Year 1986 His Divine Holiness At Age 8

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This is a deity of Parashakti (Universal Cosmic Mother) carved in soapstone by The young Avatār Himself after He had a dárśan (Divine Vision) of Parāśakti, the Universal Cosmic Mother inside the sanctum sanctorum of Mother Unnammulai Amman in the Arunācaleśvara temple in Tiruvannamalai, His birthplace.

The dárśan happened during the 3rd or 4th day of the 9-day festival - Navaratri or Dusshera - of celebrating the Cosmic Mother.

He describes the incident in His own words thus:

"One day in the temple, I went to the sannidhi (shrine) of Devi Unnamulai amman to have darśan of Devi and take her blessings. In the corner right next to the deity, suddenly the form of Devi appeared! When I had the darśan, I saw only Devi Bhuvaneshwari. It was just too much! Slowly that very geometry and that form, both disappeared into My inner space. I was just laughing in ecstasy, crying, “Amma (mother) is here, Amma is here!” “I saw Her!” I told Yogānanda Puri, “I saw Her with four hands!” Then, I went back home, and carved the deity as I experienced her, the same way I saw her, in soapstone. To chisel deities, I used to have a koni needle (thick long needle) and a kerosene stove. I would heat the needle, make a chisel, and start chiseling, using a wooden hammer. Then I would take it to My father’s friend and with his guidance finish it. This is how I made the Parāśakti deity. When I took the finished deity to Ragupathi Yogi, he just checked the subtle energy flow in My hand. It was a yogic technique to determine whether the body had been exposed to a super-high frequency vibration. When he realized that I was telling the truth, suddenly he just prostrated at My feet! He cried, “I am blessed, my boy! It takes a lifetime of spiritual practice to have a vision of Devi. You are indeed a Siddha puruṣa (realized being). Hereafter, Devi will be your ishta Devatā, your favored deity!”

This deity is part of The Avatār's personal worship altar and receives direct worship from Him till date.

Deity - 20247850_477378772623183_6830312012444369921_o.jpg Deity - 20280361_477378769289850_8513951701012595598_o.jpg Deity - 20280420_477378775956516_3604159832012250514_o.jpg Deity - 20286762_477378812623179_5711093026136317256_o.jpg

This NATIONAL PANASONIC tape recorder was used to record The young Avatār's voice when He repeated verbatim every night, the Hindu historical stories told by His maternal grandfather while taking Him to the Arunācaleśvara temple everyday.

Deity - 20543684_482916195402774_1851932559501577464_o.jpg Deity - 20543758_482916212069439_1665476797365285760_o.jpg Deity - 20615599_482916198736107_5436771477385039704_o.jpg