Year 1984 His Divine Holiness At Age 6

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It was during this year that His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam (HDH) was gifted with His first scriptural book of Vedanta. Today HDH is the author of over 500 books in different languages through which HDH is sharing the truths from the very same Upanishads and Agamas in simple user-friendly language to the modern-day man. Below you can see photographs of some of the scriptural books of HDH during that time.  These books are preserved in the biographical archives of the National archives of ShriKailasa today.

Book titled 'Atma Puranam' gifted to The Avatār by Isakki Swamigal. He was the Guru of Mata Vibhutananda Puri who in turn was the Guru of The Avatār. This is the first ever Hindu scriptural book of Vedānta possessed by The Avatār.

Isakki Swamigal and Mātā Vibhutānanda Puri would sit for long hours with The Avatār exploring the Truths of Vedānta through reading of this book. This book contains the three major Upanishadic texts that is the īśa, Keno and Katha Upanishads. Mātā Vibhutānanda Puri would read the verses and explain its Truths while Isakki Swamigal would give his commentary.

This book is preserved in the biographical archives of the National archives of ShriKailasa.

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This is an 'Olai Chuvadi' in Tamil, meaning 'palm leaf manuscript'. Gifted by Isakki Swamigal to The young Avatār, it contains Vedic chants such as Puruṣa Sūktam, Sri Rudram and Camakam.

In the subject of Vedānta, The Avatār belongs to the lineage of Isakki Swamigal whose disciple was Mātā Vibhutānanda Puri and whose disciple in turn was The Avatār.

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This book titled 'Avvai Kural' is a book, gifted by Narayanasamy Thatha to The Avatār.

The Avatār's words on Narayanasamy Thatha:

"I was initiated into the Science of Aushadha by a great Siddha, Narayanaswamy. He was an old man, living like a nobody, just lying down in a small Ganesha temple outside the Arunācaleśvara temple! He was called thotakara thatha, meaning the grandfather who maintains small gardens in and around the temple. That was the way he produced whatever herbs he wanted for his aushadha preparation.

He was a great māntrika. He was a contemporary of Vibhutānanda Puri and Yogānanda Puri. He used to live on Arunācala, and was very adept in the knowledge of all the herbs native to it. Both My Gurus would call Narayanasamy to teach Me the science of Aushadha."

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