Year 1992 His Divine Holiness At Age 14

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Photos Of The Year

This is a photograph of His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam (HDH) taken by His cousin sister Sumathi (father's elder brother's second daughter). This was taken in house of HDH in Tiruvoodal Street, Tiruvannamalai.

Photos Of The Year - 1.jpg

This is the box HDD put together to keep His vibhooti (holy ash) and kumkum (vermillion) when He was going to leave for His polytechnic studies at Gudiyatham.

He bought the big steel box and found the two smaller boxes at home. In the slightly smaller one He kept kumkum and in the bigger one vibhooti.

You can also see two badges - one of Sri Ramakrishna and one of Swami Vivekananda, two great inspirational sources from young age. His Vedanta guru Mataji Kuppammal gave these two badges to Him. It was a symbol of great prestige for Him to wear them.

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This is Arunai Nayaki Amman. This was a period during His lifetime, HDH would forget day and night doing deity decoration.

This is Arunai Nayaki Amman, a four-thousand year old female deity in Tiruvannamalai referred to in the Arunachala Purana (sacred text describing History of Arunachala). The Vedanta guru of HDH, Mataji Kuppammal told Him this and explained that in this very place, the Cosmic Mother Devi herself appeared to kill the demon Mahishasura and she was ably assisted by this Arunai Nayaki Amma as her army general. His team would do decoration for her periodically.

It started off when she appeared in the dream of HDH during His 8th grade. HDH pursued what He saw and approached the temple priest to request to do decoration for her. Despite being known for his ferociousness, he agreed immediately. His friend Sampath (in front) and his younger brother (behind) mainly did the decoration.

The priest was so happy with the decoration that he told them they could do the decoration for any festival they wanted.

Photos Of The Year - 5.jpg

Below pictures are a part of the deity picture collections of HDH. HDH would have them laminated and offer worship to them.

Photos Of The Year - 6.jpg Photos Of The Year - 7.jpg Photos Of The Year - 8.jpg Photos Of The Year - 9.jpg Photos Of The Year - 10.jpg Photos Of The Year - 11.jpg Photos Of The Year - 12.jpg Photos Of The Year - 13.jpg Photos Of The Year - 14.jpg Photos Of The Year - 15.jpg Photos Of The Year - 16.jpg Photos Of The Year - 17.jpg

A shawl that The Avatar used during His polytechnic studies. He did a three-year diploma in Mechanical Engineering at Rajagopal Polytechnic, Gudiyatham. This is the shawl that you can see as a backdrop for one of The Avatar's rare portrait pictures.

Photos Of The Year - 18.jpg

A textbook from The Avatar's time in Polytechnic studies. This is Hia first semester textbook for Computer Programming And Applications.

The Avatar would always write Om Shakti on His books right on top as you can see. Further He would write His title, that is Shri Brahmasukhi - given by The Avatar's Vedanta guru Mataji Kuppammal after the preliminary initiation into sanyas. After The Avatar did the viraja homa which is initiation into full sanyas, He would write Sri La Sri as my title as taught by her.

Photos Of The Year - 19.jpg Photos Of The Year - 19.jpg

One of The Avatar's text books from polytechnic studies. The Avatar did His 3-year diploma in mechanical engineering at the Rajagopal Polytechnic in Gudiyatham.

Photos Of The Year - 20.jpg

This is a map and tourist guide of South India which The Avatar's father bought and The Avatar used.

Photos Of The Year - 21.jpg

A steel ruler The Avatar used during my polytechnic studies.

Photos Of The Year - 22.jpg