Year 1987 His Divine Holiness At Age 9

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Below you can see a few pictures of deities worshipped by SPH as a child during this period.

Deities worshipped by SPH

Darshan-Of-Srichakara - 20232829_477276952633365_8501989061498750431_o.jpg Darshan-Of-Srichakara - 20232960_477276822633378_4900856229103818760_o.jpg Darshan-Of-Srichakara - 20247683_477276909300036_4849987900157649768_o.jpg Darshan-Of-Srichakara - 20248372_477276835966710_7210573565502906640_o.jpg Darshan-Of-Srichakara - 20280321_477276899300037_6216571092106327256_o.jpg Darshan-Of-Srichakara - 20286874_477276965966697_4360527681997357622_o.jpg Darshan-Of-Srichakara - 20369774_477276895966704_590989244352302222_o.jpg Darshan-Of-Srichakara - 20413975_477277022633358_7074317363259527705_o.jpg

Below you can see some pictures of gifts that HDH received from Narayanasamy Thatha. Narayanasamy Thatha is one of Gurus of HDH with whom He explored the Siddha Science of Aushadha - energizing sacred herbs to heal and finally put people in the space of enlightenment itself. He was also an adept in the traditional Sciences of Mantra (sacred utterances), Yantra (sacred geometric forms that manifest what is required) and Tantra (techniques to manifest what is required).

Gifts From Narayanaswamy Thatha

A piece of paper handwritten by Narayanasamy Thatha with a mantra - sacred utterance, and given to The young Avatar.

Gifts From Narayanaswamy Thatha - 10.jpg

This is a copy of the Tamil book TIRUMANDIRA MALAI that was given by Narayanasamy Thatha to HDH. Written by Tirumoolar, a great Tamil Poet Saint, it extols the glory of Paramaśiva. Narayanasamy Thatha is one of Gurus of HDH with whom He explored the Siddha Science of Aushadha - energizing sacred herbs to heal and finally put people in the space of enlightenment itself. He also explored the Science of Yantras with him.

Gifts From Narayanaswamy Thatha - 11.jpg Gifts From Narayanaswamy Thatha - 12.jpg

This Tamil book AVVAI KURAL is a gift from Narayanasamy Thatha to The young Avatar when The Avatar was barely 10 years of age. It contains the poems with explanation of the great Tamil poet Saint Avvayar - a spiritual treatise for the sincere seeker.

Gifts From Narayanaswamy Thatha - 13.jpg Gifts From Narayanaswamy Thatha - 14.jpg

This is another handwritten mantra from Narayanasamy Thatha to The young Avatār.HDH used this mantra to materialize objects as well as to manifest what people wanted in their lives.

Gifts From Narayanaswamy Thatha - 2.jpg

This is a 4-inch x 4-inch copper yantra (with mystical geometric carvings on it representative of the Cosmos) gifted to The young Avatār by Narayanaswamy Thatha. The Avatār placed this Yantra in His pūja (worship) altar and offered ritualistic offerings to it everyday.

The sandal paste and vermillion smears seen on this yantra are from The Avatār's days of worship as a child!

Gifts From Narayanaswamy Thatha - 3.jpg Gifts From Narayanaswamy Thatha - 4.jpg Gifts From Narayanaswamy Thatha - 5.jpg

This piece of paper carries a mantra called a "kavacham" handwritten by Narayanasamy Thatha and given to The young Avatar."Kavacham" is a protective mantra specifically mentioning parts of the physical body to be protected and the Hindu God that will protect it. Transliteration of the mantra is thus:


Om yen meni Ishwaran kaakka iru bujangalum Parameshwaran kaakka unnathamaana udalum muppathirundu uruvamum Om yendra aksharam kaaakka senniyil Veerabadran kaakka mikka ponniramaai nirka yen meni swaashamaana Bairavan sutrilum kaakka

- Satgurugraham

Gifts From Narayanaswamy Thatha - 6.jpg

Narayanasamy Thatha gave The Young Avatar a technique to consecrate a herb through a mantra, written on this piece of paper.

He wrote the consecratory mantra on this paper - actually the rear of a 1963-year program invitation. He also wrote on another paper as a covering statement the following words: "mooligai saaba nivritti prana prathishtai" in Tamil, meaning, Consecration of a herb for dissolving any curses.

The technique he gave The young Avatar was: Sit facing East and chant this mantra 1000 times. The herb will get energised and live on and function even when severed from its plant, and it will cause dissolving of curses to happen. If anyone has installed a curse, this herb will dissolve it.

Gifts From Narayanaswamy Thatha - 7.jpg

A Tamil book titled 'Mantrika Vasiya Yantra Thagadu' gifted to The young Avatar by Narayanasamy thatha, His Guru in the Science of Aushadha - energising sacred herbs with whom He would also discuss the Science of Yantra - sacred geometric representations that manifest results in the physical plane.

Narayanasamy Thatha lived in a small Ganesha temple on Tirumanjana Gopuram Street in Tiruvannamalai, The Avatar's birthplace. He was a master of Tantra, Yantra and Mantra - all the three techniques for Self-Realization in the Sanatana Hindu Dharma (Hinduism). He had great powers of telepathy. The local police would come to him seeking help in identifying perpetrators of crime.

He would then take a mirror and draw a square on it. The image of the criminal would appear within that square. People who lost things or who lost children or relatives would come to him and he would show them where they were using his mirror.

When people came seeking his help, He would light a lamp, and utter a mantra. He would then collect the black soot from the lamp and apply it on the mirror that he had. Immediately, the picture of what had happened would be played out as if on television. The entire sequence of what happened, whether it was a burglary or a person missing, would be played out. The local Police Inspector would come and sit at his feet!

The young Avatar spent six years around him.

Gifts From Narayanaswamy Thatha - 8.jpg Gifts From Narayanaswamy Thatha - 9.jpg