lived, some Master has lived. Then I shared their inspiration, inspired them, giving apta pramana-My own experience. Then naturally it became their atma pramana, their self realisation. Please understand. When I showed them their movies and the researches done on Ambaji maharaj from Gujarat who is living without eating for last seventy years and Devaraha Baba who lived for around seven hundred years. Passed away very recently. Eighty nine he passed away. Nineteen eighty nine and we have recorded history of two fifty years of Devaraha Baba.


We have recorded history of two fifty years of Devaraha Baba and many other yogis, masters. When I gave them the video clips and the pro...evidences related to them, it became like a shastra pramana means like the trust on the basic principle. Shastra means the basic principle, knowledge. Then I gave my own input, my experiences with that samyama with that process, with that knowledge. This becomes apta pramana. The experience of the master who is directly initiating you. The experience of the rishi who is directly leading you. Naturally anything you receive completely convincingly as a shastra pramana. The truth of the knowledge. The original knowledge and apta pramana as a initiation from the living master. It simply becomes atma pramana. Your own personal realisation. (Advertisement)


Your biological memory, your bio-memory starts living it. I could see just like that. All I spent is twenty one minute. That's all. Twenty one minute. I made them sit as a group and gave the instruction to their bio-memory. Come on, now wake up. Let the fire of digestion, the jatharagni become fire of prana. The fire of energy. Let you start radiating energy, emitting energy without any input. That's all is the instruction I gave. Just like that the whole group caught the fire. This is the fire of samyama.


I can see very clearly. Once a small group catches that samyama, then it is just like a transferring. It is like a..getting the Ganga to planet earth is the most difficult. Once the Ganga lands on the planet earth, then you can make a small small canals to your land and irrigate how many thousands, lakhs of acres you want. But getting the Ganga to planet earth, that is the most difficult.


We are successful in getting two streams of Ganga. The samyama of levitation and now the second the foodless samyama. The hunger free samyama. Of course, I have downloaded some more samyamas like materialization and all that. Still it has not spread to a huge bio-memories. It is still happening only in a few bio-memories. Still it has to happen in many bio-memories. Actually if you just have even hundred people in whom like this some twenty five extraordinary experiences are happening. Those hundred itself becomes a kind of a energy field. Anybody who enters the place where this hundred are living and goes out, by the time they go out the seed of Enlightenment is sown in them already.


Any one bio..one miracle or extraordinary power their bio-memory catches it. They become energy field, because all these extra ordinary powers and experiences and expressions can be transmitted from one bio-memory to another bio-memory just like that. It’s like you go near a person, he or she is having some special perfume and you stand near that person for a few minutes and you talk to him or her and your cloth also gets that smell, catches that smell. That's perfume. That's it. Shrodradeenem indriya yenyen, Samyaman ushu jughati, Shabdadeen vishaya engya..Indriyam ushujehvati... Some offer the oblation of the senses like the ear and other organs into the fire of samyama by withdrawing the senses through dharana, dhyana and samadhi and others by unclutching, offer the sense objects into the fire of the senses. They perceive the sense objects in a completely unclutched way. Shrodradeenem indriya yenyen, Samyaman ushu jughati, Shabdadeen vishaya engya..Indriyam ushujehvati...


When you are around the Master's presence, live the life of samyama where you are able to catch whatever the process He is putting you through and living it in samyama. When you are physically not near Him live in intensely unclutched way the joy and the life of sahaja samadhi, unclutched living. As you all may be aware, today is Inner Awakening. I have a long day. So end the satsang. Let you all achieve, experience, live, express, radiate, share and explode in Eternal Bliss. Nithyananda


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Kalpataru -Darshan